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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 6

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 6

Chapter 6 – 6. The First Experience Is Pleasant!

Rachel Recalli was wearing an office lady suit and a dog collar around her neck.

Rachel stuck out her tongue and begged Dr. Hu Bungkun with a longing look.

“Lord, master! I beg you…! Feed, feed mehehe! Panting!”

After she scouted Dr. Hu Bung-kun, she entrusted him with several developments while at the same time helping him get revenge properly.

It was easy to turn the life of one employee in the family under the Eldra family into hell anyway.

First of all, he fired her and put her hands on her so that she couldn’t get back to work.

Her increasingly tight-fisted life and her sense of hopelessness haunted her for several weeks and he used her loan agency under Eldra to seduce her and keep her in debt. .

She can’t get a decent job and there’s no way she’ll pay her back properly.
Rachel is intimidated by the men who come to get her money, and her mind is devastated.

Then she threw the bait of being her R&D experiment assistant and snapped it.
At my request, she became a test subject for several erotic inventions made by Dr. Hu Bungkun.

She can’t even go outside and lives here as Dr. Bungkun’s experimental subject after several years.
She was raped by Dr. Hu Bungkun and even had parts of her body altered.

It is not an outward modification.
A taste alteration that merely made her recognize what she tasted best as Dr. Hu Bungkun’s semen.
But that alone was enough to break her spirit.

She became a test subject for Dr. Hu Bung-kun’s erotic inventions every single day, and became a daily life as a plaything by Dr. Hu Bung-kun. She was exposed to excessive pleasure and changed.

The former appearance of hating, jealous, disgusting, and slandering Dr. Hubungkun is nowhere to be found.

“Please… Please, masterheheh! Ehhhhh! Hhhhh! Please feed the lowly, vulgar bitch!”

Rather, there is only one bitch left who actively fawns over Dr. Hubungkun and wants more pleasure.

“Such a stupid bitch! The young master is here, where!!!”



Dr. Hoobungkun slapped Rachel on the cheek.

“Really! Like a bitch who doesn’t know the time or the place! Alas! I’m sorry, son of a bitch! A vulgar bitch looks out of place.”
“No, it’s fine.”

After all, it’s not the first time or two that I’ve seen people being humiliated.

On the contrary, it served as a good reference for when you’re picking up a cheeky heroine or a tough heroine.

“But it looks like the bitch needs an assistant. The research seems to be progressing well. Let’s go safely. Dr. Furuta, please continue to work hard.”

Roughly, it means that we are going to leave, so study hard and enjoy the fun time of insulting the teaching assistant.

“Yes! Master!”

And I left the underground laboratory with Rize.

This is the last paving stone I laid.

Each paving stone I laid started to show good results as time passed.

Rize and Ellie are already infatuated with me.
The skills he accumulated while receiving professional tutoring are comparable to those of the mid-to-late game.
Preparations to capture several heroines other than Yagitsune Kagura are also going well.
Sihun Lee… No, the research using Sihun’s blood produced excellent results.

And I still have a good relationship with Dr. Houbungkun, and there are also a lot of erotic inventions that I can use to train or pet the heroines.

All paving stones go smoothly and time passes.
The moment I had been waiting for finally arrived.

“Whoa…! Whoa…! Whoa…!”

Breathing heavily, I was alone in my room, nervous.

I left a message window open in the air and stared at the time displayed on my phone.

December 31st at 11:59pm.

In one minute, the new year will be bright and legally I will be 20 years old.

If it is not my birthday or a situation that is not handled, I am confident that I will swear at the message window enough to reverberate throughout the room.
I will pour out all the swear words in the real world.

55 seconds.
56 seconds.
57 seconds.
58 seconds.
59 seconds.

January 1st at 00:00 am.

The contents of the message window have been changed.

[Condition accomplished: Sexual activity with others is possible.]


Finally, the moment they had hoped for came and they could not control their emotions and shouted cheers.

“Good! Good! Good! Good! Good! Good! Finally!!! Finally we can! We can fuck! We can fuck! Yahooooo!”

I jumped out of bed and couldn’t control my body for joy, so I tumbled back, spun at high speed, stood on my handstand, and quickly moved around the room.

Then, as if to decorate the finish, he shook his waist at high speed, stretched his arms upward, and clenched his fists.

Shush shush shush shush shush shush!!!

“The time has finally come to unleash this waistline that has been trained with the utmost care, this is it!!!!!”

Really… It was really long.

It’s been 20 years since I was born in this block.
20 years of hard work, paving the way to save the world and get all the girls I want, not just the heroines!

Finally… The day has finally come.

No sex!!!!!!

“Kiyaa ah ah ah ahhhhh !!!

Although I am usually well-educated in line with the gifted education I received as a conglomerate.

At this moment, I am a monkey.

It’s a happy monkey!

After about 30 minutes of running amok, I calmed down a bit and lay down on the bed.

“Ha… Ha… Ha…”

Taking a deep breath, I thought.

Who will my first experience be?

Fiancé Ellie?
Yagitsu’s mother and daughter, who can eat you right away if you scare them a little?
Yume and other heroines who jumped a lot through the process using erotic inventions?
Or how many times I stared at her ass because I wanted to fuck her the first time….
Anna, now married with one child?

No, no, no.

All of my thoughts now were random thoughts after sex was finally unlocked.

The woman who will decorate my first experience has already been decided.
It has been determined since long ago.

My own maid, who has always been by my side and assisted me, not anyone else, and now only shows me a cute side.

Rize is really suitable for my first experience partner.

Ah! My erection won’t subside just thinking about it!!!

Shall we call Rize right now and ask for a bite?

Even if you’re embarrassed at first, if it’s Rize, you’ll be happy and accept it… No. No It shouldn’t be like this.

It’s a first-time experience.
I’m going to take the beginning of my precious and cute maid!

It is absolutely not something to do hastily by yielding to this impulse.

“Calm down, calm down…”

Sex doesn’t run away.
Rize does not run away.

So let’s calm down and sleep for now.

The fact that he had his first experience with Rize today is something that cannot be changed.

First of all, let’s go to sleep and accept this happy reality in a slightly restored state.

I covered the blanket and closed my eyes.
Having learned how to fall asleep quickly anywhere, which is one of the gifted education programs, I was able to immediately leave for the land of dreams.

When morning came, my eyes opened on their own.
The warm morning sunlight through the window warmed her face.

“Ah, the world is so beautiful.”

Enjoying the most pleasant morning of my life, I couldn’t stop smiling.

What a profit…

“Excuse me, Bocchan.”

Since it was always the time to come in the morning, Rize opened the door and entered.

“Good morning, Rize!”
“Yes, Bocchan. You look in a good mood today.”
“Of course! Rize! What day is it today?”
“It’s New Year’s Day.”
“Yeah! Me and Rize! It’s the day you became an adult too!”
“Yes, that’s right. Are you that happy to be an adult?”
“Then don’t be happy!”

I got up from bed and approached Rize.

Last night I woke up in the morning and tried to think in my calm state.

But it was all in vain.

Even when I woke up, the excitement and joy welled up and didn’t stop!


Wow! And hugged Rize tightly.

“Do, young master?!”

At the sudden hug, Rize cutely made a flustered noise.

Ah… The warm Rize’s warmth and softness, where you can clearly feel the fragrant smell of Rize’s body through her clothes, make things hardened by morning erection become more powerful.

Unable to suppress the overflowing urge, he whispered in Rize’s ear.

“Rize, I will hug you tonight.”
“Now that I’m an adult, there’s nothing to get in my way. Rize, ah, Rize…!”
“Do, Bocchan! Please calm down! You’re very excited…”
“Of course not excited!”

Grabbing Rize’s shoulders, she pulled away and looked at Rize’s beautiful emerald eyes.

A really cute and lovely maid of mine who was embarrassed but blushed a little.

Lisette Twine.

“Lizee you. You, the most lovable maid in the world. You truly become my woman.”
“Ah, ah! Ah…!”

Rize’s beautiful eyes trembled.
Rize’s face, which had always remained calm, was now dyed red like a bright red apple.

“J-Ji, are you serious, young boy?”
“Of course. Rize, you’ve always said that before.”

A ritual that has been practiced every day since childhood.

She said, taking her hand off Rize’s shoulder and holding her face, looking into her eyes.

“You are my maid, the best maid born for me. My only Rize. The best maid who will serve me and follow me for the rest of my life.”
“Yes, I, I… I’m a maid for the young master…”
“Yes. Rize, in other words, you are my woman. Only I can have it. You are my woman that no one can surpass.”
“I-I’m Do, Master’s woman… I-I’m just a maid…”

Ah, it’s cute how your eyes are rolling around in embarrassment.

“Everything you have is mine, Lize. Right? Then if I ask you to be my woman, then you are mine. Okay?”
“Ah, ah… That… That, that… Yes.”

Rize, who rolled her eyeballs around, then reddened as if smoke was coming from her head, nodded her head.

“I am Do, Bocchan’s maid and woman…”
“Yes! That’s it!”

Aww, it’s really cute!
I want to fall asleep here right now!
I want to take Rize’s lips and shove her body here and there!

But not now.

My first experience finally came.
If you’re going to do it, make it the best experience possible.
Both me and Rize.

“Rize! I’m getting ready tonight! Okay!”
“…! Yes, yes!”

Ah! I am so looking forward to tonight.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

아카데미 부잣집 도련님이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I was born as a child of the best conglomerate in the world of Godgame.


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