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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 11

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 11

Chapter 11 – 11. Be Proactive in Your First Service!

“Oh! What should I do! What should I do! It’s really good, Rize!”

Anna held Rize’s hands tightly and congratulated her by leaping around as if it were her own.

“Thank you, Anna.”

Rize was also grateful to Anna for congratulating her, but was embarrassed by her reaction.

Although she shows the appearance of a cold and cold-hearted maid to outsiders, Lise is open to her heart when it comes to Roovelt, Roovelt’s parents, and Anna, who has taught her a lot since childhood.

Anna looked at Rize with her curious eyes and asked.

“By the way, how was the atmosphere with the young master? Tell me in detail, Rize!”
“Ah, Mrs. Anna. Anyway, that’s embarrassing…”
“Oh, is that disappointing? Didn’t I also recommend underwear that suits you well? Yesterday, Anna-san, please tell me some clothes that go well with the young master, so I got them for you as soon as possible! Ah, Rize is such a heartless child. It was. Even when I was young, I was called Anna~ Anna~…”
“Okay! Okay, please stop!”

Defeated by Anna, who lamented like her rapid-fire cannon, Rize raised her white flag, revealing her face.

“Really? Then tell me quickly~ How did you like the boy~?”

‘Anna-san, really….’

Anna was also able to become the head maid because she was smart and did her job well.

However, Rize knew that she was a bright and talkative person unless it was work related.

“That… When I went in wearing the clothes Anna recommended, the boy stared at me.”
“So what?”
“I asked because you were so silent, but I was so yes, so pretty that you were mesmerized…”
“Kyaaaaa! Bocchan is so cute too~. Rize, weren’t you happy?”
“Of course I was happy. And…”
“And and and!”
“I asked you to sit next to me…”

Rize roughly told what had happened that night.

He was told by Rouvelt to help him do well with Ellie at first.

And she’s right behind her being a Rouvelt woman herself too.
What she was declared to be the best maid and woman.

After being caressed with a kiss as she is, she enters into a full-fledged act.

Spend a burning night spitting out love for each other… After being told by Rouvelt this morning that she was also going to make her one of her wives, not her mistress or concubine.

“Oh my God!

Anna literally jumped around and listened to Rize’s story with interest.

“…Anna-san. I’m embarrassed, so please be quiet.”
“Oh my God! How can you stay still like this! Oh my God, the Bocchan is a real man too, a man.”

Anna praised Rouvelt, then she was silent for a moment, then she pondered and opened her mouth.

“Well~ But I thought the young master would have several women around him.”
“I thought so too. But no way… I’m a wives…”

Lise and Anna don’t feel uncomfortable at the thought of Rouvelt having multiple women.

She was rather surprised by her declaration that she would take her as her wife rather than as her concubine or lover.

“Bocchan, you’ve been staring at my butt ever since you were young, so you were suspicious because you just looked at it and didn’t play around with it~ Oh, I miss you.”
“Actually, I thought I would choose Anna for her first experience, not me.”
“Oh, me? Phu-huh. Would the young master choose an aunt who already has a baby? Rize is really~.”

‘Bocchan thinks Anna-san will be able to do it, but….’

Seeing from the sidelines how she had fun talking to Yoichiro Furuta about erotic things and exchanging various ideas, Rize thought there was plenty of potential.

At least sooner or later, she thought, she would call Anna, if not her wife, as her night attendant.

Because she still sees her Anna’s ass as clearly as when she was a child.

She said, ‘It’s rather amazing that, as Dr. Furuta said, she faithfully endured until she became an adult. You really are sincere in strange places.’

Lise, who did not know that the reason why Rouvelt showed such diligence was because of the limitations of the message window, only admired Roovelt’s sincerity.

“By the way, Rize~.”

Anna whispered in Rize’s ear with a smirk.

“How was it with the young master? Did you feel good?”
“Ah, Mr. Anna!”
“Tell me~ Weren’t you sick? It was the first time. Are you asking because I’m really worried about this? Because I was sick when I first did it with her husband too~.”

At first, Rize couldn’t even get angry at Anna, who asked her playfully, but then took out her husband and gave off a worried atmosphere.

‘As expected, I respect Anna-san as a maid, but she is mean.’

“It didn’t hurt, because the young master took care of me in many ways.”
“Any action?”
“A scent with pain relief effect wafted through the room. I smoked it so I didn’t get sick.”
“That’s right. Oh, just in case, did you use contraception properlyhehe, Bocchan, didn’t it be difficult for you to wear a condom?”
“No, I didn’t use a condom.”

Looking at Rize, who spoke calmly, Anna widened her eyes.

“What?! No, I didn’t use it! Rize, you accepted that! What if you already have a baby…”
“There was no problem because the young master had already taken male contraceptives.”
“…Male contraceptives?”
“Yes. It is a product that was made with Dr. Furuta and currently sold at adult goods stores under Eldra.”
“Uh… Ah~ You mean the one that was promoted a year ago? The one that fought a lot with condoms.”
“Yes. The condom is not just a contraceptive, but it is the one introduced by fully supporting the image-making strategy to sublimate the play and even making it sublime.”

Anna let out a relieved sigh and raised the corner of her mouth again in a smirk.

“So you made it raw from the beginning? Ohh~ Kids are bold these days~ Did you like it?”
“.Haha. Yes, it was good. It didn’t hurt, and the young master… Called my name several times and… Held my hand.”
“Kyaaak! Kyaaak! It’s so fresh! What should I do! What should I do! Ah! How did you do your posture? Have you tried various things?”
“No, that… It’s the first time for me and the young master, so we’re both distracted, so just be normal…”
“Isn’t this the end after only reaching the top?

Anna grabbed Rize’s shoulder and said.

“Rise! Listen carefully! At first, you can be satisfied with just the top rank because you’re fresh to each other! But once you get used to it, there comes a time when you need a new stimulus! So, you should familiarize yourself with the various possible plays! Got it!”
“Well, of course I know that. I think the young master will ask me for various positions once he gets used to it.”

Rize didn’t think at all that Rouvelt, who had a wealth of sexual knowledge to the point of having fun talking to Dr. Furuta and even providing ideas, would only make it to the top.

‘I’m rather worried that the boy will do something I didn’t think of… No, I’ve been prepared to accept any play if the boy wants it from before.’

“Okay! Rize! Then I’ll give you a short special lecture! Techniques that guys like my husband’s favorite! I’ll teach Rize right now!”
“That’s just Anna’s husband’s favorite technique…”
“Anyway, the techniques men feel are similar as long as they aren’t extremely biased, so it’s okay! It’ll work! Until the tutoring class is over for 30 minutes… I’ll do it quickly, so listen carefully!”
“Oh, I see!”

And Rize focused on Anna’s favorite technique class for men.

[Then let’s meet tomorrow and play together, Rouvelt.]
“Yes, Sihun-ah. Let’s spend a happy New Year together with Yumerang. Oh, you’ll definitely come to the arcade, right?”
[Of course. I’m going to win this time, so be prepared!]
Haha, I’m upset about losing, so I keep trying and I’m preparing to be noticed by Yume, Sihun.”

After finishing her class and washing her body, Si-hoon called.

The content is a promise to play with friends before entering the academy at the beginning of the month.

She made an appointment because she was looking forward to drawing Yume’s crush and hanging out with her friends.

When I finished the phone call and left the gymnasium, as usual, Rize was waiting for me at the door.

“Thank you for your hard work, young master. The next schedule is Ruel Grant’s magic tutoring.”

In the gifted education I received, not only swordsmanship, but also marksmanship, magic, archery, etc., The curriculum was structured so that I could get everything I could get with the body specs of Rouvelt Eldra.

In the case of tutoring that focuses on theory rather than sparring, such as swordsmanship, Rize is accompanied.

And when I was about to move on to my next tutoring as usual.

“Okay… Huh? Rize?”
“Yes, why are you doing that, Bocchan?”
“Your face is a little red… Are you okay?”

Rize’s face was more red than usual.
Did you catch a cold from that extra thing you did in the morning?

“Oh, it’s okay. You don’t have to worry.”
“But it could be because of work this morning…”
“No, that’s not it! I wish my mood and health improved… Ugh! Master, you’re mean!”
“Oh sorry.”

I didn’t mean to do that, but I ended up embarrassing Rize.
I really liked it because it was so cute.

“It was just… Embarrassing because Anna kept asking questions. It’s nothing special, so don’t worry.”
“Ah… That’s why.”

Anna, except when I’m working, I talk a lot and I like these kinds of things.
She asked a lot of questions without hesitation, and it was clear that Rize was embarrassed to answer Anna-san.

It’s good if you’re not sick.

And it becomes night

“Bocchan, please allow me to serve you.”

Rize, who entered the room, spat out something out of the blue.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

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