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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 13

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 13

Chapter 13 – 13. Be Active in the First Service!

Lisette Twine.

A game I played in my past life.
In Blaze Blood, it is a character that cannot be attacked by Rouvelt camp, but he has a beautiful appearance and a good body.

And most of all, due to the element of ‘unreachable’, she became a popular character as much as other heroines.

For the same reason, Ellie was also popular, but not as much as Rize.


This is because the office-like and cold-hearted maid character who is loyal to the owner is a character created by pouring in the settings that are in the heart of the user.

And Blaze Blood was not only an illustration, but also a game with excellent 3D modeling that fits the illustration.

Daily conversation is 2D.
3D when fighting.

Besides, when you go to battle, you can go to the dungeon and select a certain character from the academy due to the nature of the academy.

You can also choose a character from Rouvelt’s camp to fight.

That’s why it can be used often and there are many opportunities to see it, so there are many users who love it even if it is impossible to attack.

And the most popular factor that can be said to be the highlight of Rize.

That was right in the finish line.

Because there are RPG elements in BLBL, the magic and combat skills that can be used for each character are divided.

In the case of magic, all characters can acquire it depending on their equipment, unless it is a special exclusive magic.
Combat skills are each original, so there is a difference.

The main character, Lee Si-hoon, is an exception and can use the skills of a character with a high relationship through a special class system, but that is only basic combat skills.

Rize is a maid who mainly uses a dagger.
That’s why the first user thought that Rize’s special move would mainly use a dagger.

However, Rize’s special move exceeded everyone’s expectations.
First use a dagger.
When I cut enemies 8 times, I swing my dagger, jump backwards, and then spread the distance.

-This is also a maid’s standard.

With the dialogue, he takes out machine guns in both hands and fires, and finally takes out a missile launcher and fires while holding it on his shoulder.

I thought I could only use a dagger, but a maid who shoots machine guns and missile launchers?

It couldn’t have been popular.

‘Ah, how can a maid endure grinding a missile launcherhaha’
‘Rize Full Level Full Stat Certification.JPG’
‘Why can’t I attack? Why can’t I attack? Why is it impossible to attack?’

Etc. Rize was just as popular as the other heroines, and the fact that it was impossible to attack made this even more infuriating.

‘I made Rize’s raunchy jokes.’
‘A cool picture of a cold-hearted maid!’

The 19-karat gold fan art was also created first.

Oh, Mosaic Eva—-
Please give me the link for you!
Thank you… Sensei…

There were times when it was hot like this.

And Rize, who was impossible to capture like that and gained a lot of popularity from users.

Right now, Lizega is the best maid in the world for me.

“Hmm… Chew-wop Chu-wop.

Sucking My Cock In Front Of My Eyes

Rize tried to suck my dick and drink the semen in her hand with a technique I don’t know where she really learned.

Gulp like a heart! Do it!
I wanted to say but.

I didn’t want my precious Lize to taste the bitter taste of semen.

I’m sure it’ll suck, but that’s later.
After obtaining additional tools from Hubbungkun, Shilhan showed patience and stopped them.

Then, Rize said she would do it with her mouth this time, and immediately started doing fellatio.

Rize’s pretty mouth opened, and first of all, Rize’s dainty tongue licked my glans.

Rize’s soft and warm tongue carefully licked the glans, and a different kind of pleasure from direct sex came flooding in.

In particular, seeing Rize licking mine was the most exciting factor.

“Hamm… Chuup Chuup Chuup….”

After soaking the glans sufficiently, Rize opened her mouth, put the glans in, closed her eyes, and moved her neck back and forth.

Even as she moved her neck, she could feel Rize’s tongue carefully licking the back stem in her mouth.

Besides, the hands don’t just play…

“Huh! Ghh!”

Rize demonstrates the technique of gently touching the balls with her left hand while holding the pillar of the cock with her right hand and shaking it.

Where the hell did you learn this… !

Could it be that the women’s magazine Ladies has such techniques as well!?

What a good magazine this is!
If it’s true, I’ll support you!

The soft hands of Rize, the warm tongue, and the touch of her mouth made the ejaculation surge again.

“Lee, Rize!”
“Puha. Yes, young master.”

Rize opened her mouth and tucked her hair behind her ear with her hand that was caressing her balls.

“Was there anything lacking? Was there anything else that needed to be done?”
“No, it’s not like that. I just love it…”
“That’s right. I’m glad. What you learned paid off.”
“Did you learn it? From whom?”
“This is from Anna. Today… When Bocchan was taking Tenrai ryu tutoring, I had a short special lecture in her break room.”

Anna… Nice!
Bonuses should be added later.

Rize touched my balls with her left hand again and said.

“It’s just a pity that it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would.”
“Is it different from what you thought?”
“…Originally, I tried to swallow the boy’s stuff a little deeper…But the boy’s stuff is bigger than I thought, so it’s because I’m inexperienced.”
“No, Lize is doing well enough. I didn’t even think I would receive such service from the beginning. I love it, Lize.”
“I’m glad you said that. Next time, I’ll definitely try to swallow all of your stuff with my mouth.”

Next Iramachio… Is it deep throat? To be honest, I’m really looking forward to it.

Rize licked my cock again and moved his hand vigorously.

As I moved hard while sucking, I could feel more clearly the realization that Rize was really sucking my cock carefully as the strange chewing sound tickled my ears.

Like this… The thought of wanting to cum right away springs up, but I told Rize earlier not to drink semen, but I can’t do it right away.

Rather, I wanted to do something different today rather than covering my mouth.

“Rize! Ugh! I think it’s going to be cold now. So… Uh, I want to wrap it on my face!”

Facial ejaculation is one of the romances that I really want to try.

At my words, Rize immediately opened his mouth and brought her face close to the cock and quickly began to wave her hand.

Tak tok tok!

Rize’s hand, which was on the verge of ejaculation, became faster instead of falling.
And seeing the scene where Rize’s face got closer to his cock, the sense of ejaculation that came up had reached its peak.

I squirted semen on Rize’s face as it was.

“I’m sorry…”

Wow wow wow! The semen spouted vigorously, staining the pretty Rize face.

The thick white liquid dripped down Rize’s face and down to her chin, dripping drop by drop, staining Rize’s maid’s uniform.

It was a scene that made me feel extremely immoral and excited.

Rize wiped the semen from his eyes with her hand and opened his eyes.

“Bocchan’s semen… It’s a different feeling than when you feel it with your hands. It’s hot and sticky, and I’m glad I can feel the boy’s heart for me.”

How much does Rize make me lose her temper?

By the way, let’s wipe his face first.

“Stay still, Rize, I’ll clean it up for you.”

I wiped Rize’s face with a tissue first.

“…? You wipe it with tissue paper, boy.”
“Then wipe it with tissue paper, what do you wipe it with?”
“If you’re a young boy, you’d rub your face with a cock first and wipe it off…”
“What does Rize think of me?”

What the heck, that bitch play.

“I thought that if you were a young boy who had a good conversation with Dr. Futobu, you would play like that. Did you feel bad?”
“No, it’s not to the point of feeling bad…”

This guy Hubungkun!
The image of me in Rize’s head has become more like a pervert than I thought while talking with Hubungkun!

“But I’ll try that next time I put it on my face.”

There’s no reason not to play a bitch!

“Yes. I’m always ready to do what you want.”

After wiping her face appropriately, Rize stood up and lightly bowed her head.

“This is the end of the service I want to do for you, Bocchan. Were you satisfied?”
“It was great.”
“I’m glad. Then…”

Rize lifted the maid’s skirt and showed her underwear.

Today, Rize’s white underwear with beautiful embroidery.

The very center of the underwear was slightly stained as if it had been soaked in water.

The identity of the stain was obvious, needless to say.

“From now on, please do what the young master wants you to do.”
“You only want me?”
“…I hope you do what I want too, young master. I can’t stand it any longer while serving you. So.”

Rize looked at me with the same lovely eyes as yesterday while blushing.

“Hug me warmly like last night… And like you did this morning. Please love me… Dear boy.”

Letting go of reason, I picked up Rize and immediately threw her onto the bed.

And then, I also took off my clothes and jumped into the so-called Lupine Dive pose on the bed at the same time, and shared passionate love with Rize.

In the end, I went out of my way that night too, and I only finished the posture at the top, but… I can say with confidence that it was the best night with no regrets at all.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I was born as a child of the best conglomerate in the world of Godgame.


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