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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 17

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 17

Chapter 17 – 17. Improve Quickly!

Bang bang bang!


“Whoa~ The gun works well and there are no defects after replacement.”

While hunting the Green Wolf, Rize and I alternated weapons to test each other.

“I also had a machine gun and missile launcher in good condition. But, boy, are you really going to be okay with that gun?”
“It’s not a special bullet used to defeat normal monsters. It’s a magic gun that directly uses the boy’s magic.”
“It’s okay, it’s a gun that consumes magic power as efficiently as possible. And you don’t even need to reload it, right?”

It’s really convenient to be able to shoot right away without reloading.

Still, Rize continued to say if she was worried about me.

“However, in terms of versatility, it’s better to keep the bullets separately. If it’s a special bullet, Eldra can do it…”
“Thank you for your concern, Rize. But I only want to use the special bullets in case of emergency.”
“Why? That’s…”

Isn’t it cool to use ‘special bullets’ when you meet a strong enemy while using only magic power normally?
It’s like a trump card.

I can’t tell Rize the reason for that.

“Using mana in this way is also training to increase the amount of mana. Still, as Rize said, I’ll keep a specially made bullet for emergencies from next time.”
“…If you say that, then I have nothing more to say.”

Oh, i’m a little pissed off
The fact that she got upset was also for my comfort, so Rize is really cute, admirable, and lovable.

In times like these, it’s good to release them with affectionate skinship.

He stored the magic gun inside the Hephi and hugged Rize.

“Do, young master?!”
“Thank you for your concern, Lize. You are truly the best maid… And my lovely woman.”
“Ah, that, that…! And, thank you… I, I also adore the young master…”

When Rize is about to say something important and cute.


A roar louder and unstoppable than that of the Green Wolf came.

“Number 1.”

I got away from Rize and took out her straight sword from her hephi.

“It looks like the dungeon boss is looking for us nearby. The dungeon is now at its end…”
“That’s right. Let’s get rid of it quickly, young boy.”

Rize’s cold and relentless voice reached my ears.
Oh lize is angry

I am very angry that what she was about to say was blocked by a roar.

Well, I can guess what she was trying to say.
As for Rize, it must have been because she was caught in a sweet atmosphere and she couldn’t forgive her.

Angry Rize is also cute.

“Bocchan, is it okay if I catch the dungeon boss by myself?”
“Yeah. But if it seems dangerous, I’ll intervene right away.”
“Yes, Thank you.”

As we moved further into the jungle, there was an open space.


In the center of the space is the king of the huge green wolves.

Entity King Green Wolf growling at us.

Dungeon bosses are natural, but they are stronger than normal monsters.

If you were to grade the King Green Wolf, it would be F+.


Like the king of wolves, he has many servants around him.

Five green wolves were waiting around King Green Wolf.

“Bocchan, then I’ll be on my way.”

After bowing slightly to me, Rize immediately moved towards the Green Wolf.

Again, Green Wolf is F-class.
And King Green Wolf is an F+.

The F-rank monsters and their boss monsters that I’ve been able to catch very easily so far.

No matter how many groups of monsters like that.



There was no way he could be Rize’s opponent.

Rize swung her dagger at once and killed two green wolves.

The other green wolves attacked Rize at the same time while the other wolves were being attacked.



– Kraak!

Rize, who threw the dagger attached to his thigh and hit the green wolf in the neck, moved to the green wolf he had just killed and escaped the encirclement.

Even while escaping, the two remaining green wolves miss their target when reliably retrieving the dagger stuck in the neck of the green wolf.


Rise held a dagger in both hands and cut down two green wolves right behind him.

“You are next.”

Lise, who had killed all of King Green Wolf’s men, glared at King Green Wolf with his fierce eyes that sent chills down his spine.

-Krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Craaaaa!

The King Green Wolf rushed at Rize with his teeth wide open.


“Nine slashes.”

Chump chump chump chump!

Rize’s combat skill, which unleashes 9 slashes at once, rushed towards the King Green Wolf.

-Kraaaaa… !

In a short time, blood gushed out from the nine cuts on the King Green Wolf’s body, and the King Green Wolf died on the spot and disappeared into light.

Combat skill.

It is a BLBL combat system that is used as a concept different from magic.

And the game’s setting also had an impact on this blocky world.

A technical name usually used in comics or games.

This technical name is called a startup word in BLBL.

As for start words, when skills are polished to a certain extent, start words related to skills come to mind spontaneously.
Shout out the starter words that pop into your mind and use the skills you have honed to increase the power of the skills as the power of the words is put into the skills.

That’s why even hunters who are currently active shout out starter words when using skills with great power.

If the technique gets used to the body through repeated use, even if it’s not the same starter word, haaaaa! Or, go to the other world! Even if you transform it and say it, the power increases.
However, saying the start words that come to mind is the most powerful.

That’s why in this world, as well as magic chanting, the starter of skills is familiar, so no one shrinks or feels ashamed even if they shout the name of a skill unless it is extremely embarrassing.

“It’s over, young master.”
“Good work, Rize. Are you not hurt?”
“Yes. I’m the best maid for the young master. I won’t get hurt by monsters of that level.”

Rize lightly raises her skirt and makes the basic gestures of a maid greeting.

Ah, this action, seen in the game and in real life, is always good to see.

“It seems that almost all the monsters in this dungeon have been wiped out.”
“Yes. At least there won’t be any monsters appearing today.”

A phenomenon in which monsters in dungeons reappear.
The respawn cycle is approximately one day.

Besides, since we defeated the boss monster, even if there are still green wolves left, they will get scared and won’t come to us easily.

In other words, nothing will hurt us now.


“Yes, Bocchan.”
“Rise is my best maid, right?”
“You’re my only maid and woman who listens to anything I say, right?”
“Yes, that’s right… Master?”
“Hey, Rize. Actually, I just saw Rize in action and found Rize really cute and charming.”

And the white underwear that was occasionally visible because the mini skirt was scattered during the fight.

To be honest, I was blown away.

The fact that he couldn’t help but be seen because of the battle, rather than being seen openly, made the situation even worse.

When exploring while fighting, Bble can move with a 3D character and replace the moving character.

Wouldn’t it be a user at least once?
It’s that kind of time when I choose a female character, especially if it has a skirt, so I try to lower the angle somehow.

If it’s a full-body tights or high-leg outfit, the desire to zoom in and see it in detail!

I did.

And if I worked hard no matter what, I could look very skinny and get a sense of achievement.

Even in the community.

– A collection of cute girls JPG.

How did you collect ithaha
B craftsman… ! It’s the craftsmanship… !
Thank you Sensei… !
Is it true that each character has a different underwear design?
ㄴThe shacks who are the masters of pantieshaha
If you made panties with great care, show them openly!
ㄴ ㄴ Rather, hiding it makes it worse.

Anyway, I got to see the product of such efforts in reality many times.
At the same time, it reminded me of spending a passionate time with the lovely Lize at the same time.

“I don’t think I can stand it.”
“Young master….”

Rize opened her eyes slightly and looked at me.
Still, it wasn’t the harsh and cold eyes sent to King Green Wolf, but rather the eyes of a mischievous child.

“Haa, you’ve become a pervert since becoming an adult. No, I’ve had that feeling before.”
“Did you?”
“Of course, having a pleasant conversation with Dr. Furuta… You’ve often seen Anna’s ass since you were little, right?”

… Did you hear that!?

“Yeah, that’s right~”
“By the way, Anna-san also found out about everything.”
“Women are sensitive to such gazes. Even if not, Bocchan sees them too often.”

I can’t… !
I secretly watched it by making the most of what I learned from gifted education!

“Still, it just went well. I too… I can quickly show you what I practiced for you.”
“Did you practice?”
“Yes. Last time, the boy’s stuff was bigger than I thought, so I couldn’t do it. But after that, I focused on practicing to make it come true.”

What kind of practice are you?

When such a question popped into my head.
Rize immediately made a shocking statement.

“This time, not just the front part… I’ll take all of your belongings into my mouth.”

That is what Rize just said.
Rize is Iramachio for me.
That is, he practiced deep throating.
Two days from the first fella.
When I think of the time to practice, it was yesterday.

In order to please me, Rize intensively practiced deep throat in her spare time… !

My erection did not subside just thinking about the process and the merits of it.

And thought at the same time.

It was really nice to receive tools from Hubungkun yesterday.

“Yes, Bocchan.”
“Actually, there is. I also… There was something I wanted to show you today.”

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

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I was born as a child of the best conglomerate in the world of Godgame.


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