[Incest] Creating a Friendly Family 372

[Incest] Creating a Friendly Family 372

Chapter 372 – [Incest] Creating a Friendly Family 372 (Seonju, Seyoung, Suah)


With my young nephew, I remember the names of my children who will inevitably be born someday.

Was that something that was so provocative and exciting from the owner’s aunt’s point of view?

Or did she climax at the sight of her daughter being violated right next to her, feeling a masochistic excitement that conflicted with her motherhood?

Siwoo presses the back of Suah’s head firmly with both hands and pushes his erect penis into Suah’s throat.

“Oooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!”

The feeling of Sua’s throat tightening as it wraps around the penis in a pleasant way.

Siwoo pierces Suah’s mouth and throat with his regrown penis, trampling on her soul several times.

Siwoo’s dick pillar moving back and forth in and out of Sua’s tight throat.

Every time Siwoo’s penis plunged deep into Sua’s hot throat, Aunt Seonju was swallowing saliva down her throat and shaking her body as if she had lost control.

Siwoo enjoys the soft and warm feel of Suah’s throat several times with his glans and dick pillar, and finally puts her back on his back.

Siwoo took out his penis pole that was stuck in Suah’s throat.

Si-woo places his glans on Su-a’s lower lip for a moment and checks the condition of his glans.

Most of the dirt on Siwoo’s penis seemed to have been wiped off in Sua’s mouth.

Instead of Si-woo’s semen and Seonju’s aunt’s filth, Si-woo’s penis is soaked with Su-ah’s saliva.

Su-ah wraps her entire lips around Si-woo’s glans, which was hanging over her lower lip.

“Whoop! All right, all right! Whoop! All right!”

Even though Su-a continues to gag, she collects all the dirt on Si-woo’s glans and the dirt in her mouth and swallows it properly inside her body.

Siwoo gently strokes Suah’s head with the hand he had placed on the back of his head.


Su-ah shoves all the filth in her mouth that needs to be swallowed down the back of her throat, then takes a deep breath that she had been putting off.

The feeling of her breath touching the sensitive skin of her wet penis seemed to make Siwoo feel touched.

Siwoo slowly removes the penis cleaned by Suah’s mouth from her lips.

A stream of Sua’s saliva connected with the tip of the penis and soon fell down.

Siwoo looks around, trying to find something to wipe off the saliva on his penis.

Siwoo looked around for a while and found an object that was perfect for wiping Suah’s saliva off his penis.

It was the apricot-colored slip wrapped around Seonju’s aunt’s waist.

At the bottom of Aunt Seonju’s rolled-up slip, a crack is visible between her legs, which are spread awkwardly.

A crack between the crotch where a large amount of semen that Siwoo had vomited mixed with love juice and was flowing down.

Aunt Seonju is literally lying defenseless with her body completely open.

Aunt Seonju’s body, which now feels like it doesn’t matter if she uses it any way, and the slip draped over her body.

Siwoo places his penis, which is covered in a lot of Suah’s saliva, on Aunt Seonju’s slip and begins to rub it.

The moisture on the penis was being absorbed and wiped away as if it were being sucked into Seonju’s aunt’s slip.

Aunt Seonju watches Siwoo do what she does with her eyes relaxed and without resistance.

Every time Siwoo’s penis, which was rubbing against her slip, touches Aunt Seonju’s belly, Aunt Seonju responds by twitching her body as if her excitement has not subsided yet.

Her voluptuous, firm breasts spread out and swayed to her side as her Aunt Seonju jerked.

Her saliva-covered breasts are shining in the late afternoon sunlight, just like Siwoo’s penis.


Siwoo hit the side of one of Aunt Seonju’s shaking breasts with his palm.

I wanted to do it in a mischievous way like I did when I grabbed Su-ah’s breast.


Aunt Seonju moans and bounces her body as her breasts are suddenly hit

With her arms raised and her crotch spread, she is tied up as if she has neither the strength nor the will to resist.

Si-woo knew that Su-a’s panties, which bound Aunt Seon-ju’s hands, were a restraint that he could shake off at any time.

But Aunt Seonju refuses to let go of Siwoo’s hand, despite Siu’s blows to her breasts.

It was as if he had hypnotized himself into thinking that there was actually a restraint device attached to both of his wrists that would never be released…

Su-ah’s rolled up panties have no restraint function and are merely a tool to heighten masochistic excitement…

Si-woo looks at Su-a’s panties wrapped around Aunt Seon-ju’s wrist, and thinks back to the slave contracts and ledger that Se-jin found in his sister’s room last night.

Familiar photos and names in the ledger…

And a slave contract with numerous rules and regulations written down.

Are the women whose names are written on the slave contract living as if they have hypnotized themselves into believing that there are some restrictions placed on their lives and overall human relationships?

Is he following the rules of the contract and the master-servant relationship as a priority, rather than blood relations such as children, parents, and siblings, as Aunt Seonju is doing now?

Siwoo saw Aunt Gyu-ri’s slave contract that Cheoljin showed him, and learned for the first time about the existence of the slave contract or the past of her mother and father.

In the beginning, Si-woo couldn’t understand why he had to live his whole life complying with absurd and unreasonable orders that could ruin his life because of a contract that had no legal effect.

However, as time passed and Siwoo gained various experiences, it seemed like he could now vaguely understand the feelings of such mothers.

Did you say that you can’t make anyone open the refrigerator door if it doesn’t contain the food you want?

Si-woo thinks back to the words he heard from teacher Yoo Ye-na at Se-young’s magic academy last time.

In a situation where I checked the slave contracts of my family or people around me, I think that maybe the worries and worries I was having so far were worries or worries with the order and subject reversed.

For a while, the words of teacher Yu-Ye-Na lingered in Si-Woo’s mind, as if they were life guidelines or hints.


Siwoo unfolded the apricot-colored slip that was wrapped around her aunt Seonju’s waist and covered her breasts, adjusting them to the right and left sides.

Aunt Seonju assists her Siu in what she is trying to do by moving her waist and back little by little, while covering her breasts with her own slip.

Because his arms are raised and tied, his shoulder straps are placed under his armpits.

The skirt underneath her slip is also lowered to cover Aunt Seonju’s pussy, where semen is flowing.

Aunt Seonju lifted her waist and hips again to help Siwoo put her slip back on her.

Aunt Seonju, whose main parts of her body are barely covered by the slip she unfolded and draped over her body.

Siwoo moves to her Aunt Seonju’s bedside and lightly removes Suah’s panties wrapped around both of her wrists.

Aunt Seonju was redressed roughly by Siwoo and even her hands were freed.

Aunt Seonju, who had been tied up with her breasts and groin cracks clearly visible just a moment ago, now feels as if her dignity as a human being has been restored.

Aunt Seonju, unlike her usual self, crossed her arms, raised them over her face, and covered her eyes.

Could it be that the sex and climax she had with Si-woo in front of her daughter and young nephew were awkward and unfamiliar even to Seon-joo’s aunt?

Ironically, after the lewd sex was over, after her vital parts were covered and her bound arms were freed, Aunt Seonju seemed to feel even more ashamed.

The beads of sweat forming on Aunt Seonju’s pure white skin remind her of the passionate sex she had just had in front of her younger siblings.

Aunt Seonju caught her breath with her arms still resting on her face, as if she was trying to deal with the lingering effects of her orgasm, which she had just reached several times before.

Si-woo did not want to leave Aunt Seon-ju alone, who seemed to be trying to go back to her daily life in an abominable way.

Just as her erection is about to go away, she suddenly feels a desire to expel the urine that has been filling Si-woo’s bladder.

Si-woo immediately stood up with both feet on the bed and pointed her half-erect penis towards Aunt Seon-ju’s body.


Without warning, a powerful substance splits and spews out from the end of Siwoo’s pillar.

Si-woo started urinating on the body of Aunt Seon-ju, who was lying on the bed right in front of Su-ah.

The thickest of the split streams pours towards the face of the owner’s aunt.

Su-ah opens her eyes wide in surprise and looks up at the strong stream of water pouring into Aunt Seon-ju’s face, splashing her drops all over her.

Urinating in front of her cousin, Su-ah…

Siwoo’s urine being sprayed on her mother, Aunt Seonju

Siwoo was feeling an unfamiliar thrill at the humiliating shameful play against the owner’s aunt that was being attempted without his knowledge.

[Incest] Creating a Friendly Family

[Incest] Creating a Friendly Family

[근친] 친근한 가족 만들기
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
A friendly family story made with mom, sister, sister, aunt, and cousin.


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