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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 10

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 10

Chapter 10 – 10. Be Active in the First Service!

Chae Ae Ae!

“Today is an exceptionally energetic movement, Mr. Roovelt.”
“Is that so? Well, today is the most pleasant day!”

Gymnasium in Eldra Mansion.
There, I am sparring and receiving instruction from the famous Hunter tutor.

To prove that what happened last night wasn’t a dream, in the morning I washed my body with Rize and ate as usual.

In my mind, I’m going to have a good time with Rize all day today… No, I want to spend a day with a bit of stickiness.

He refrained from sexual desire, repeating that he could continue to do it every day with Rize.

Besides, today’s private tutor class is necessary to capture the heroine.

Still, my tutor of the day seems to reveal all the excitement in my body language.

Master of the Tenrai style.
Denrai Satoru.

One of the Bobble heroines with spiky white hair like lightning and golden yellow eyes.

He is Chisaki Tenrai’s father.

The Tenrai-ryu swordsmanship used by Chisaki Denrai, who is in charge of electric attribute dealers in Black Bull, is a skill that is highly utilized to the extent that it is active even in the final battle.

It has a high accuracy rate, so it’s almost impossible to miss, and with the setting of cutting with electricity, all skills of the Tenrai style have the effect of paralyzing the enemy with a certain probability.
Traditionally, paralysis is a powerful effect in any game.
Not only does it give you a chance to get ready for a moment in a crisis, but it also makes the fight a little easier.

Of course, other characters have their own characteristics and strengths, and you can enjoy combat in a variety of ways without using paralysis.

However, if you become paralyzed in real life, it will be so useful that it cannot be compared to gaming.

There is also the purpose of making a kite with Chisaki Tenrai, but in order to obtain such a convenient and highly useful skill, I decided to hire Satoru Tenrai as a tutor.

In the original game setting, Tenrai-ryu was a one-man tradition, so what could be inherited was the only daughter raised by Satoru Tenrai, whose wife passed away early when he was young.

Only Denrai Chisaki could connect.

But even knowing that, I had a meeting with Satoru Tenrai in the past, requesting that I want to hire Satoru Tenrai as a private tutor.

“The Tenrai style is a one-man fight. No matter how famous the heir of the Eldra family… Even you, who are called the golden giraffes, have no intention of teaching them.”

The initial reaction was, of course, stubborn refusal.

“I would like to learn the Tenrai-ryu used by Tenrai-sama, who is unmatched in swordsmanship.”
“…You can’t flatter yourself like that. Go back. In the first place, you who are called the golden giraffe, there must be many people besides me who will try to teach you.”
“I only ask for learning from those I judge and think I want to learn from.”
“It’s an honor to be in the eyes of Eldra’s heir. But go back.”

As for Satoru Denrai, she firmly put her will into it and said that she had no heart to teach.

“Yes. Here you are, young master.”

I put the case Rize was holding in front of me.

“Here is the amount I am offering in hopes that Denrai-nim will teach me.”
“…Are you saying you’re going to solve it with money now? You’re treating me… The Tenrai style as water.”

A crackling, electrified mana wrapped around Satoru Tenrai’s body.

The fear of the strong enough to be felt on the skin, and the lifeblood of a warning to those who had committed rudeness, were emitted.

“No way. Not at all. On the contrary, Tenrai-ryu is the best swordsmanship I have ever known. This is a testament to its value.”
“To discuss the value of Tenrai-ryu with money alone…”

Click! I opened the case and showed the contents to Satoru Tenrai.”


Satoru Tenrai, who quietly looked at the contents of the case, became silent and reaped his fighting spirit.

Then he tucked his arms into the sleeves of his yukata and opened his mouth as he crossed his arms.

“Mr. Roovelt.”
“Tenrai-ryu has insisted on one-man fighting until now. Do you know why?”
“Isn’t it because the Tenrai style is so good?”
“That’s right. Tenrai-ryu is the best swordsmanship in the world. Ancestors, who were concerned that such a swordsmanship would spread easily and continue to be abused, established the tradition of one-man handing down.”
“However, tradition is old, and the law must change with the times. Sticking to the old ways without looking at the present age can rather lead to the decline of Tenrai-ryu.”
“That’s a big deal.”
“Yes. So even if it’s a basic one-person transmission… I think it’s good to distinguish people who can use this Tenrai style properly and pass it on specially.”
“It’s a very meaningful and wonderful idea.”

After agreeing with the words of Satoru Tenrai, who gave the most plausible reasons because he had face, he went straight to the main point.

“So, when would you like to start class?”
“We’ll do it next week. First, this money…”
“If you don’t mind, why don’t you leave it at a bank affiliated with Eldra? I’ll take care of your bankbook and card so that you can use this amount right away.”
Haha, you’re causing trouble for nothing.”
Haha, this is nothing compared to Tenrai-sama’s teachings.”

Originally, it was difficult to learn Tenrai-ryu, a one-person combat technique.
The main character, Sihun, was also unable to learn Tenrai-ryu techniques in the game.

But I’m Roosevelt Eldra.
If you can’t learn it because of one-man lore.
Even if it’s a one-man battle, it’s enough if you put enough money on it that you want to teach.

To be rejected for single-handedly winning is only because there is not enough money to change one’s mind.

If it’s a problem that can be solved by giving enough money to dance around, it’s not even an obstacle to me.

After all, the rich are the best.

“Rouvelt? Your mind is elsewhere.”
“Ah, sorry. I remembered the time when I went to ask Master to teach me.”
“That’s right. I really miss you. Even then, you were full of talent. Now you’ve reached the middle of Tenrai-ryu like this.”
“For me, my goal was to reach the morning by the time I become an adult… As expected, the famous Tenrai style. It’s not going to be easy.”
Haha! Rather, just reaching the middle age at the age of Mr. Rouvelt is amazing. It’s just that you haven’t mastered the secrets, right?”
“But isn’t Master’s daughter, who is the same age as me, already in the morning?”

I haven’t met Denrai Chisaki in person yet.
No matter how much I receive instruction, there are some things that the master who has a good temperament won’t let me meet.

In the first place, the tutoring takes place in Eldraga, so unless I go to see her on purpose, I will never meet Chisaki Tenrai.

“Chisaki is a genius among geniuses. But… Even if he has arrived in the morning, he is still an immature child.
“As a disciple of the same master, I want to boast that I am the master’s number one disciple by winning with swordsmanship one day.”
Haha! I’m really proud and embarrassed to hear this!”

However, that does not mean that Denrai Chisaki’s strategy has not progressed.
Being close with the master who loves Chisaki Denrai so much is like skipping the so-called Trial of the Father.

“Chisaki is entering the academy this year as well. I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities to compete within the academy. I’m looking forward to the day when Chisaki and Rouvelt-sama work together to hone each other’s skills.”
“If you’re expecting that much, shouldn’t we meet at least once? You’re still overprotective, Master.”

The master raised his eyes wide.

“Uh-huh! Even Mr. Roovelt can’t easily make our pretty Chisaki meet! Besides, Mr. Roovelt isn’t as good as me, but he’s a nice guy…! … I’m lonely and I cry!”

The arm blowout is still there.
However, since I became close with Master, the reaction has changed a lot.

At the time of first learning, he must have said that he wanted to meet Denrai Chisaki.

“Even if he’s Eldra’s successor… If he crosses our chisaki, I’ll cut him…!!!”

I would have exhaled life while saying that.

But now, I secretly think that it would be nice if my daughter and I were connected, but if that happens, I’m lonely because I’m out of her daughter’s attention, so I’m delaying the response as much as possible.

This reaction is also the result of my efforts to become like this.

Since the master had a great crush on me, he consulted several times on the subject of Hunter’s polygamous culture.

First of all, the topic of whether it is right for the world to have Ellie alone as her wife.

Continuing such counseling, I led Master to keep in mind the idea that if I was thinking about and considering polygamy, wouldn’t it be better to connect Chisaki and me?

I don’t want to hand over my lovely and cute daughter to another man.
However, you must not let the life of the Tenrai style be cut off.

If so, wouldn’t it be better to connect with me, who is likeable, has a lot of money, and has a promising future, so at least I won’t make my daughter suffer?

It made me think in that way.

Because he was induced in that way, he didn’t spew out his life like he does now, and he showed an attitude of worrying that his daughter’s interest would decrease.

Time for the teacher to return after class.


“I’m here, Bocchan.”

I received a case from Sebas, who was being treated by a butler in Eldraga, and called the teacher.

“Master, take this.”
“Hmm? What is this?”
“It’s a day late, but Happy New Year. This is my New Year’s gift to Master.”


“…! This, this is Thunder Pearl! When you take a sip, electricity spurts in your mouth.

Master said that Australia is so drunk that he can’t use his circumstances.
I saw Denrai Chisaki complaining as a game event.

“Yes, it’s the Thunder Pearl. I prepared it because I think Master will like it.”
Haha! Thank you very much, Mr. Roovelt! Ah, how about a drink together? Mr. Roovelt is an adult too! Isn’t it time to learn how to drink!”

He invited me with a big smile as if I was in a good mood, but I shook my head.

“I’m sorry, but I’d like to do that next time. I’ve decided that I want to learn the first drink from my father.”
“Ah! I didn’t notice thishaha! That’s right! The first thing to do is to learn from your parents.”
“But after learning from my father, I would like to share a drink with the master. Master is not only a swordsmanship instructor, but also a second father to me.”
“Lu, Mr. Roobelt…!”

Master closed the case containing the thunder pearl.

“Then we should save this until we drink it with Mr. Roovelt!”
“You don’t have to.”
“No! I don’t have a son, but I think of Mr. Rouvelt as a son. I want to drink good wine like this… In the same place as Mr. Roovelt.”
“For you to say that… Thank you, Master.”

After learning swordsmanship with Master for several years, I became attached to him.
To be honest, it was for the sake of attack, but the fact that he thought of me like his son was quite touching.

When Rouvelt is taking lessons from Satoru Tenrai.
In the common room of Eldra’s mansion, Rize was confronted by her maid, Anna.

“So! So! How did it go, Rize? Tell me!”
“That, that… Ms. Anna.”
“Ah, I see. Thanks to Anna-san, yesterday I was able to go smoothly with the young boy… Oops! Ha, I was able to do it.”

Anna’s cheers echoed throughout the break room.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

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