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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 12

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 12

Chapter 12 – 12. Be Active in the First Service!

“Rize, what are you talking about?”
“Did you not intend to hug me today, Bocchan?”
“Huh? Uh, that would be nice, but yesterday was the first time, right? The next day…”

I wasn’t supposed to push myself too hard, so I was thinking of ending the day with a kiss and caress.

“Don’t worry. Like Bocchan, I’m a person who opened my eyes to magical power. The aftereffects of losing my hymen have all recovered while I was sleeping.”
“Yes. A woman who has awakened to magical powers, even if she loses her virginity, does not have to worry about suffering,” Said the weekly women’s magazine Ladies.

I don’t read that
I’m glad you didn’t have any problems though.

“Then it’s nice, but what’s wrong with suddenly trying to get permission?”
“Bocchan. No matter how gratefully the Bocchan accepts me as her wife… I am now the Bocchan’s maid.”
“What… Is it?”
“In other words, I will accept whatever play you want, Bocchan. But that…”

Rize paused her words for a moment, then huuuuu let out her breath and continued her words.

“When I ask the young master, that is, when I do service that is not the way the young master wants, I must be sure to get permission. That is the attitude of a maid.”
“What do you mean by service?”
“You must want to do the same thing as yesterday with me. But before that… Cow, hand or mouth… I want to serve you first. Will you allow me?”

That is, it was like this.
Rather than me being full of sexual desire, I was asking for permission because Rize would like to serve me as a goddaughter or fella on her own.


“Yes, Bocchan.”
“Don’t say that.”
“…! I’m sorry. As a maid, I was presumptuous…”
“No, it’s not like that. Rather, it’s counterproductive to say that.”
“If you say something cute like that, I want to go crazy and attack Rize… If you want to serve, just say that you will serve.”

I got an erection from a while ago at Rize’s proud words… Don’t budge!

“Yeah? My, did I say something cute?”

Besides, this appearance without self-awareness.
It’s even worse.

After all, our maids are the best.

“Rize is usually cute, but today she’s even cuter!”
“Young master?!”
“Keuheum! Anyway! Do as much as you want! I’ll look forward to it! Come on, come on!”

Arms folded, ready to receive Rize’s service.
Oh, what do you start with?

It is expected.

It was a pity that it ended right after the sex ban was lifted.

To say that Rize plays differently on her own like this!

Ah, i’m happy

“Then… Excuse me.”

Lise waited with her arms crossed slightly nervously and knelt down in front of Rouvelt.

The gaze is focused on Rouvelt’s lower body.
Reese stretched out his hand toward Rouvelt’s trousers, recalling the special lecture he had heard from Anna today.

“Sex is a very pleasant and happy act of making love, but at the same time, it consumes a lot of stamina. Rize, you are a Magical Awakener, but that’s the same for you, Master?

After admonishing so firmly, Anna went to the kitchen in her break room, opened her drawer, and took out her rolling pin.

“Now, think of this as the master’s item. First, a hands-on technique lecture…”
“Miss Anna.”
“Why? Do you have any questions?”
“I can’t say that’s a good example. It’s a bit… Small compared to the boy’s.”
“…Small? That, is it? So… How about this?”

Anna pulled out a thicker rolling pin from her kitchen drawer.

“It’s… Small too.”
“This one is small too? Wow, boy. It’s quite good. Then this is it!”

She pulled out a thicker rolling pin.

“…Is this too small?”


“Rize, do you want to choose?”


Anna opens all the drawers where the rolling pins are stored.
Rize gently reached out his hand and held up a rolling pin of the same size as possible.

“That’s about it.”
“…Wow, really? This one?

The corners of Anna’s mouth went up and trembled.

“Yes, the length is similar, so I think it would be nice to use this one.”
“The length… Degree?”

With a whimper, Anna snatched the rolling pin from Rise’s hand and gently placed her rolling pin vertically on her own belly.

“…Wow. Lize, how are you… That… Are you really okay?”
“It’s okay! Let me know soon!”
“Bocchan’s stuff… Wow. Really… Wow.”
“Miss Anna!”

As such a conversation went back and forth, Rize continued to listen to Anna’s admiration that the boy’s stuff was really great, and took Anna’s technique lecture.

‘Now is the time to show the results.’

Lize first lightly stroked Rouvelt’s cock, which could be seen through her clothes.

‘So hard… From already to this. He’s expecting that much from me.’

Lise was overjoyed to think that Rouvelt wanted her.

‘Your stuff is swollen enough to look painful. It is the maid’s duty to free them immediately.’

Gee profit… Rize lowered the zipper, unfastened the belt, and pulled down the pants and underwear together with momentum.

That moment.



An accident occurred in which Roovelt’s cock, finally freed from his confinement, exerted its momentum and hit Lize’s cheek.

“Ah! Rize, are you okay!?”

Rouvelt was also taken aback by the sudden situation and worried about Lise.

“Yes. It’s okay, Bocchan. I was just surprised…”

Lize gently put his hand on the cheek that Roovelt’s cock had hit and turned his head.

I was speechless for a moment when I saw Rouvelt’s cock standing tall and dignified right in front of me.

“Really? Are you sick or not?”
“Gwa, it’s okay. I’m also a Magical Awakener. This much is fine.”

‘Bocchan’s things… Go, look at it up close, they say it’s really big. Not only the size, but also the pressure… This got into me last night and this morning, so much….’

Recalling the passionate time with Rouvelt, Lise’s body began to heat up little by little.

‘Ah! This is not the time to be idly by. Hurry up and serve the young master….’

“Let’s begin, young master.”

Rize came to her senses and squeezed Roovelt’s cock in front of him with her hand.

Pole with one hand.
With her other hand, she gently gripped his glans, and Rize flinched and shuddered at the feel of his cock directly in his hand.

‘It’s hotter than I thought. Plus, the tip is soft… Huge blood vessels protruding from the pillar….’

Rize’s ears turned red when she realized that the veins and glans on her hand had moved in and out of her yesterday.

But the only thing that fascinated me was the first time I saw the cock.
Rise, who was born and educated in the Twin family as a maid of the Eldra family, used the technique she learned from Anna without losing her mind again.

He slightly bent his hand holding his glans inward, pressed his palm close to the glans, and turned it round and round.
The other hand holding the pillar moved at regular intervals.

“Eww! Lee, Rize…!”

Simultaneous capture of the cock pillar and the glans.
Even this morning, the situation that Lise, with whom he had made a lot of love, did it himself gave Rouvelt a sense of pleasure as if his tailbone was jingling.

Meanwhile, Lisé was also getting hotter as she stroked Rouvelt’s cock.

She was delighted with Roovelt’s groan as she felt it with her own hands.
The reaction of the twitching cock in her hand was cute.
The more you shake it, the more you feel it, the firmness of your cock and the outline of your veins, combined with the sensation you felt with your pussy yesterday.

‘Rouvelt’s cockpit… Be elastic enough to feel a bit firm. The more you touch it, the more it heats up, and the unique smell that is somewhat thick….’

The fact that everything she felt as she served her own cock with her hands was proof that Roovelt was happy and that she was serving him well, and Lizee’s heart was satisfied.

“Bocchan. The Bocchan’s things…”

– Rize! And men are a little vulgar when they talk about their genitals! I like to speak directly without roundabouts! Understand!

Anna’s advice passed through Rize’s mind.

“Bocchan’s cock is showing a lot of reactions. My hand is currently satisfactory…”

From Rize’s mouth.
The word cock came out in Lise’s beautiful voice, and Rouvelt, who was taken by surprise, couldn’t stand it any longer and ejaculated into Lise’s hand.

Rouvelt’s thick semen, which exuded a unique, thick, thick scent of chestnut flowers, painted Lize’s white hands in a muddy white color.

Rise looked at the semen in her hand, skillfully moving it so that it wouldn’t spill onto the floor.

‘To be able to pack so much with my own hands….’

The corners of Lise’s mouth went up at the thought of having satisfied Rouvelt with the large amount of semen that came out and at the thought that Roovelt was now feeling as much love for her as the cheap amount.

She looked up at Roovelt with a smile on her face.

“A lot… Came out, young master.”
“I’m sorry…!”

Lizée’s line, which she spat out with a smile after seeing the semen she had accumulated, was enough to make Rouvelt’s still energetic cock move.

Rize asked again as she lowered her head and looked at the semen in her hand.

“Bocchan, would it be better to drink the semen now?”
“What!? Why are you drinking?”
“Well, don’t you like that side? Even when talking to Dr. Futobu… I heard that there was a conversation with a nuance that men like this kind of thing.”
“Ah! That’s right! Gwa, it’s okay! For now! It’s fine now, so wipe the semen! Come on! Tissue paper!”

Moving quickly, Rouvelt handed Rize a tissue.

“I see. I understand.”

Rize said while wiping her semen-stained hands with a tissue, feeling the warmth of the semen still remaining in her hands.

“I’m a little sorry.”

With a chuckle, Rouvelt’s cock reacted violently.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

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