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Wives in Games Are Defiled 60

Wives in Games Are Defiled 60

Chapter 60 – Public Duel (4)

“Ugh… !”

My whole body was shaking as I stared at the one-sided duel on the stadium.
Nemesis struggled to break free from Hector’s choke, but it seemed like he was having no strength due to the bugs mercilessly gnawing at his two sensitive holes.
Hector flexed the tendons in her arms that were strangling Nemesis as if he were suffocating her.
As Hector’s strength became stronger, Nemesis’ breathing became weaker and weaker, as if in inverse proportion.

Nemesis tugged pitifully at her arms of Hector, who bound her, and she desperately struggled with her whole body, but she was of no use.
The current Nemesis, who is being pinned down by Hector, is not a strong goddess who saved the world. She is just a weak woman who has been captured by a man and does not know what to do.
She was already exhausted both as a candidate and as a woman, and anyone could see that her defeat was obvious.

“Uh, ugh…”

Nemesis’ pitiful resistance began to fade as time passed.
After holding on for a while, Nemesis eventually tapped out, pounding her hand on the floor of the arena.
It was a universal sign of surrender.
It was the moment when the long, drawn-out public duel finally reached its conclusion.

When Nemesis finally raised her white flag, Hector, with his mean smile on his face, let her go.
When the arm that bound her disappeared, Nemesis fell to the floor of the stadium and coughed repeatedly.
The mercenaries, who saw with their own eyes the winner or loser of the duel held at the mediation office in broad daylight, could not help but feel faint.

“Hey, referee. “It’s all over, but are you going to keep doing this?”

Hector didn’t care about the audience’s reaction, but glanced at the referee who was staring with his mouth wide open.
Then the referee, who came to his senses after hearing those words, cleared his throat a few times, looked at Nemesis, and then slowly opened his mouth.

“Wow, winner, Hector Dirty Kent!”

When the referee officially announced his victory, Hector raised his clenched hands high in the sky and let out a loud shout.
The mercenaries at the brokerage office still could not hide their disbelief at the unexpected defeat of Nemesis.
I can’t believe the noble goddess of revenge would surrender to such an insignificant-looking bully.
Even the content of the duel was so absurd.

“Now then, shall we enjoy the winner’s rights?”

Hector smiled slyly at Nemesis, who had barely regained her breathing.
Then Nemesis, who could not have known the meaning of those words, stood up with difficulty and clenched his fists.
Having lost her duel, she once again had to endure unimaginable humiliation.

“What are you doing? “You sure don’t know that winner takes all is the rule here, right?”

When Nemesis stood in her place and showed signs of hesitation, her Hector crossed his arms around her and urged her on as if he had won the duel with her own skill.
Then, Nemesis, who seemed to realize that her choice once made could not be undone, lowered her head deeply and slowly knelt on the floor.
And in that state, she lowered her head and bowed her head to her Hector.

“I… I lost. I will readily admit defeat…”

Nemesis bowed down to Hector, who was standing right in front of her, and announced her humiliating defeat in front of everyone.
Hector, who was looking at her with satisfaction, smiled brightly and then placed one of his feet on Nemesis’ head, where her forehead was touching the floor.

“Now it seems like that cocky attitude has subsided a bit~?”

Hector, who was grinning like that, gave strength to the foot he placed on Nemesis’ head and twirled it left and right as if showing off.
The mercenaries at the brokerage office could not help but be horrified by the incredible sight that continued even after the duel was over.
The goddess of vengeance, Nemesis El Amelia Rayhard, was taking upon herself her shame and humiliation while performing a dogge that was unbelievable even now.

I secretly massaged her crotch between her mercenaries, looking at Nemesis with her face buried in the floor, her sturdy butt sticking out behind her.
No matter how fatal the handicap was, I couldn’t believe that Nemesis was defeated so easily.

It is not that she failed to win, but that she chose her defeat by her own will.
I couldn’t help but think so.
There wasn’t really any evidence.
But earlier, when Nemesis was riding on Hector’s back and using her joints, her eyes and mine happened to meet, although it was only for a moment.
In that fleeting moment that seemed like an eon, I felt something in her eyes that was hard to explain.

And that was exactly what happened next.
Nemesis’ technology that was driving Hector was released as soon as she took her gaze away from me.
To create a situation in which I could be excited, Nemesis voluntarily let Hector go.
That would have been the most likely hypothesis to explain her defeat…


At that time, when my conscience was endlessly battered by the sense of guilt and guilt that welled up deep in her heart, Hector, who had taken her foot off Nemesis’ head, climbed onto her prone back without warning.
Hector rested his hips comfortably on top of the goddess as if riding her horse, and in that state, he blatantly rubbed his convex groin area against her back.

“Run around the stadium like this!”

Hector grabbed Nemesis’ red hair and shouted a command into her ear.
The man’s mind seemed to be filled with thoughts of plunging the heavenly goddess into an abyss from which she could not escape.
Nemesis bit his lower lip hard at Hector’s instructions, which went far beyond the limit.

“Didn’t the loser decide to follow the winner’s orders~?”

Hector, who laid down the rule that the winner decided in advance, tickled the back of her neck and spoke disgustingly.
Then, as if giving up, Nemesis stopped biting his lip and slowly stretched out his hand forward and then moved his body.


However, at the very moment Nemesis dragged her legs on the floor, her sharp hand sword suddenly struck her defenseless buttocks.

“Huh… ?!”
“When did I tell you to crawl?”

When Nemesis was startled by the sudden spanking and shook his body, Hector, with a disapproving expression on his face, let out a cold voice.

“I mean, turn with the soles of your feet firmly planted on the ground.”

Hector, who seemed to have an idea for her to torment Nemesis, ordered additional options for her as she endured the humiliation.
Nemesis, who had already given up on the option of refusal, silently followed Hector’s words without a word of complaint.
As she lifted her knees that were touching the floor and spread her curvaceous legs, her juicy ass rose to a higher level.
Nemesis began her ignominious journey in that state.

Wow~! Wow~!

“Did you eat boiled slugs? “Can’t you speed up a bit more?!”

As Nemesis, striking a comical pose, began to circle gently around the edge of her arena, Hector repeatedly pounded her large buttocks with his palms, as if whipping her galloping horse.
As Hector’s stern hands punished his hips, Nemesis occasionally twitched his body and increased the speed of his quadrupedal walking.
The audience could not restore their dilated pupils and open mouths to the original state of seeing this rare spectacle that they had expected to see once in their lives.

The goddess of vengeance, Nemesis, the undisputed leader of the mercenary city of Aron Sheed, was circling the arena in her animal-like stance, carrying the man who had defeated her on her back.
Hector, atop Nemesis, puffed out her breasts like a triumphal general and gave her a triumphant uppercut into the air.
I moved her masturbating hand faster while staring at Nemesis with her eyes closed, as if trying to ignore her current miserable reality.

“Hehe, as expected, the ride comfort is good~.”

A while later, when Nemesis had completed one lap of the stadium, Hector got down from the back of the goddess of vengeance and gently patted her buttocks, which he had treated harshly a moment ago.
Then, with her legs slightly bent, she put her lips to the ear of Nemesis, who was standing hunched over her, and whispered something of her own.
The distance was so far away that I couldn’t tell what they were saying, but most likely it didn’t seem like a good thing.
The moment he heard Hector’s words, Nemesis’ face frowned indescribably.

“What are you doing? “You’re not going to do it?”
“If you don’t like it, don’t do it. However… Do audiences really want that?”

Let Nemesis stand still, unmoving. Hector gestured somewhere with her chin.
Then Nemesis secretly turned her head in the direction pointed by her Hector.
Turning her head, Nemesis immediately found me hiding among the mercenaries, secretly grabbing his pants.
Nemesis, who saw her husband masturbating with his wife as a side dish for everyone to see, immediately revealed a subtle emotion that was difficult to describe on her face.

Wives in Games Are Defiled

Wives in Games Are Defiled

게임 속 아내들은 더럽혀진다
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
One day, I became the protagonist of a game that had a happy ending with beautiful wives.But I like something else...


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