Wives in Games Are Defiled 61

Wives in Games Are Defiled 61

Chapter 61 – Public Duel (5)

She stared at me for a moment without making it obvious, but soon she withdrew her bitter gaze and started walking straight toward the center of the stadium.
Eventually, Nemesis arrived at her destination and prepared something of her own while the eyes of the audience were focused on her.

The mercenaries tightly surrounded the outside of the stadium and could not take their eyes off Nemesis.
They gulped down her saliva, waiting to see what decadent side the beautiful goddess of revenge would show this time.
Nemesis took her place in the middle of the amphitheater, under the insidious gaze of the spectators.
She then had her hands on the floor of the arena and then she bent down and struck a pose that emphasized her butt.

“Oh oh… !”

When Nemesis suddenly fell prone and stretched out, a strong exclamation escaped from the mercenaries who were watching.
At a time when her mercenaries were staring intently at the goddess’s sturdy buttocks covered in her leather hot pants, Hector, who had sneakily approached the center of the arena, opened his mouth with a sly voice.

“Brave mercenaries of Aaronsheed! First of all, I would like to thank you for leaving your busy schedule behind and coming to watch the duel today!”

Hector, who was standing right next to Nemesis, placed his hand proudly on her buttocks, which were sticking out for the touch, and continued speaking.

“As you saw, the previous duel ended in my victory. According to the promise agreed upon in advance, Nemesis, the loser, is now humbly accepting the penalty I have designated. Even though she is a heavenly goddess, she must keep her promises once she makes them~.”

Hector raised the corners of her mouth and spoke as if making a speech and began to gently stroke Nemesis’ pretty buttocks.

“After the two penalties, ‘Dogeza’ and ‘Round the Stadium’, there is now one last one left. This time, it’s a penalty that everyone gathered here can directly participate in!”

Hector’s loud voice filled the entire employment center.
The mercenaries, including everyone else, perked up their ears when they heard that this was a punishment they could participate in.

“The last penalty is called ‘relay spanking’! Everyone here is taking turns hitting the goddess of revenge on the buttocks one by one! Like this~!”


Hector slapped Nemesis on the buttocks without hesitation, as if to make an example of her.
The indescribably clear sound of the blow spread widely starting from the goddess’s buttocks, and at the same time, the mercenaries’ eyes, tinged with astonishment, shook violently.

“Now then, who will we start with?”

Hector patted Nemesis’ just-beaten buttocks and looked for her first volunteer.
But no one came forward willingly. If it was natural, it was natural.
You can spank her goddess’s ass directly with these hands.
Needless to say, it was a truly attractive temptation, but actually carrying it out required a great deal of courage.
For her, watching others hit outside the stadium and hitting herself was a completely different story.

“I don’t force anything. You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to. But…”

Hector paused for a moment with a subtle smile in his eyes.

“Will an opportunity like this ever come again? A chance to legally touch the ass of a noble heavenly goddess? “If she’s afraid of retaliation and doesn’t dare, then you don’t have to worry about that.”

With that said, Hector turned her head towards her Nemesis and she then gave her a couple of hard smacks on the bottom.
Then, as if it were a sign of something in her, Nemesis opened her mouth.

“… Now I am receiving a reasonable penalty. So even if you harm me, I will never retaliate. … “I promise in the name of the Goddess of Vengeance.”

Nemesis, who was staring at the floor, made a dangerous oath in his name to the mercenaries who were admiring his disgrace.

“Did you hear? Here, this goddess of vengeance promised never to take revenge. “She speaks from the goddess of vengeance, so you may not trust her spirit, but you can trust her.”

Hector continued her rant, pounding her chest as if she were the guarantor of her promise.
As Nemesis made a clear promise not to retaliate, the fear and hesitation that had been holding the mercenaries back slowly began to fade.

“… “Then let me give it a try.”

And before long, a middle-aged man right near the stadium raised his hand and volunteered.
When Hector finally saw the first volunteer come forward, he raised the corners of his mouth and applauded his courage.
The middle-aged man who came up to the stadium reacted awkwardly to Hector’s applause and moved his legs towards his destination.
Soon, the middle-aged man arrived right in front of Nemesis, who was in a dizzying pose in the center of the stadium.

“Hmm, this is just a simple punishment…”

The middle-aged man, who was awkwardly clearing his throat, mumbled something as if making an excuse, and then lightly slapped his raised hand towards Nemesis’ sexy buttocks.


Even though a clear sound indicating excellent elasticity was heard, the unknown middle-aged man did not remove his hand immediately after the spanking.
He gently rubbed Nemesis’ shapely buttocks he was touching a few times before removing his hands from her hips.
The middle-aged man, who touched the goddess’s buttocks, put his hand to his nose and sniffed it, soon went down the stadium with a satisfied face.

Nemesis didn’t really have any sanctions against the middle-aged man who spanked his ass.
While the mercenaries who saw this were secretly looking at each other, another man sneaked up to the stadium and naturally participated in the punishment.
When the man who had just slapped Nemesis’ sturdy spanking like a middle-aged man finished his work and returned to his original place, another man appeared after him.
The mercenaries, who seemed to be possessed by something, began to climb onto the stadium one by one.


“Hehe, there are days like this all the time in life~.”


“I-I just touched the goddess’s ass…” … !”


“Hey, Bbangdang’s elasticity is killing me~!”

The mercenaries who performed the spanking each left words filled with excitement and satisfaction, as if appreciating them.
When I came to my senses, I saw that there was a long line on the stadium waiting to spank the goddess of revenge.
Upon closer inspection, I saw that even the referee of the previous duel was in line to beat her butt.

“Foot, if you say you’re a goddess but you’re a complete whore, go away.”

Among the crowd of people lined up, there were also a small number of female mercenaries.
They must have been quite jealous of Nemesis, who had both beauty and strength, so they openly mocked the goddess for sticking out her bare buttocks and gave her a stronger spanking than any of her men.


“Tsk… !”

As the intensity of her spanking became more severe, Nemesis, who had been holding back her voice by biting her lips, was gradually unable to hide her moans.
However, the mercenaries who took turns taking their places behind Nemesis paid no heed to her circumstances and smacked her big butt covered in hot pants to their heart’s content.

Among the mercenaries, there were many who did not think favorably of Nemesis.
Since she appeared in Aronsheed, the city has become noticeably more peaceful, and naturally, their workload has decreased significantly, so there is not much room for them to look kindly on Nemesis.


As a husband, I could only watch from afar as the craggy hands of the mercenaries living off the bloody stew struck my wife’s hips one after another.
She was being spanked harshly while the worms were actively moving around inside her body, so I couldn’t even imagine how much pain she would be in.

“Shit! “I bet on you, but why did you lose?!”

A man who seemed to have lost all his money after betting on Nemesis’ victory in the duel a little while ago approached her with long strides and suddenly shot a spit of shit between her buttocks.
Nemesis, who had been taken by surprise by something other than her spanking, stood on her tiptoes and let out a sharp nasal cry.
When the ice-like goddess of revenge got stabbed in the butt and reacted like a delicate girl, the inside and outside of the stadium instantly became a sea of ​​laughter.

“Hey, don’t do anything I’m not allowed to do~.”
“Yeah, sorry. “This was all it took, right?”


When Hector raised the corner of her mouth and lightly warned her, the man who had brought shame to her goddess immediately slapped his palm on Nemesis’ buttocks.
Then, Nemesis, who was holding his hand on the floor, quietly clenched his molars.
I could feel her anguish going through her head as she watched her being subjected to one outrageous humiliation after another in broad daylight.

But even so, I couldn’t let go of her hand that was touching my dick…
As I imagined her hot buttocks beyond the hot pants, I couldn’t control the rising excitement.

Wives in Games Are Defiled

Wives in Games Are Defiled

게임 속 아내들은 더럽혀진다
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
One day, I became the protagonist of a game that had a happy ending with beautiful wives. But I like something else...


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