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Wives in Games Are Defiled

Wives in Games Are Defiled

게임 속 아내들은 더럽혀진다
Native LanguageKorean

One day, I became the protagonist of a game that had a happy ending with beautiful wives.

But I like something else…

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  1. Ryuu says:

    I hate this novel.

  2. what happened in the end?

  3. Zreomurderer says:

    I like this novel

  4. AizenSUS says:

    I thought mc dont want purelove and want harem or ntring someone, But TF mc let her wifes get fked by another males,
    rare to see like this but not my taste xD

  5. ImpatientReader says:

    NTR = Netorare. NTL = Netori.

    If you’re looking for novels MC steals the girl look for appropriate ones using tags(NTL). Most novels in panda are accurately tagged.

    The MC is a hero in a fantasy world who was cursed at the end during the end fight with the demon king. The curse is Neto curse.

    All his wives are goddesses from myths(demeter, athena, etc).
    Its just like other typical NTR novels – not for everyone.
    His wives loves him enough to fuck other guys. Anyway, it would probably continue with the NTRs without going anywhere.

    I dropped in somewhere in the 20s when I got tired of the sex scenes and when Athena was raped. She rejected MC’s fetish and said she is not someone who can do something like this. The MC got her drunk, gave her knockout drugs and gave her to his friend(same friend also fucked Demeter before). To me that was the end. It’s just meh, other novels are better.

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