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[Incest] Creating a Friendly Family

[Incest] Creating a Friendly Family

[근친] 친근한 가족 만들기
Native LanguageKorean

A friendly family story made with mom, sister, sister, aunt, and cousin.

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  1. Icarus says:

    Incest nice

  2. boni66 says:

    this is still ongoing?

    1. SerenePanda says:

      Yes, this is still ongoing. Latest raw is 267 released 2 days ago. When raws hit 270, feel free to request an update on the Discord.

  3. kaze says:

    lets seeee

  4. Myaha says:

    I thought there’s a normal character, but turned out it’s a circus full of blood-related siblings incest festival

  5. Myaha says:

    Don’t use your brain when reading this. If you use your brain, the whole story would crumble immediately. Remember kids, incest would cause genetic defects to the point losing the ability for reproduction. Habsburg family is one of it.

  6. Gibs says:

    Alabama exists

  7. Aarón Alejandro says:

    because it doesn’t have the NTL tag, if it practically started with aunt gyu-ri and she is your friend’s mom, and if your friend sees her sexually, he also has a husband, if you could answer me Panda, thank you

  8. Feng says:

    Marrying your first cousin increases genetic defect chances to 7 percent while normal marriages have 3 percent chances of genetic defect. Chances are higher in case of your sister but not that high . You can take chances…but you will end up in prison.bye.

  9. LINKINGCRK says:

    this story is weird incest, slaves and sluts everywhere …and without the mc doing anything seems like the dead father was “paving the way”…don’t read this if you are uNconfortable with NTR teasings and the main heroines seem to be milfs

  10. linkingcrk says:

    🙂 I caught up when the story was at his peak with the lolis

  11. Ouk Dom says:

    Update pls?

  12. dk says:

    8/10 well written. hot. erotic. but MC is 15 so he is childish. plot is frustrating but interesting at the same time. author keep teasing reading while giving vague hints that can interpret anything. quiet well written. But MC is a kid. so it’s a little annoying.

  13. tumba says:

    to much sharing and cuckhold fetish skip

  14. wang says:

    Are there virgins?

  15. Mano says:

    Someone tell me if the father did ir to the older sister and if the second sister is a whore por virgin and there is ntr?

  16. Milf_hunter says:

    Poison: stay the f*ck away.
    Spoiler Alert on why is it posion:
    1) The MC is sometimes childish, well i can give him credit since he’s a 15 year if you know what i mean
    2) The oldest sister did it with the dad, and now she’s depressed after his death and what not
    3) The father basically paved the way for the MC, meaning he trained the 3 milfs (MC’s mother, MC’s Aunt, and MC’s bff mother), his oldest sister, yea and his cousin… so if this sits well with you, have fun
    4) the second oldest sister is bisexual, she’s having lesbian affair with her bff and loves her, but she treats the MC coldly even though they had intimacy, so if you love NTR done by lesbian (yuri). Continue
    5) The MC’s bff mother is basically the neighborhood use, even her own son (MC’s bff) use her, so if you don’t mind swinging, sure go ahead.
    6) The only untouched by the MC’s father till what I read is: his youngest sister and the lesbian one (the second oldest)

  17. Dr. Doom says:

    Is it completed or hiatus? No updates for a long time

  18. Xurumela says:

    Please update this novel….!!!

  19. Xurumela says:

    Please update this work adm, it already has almost 440 chapters in raw

  20. Xablau says:

    Hello ADM, do you have plans to release chapter updates!?

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