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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 8

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 8

Chapter 8 – 8. The First Experience Is Pleasant!

How are you?
Of course it’s the best!

Along with the white flesh visible through the white babydoll lingerie that went well with Rize’s silver hair, Rize’s stylish body, which could be clearly seen through the maid outfit, was clearly visible.

Besides, Rize, who is a bit uneasy but blushes in embarrassment at the fact that she shows her bare skin to me?

If this isn’t the best then what is?

“Bocchan? … Doesn’t it suit you too?”
“Huh? Ah, no! Not at all! Rize! It’s so pretty and cute that I just stared at it.”
“You, to be mesmerized. Wow, that’s too much praise…”

Aww, the shy look is really cute.
Still, I shouldn’t be distracted by Rize’s cuteness.

Today is a memorable first night!
Instead of fooling around like an idiot, lead Rize and make it the best night ever!

I’ve been patient for 20 years, but I didn’t just lay down and wait!
How many simulations do you think you did in your head in preparation for today!

I’ve done more than just fighting the final boss!
Lower body hot, head cool.

I smiled as usual as possible and patted the bed.

“Come here, Rize.”
“Yes, Bocchan…”

Rize walked slowly and sat down next to me.
Looking closer, I could feel how unconventional the clothes Rize was wearing and how they warmed a man’s heart.

If it wasn’t for the patience I gained from gifted education, I would have attacked right away.

“Did you think of that outfit yourself?”
“No, this… Was recommended by Anna-san.”
“Yes. I was also abrupt this morning, so while the young master went to Dr. Furuta, I consulted with that… Anna.”
“That’s why you recommended this outfit.”

Rize nodded slightly.


Anna, Nice.
I’ll tell my dad to add a bonus later.

He reached out and touched Rize’s face.

“You’re so pretty, Lize. I’m really happy that such a pretty Lize is my maid.”
“Go, thank you, Bocchan. I’m really happy to be the Bocchan’s maid, too.”

Rize, who is usually sharp and does everything with a cold expression like in the original game, only sends me a shy expression.

It’s always the best to see, but Rize’s expression in front of her right now was the best I’ve ever seen.

“Hey… Bocchan. Are you really okay with me as your first experience partner?

Rize covered her mouth with her index finger.

“It’s okay. I’ve always decided that my first partner would be Rize. Rather, I’d prefer it if it wasn’t Rize.”
“I-I don’t like it if it’s not me… That’s…!”
“I’m sorry for Ellie… But I’m a man too. I want to show a good side to my fiancée. I want to lead well even when I’m with Elly for the first time.”
“So help me to do well with Ellie, Rize.”
“I see… I see.”

Oh, I’m a little bit down on myself.
It’s obvious that I think I’m only considering Rize as a practice partner before Ellie.

It is best to clear up such misunderstandings right away.

“Lize, tonight is also a rehearsal for being with Ellie. But… That’s not all. I told you. Tonight, Lize will be my woman.”
“That word…”
“Lise is as precious to me as Ellie. Even if she is a maid, she is the best maid in the world that I love.”
“Ah, ah…! Master!”

Rize was thrilled and covered her mouth with her hands.

Each and every reaction was so cute and lovely.

The atmosphere was ripe and I couldn’t stand it any longer.


Rize removed her hand from covering his mouth and took her lips.

“Young master.”

Rize and I close our eyes and touch each other’s lips.
A soft, warm feeling came from his lips.

The fact that she had her first kiss with Rize made her blood flow faster.

He parted his lips and opened his eyes to look at Rize.

Rize was opening her mouth while her face was still red.

“I want to do it one more time.”
“Yeah, me, me too… Mmm.”

I couldn’t finish it just once, and kissed Rize over and over again.

I thought about putting her tongue in, but she was more inclined to kiss me softly and romantically.

She kissed her heartily and reached her hand toward Rize’s chest.

“Rize, I’ll touch you.”
Hehe! Yes… Master…”

It felt like a giant marshmallow.


Sweet Lize’s groan.

The momentheheard that, his hand moved quickly and massaged Rize’s chest.

“Huhhhhh! Bitch…Smhhhhh!”

The overwhelming sensation of her breasts, clearly evident even through her underwear.

The appearance of her breasts distorting due to the shape of her fingers with just a little force gave her a sense of immorality.

“Rise’s breasts are really… Soft. I want to keep touching them.”
“Huh…! If you want, you can touch me as much as you want…”
“Lizee is really the best maid. She’s really lovely, Lize.”

In line with her words of love, Rize’s moaning became more palpable.

I wanted to hear more of Rize’s voice.
He stretched out his other hand to his thigh and stroked it.

Unlike the breasts, the thighs were firmer and smoother.

“Hah! Bitch… Nim! Ha, hah!”
“Isn’t it itchy?”
“It’s okay. Bocchan-nim, please… Touch me as much as you want. Ehh!”

As he stroked her thighs along with her breasts, Rize’s voice became more cute and erotic.

At the same time, there may be caresses, but the weak incense in the room is also working properly.

I can’t stand it any longer because Rize is so cute that she tries to hold it in while moaning more and more obscenely.

I can’t say that I led skillfully with this kind of caress, but it’s my first experience, so I can’t help but be impatient.

It won’t end with this once anyway, so it’ll be okay if you’re a little impatient.

Still, it’s too fast to start right away….

For about 3 minutes, he calmly touched Rize’s chest and thighs, kissed her lightly about 5 times, and said.


With the fingers of the hand that had been touching her thighs, she lightly pulled Rize’s panties.

“…Yes, Bocchan.”

With just that little movement, Rize immediately recognized what I wanted and took off her panties herself.

As the underwear came off, Rize’s immaculate inner body and thick and appetizing pussy were exposed.

In addition, perhaps thanks to the effect of the weak incense, Rize’s pussy was slightly watery with just a short and clumsy caress.

After taking off all her panties, Rize lay down on the bed and spread her legs for me to do.

“Do as you wish, Bocchan…”

As expected, perhaps it was embarrassing, Lisera also turned her head a little instead of looking directly at me.

It’s really so cute and cute and lovely.
The blood rushed to his lower body more intensely.

My belongings, which had not yet been exposed, were begging for a quick release.

And accepted the appeal.

“Okay, Rize.”

I took off my underwear along with my pants to get the trapped object out.

Training through healthy eating habits and continuous tutoring.
For the attack, various stat-rising foods and elixirs were found and eaten by mobilizing the knowledge of Black and Eldraga’s personal connections and wealth.
And probably something that was created by combining the basic sizes that Rouvelt Eldra originally possessed.

My stuff, which I’ve been growing for 20 years, has grown so well that I can confidently say that it won’t be defeated by any other man.

Standing tall, you can tell at a glance how solid it is.

A length lightly beyond the belly button that reliably reaches the deepest part of a woman.

It’s so thick that it’s unclear whether a woman’s hand can hold it all.

I haven’t tested it exactly, but it goes without saying that the stamina is also strong.

It means that I am the best not only for wealth, but also as a male.

However, since he was big, it was natural that the woman would be sick if he had sex without taking any action.

It was not for nothing that I brought the incense from Dr. Hubungkun.

I prepared it because it was obvious that Rize would be in pain if I just did it without using incense.


The moment Rize turned her head and glanced at me.
I opened my eyes wide and was surprised when I saw my things that came into my eyes.

Yes, this look feels good.
It’s a reaction that tells me right away that my cock is superior.

“Do, Bocchan. That’s the Bocchan’s…”
“Yes, you are my alter ego who will become one with Rize from now on. Don’t worry, Rize. It won’t hurt. I’ve taken measures.”
“What kind of action is that… Oops!”

Gently pressed her glans to Rize’s thick cunt flesh.

Oh, soft
Good mood.
I think it will be cheap just by rubbing lightly like this a few times.

To that extent, Rize’s pussy meat was soft and soft.

“Huh! Now, wait a minute, young master! Blood, contraceptives…”
“Don’t worry about that either, Lize. I got a male birth control pill from Hubungkun today and took it.”
“So… You are.”

It was sold at an adult product store under Eldra, so Rize knew about the existence of male contraceptives.

After preparing for insertion by pressing the cock tightly against the flesh of her pussy, she called for Rize.


He reached out and squeezed Rize’s hand tightly.
Lize looked up at me, holding my hand with strength.

“Young master….”

Rize’s beautiful emerald eyes are looking at me with a slight trembling.

Rize’s expectations, excitement, and a little anxiety were felt through her pupils.

It is sincere to say ‘I’ll put it in’ as it is, but it is the first experience with a memorable and lovely Rize.

So be a little more heartfelt and romantic.
So that I can alleviate the anxiety that Rize is feeling right now.

“I love you.”

I conveyed my unfeigned feelings towards Rize and pushed her back forward.


Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

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I was born as a child of the best conglomerate in the world of Godgame.


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