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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 9

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 9

Chapter 9 – 9. The First Experience Is Pleasant!

“Hasssss… Young boy… Ah… Ugh…!”

Slowly, I pushed my cock into Rize’s stomach with a slight incense, so as not to be violent even if it didn’t hurt.

Rize’s pussy tried to push my cock out with a strong squeeze.

Even that repulsive force was eventually constricted, and the wrinkles of her pussy clung to the glans, giving her a tingling and trembling pleasure.

The feeling of wanting to put it deeper and feel Rize’s insides with the entire cock sprang up even more.

With a little more force, I slowly put the glans inside Rize.

“Huh! Ugh…! Ah, uhhh!”
“Rize, are you sick?”
“Ah, no. It’s okay, Bocchan. There’s no pain. But I’m not used to it, and I’m overwhelmed… Eh!”

Fortunately, he did not feel any pain and seemed to be taken aback by the first pleasure he felt.

Alright, so let’s keep going to the end.

“Rize, I’ll keep putting it in.”
Hahahaha, yes. Please move as the boy wants.”

I put more strength on my back and pushed my cock into Rize.
Even if Rize’s hymen was pierced along the way, Rize didn’t show much pain, as if the weak incense was working properly.

The glans reached the innermost part of Rize.

“I’m sorry…”

The strong tightening felt by the whole cock while reaching the deepest part of Rize.

Warm wrinkles clung to his entire cock, and it felt as if his cock would melt from the stimulating pleasure.

This… Sex!
The sex I so longed for!
Pleasure is also a pleasure, but the sense of achievement that I finally did it filled my heart.

But you can’t be absorbed in this sense of achievement.
Sex isn’t just for me.

“Ha, uh uh! The boy’s is the deepest part of me…”

Like me, Rize, who is new to this, was feeling my dick with her pussy.

It was so lovely and cute that I gave more strength to the hand holding the pod.

“It feels good, Lize. And I’m glad to be one with Lize like this.”
“Broken… Nim! Eh!”

Rize is moved by the words she uttered with tears forming around her eyes.
I could clearly see how much I had raised Rise’s liking.

And I wanted to hear more clearly with my own ears the proof that Rise’s liking rate had gone up to the highest level.

“Rize, you’re really my woman from now on, okay?”
Haha… Yes. I am the master’s maid and woman.”
“Yes. It’s not just a woman. She’s the woman I love. Did you hear? I love Rize.”
“I’m sorry…”

Lizée’s pussy tightened her cock strongly.
It was such a pleasant tightening that it would almost come off if I didn’t force the sphincter for a moment.
Rize was a maid who was the best at tightening her pussy.

“How about Rize? Do you love me? Or… Are you doing it as a maid’s duty?”

Opening her eyes wide, Rize squeezed her hand tightly and said.

“No… No! Me too… I love you too! Ever since I was young, I… Ehhh! I’ve been admiring you! Even if the boy doesn’t give me his heart, I tried to be content with just being by your side! Even when he said he was holding me, even though he didn’t have a heart, I thought he was happy just being connected with his body! By the way… But…!

Tears flowed drop by drop from Rize’s eyes.

“I’m so… Glad that you said you love me.”

Rize shed tears in sincere joy.

You just thought it would be nice to be by my side, but when I told you I loved you, you shed tears and were happy?
Oh, this is cheating

At first, the plan to take it easy is canceled.

“Rize, I love you.”
“Yes… I love you too, Bitch… Oops!”

The shaking interval is short.
I speeded up a bit and shook her waist so that Rize’s cervix could kiss my glans.

“Haaang! Aang! Eung! Young Master! Eung!”
“Lise, keep telling me. Keep telling me how much you love me.”
“Haaaaa! I love you, young boy! Ever since before! Aaaaa! Aaaaa! Aaaaa! Aaaaa! I love you. I love you, aaaaa!”

Every time you kiss Rize’s cervix, Rize’s beautiful breasts, which have grown just right, are shaking.

It feels like the sound Rize is feeling enters my ears and tickles her head.

And the more I shook my waist, the stronger the tightening of my cock that didn’t let go of my cock, contrary to what I was trying to push out at first, made my ejaculation feel the most intense.

I don’t want to be thought of as premature ejaculation even for the first time, so I try to endure it as much as possible.

Her chest hit her sight, her moaning her hearing, and her clenched hands and cunt tightening her cock tactilely.

More than anything, Rize is really happy to be with me.
For giving me the pleasure of truly tickling my heart as a man.

10 minutes was the limit even if I endured as much as I could.

“Rize! Now I…!”
“Haa! Ehh! I love you, Bocchan! Ehhh! You want to cum? Aang! Ehhh! Please come! The young master’s baby inside of mehaha! Aang! My! Ehh! The young master’s only maid and woman inside me…!”
“Rize…! I love you! Ugh…!”

The moment I spit out my love for Rize, I felt an explosion of pleasure come all at once, and I ejaculated.

“Huh …! Ah! Oh! Uh!

Do you live here?
Rize seems to be trying to drive me crazy.

“Rize, once isn’t enough. I’ll do more…”
“Yes, at your will…”

Rize took his right hand that had been holding his index finger to his cheek and rubbed the back of my hand on his cheek.

“Please use me. Please love me… The young master. I will accept everything of the young master… As the young master’s only maid and woman.”
“…! Rize! I love you! I will continue to love you for the rest of my life!”

Rize’s words became a catalyst, and he moved his waist again to express his feelings for Rize.

“Haaaaa! Bazaar-sama! Me too! For the rest of my life too… Aaaaa! Aaaaa baby! Yes!”
“Rize! I love you! I love you! Ouch! Rize! Rize! Rize!”

I tried to express my feelings more fluently and be romantic.
I monotonously called Rize’s name and shook my waist at the rush of pleasure and the cuteness and loveliness of Rize, who was so unruly.

Even the wildly bouncing chest was not visible now.
I couldn’t take my eyes off Rise’s face, which was more lovely than that and made me go crazy.

I led Rize from beginning to end, lightly finished her first ejaculation, and tried to play with Rize in various positions.

I was planning my own, saying that I should at least experience the level of paisley with my juniors.

However, the loveliness of Rize that far exceeded my expectations and the extremely good sex with Lize overshadowed all such plans.

“Rize! Rize! I love you! Rize! Rize!”
“Haa! Aang! Bitch! Bitch! Bitch… Aaaaa!”

She frantically shook her waist, shouted her love to Rize, and spent the night of her memorable first experience only on top of her.

The next morning.
The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was Rize, who was blushing and making a surprised expression.

“Ah! Hey, are you awake, young master?”
“Yeah. What’s wrong?”
“Oh, no, oh, nothing!”

Rize hurriedly turned around.
Is this… Was it during an event like that you often saw?
An event like watching me sleep.

If so….

Feeling a bit mischievous, I asked with a smile.

“Did you even look at my sleeping face?”

Seeing her surprised expression, it was clear that it was the right track.

“I’m sorry. Even though I’m a maid, I don’t wake up the young master and, uh, I admire her face…”
“What, how is it? There’s nothing to be sorry for, Rize.”

She reached out and touched Rize’s face.

“What’s wrong with my future wife looking at my sleeping face?”
“Ah, a wife!? A wife, that’s, what, what…!”
“Of course I’m going to make Rize her wife? Or will I say I love you?”
“But to the young master, Lady Ellie…”
“If you talk to Ellie, she will understand.”

I am confident that I can persuade you well with words.

“Besides, bigamy isn’t illegal, is it?”
“That’s right, but…”

In this block world, bigamy is legal.
That’s why a harem ending can come out.

“Besides, I am Rouvelt Eldra. I am the heir to the Eldra family and will become a promising hunter. It would be a national loss for me to fall in love with just one woman.”

Although it didn’t actually appear in the game, there are many cases where famous hunters from the BLBL universe that I grew up with were polygamous or polygamous.

Rather, the country is encouraging it so that more promising hunters can emerge in the future.

And my mother and father are also people who would accept me without hesitation even if I married several women.

“Then I’m the Bocchan’s concubine…”

Rize, who is shy but likes it.
But that was an incorrect statement.

“No, Lize. I’m not a concubine. I’m a wife.”
“Yes? But Lady Ellie will be the biggest mistress…”
“That’s probably it. But the woman I love… I don’t want to classify it as a concubine or a concubine, Lize. Like Ellie, she will be my wife in the future, okay?”
“…Yes! Yes, Bocchan.”

Also, Rize shed tears of joy and smiled beautifully.

“Okay, then shall we go wash up and eat?”

Rize and I got up from the bed to go into the bathroom.

“Huh? Why?”
“That, that! Please don’t look at it, Bocchan! The Bocchan’s semen just flowed down…”
“Kyaaak! Do, young boy! Ha-yeah!”

In an unexpected situation, I ran out of control from the morning.
Washing her body was after she regained her sanity after she had been wrapped around twice.

A slightly brighter version of the last picture!

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

아카데미 부잣집 도련님이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I was born as a child of the best conglomerate in the world of Godgame.


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