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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 7

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 7

Chapter 7 – 7. The First Experience Is Pleasant!

“Happy New Year, Rouvelthaha!”
“Happy New Year, Rouvelt! Ho-ho-ho!”
“Yes! Father! Mother!”

After giving notice to Rize, we had a family meal to welcome the new year.

Parents of Rouvelt Eldra.
Namely, my current parents, Rufus Eldra and Grace Eldra.

Compared to the faces I used to see when I was young, I’m older, but I don’t skip skin care every day with the power of money, so I can believe that both of them are in their 20s.

“Do you want anything for the new year, Rouvelt? Would you like to buy me an island?”
“Oh, why don’t we give you more subsidiaries than Honey Island?”
“That’s good too!”

The two of them have a great blind love for me that hasn’t changed since they were young.
And the scale of the gift was extraordinary.

“I love the island!”

Rejecting a child on the scale of a commoner from a previous life because the scale is too great hurts the hearts of parents.

Haha! Then this time I’ll have to give you a small uninhabited island!”
“It’s an island owned by Rouvelt, so the construction of convenience facilities should start right away~ Rosé~.”
“Yes, ma’am. I’ll call you right away.”
“Thank you.”

A brief conversation on New Year’s morning increased the work of many builders.

It would be nice to go to the island to play after a certain number of heroines have been captured later.

After the harmonious family conversation, I went to Yagitsune Shrine with Rize for New Year’s pilgrimage.

Yagitsune Shrine, three years after I applied, has become incomparably more visited than when I first visited.

However, due to the great success, people came to the shrine that was a little popular in the neighborhood, not to the extent that it was full of people.

Of course, if I sincerely support it, great success is possible, but I didn’t do it that way on purpose.

I put money in the shrine box, rang the bell, clapped twice, and prayed.

[Yorugitsune’s New Year’s protection has been granted. Magic power increases by 15% for 24 hours.]

The gentleman’s protection from the message window also returned to the original value seen in the game.

The increase numbers added specially during the holidays were also the same.

For reference, there is no chance to use this limited-time buff except during the Yagitsune Kagura route in the story.

“Ah! Mr. Roovelt!”
“Welcome to Yagitsune Shrine, Rouvelt, Rize.”

When we finished our worship, Yagitsune’s mother and daughter approached us.

I often see shaman’s attire when I visit shrines, but the shaman’s attire on New Year’s Day gave me a more special feeling.

However, I know of a Yagitsune Kagura who wears a more special and very attractive miko costume.

Not the normal shaman’s outfit she’s wearing now, but a bolder and more nerdy shaman’s attire.

Ahhh~ When I attack Yagitsune Kagura, imagining the moment when I’m wearing that outfit and eating it makes me smile.

“Hello, Ayame-san. And Kagura.”

After three years, I got to know him to some extent, Yagitsune Kagura.
No, Kagura and I made her talk.

At first, I tried to use the honorific due to grace.
In the game, I was used to Kagura’s sloppy way of speaking, and that would piss me off later, so I told her to stop talking.

Because that suits Kagura, the sharper personality of the leader.

“Did you come to visit the New Year?”
“Yes. While I’m doing it, I want to see how much better this gentleman I’m sponsoring has become.”
“Thanks to Rouvelt, our shrine is fine. The worshipers who visited us in the past have returned.”
“I’m glad.”
“Really, no matter how much I thank Mr. Roobelt, it’s not enough.”

The mother and daughter of the Yagitsu family are smiling brightly.
She seems perfectly fine with running the shrine, but in reality it is not.

Yagitsune Shrine is exquisitely balanced with my patronage.

In addition, recently, Ayame is making plans for additional construction by borrowing money as donations are not enough to make the shrine better.

Are you building a statue of Yorugitsune-sama?

Even in the game, if you set it up, her prayer buff went up even further.

Of course, Ayame’s plan is possible because of my monthly donation.

If I say that I am cutting off the donation and ask Ayame-san to show sincerity with my body… I’m sure I can do whatever I want with Ayame’s breasts and body, even bigger than the busty Kagura.

Ah, now that the ban on sex has been lifted, the pleasant imaginations I had planned do not stop.

Come to your senses.
What I need to focus on today is Rize.
The best and best maid in the world.

“I’m relieved to hear that the shrine is in good shape. Oh, come to think of it, Kagura will also enter the academy this time, right?”
“Yes, my family tends to develop magical powers from generation to generation. They enter the academy from March. Are Rouvelt and Lise enrolled?”
“That’s right. If you do well, maybe we can be in the same class? When that time comes, please take good care of me, Kagura.”

He reached out to Kagura and asked for a handshake.

“I am. Please take good care of me.”

Kagura shook her hand and gave her a dignified smile.

“If you ever need my help at the academy, tell me anytime. I’ll run to another class. Well… I don’t know if you, the Eldra family, will need my help because Rize is by your side.”
“That alone reassures me. Oh, if I get help, I should buy Kagura’s favorite meat, right? You wanted to eat enough to cry, right?”

Kagura’s face turned red.

“Sss…! I’m still doing that with the work at that time!”

Often, when we meet, she will tease Kagura a little by saying that she wants to eat meat.

Because it’s fun to see Kagura embarrassed and ashamed in real life instead of Kagura’s root.

For her reference, Kagura Seonji, who lived in poverty, changed her favorite food from tofu sushi to meat, unlike her original work.

The resentment he developed during his life in poverty also changed his eating habits.

“Then why don’t we buy meat?”
“…Pork belly, please. With aged paper.”
Haha! Yes!”

After grilling pork belly, if you grill it, it’s very delicious.

After visiting the shrine, finishing the Hunter tutoring class that I am still continuing.

I went alone to the underground laboratory where Dr. Houbungkun was.

Weeeee… Ding!

“Are you here, Bocchan?”

Five years after hiring Dr. Hubunkun.
In the meantime, the title for Dr. Hu Bungkun has also changed.

There was a time when I called Furuta Fubunkun while we were talking without even realizing it.

-Hubungkun? Is it like my nickname?”
-Uh, that’s what Dr. Furuta….
-Somehow, it’s a nickname that sticks in my mind! If it’s okay with you, boy, please call me Hubungkun in a friendly way from now on! Please let go of the horse!
-… Really?

Through these conversations, Dr. Hu Bung-kun has now become Hu Bung-kun both inside and outside, and has come to talk in a friendly way.

“Hubungkun! Finally I’m an adult!”
“Yes, congratulations. Then… Are you doing it tonight?”

Also Dr. Hubunkun.
It’s been a long time, so you know my heart well.

“Yes! Today! I’m going to do it with Rize!”
“To be patient with you until you really become an adult. It’s amazing.”

It’s not patient.
That couldn’t be done

“Hubungkun! What I’ve prepared for this day must be right!”
“Of course.”

Dr. Hubungkun brought me the item I wanted with his characteristic sinister smile.

“A mild scent that combines male contraceptives for safe and pleasant vaginal sex with analgesic effects that prevent women from getting sick.”

Among the erotic inventions that inspired Dr. Hubunkun, these are for today.

Male birth control pill that lasts for about a month, and mild scent that gets rid of pain while being moderately aroused without being too excessive.

Both were developed by Dr. Houbung-kun, and then he set up a company and sells them at Furuta’s adult product store under Eldra.

“But, young master, can you only use these two? Aren’t there better things to enjoy? Like a 2-hole attack vibra. Like a weak pickled rope that makes you feel the tighter you tighten it. Or control the tentacles…”

After a little excitement with a sinister smile, he shouted at Bungkun, putting his hand on his waist.

“Ah. Yes, young master.”
“Today is the precious first night with Rize! It’s better to enjoy softly with precious Rize at first!”

You can’t do something too maniac from the first night!

“Ah, that’s right. I didn’t think enough. These days, there are a lot of days where bitches are treated a little too radically, so I made a mistake.”
“Huh? Come to think of it, I can’t see Rachel?”
“Right now, he’s been restrained and left with a vibrator. Would you like to go see it? By now, he’s probably spraying fountains relentlessly.”
“No, it’s okay. I just stopped by to get this. Happy New Year, Houbungkun!”
“Yes, Happy New Year, young master!”

After packing my things, I headed straight to the mansion.

And after dinner time passed.

Burning incense in the room, I waited for Rize to come.
Rize said she would drop by my room in a while after dinner, so I was alone in the room now.


Oh, I’m nervous too.
The day I’ve been waiting for for 20 years.

Do you think that I will be doing it today with Rize, who I see by my side every day and there hasn’t been a day where I wasn’t cute.

Clearly, even though he received training to stabilize his mind and body, his heart did not stop beating.

After the knocking sound, Rize’s voice continued.

“Bocchan, I’m going in.”
“Yes! De, come in!”

As soon as permission was granted, the door opened and Rize entered.

Rize, with beautiful silver hair, is still wearing the hairpin I bought for her when she was 10 years old.

Unlike usual, he took off the Katyusha he was wearing on his head and wrapped his body in a brown mantle.

“Brother, I have always tried to be the best maid. But that… This is the first time I’ve experienced this… I’m sorry if I make a mistake.

Even though her words were muffled, Rize seemed nervous, so she spoke a little faster.

After he finished speaking, Rize let go of his hand holding the mantle wrapped around his body.

A cloak that slides down.



Not wearing her usual maid outfit, her face slightly reddened.
White, see-through underwear that almost sees through the body.
She was wearing so-called babydoll lingerie.

“How… Are you wearing it, young master?”

Rize’s voice, with a hint of anxiety, entered his ears.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

아카데미 부잣집 도련님이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I was born as a child of the best conglomerate in the world of Godgame.


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