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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 16

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 16

Chapter 16 – 16. Improve Quickly!

Basic training for Sihun and Yume before entering the school was successful.

The training schedule is twice a week.
I want to do it all week, but if I enter the academy, I will continue to train even if I don’t like it.

Each of us has our own schedule, so 2 times a week was perfect.

Training starts next week, three days later.

After setting up the schedule, the four of us had fun together, and then we parted ways.

And a little earlier in the evening.


I made Rize go back first and then headed to the lab where Houbungkun was.

“Ah, welcome, young master!”

When I entered the lab, there was a hooked Rachel with an eyepatch and a stopper in her mouth.

“What are you doing?”
“Ah, from now on, I was going to test the TA’s reaction with the sight and hearing cut off and the sense of pleasure doubled. Are you going to see it?”

I still love playing with Rachel, Houbungkun.
After all, it is also the subject of revenge, but since you use it a lot, you must have become attached to it to the point that you want to use it even more.

Well, if you inject regular energy every day, there will be a lot of distorted affection.

“No, that’s all right.”

I’ve seen that many times before similar experiments.

“More than that, Hubungkun! Where’s the last time I prepared it?”
“Of course I’ve prepared it! Please wait!”

Houbungkun took out what I wanted from the drawer of the study desk.

“Here it is, young master. If you improve it this time, it will take effect tomorrow!”
“As expected, it’s Houbungkun! I’m sure you have one skill!”
“Fufufufu! That’s because I have enough skills to be scouted by my master! But, Master. Even if you don’t come here directly, can’t you just send me to the mansion? Why was it like that last time, too, so directly…”

Putting the thing Hubunkun gave me into my chest, I said.

“That’s why I came to see Hubungkun’s face! If I go to the academy, the chance to see him in person is reduced.”
“Ah, ah! Bocchan! You think of me that way…! I’m thrilled! I’m thrilled!”

Hubunkun shed tears again and again.
Um, that’s a bit creepy

“Yi interest! It’s noisy, this cancer! I’m impressed with the bleeding, but you are disturbed by the frivolous and dirty sound!”

Hu Bung-kun put his foot between the restrained Rachel’s thighs and shook his leg rattly and quickly.


With that alone, Rachel let out her grotesque scream as if she had gone, and her body trembled and wet between her groins.

I guess I was going to have fun when I came, so I’ll have to go.

“Hubungkun! Let’s go! Enjoy!”

When you wave your hand and try to go back.

“Ah, Bocchan! Wait a minute! There’s something I really want to ask you!”

Hubungkun called me and stopped me.


Hubungkun smiled benevolently, not his usual sinister smile.

“Did you spend your first experience satisfactorily?”
“…Hubungkun is smart and asks the obvious.”

Grunting and showing his teeth, Hu Bungkun declared with a satisfied smile and raised his thumb.

“Of course it was the best!”

Next day.
I headed to the F-class dungeon managed by Eldra with Rize.

The reason BLBL students go to the academy is to become hunters.

It is to become a hunter and enter the dungeon to defeat the monsters to prevent flooding and to mine resources at the same time.

When you defeat a monster in Bble, it disappears as light leaving magic stones and drop items with a chance.
And in the world of Blockbuster, this magic stone becomes a very good energy source and enriches life.

This is a setting often seen in games where dungeons are introduced.

Of course, magic stones and drop items are also used for weapons and equipment used by hunters, and only hunters with a slightly higher level have their own personal equipment.

And in Black Block, Hunter Academy introduces a groundbreaking invention and pays it to students at the time the main character enters school.

When activated by injecting mana, the pre-set clothes are put on with the barrier function installed, and at the same time, the weapon stored inside pops out.

To put it more simply, it is a transformation device that allows you to instantly change into clothes stored in a subspace inside the bracelet and take out a weapon.

Of course, I knew that this Hephi would be a jackpot, so I invested heavily in the developer that made it in advance.

Hephi sent the finished product to Eldraga in advance before paying it to the academy.

And Rize and I came to the dungeon to double as a Hephi test.

Well, that included my dungeon date with Rize.

Class F dungeons don’t have that many monsters, and the level of monsters is low.

Me and Rize, who have already acquired the stats of the mid-to-late half of the original game while receiving gifted education since childhood, were trained to supplement me.

There is no danger in the F-class dungeon, so you can enjoy testing Hephi at your leisure.

“Then let’s go, Rize.”
“Yes, Bocchan.”

Wearing Hephi on his left bracelet, he and Rize passed through the dungeon gate and entered the dungeon.

Block’s dungeon is not a labyrinth, but has a strong feeling of another world in a limited space.

A different view spreads out just after passing the gate.

A space reminiscent of a jungle greeted us.

The monster that appears here is the Green Wolf, an F-rank monster that is only as dangerous as a wild dog.

If it were me and Rize, we could leisurely test and attack Hephi.

“Rize, let’s try it.”
“Yes, Bocchan.”

As soon as I entered the dungeon, I pressed the button on the bracelet on my left arm with Rize and shouted the starter word.


The particles of light wrapped around her body, changing the clothes she was wearing to the clothes stored in the bracelet, and a weapon appeared in front of her eyes.

The moment you grab the weapon, all the light on your clothes disappears.

“It seems to be working fine.”

The clothes I set up are suits with white as the base.
It’s the same combat design outfit worn by Roobelt Eldra in Black Block.

There is no sense that the shorts and dress shirts worn differently were deliberately changed to tell the difference in transformation.

“How is Rize?”
“It’s working fine.”

Rize’s combat uniform is still a maid uniform.
It is also a miniskirt maid outfit with an improved upper chest that I like.

There is a choker on the thigh that holds the two daggers that are mainly used, and one dagger is inserted, and the remaining dagger is held in Rise’s right hand.

“Do you have any sense of incongruity?”
“Yes, not at all. I don’t feel like I’ve changed because I’m wearing my usual maid outfit. How about you, Master?”
“Even I don’t have the sense that the clothes have changed. The transformation performance seems to be certain.”
“Next, check that the barrier is functioning properly.”

Rize lightly tapped the forearm of the maid’s uniform with the dagger she held.

Jing jing

With a subtle sound, I could see the magical membrane covering the entire body along with the clothes.

It is this magical shield, the barrier, that accounts for most of this Hephi’s defense function.

According to the setting, what Barrier mainly protects in Blockbuster is the skin itself, not the clothes.

Extremely speaking, even if you are naked, if you activate the Hefi, you will have the same defensive power as if you were wearing clothes.

Therefore, in the game, it is no problem for academy cadets to set any design of clothes as combat uniforms.
So, in the game, there was a setting that was a pretext for showing various costumes.

I sold a lot of costume DLCs with this.

By the way, the most popular ones were national rules, bunny girls, swimsuits, cheerleader uniforms, and nurse uniform costumes.

Unfortunately, there was no underwear costume.

Well, I’ve already seen Rize in her risque underwear, so I don’t have any regrets.

Rize, who alternately tapped her clothes and skin, finished checking and said.

“The barrier is also working properly.”
“Then, the next weapon change test.”

In BBL, each character uses only one weapon, but due to the setting, Hepie can store several weapons as well as clothes.

A representative example of how that setting is used is Rize’s special move.

It is thanks to this storage and replacement function that it is possible to produce a machine gun or missile launcher after cutting a dagger.

And I, who received tutoring from various and competent hunters myself to be able to defeat the final boss more easily while receiving gifted education in Eldraga, have many weapons that I can handle.

That’s why this weapon swap function is very useful to me.

“No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5.”

Booung! Booung! Booung! Booung!

By activating magic and reciting the set starter words, the weapons in the hand change.

From basic straight swords to katanas, magic wands, daggers, guns and more.

First of all, after replacing all the weapons in turn, I returned it to the straight sword that I had set as my base weapon.

“The weapon swap worked as well. Rize, we’re going to attack.”
“Yes, Bocchan.”

After passing through the jungle with Rize, they encountered a group of green wolves within a few minutes.


Four green wolves with green fur probably evolved while adapting to this jungle.

They were threatening us with their teeth.

“Rize, I’ll take the two on the left.”
“Okay. Then I’ll take the right side.”

Together with Rize, I stepped forward from this side and jumped towards the green wolves.


The green wolves saw us moving and immediately opened their mouths wide to attack.

However, Green Wolf is an F-class monster.
At best, it was a monster that was slightly stronger than a wild animal.

And the hunters who have awakened their magical powers have physical abilities that far surpass ordinary people.

Chow ah!


After my magical powers were awakened, I, who trained using even the knowledge of Black and White, and Rize, who had been well trained in combat, couldn’t even prepare for an F-class monster.

My sword and Rize’s dagger, which were swung at such a speed that the green wolves couldn’t react, quickly cut the green wolves down.


The group of green wolves became light with a small explosion and disappeared leaving behind the magic stones.

“It’s a great workmanship without superfluity, young boy.”
“Rizee did a good job. Let’s catch the dungeon boss while we came in.”

I moved a step deeper into the dungeon with Rize.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

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I was born as a child of the best conglomerate in the world of Godgame.


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