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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 15

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 15

Chapter 15 – 15. A Small Gap in Liking!

“But no way… I didn’t know that Yume would go to the academy too.”
“Huh? Ah, yeah! First of all, I’m also a Magical Awakener, right? When I woke up two years ago, I was really… Surprised.”

Even if magical powers are usually awakened before the age of 20, the timing varies greatly from person to person.

Most of them wake up at a young age, but there are rare cases where they wake up 1-2 years before turning 20, like Yume.

By the way, me, Rize, and Ellie awakened when we were 11 years old.

I heard that Sihun had already awakened when he was in middle school.

And this second year of high school was an opportunity to raise Yume’s liking.

At that time, I calmed Yume, who was belatedly awakened by magical energy and was flustered and restless.

“But I’m glad that Roovelt was there at that time. I really suddenly woke up and was dizzy… Roovelt said it was okay and encouraged me. He also stabilized my mana.”
“As a friend, it’s natural to be tidy.”

It was during class at school.

– Oh, what should I do? What? This? Mo, I feel strange inside my body… Ah, ah!
-Calm down, Yume. Take a deep breath. Now you have awakened your magical power.
– Go, awakening? I am a magical awakening! Ah! Oops… !
-Take it easy, Yume. Right now, my body is startled by the sudden manifestation of mana. First of all, close your eyes and face the mana properly and feel it. I’ll help you keep your magic from going wild.

At Eldra, I was educated for gifted children and also taught by a renowned mage, Hunter, so at the time I was learning how to keep other people’s magic from running out of control.

Originally, it was a flashback event in which mana ran out of panic in a state of panic and fell into panic.

A situation in which mana runs out of control, blowing up objects around him and injuring his classmates.

Yume, unable to control her magical powers, panics even more over the fact that she has hurt her friends.

In that situation, the event that Sihun had calmed down by Yume’s magic that spewed out over and over without hesitation was resolved by me skillfully calming him down.

“I also studied magic… If it wasn’t for Rouvelt’s help at that time, I wouldn’t have been able to control my magic and hurt the kids. Thank you so much.”
“Because I’m Rouvelt Eldra. I have a lot of things and Yume didn’t know how to help you back then, so I just did the obvious thing.”
Hehe, but wasn’t it Rouvelt who helped me then? Of course I’m grateful too.”
“With that being said, I have nothing more to say.”
“Rouvelt was really… He always helped me when I was in danger and was trustworthy…And even when I first met him.”

Yume, who is a little slurred and embarrassed.
That’s a very good response.

“Of course, if someone is in danger, it’s only natural to save them, right? At least I, the successor to Eldra, should take the lead. Noblesse~ Obli~ Zhu~.”
“Pu-huh, why do you say it like vocal music! Rouvelt really likes jokes too.”
“Isn’t it nice to have an image that is friendly and friendly to the common people?”
“Yeah, I think it’s great. Rouvelt… I think it’s great to do that to anyone.”

Yume’s words gave off a feeling of regret.
This is the time to hit and run.

“Yume, no matter how much I am, I’m not doing this to just anyone.”
“Huh? Isn’t it?”
“Of course, it’s natural to save someone in danger… Yume, when you ran out of control, I wanted to help you quickly and safely because it was you.”
“That, is it? Precious Chi, are you a friend?”
“There is that, but… I didn’t want to see pretty Yume sad or in pain.”

Yume’s face turned red.

“…?! Yes, I’m pretty, am I?”
“Of course she’s pretty.”
“Uh, uh…”
“And now that I’m talking about it, it was when we first met, right? When I blocked the soccer ball.”
“At that time, the soccer ball was blocked, of course, but there were things like that because it flew to people…”

Gently brought her face to Yume and whispered.

“A pretty girl was about to hit me with a soccer ball right in front of me, so I was in a hurry to stop it.”
“…What, what!?”
“Because I’m a man too. My heart goes out to a beautiful and pretty woman like Yume.”

I added a playfulness so as not to frown and become too serious.

“That, that, that’s right… Me. Hahaha, I heard that Rouvelt is pretty, so for some reason yes! Yea, that’s an honor!”
Haha! It’s an honor. It’s an honor for me to meet you, lady.”

She gave a gentlemanly bow and made Yume laugh to lighten the mood even more.

And when the atmosphere was relaxed again.
She is likable and small, but she said it as a friend she had been with and towards ‘my woman’ whom she would later get into her hands.

“Well, Yume is going to the academy with us from March, right?”
“Ah, yes.”
“Even if your magic power awakens, if you fight monsters, crises will inevitably come.”
“Yeah, I know. You learn at the academy to minimize that.”
“That’s right. Yume is diligent, so I believe she will put the lessons learned at the academy into practice. But… Even so, crises can come. Life is just like that. But don’t worry.”

Bang! She declared, beating her chest lightly with her fist.

“If the moment comes when Yume is in danger, I’ll run faster than anyone else and save her. Just like she did up until now.”

Yume stared at me for a moment, and then Hwaaaaagh! And her face turned red.

“Go, go, thank you… Whoa…”
Haha, so let’s go to the academy safely, Yume!”

She smiled brightly and held out her hand to Yume.


Yume shook my hand, bowing her head slightly to hide her blushing face.

Ok, great response.
It was a bit intentional, but I didn’t say empty words.

Then Sihun came back from the bathroom.

“Ugh, did I eat something wrong this morning… Huh? Why are you two shaking hands?”
“…! This, this is…!”

Embarrassed, Yume quickly removed her hand, and I put her hand on her waist as she shook her hand and asked about Sihun’s condition.

“Is the boat okay?”
“I went to the bathroom and felt better. But why did you shake hands?”
“It’s the same academy since March, so let’s get along well.”
“Sihun, please take care of yourself in the future as well.”
“Uh… Yes.”

Even with Sihun, he shook hands and said more.

“Sihun, when you enter the academy, why don’t you date a girlfriend? If there’s a girl you like, tell me. I’ll let Ojakgyo go.”

Sihun asked with his eyes shining with hope and anticipation.

Like most of the main characters before the game starts.
Sihun is a parent.
Even if there are girls who are like friends, the experience of dating a girl is 0.

Of course, Si-hoon has a good personality, but he is not an adult, and sexual desire is unnecessary! There is no such thing as a mindset.
His desire to date a woman is no different from that of an ordinary man.

“Do you think I would lie to you about something like this?”
“Keuugh! Rouvelt, you really are my best friend! If I have a kid I like, I’ll definitely talk to you!”
Haha! Leave it to this Lubel Eldra-sama!”

Sihun was excited and imitated the girls who followed me.

Don’t worry, Sihun.
What is good friends
Except for the Black Heroine and the girl I liked.
I’ll make you a proper girlfriend.

No, even if you don’t care much at first.
Using the power of Eldra, I will continue to create events with the girl you like and make contact with you, even if you force it, so that you will feel good about it no matter what.

It’s okay! You have a good personality and you connect with the girl who has the most events in the game.

If you keep making events, you’ll love the girl who keeps having special time together!

I’ll make you a pretty good looking kid!

So please forgive me for secretly putting some laxative in your drink at karaoke for Yume’s favor.

“I’m back.”

Just in time, Rize came into the room just in time.

“Huh? Did Rize go out?”
“Okay, go to the bathroom for a while.”
“Lizee, like me, ate the wrong breakfast…”


“Don’t ask a girl that.”
“Oh sorry.”

After singing until the end of the karaoke room, we went to a family restaurant for lunch.

“Ah~ The rice I eat after singing refreshingly is delicious again.”

Si-Hoon went to the bathroom, and even after she came back, she sang passionately, so she was eating with great vigour.

“Sihun-ah, I know you’re hungry, but eat slowly.”
“Ah, look at me nagging you even when you’re eating.”
“Bocchan, you have sauce on your mouth. I’ll wipe it off.”
“Thank you, Rize.”
“Ah~ I’m really envious of Rouvelt too. There’s a maid the same age as her who’s as pretty as Rize.”
“Lizee is pretty, she’s pretty.”
“…Thank you.”


“Ah! Yume, why are you pinching me!”
“It’s because you keep saying useless things while eating… I heard that I’m pretty too.”
“Huh? What?”
“It’s nothing! Go ahead and eat!”

While eating, I spoke to Sihun and Yume.

“Sihun-ah, Yume. We’re going to the Hunter Academy now. You know that, right?”
“Of course you know.”
“As friends, I want you two to do well in class… Above all, I want you to be safe. So, if it’s okay, why don’t you get some basic training at our mansion before you go to school? I think it would be good to have some learning experience in advance.”
“Really? Are you okay?”
“Wow! If it’s going to be done at your mansion, Rouvelt… The facilities are really good!”
“Of course, we learn the theory at school, and what we do in our mansion will focus on basic combat.”
“Rather, that’s good! Since it’s a hunter, it’s better to learn to move directly with your body!”
“Why are you excluding theory?”

I shrugged my shoulders and looked at Sihun.

“It’s a big deal if Sihun falls asleep during class after learning it in advance, isn’t it?”
“Ahhehe. I guess so.”
“Hey! Even if you look at me like this, I’m very diligent! It’s because I know that my grades are good!”
“But sometimes my interest goes elsewhere, so I get scolded by teachers a lot.”
“Rise, even you! Ah, really! There’s no one on my side!”
“So what do you two think? Do you want to take it?”

A plan to make breaking the story of BBL easier by receiving positive answers from the two.

The initial use character development started smoothly.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

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