[Incest] Creating a Friendly Family 373

[Incest] Creating a Friendly Family 373

Chapter 373 – [Incest] Creating a Friendly Family 373 (Seonju, Seyoung, Suah)


Aunt Seonju seems to have no intention of stopping the urine spray from her Siwoo, and is catching it without even moving her arm, which is placed on her face.

Siwoo sprays urine concentrated on Aunt Seonju’s cheeks and mouth, which are not covered by her arms.

Si-woo aims a strong stream of water between Aunt Seon-joo’s lips, as if opening them up and down.

Between Aunt Seonju’s parted lips and her closed teeth, Siwoo’s strong urine sucked.

The stream of water that bounced off the white teeth spread throughout the room and around.

Siwoo persistently continues to spray a strong stream of urine.

Aunt Seonjoo’s mouth slowly opened as she withstood the pressure of the stream of urine against her teeth.

When Aunt Seonju’s mouth opens, her mouth is quickly filled with Siwoo’s urine.


Aunt Seon-ju passes Si-woo’s urine stuffed in her mouth down her throat.

Siwoo slightly changed the angle of his silence followed and sprayed urine evenly all over Aunt Seonju’s slip-covered body.


Aunt Seonju swallows all the piss that was in her mouth and then lets out a humiliating moan and shakes her body.

Su-ah stands with her mouth half-open, her face flushed, and watches with a blank expression as if in a spell.

Siwoo’s urine filled Aunt Seonju’s face and body and her bed.

Siwoo’s urine, which had been pouring like a waterfall, suddenly turned into a thin stream.

Siwoo aimed the thinned stream of water at Sua’s face and inside her half-open mouth and began to spray it one last time.

After wetting his face, Su-a bounces as if surprised by Si-woo’s urine spraying into his mouth.

Although she shrinks her body in embarrassment, Su-ah does not avoid her face, as Aunt Seon-ju did, but takes Si-woo’s urine into her mouth.

Shiwoo’s hot golden urine is entering Suah’s open mouth.

“Croak, Cry, Cry”

Soon, the sound of Si-woo’s urine being passed down is heard from Su-a’s throat.

Su-ah’s body trembles as she drinks Si-woo’s urine.

A urine drop hanging from the tip of Siwoo’s penis after pouring out all the urine in his bladder.

The hanging urine drops soon fall all over Seonju’s aunt’s body.

After Siwoo finishes urinating, he spreads his legs slightly, holds the base of his penis with his hand, and shakes it to shake off any remaining water, just like he does in front of the toilet.

Siwoo then glances at the smartphone camera placed on the nightstand.

The image of himself just spraying urine on Aunt Seonju and Su-ah will be saved in his smartphone and will probably remain as an unforgettable record until he dies.

At this moment, Si-woo’s heart was filled with a proud sense of loyalty for the achievement of completely trampling and taking over Aunt Seon-ju and Su-a’s mother and daughter as their true owners.


“Oppa Siwoo, here’s water! I brought it~”

As Siwoo was shaking off the drops of urine that had formed on the tip of his dick, Seyoung’s voice was heard from the door.

Seyoung returned to Aunt Seonju’s room carrying her water bottle and water cup on her tray.


Siwoo hesitates and answers as if he was caught doing something bad.

Si-woo pees on his blanket last night and feels embarrassed as if people have caught him.

“Where should I put it?”

Seyoung asks as she approaches the bed where Siwoo and Aunt Seonju are.

“Uh…Yeah…Give it to me”

Siwoo stood with his body curled up on the bed and spoke to Seyoung, stuttering his words.

“Are you done now?”

Se-young saw Aunt Seon-ju and Su-ah covered in her urine, and the bed sheets soaked, and asked Si-woo as if to confirm.

“Huh? Uh… Roughly…”

Siwoo gets down to the floor and answers by awkwardly covering his genital area with his hand.

She saw Seyoung looking around curiously at what had happened in her room while she was out for a moment.

“It must be quite a big task to sort it out. Seonju’s aunt and Suah~ hehe~”

In Aunt Seonju’s room, Seyoung spoke as if she were giving a short review of what Siwoo had done.

Even though he was looking at a scene that would normally be incredibly shocking, in front of Seyoung, who was talking casually, Siwoo seemed to feel a sense of shame for some reason.

Seyoung places a tray on her bed mattress, fills a cup with water, and hands it to Siwoo.

Siwoo takes the filled cup from Seyoung.

“Gulp gulp”

Siwoo gulps down water as if trying to swallow his embarrassment.

How can he make Seyoung feel this shame and embarrassment that he feels too?

Siwoo kept thinking while drinking water.

Siwoo drinks a whole cup of water and tries to refill the water in the cup he was drinking from.

Still feeling somewhat embarrassed in front of Seyoung, Siwoo fills the empty cup with water.

“Seyoung, you drink too!”

Siwoo says as he holds out a cup of water to Seyoung.

“What about Aunt Seonju and Su-ah?”

Se-young looked worried at Aunt Seon-ju and her Su-ah, who were covered in her urine and struggling to breathe, and asked Si-woo as if they were wondering.

-No matter how you look at it, the person who looks like she needs hydration is the owner’s aunt, who is lying in a state of almost exhaustion…-

“Yeah… I made everyone drink something else first, so it’s okay!”

Si-woo is talking as if he is confessing to Se-young about his misdeeds.

Seyoung once again looks at Aunt Seonju and her Suah alternately for a moment, as if examining their appearance and condition.

“Yeah, okay, since Siwoo said that, then I’ll drink it~hehe.”

Seyoung smiles innocently and drinks water as if she understands the situation.

“Gulp gulp”

The water in the water cup was emptied in an instant.

Seyoung puts the empty water cup on the tray placed on the bed.

“Then can I take a shower first? I thought I needed to wipe off some dirt before I go home.”

Seyoung said, touching the white semen on her face and hair with her fingers.

Se-young now asks Si-woo for permission as if Aunt Seon-ju and Su-ah are not even in her mind.

“Okay, go take a quick shower! Instead, don’t pee!”

Siwoo told Seyoung to go take a shower and also ordered her not to urinate.

“Huh? I feel like drinking right now? Don’t you want me to pee?”

When Si-woo tells Se-young not to urinate, she looks at Si-woo in a bit of confusion and asks.

“Yes, for now, just go to the shower and wash, and hold your urine until you get home!”

Si-woo once again firmly confirms the added command to Se-young.

“Yeah, okay. Then I’ll come back…”

Seyoung hesitated for a moment and answered with her face blushing.

Perhaps, after seeing Si-woo’s urinating play on Aunt Seon-ju’s and Su-a’s bodies, Se-yeong also seemed to vaguely anticipate what Si-woo was going to do to her.

Seyoung looks like she has a lot to think about, and she goes to the living room to take a shower.


Si-woo, Aunt Seon-ju, and Su-ah remain in the room again.

Siwoo retrieved the camera he had placed on the nightstand.

Then, save the recorded video to your smartphone.


Recorded video saved as a file with a clear and cheerful signal sound

After briefly checking to see if the video was captured properly, Siwoo returned to the bed where Aunt Seonju and Suah were with a proud feeling.

There was Aunt Seonju lying on the bed with her face covered, and Suah sitting on her knees next to her.

The two mother and daughter, with their faces and bodies covered in sweat and dirt, look humiliated and seem to be waiting for Si-woo’s next action and command.

Siwoo’s semen, which has not yet cooled down, is flowing down Aunt Seonju’s crotch, barely covered by the skirt of her apricot-colored slip.

“Seonju and Sua! You guys should wash now too! Since the owner worked hard today, we should wash the owner first!”

After sending Se-young to the shower room, Si-woo speaks again as if urging Aunt Seon-ju and Su-ah to wash up.

Siwoo points to the semen flowing down his slip skirt, down Aunt Seonju’s flower petals.

An unspoken command to see and lick her own semen flowing inside Aunt Seonju’s hole.

Su-a makes eye contact with Si-woo, flinches once, and then moves away as if complying with Si-woo’s command.

Soo-ah goes into Aunt Seon-joo’s crotch while Si-woo is pointing with her finger.

Su-ah gets down on her knees and puts her face into the lower part of her Aunt Seonju’s crotch.

Suah’s tongue sticks out to Seonju’s aunt’s sensitive flesh.

“Churyuup Churuup Churyuup Churyuup”

Su-ah stuck out her tongue and started licking up Si-woo’s semen that was flowing down.


A moaning sound like a deep breath flows from Aunt Seonju’s mouth.

-Click, click, click!

Si-woo takes a picture of Su-a sucking Seon-ju’s aunt’s pussy with a smartphone camera.

Si-woo changed the angle and took pictures of Aunt Seon-ju and Su-ah so that their facial expressions could be clearly captured on the screen.

Si-woo sends the photo she just took to her mother.

In the chat window between Si-woo and her mother, a photo of Aunt Seon-joo being subjected to cunnilingus by her daughter Su-ah is posted.

Even after her mother checked her photo, she still had no answer from Si-woo.

[Incest] Creating a Friendly Family

[Incest] Creating a Friendly Family

[근친] 친근한 가족 만들기
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
A friendly family story made with mom, sister, sister, aunt, and cousin.


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