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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 14

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 14

Chapter 14 – 14. A Small Gap in Liking!

Next day.
Together with Rize, Sihun and Yume went out to the city to play.

“Rouvelt~ Lise~ It’s here~”

At the meeting place, Yume waved her hand towards me.

“Hello, Sihun and Yume.”
“Hello, Sihun and Yume.”
“Yeah! Hello! It’s been a while since we met in person like this!”
“Hasn’t it been almost two weeks? I was going to play at Christmas, but I got rejected.”

Next to Yume, Sihun said with a slight grunt.

“At Christmas, the Eldra family had a party. Originally, I was going to invite you too.
“Ah~ well. I’m sure it will. If ordinary people like us get caught in the middle of it, it’ll get a little messy.”
“A party where corporate representatives gather… I think it’s kind of stuffy.”
“It’s not that frustrating. At least for me.”
“That’s right, you’re the heir of Eldra. Everyone is looking at you, so I can’t even put pressure on you.”
“Wow, look at you not denying it.”

Is that true?

“Anyway, let’s have fun today. Where shall we go? The arcade we promised?”
“Yeah! I’ll take you down quickly, Rouvelt!”
“Sihun-ah, haven’t you given up yet? After losing to Roovelt like that?”
“Yume, be quiet! Men… There are things you can’t give up! Especially in games!”
“Ehh… Who thinks Rize? Do you think Sihun will win?”
“Yume, why are you asking a question with an obvious answer?”
“Oh sorry.”
“Rise! Yume! Both of you are like that! Wait and see! I’m going to beat Roovelt today!”
“I’ll show you the difference in rank today.”

The four of us headed to the arcade together.
The sparring game that Sihun and I played was always set, and while we were sparring, Yume and Rize each went to play different games.

“I will win for today!”
“Come on, I’ll apply it.”

As I went to the same school as the main character of BlackBlood, Sihun, and got close to him, I also developed a new hobby.

That’s a sparring game.
This is a game often referred to as a game.

In my previous life, I didn’t like it because it lacked control.

With the specs of this great Roobelt Eldra, his body vision and reaction speed also increased, so he was able to enter commands much easier than in his previous life.

And it felt really good when he used that skill to paint Sihun, who was quite talented.

I could personally feel why the deceased were massacring newbies.

Besides, Si-hoon is the character who doesn’t know how to give up like the original story, but he has a resentment of losing to me, so he never gives up on the challenge against me.

Ride on, ride on!

I can hear Sihun trying to attack me as he desperately manipulates the levers and buttons to apply the paint.

Ordinary people can’t easily measure the speed.
But I’m different.

When Sihun’s character tries to jab lightly.
After lowering the character down, I threw an uppercut to launch it upward and put in a combo as it was.


There is no miss in my combo with Garage.
In an instant, half of Sihun’s blood was shed.

Take advantage of the delay that you fell down and can’t get up yet.

– Is that enough?

Insert the taunt key.
This feels really good

“Rouvelt! You!”
“You’re good at twisting, Sihun.”

Si-hoon went into raging mode.
In this state, Sihun’s reaction speed also increases, and it becomes a level where I can compete happily.

Since Sihun also played games with me several times, he can anticipate my patterns to some extent.

That’s why it’s impossible to always win perfectly when playing games with Sihun.

But that’s why he enjoys playing competitive games.
Winning all the rounds really sucks.

2 wins and 2 losses.

Last round.
Sihun and I don’t have much blood.


Sihun entered the jump attack command while the character was in close proximity, but ducked the character first to avoid the attack.


After this, we hear Sihun screaming in anticipation of the development.
Yeah, don’t even look at me

Clack clack clack!

Si-hoon is struggling to get out of the crisis somehow.
But I know very well Sihun’s timing when he’s so flustered.


The moment Sihun’s character landed, he aimed for a timing that could not be guarded, and finished it off with a light attack below.


– Aaaaagh!

As he became his own character, Si-hoon got up from his chair and clutched his head, screaming like a loser.

Ah, this scream also enriches my heart.

“Ha, one more round!”
“I don’t like it. Si-hun says you’re a match and continues.”
“Really! Just one more game!”
“Yume and Rize are there, right? I wonder if it’s just the two of us, but there are two of us. Do you want to continue?”
“Ha, isn’t it okay to play one round?”

Sihun looking on sadly.
Because he liked that look, he had no choice but to accept it.

“Only one game?”
“Oops! I’ll apply it this time!”

And after one more game with Sihun, I went to the place where Rize and Yume were.

Of course, I won.

“Damn! Damn…!!! There! If only I didn’t miss there! Hey, Rouvelt! Just one more fight…!”
“Yeah, no.”

Yume and Rize were searching for the wrong picture.

“Wow! I woke up! It’s thanks to Rize!”
“No, I also searched for Yume a lot.”
Hehe. Is that so?”

The two seemed to have just cleared it by finding the wrong picture amicably.

“Ah. Sihun-ah, Rouvelt. Did you come from sparring?”
“Yes. Of course I won.”
“Very! It was a very close win! I didn’t get hit!”
“Yeah, that’s right~”
“Yume, you don’t believe me! It’s real!”
“I know~ I’ve seen Sihun lose to Rouvelt a few times, too.”
“As expected, the young boy.”
“Where shall we go next?”

I almost always come to the arcade whenever the four of us get together, so I don’t have to stay there.

Besides, if you keep going, you can say it’s only one more fight with Sihun, who spills out his lingering feelings.

“Ah! Then let’s go to karaoke! Karaoke!”

Yume smiled and decided on her next destination.

“Okay! Then it’s a singing contest next, Rouvelt!”

Perhaps because Sihun was upset about losing, he started a confrontation in a different way.

“I’m confident of getting 100 points on all songs, but Sihun, do you have the confidence to do that?”
“Mo, you have to do everything to know!”
“I agree too.”

Unanimously, we headed straight to the karaoke room.

We made a reservation for about 2 hours and as a service, drinks and snacks came into the room we entered.

“Rouvelt~ Since we’re adults too, wouldn’t it be better to order them to drink?”
“You can see the frown on your face when you’re not used to drinking alcohol. Drink it calmly.”

FYI, I learned that my first drink was wine from my father at a family meal last night.

In my previous life, I didn’t really like alcohol, so I never drank wine, so I drank wine for the first time that day.

I’ve heard many descriptions that it’s softer and sweeter than soju or beer, but in the end it’s alcohol.

I almost frowned at the moment because I wrote it more than I thought.
He demonstrated the poker face skills he learned through gifted education to the fullest.

Well, if you drink a lot, you’ll get used to it.
There is also a promise to drink thunder myeongju with the master, so let’s get used to it as soon as possible.

“That’s right, Sihun. Don’t try to be ostentatious just because you’ve become an adult. It’s a waste of money if you regret drinking later.”
“Okay, okay. The real Yume is neither you nor my mother. Stop nagging.”
“This isn’t even nagging? Really~ just because you’re an adult?”
“Sing! Let’s sing! Sing me first!”
“Look at the way you talk.”

And we sang happily at karaoke.

Sihunie focuses on passionate rock, while Rize and Yume sing popular songs.



Sang vocal music.

-100 points! Wow! Great! You are the King of Songs!

Heh, 100 points for vocal music is a piece of gum if you get caught in the specs of this Rouvelt Eldra.

Clap clap clap.

“You’re amazing, Bocchan.”
“Wow! I thought I came to see a performance!”

Rize and Yume applauded and praised my excellent singing skills.

Sihun also clapped his hands and asked, though he had little energy.

“…You sing really well, but why do you come to karaoke and do vocal music?”
“Isn’t it boring to just sing normally?

Afterwards, continue to sing and play with a tambourine while the other party sings to cheer up and play for an hour.

“Oh, I’m in the bathroom. Uhm, I’m a little hungry…”

When Si-hoon left the room while caressing his stomach, he glanced at Rize and signaled.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom for a while.”
“Yes, come and go, Rize.”

Rize left the room and only Yume and I were left inside.

There was silence for a moment.

“Uh… Lou, what will Roovelt sing?”
“To rest until Sihun and Rize come back. Yume, what about you?”
“Huh? I-I want to call a little more and rest for a while.”

Maybe it’s because she’s built up a good impression, but when Yume was with me, she stuttered a little and reacted timidly, just like she did to Sihun in the original game.

Rather, it became a little more lively and nagging personality to Sihun.

It was very nice to see the reaction of the young love that is seen in the game come to me.

In fact, Yume can’t help but feel a crush on me.

She goes to high school together and she’s been really gentle and nice for three years.

No woman hates a man who is nice to her.
The opposite as well.

“Come to think of it, Yume.”
“Huh? Why, why?”
“Did you think I would suit you?”

The last time we met
I also tried to recommend a new hair style for her to Yume, also for the purpose of testing the results of her three-year drawing of her liking.

It’s a style where you braid one side of your hair.
It was a hairstyle that changed after receiving a hair ornament gift from the main character in the second half of Blaze Blood’s Seoyume route.

The other day, I gave Yume a hair accessory that was good for fixing her pigtails and recommended her hair style once.

And Yume came with the hair style I recommended.

A woman doesn’t change her hair style just because a man she doesn’t like has recommended it.

This was proof that Yume had a good crush on me.

“Oh, yes. I braided only one side of my hair once. How is it?”
“It’s pretty. It really suits you. It’s worthwhile to give it to me as a gift.”
“That’s righthehe, I’m glad.”

Yume was embarrassed and scratched her cheek.

Where then… Shall we do an additional confirmation and good feeling?

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I was born as a child of the best conglomerate in the world of Godgame.


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