[Incest] Creating a Friendly Family 374

[Incest] Creating a Friendly Family 374

Chapter 374 – [Incest] Creating a Friendly Family 374 (Seonju, Seyoung, Suah)


What is Mom thinking when she looks at the photos Si-woo sent?

Si-woo made Aunt Seon-ju and Su-ah do the same lewd acts that his mother and older sister Se-hee were doing during the day.

A lewd master-servant game played by Si-woo, Aunt Seon-ju, and Su-ah…

The sight of Aunt Seonju being excited as she sucks her daughter’s dick with her mouth reminds me of her mother sucking her dick into her older sister Se-hee.

A rare scene was created where the mother and daughter of both families performed cunnilingus under Siwoo’s orders.

Before the incident with Si-woo, did her mother not know at all about the fact that Su-ah was being raised by her Seon-ju aunt and being trained by her?

After Siwoo and Seyoung were born, Mom seemed to have put all of her past pervert relationships and play aside, except perhaps for her relationship with her father.

-I don’t know what kind of change of heart occurred to her mother at that time-

While her father continued to play with Aunt Seonju, Aunty Gyu-ri, and other women, her mother may have remained completely isolated or excluded.

But even so, among her three mothers, it was her mother who first established a slave relationship with her father and dragged her other mothers into a pervert relationship.

She – and then she seems to have slipped out of that master-slave or contractual relationship, earning her the resentment of her master’s aunt and her aunt –

Si-woo thinks that she would have been able to predict or guess how Aunt Seon-ju would have raised Su-a when her father was alive.

Si-woo feels disgusted by her mother’s lack of response after checking her text message, but on the other hand, she feels pity for her mother and sorrow at the same time.

[I think it will take about 20 to 30 minutes to get home! Seyoung is taking a shower right now? As soon as she comes out, she’ll leave right away, so it’ll take about that time.]

Siwoo is talking to her as if ignoring her mother’s silence and explaining their situation in detail to her when she doesn’t respond.

The numbers next to the letters in the chat window immediately disappear.

Even after checking the text message Si-woo sent, her mother still did not respond to Si-woo.

Si-woo immediately follows up and delivers the video he just filmed in Aunt Seon-joo’s room to her mother.

A video that captures the scene where Aunt Seonju is captured and violated along with her younger siblings.

And while Se-young went out to get water for a moment, there was even a scene where Si-woo sprayed urine on Aunt Seon-ju and Su-ah…

[Take a look later, Mom! I wish I could go home and try what’s shown in the video with Sunmi and Seyoung.]

Siwoo writes down his lewd and promiscuous affair as if it were an addition to the uploaded video.

The numbers next to the text and video in the chat window with my mother are now disappearing as if it were natural.

Is mom constantly checking her smartphone screen and watching Si-woo’s text messages?

Instead of waiting for his mother’s reply, Siwoo now closes the chat window and switches the screen to standby.


Su-ah’s mouth, along with Aunt Seon-ju’s moans, could still be heard echoing in the room.

Su-ah spreads Aunt Seon-ju’s legs to both sides and carefully licks up Si-woo’s flowing semen.

As if Si-woo doesn’t want to disturb Aunt Seon-ju and Su-ah’s actions, he slowly walks closer to the bed where they are.

Aunt Seonju still places her arms over her face and covers her eyes, moaning seductively as if in pain.

Although she stands with her eyes tightly closed and covers her face with her arms, she occasionally glances sideways at Su-ah below.

Si-woo finds the image of Seon-joo’s aunt very fascinating.

At that moment, a scene was pictured in Siwoo’s mind.

Siwoo picked up a pillow from the bed and placed it on Aunt Seonju’s face.

Aunt Seonju, who was covering her eyes with both arms, was busy getting her pussy sucked by Su-ah, when she felt something touch her face and she shook her body as if startled. Shrinks.

Aunt Seonju seemed to soon realize that something touching her face was her pillow that Siwoo had put on her.

Aunt Seonju released her arms from covering her eyes and placed her pillow over her face.

The wrapped pillow now completely covers her face.

This time, Siwoo holds on to the blanket that is down to Aunt Seonju’s feet.

Seonju’s aunt’s blanket that was accidentally thrown down during the act.

Siwoo pulls the blanket up to her belly button above her waist.

Su-ah, who is kneeling between Aunt Seon-ju’s crotches and sucking her pussy, is covered by a blanket that goes up to Aunt Seon-ju’s waist.

As if to hide a secret that should not be shown, Si-woo completely covered Su-a’s body under the blanket so that the sight of her sucking Aunt Seon-ju’s pussy was not revealed.

Si-woo appears to be examining the composition for a moment, then lifts the lower part of the blanket that had just been lifted up to Aunt Seon-ju’s waist.

Si-woo lifts the lower part of the blanket that was on the floor, as if flipping up the hem of her skirt as a joke.

Suah’s cute buttocks are exposed under the lifted blanket.

Siwoo folds the blanket straight and places it over the upper curve of Suah’s raised buttocks.

Both Seonju’s aunt and Suah’s faces were completely covered.

Si-Woo directs the scene that just popped into his head.

Siwoo raises the smartphone camera once again.

Siwoo comes out of standby mode and turns on the camera app screen.

Siwoo doesn’t try to take a picture, as if he feels something is missing, but instead stares at Aunt Seonju’s chest for a moment.

Then Siwoo gently removes the cloth covering Aunt Seonju’s breasts.

Soon, Aunt Seonju’s plump and elastic breasts are exposed and visible.

-Click! Click! Click!

Si-woo takes a photo of the lewd images of the mother and daughter with their faces covered.

It was a photo with an erotic composition that seemed to emphasize Aunt Seonju’s voluptuous breasts and Suah’s buttocks.

Siwoo feels like a pornographic photographer and is absorbed in taking pictures of the mother and daughter’s fornication.

-Click! Click! Click!

Siwoo moves to take a picture behind Suah’s buttocks, which are completely exposed under the blanket.

Between Suah’s buttocks, chrysanthemum petals and clam meat colored bright pink are exposed.

Every time the shutter sound is heard from the camera, Su-a’s hole tightens as if tempting Si-woo.

Siwoo’s penis was half-erect again.

However, I didn’t have the energy left to start having extreme sex again.

However, I feel a bit regretful about leaving Sua’s clam meat in front of me and going back.

Siwoo gets on his knees on the bed and aligns his silence followed with Suah’s butt.

Si-woo inserts the tip of his half-squishy erect penis into the vertical crack in Su-ah’s groin.


Siwoo’s heavy piece of meat begins to become burdensome in Sua’s crack.


Suah’s moans can be heard from inside the blanket that is completely covered above her waist, like an echo in a cave.

Siwoo’s penis stuck inside Suah’s vaginal opening

Siwoo feels very satisfied, as if he has completed the final puzzle piece of the scene he was envisioning.

Si-woo bends her upper body back slightly and composes the composition so that the joint area connected to Su-ah, her back covered by the blanket, Aunt Seon-ju’s face hidden by her pillow, and her protruding breast are all captured on the smartphone screen at once.

-Click, click, click!

Siwoo started taking pictures again with his smartphone camera.

Suah’s vaginal opening surrounding the penis twitches in time with the shutter sound of the smartphone camera.

Siwoo’s penis swelled slightly inside the hole as he twitched, as if pleasure was being squeezed out of his penis.

Siwoo puts down his smartphone for a moment and squeezes Suah’s buttocks with both hands.

For a moment, Su-a stops her mouth that was sucking Aunt Seon-joo and puts force on her butt as if she is nervous.

As her buttocks gain strength, Suah’s vaginal hole also tightens.

The pleasure of being squeezed out once again seemed to be felt from Si-woo’s meat inside Su-a’s hole.

Siwoo tapped Suah’s buttocks with one hand as if to make her relax.

Su-ah’s body gradually loses strength.

Then, the sound of Sua’s wet mouth begins to be heard again.

Siwoo slightly moves his waist and gently moves the penis inside Suah’s vagina.

-Slap, scoop, scoop!

Looking down at Su-ah performing cunnilingus on her Seon-joo aunt, Si-woo was enjoying the slippery pleasure he felt on her penis.

Siwoo’s piston movement continues leisurely for a while.


“Seonju, after you wash your mouth like that, when we leave, Sua, you go in the shower too!”

Si-woo slowly slowed down the in-and-out movement of his penis, as if he was about to complete the piston movement, and spoke to Su-ah, who was licking Aunt Seon-ju’s pussy for a while under the blanket.

Su-ah pauses for a moment in response to Si-woo’s words, but instead of answering, she begins licking Aunt Seon-ju’s pussy again, as if to express that she understood Si-woo’s words.

[Incest] Creating a Friendly Family

[Incest] Creating a Friendly Family

[근친] 친근한 가족 만들기
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
A friendly family story made with mom, sister, sister, aunt, and cousin.


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