Wives in Games Are Defiled 59

Wives in Games Are Defiled 59

Chapter 59 – Public Duel (3)

“Huh, ugh… !”

As his heels crushed the already painful crotch area, Nemesis chewed his lips and let out another pained moan.
Hector, who was looking down at Nemesis with the corner of her mouth twitching, pulled her ankles towards him and rubbed her heated pussy even more viciously with his hard prosthetic leg.

“There is no such thing as a complete pervert~?”

Her Hector was pounding her prosthetic legs like a jackhammer, stomping on her Nemesis’s pussy, plunging her into her seemingly endless quagmire.
Nemesis gritted her teeth and endured the pain felt every time her crotch was forcibly opened and the terrible stimulation provided by the vulva in her vagina, with only her mental strength.
However, to others, her desperate perseverance could only be seen as a kind of perversion she felt while being subjected to abusive treatment.

“Ugh… !”

Nemesis, who had been subjected to her continued assault, lifted her head with difficulty and then removed Hector’s hands from holding her ankles.
She then barely managed to free herself from her prosthetic limbs, which were inflicting indescribable humiliation on her, and, struggling to raise her poor body, distanced herself from Hector.
Nemesis somehow got back into her fighting stance, but was unable to hide her ragged breathing.

“Why don’t you just surrender instead of being embarrassed even more?”

Hector leisurely sarcastically looked at Nemesis, whose lower body was trembling slightly.
Nemesis did not respond to the taunt but glared at Hector, biting her lip enough to make it bleed.
Sure, her current situation was the worst for her, but that didn’t mean she could choose her worst self-defense: surrender.

If she surrendered, the humiliation she would have to go through next was not this bad.
Therefore, Nemesis had no choice but to rush to Hector, ignoring the vulva tickling her own womb.

However, it was not easy for Nemesis to even catch Hector.
As if mocking the goddess in front of him, Hector showed off his agility by narrowly dodging her hand by just a piece of paper.
Nemesis couldn’t help but question Hector’s movements, which were faster than she expected.
At first, she thought that she was missing Hector simply because she was not in good physical condition, but even taking that into account, she saw that Hector’s movements were too agile.

At a time when incomprehensible doubts were becoming more and more intense, Nemesis suddenly remembered that Hector drank her breast milk yesterday.
Nemesis, who realized why Hector had no choice but to speed up without knowing, immediately crumpled her face.

“Found a gap!”

Just as Nemesis was gnashing her teeth in horror upon learning that Hector’s agility had been enhanced by the efficacy of her own milk, Hector quickly approached Nemesis and punched her in the stomach.

“Ugh… ?!”

Nemesis, who was hit squarely in the solar plexus by a punch with a prosthetic arm, fell to the ground, covering his abdomen.
Hector looked down at Nemesis, who was sitting on the floor, swallowing her pathetic moans, and then he grabbed her bangs and lazily lifted her up.

“Oh my, my goddess must have been very sick~?”

Hector, exposing Nemesis’ face, grimacing in pain, for all her spectators to see, slapped her with his hideous top.
Nemesis stared at Hector with murderous eyes and did not hide her anger.

“Hmph, judging by that cocky expression, it seems like the punishment isn’t enough yet?”

Hector snorted and wriggled his eyebrows, displeased with her face, as if she still hadn’t lost her fighting spirit.
And then, she let go of Nemesis’ hair and gently moved her hands towards her slender waist.

“I guess I need to spank her ass one more time~.”

Hector, who licked her lips disgustingly, said this and tried to pull her into his side again.
And at that very moment, Nemesis’s eyes, which were showing her pained expression, suddenly turned sharp and she instantly shook off Hector’s hand that was wrapped around her waist.
Despite her helplessness, Nemesis, who had hidden the teeth of a counterattack, immediately moved behind Hector and grabbed his back.

“I’m not tired of this bitch… !!”

Hector looked slightly embarrassed, as if he was surprised that she still had the strength to resist Nemesis.
Hector thought that Nemesis, who had gone behind him, would attempt another suplex, so he pushed his body forward as much as possible to prepare.
However, that was a wrong judgment.

What Nemesis attempted this time was not a suplex.
She grabbed Hector’s waist and pretended to throw him behind her, but when Hector leaned forward, she did not miss the opportunity and climbed on his back.
In that state, Nemesis wrapped Hector’s lower body around her legs and pinned him down, pulling his arms back strongly.


At the moment when Nemesis’ technology was completed as naturally as water, a loud scream burst from Her Hector’s mouth.
Hector, who was completely unexpectedly caught in Nemesis’ high-difficulty joint, was unable to hold back his pain with a grimace on his face.
Hector struggled with all his might to escape Nemesis’s bonds, but it was no use.
The more he pushed, the more the joints in his shoulders creaked ominously.
The technology was so perfect that escape seemed almost impossible.

“I’ll rip off his arms like this!”

Nemesis, clenching his molars, pulled Hector’s arms without hesitation, as if he wanted to repay the shame he had suffered so far several times over.
Hector, unable to hide her pain at the goddess’ skill in crushing the joints of her entire body, contorted her face.
Every time Hector pulled on his arm, the worm in the womb shook violently, but Nemesis, determined to overcome the problem, never let go of the arm he was holding.

“Kkkk…” …”

At a time when Nemesis’ comeback victory was in sight, Hector, who had raised the corner of his mouth with difficulty, suddenly let out a faint smile as if he had lost his mind.
Nemesis was really annoyed by Hector, who did not stop smiling as if he was mocking him even in this situation.

“What’s funny?”
“Ugh, no, it’s just that I feel sorry for you~.”

Hector, who was in imminent danger of dislocating his bone, swallowed a groan and continued.

“Do you think I only put one bug in one place?”
“What… ?”

Nemesis’ eyes widened reflexively at Hector’s words, which were difficult to ignore.
And at exactly that moment, a strange writhing sensation that could not be ignored was detected beneath her waist.
The intensity of stimulation was similar to before, but the epicenter was not in the vagina.
It was another hole nearby.

“Ksk… ?!”

Nemesis sharply bent her back as if she had been electrocuted by her high-voltage current at the eerie movement of her touching her own dirty area.
Nemesis felt something moving inside her rectum and goosebumps spread all over her body.
Nemesis hoped that the worst sensation she had ever experienced was an illusion, but the stimulation she felt between her buttocks was definitely real.
Nemesis could not help but realize that Hector had put genital worms not only in her vagina but also in her anus.

“Kuh, hurry up and give it up~!”

Hector, who activated his hidden terrible trump card, sneered and advised Nemesis to surrender.
Nemesis arched his back intermittently at the sordid desecration being performed on his most shameful orifice.
However, despite this, she continued her technique, biting her molars hard without letting go of her arm.

“This is this?!”

As Nemesis showed no sign of coming down from above him even though his asshole was being violated, Hector seemed to be getting impatient and began to sweat in an uncomfortable position.

“Quickly release these hands!!”

Hector, who was struggling in pain as if her arm would fall off, frowned and shouted.
However, Nemesis ignored Hector’s shouts and pulled his arms even harder.
Hector, who was beyond surprised by Nemesis’s fierce struggle and was astonished by him, frowned and gritted his teeth.

“Ugh! So how about this?!”

Hector, whose joints in her entire body were on the verge of becoming misaligned, shouted loudly.
And with that shout as a starting point, the vulgar insects that had been tormenting Nemesis’s vagina and anus began to move back and forth through their area without hesitation at a speed that was incomparable to before.


Nemesis, whose lower body was trembling, let out a sharp nasal sound due to the dazzling movements felt through different holes.
Nemesis, who closed his eyes tightly due to her indescribable stimulation, somehow gave strength to her body, but the evil worm that penetrated her upper and lower holes at the same time was too powerful an enemy.

“Uh, uh…”

In the end, Nemesis, who could not overcome the limitations of being a woman, let go of Hector’s arm and broke the posture that she had maintained with difficulty in adverse conditions.

“Fuck, you’re behind now!”

Her Hector, finally freeing her from her art of Nemesis, cried and flushed her face, plunging her to the floor.
And with that, she wrapped one of her arms around her neck and gave Nemesis a brutal back choke.
It was a moment when the tide of a nail-biting duel was turned again.

Wives in Games Are Defiled

Wives in Games Are Defiled

게임 속 아내들은 더럽혀진다
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
One day, I became the protagonist of a game that had a happy ending with beautiful wives. But I like something else...


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