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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 18

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 18

Chapter 18 – 18.Improve Quickly!

“What do you want to show me? What is that, young master?”
“That’s right.”

She tried to tell Rize like she was bragging, but she didn’t say this and thought it would be better for Rize to find out on her own.

“No, you’ll find out after you do it anyway. Rize, show me the results of your practice.”
“…? All right.”

Rize tried to get him down on his knees without further questioning.

“Ah. Wait a minute Rize.”

This is the jungle inside the dungeon.
If you kneel down like this, Rize’s knees will get dirty.

Hefi can store equipment and clothes for transformation, but also has an inventory function to store items.

And I put some daily necessities or various items in the hefi in advance.

I took out the towel I had put in to wipe the sweat inside the hephi and laid it on the floor.

In this way, Rize’s knees would not get dirty and would not hurt from getting stabbed by pebbles or stones in the stone-like floor.

Well, the skin has a barrier, so it won’t hurt that much, but it’s because the heart is important.

“You can do it now, Rize.”
“Thank you for your consideration, Bocchan.”

Rize knelt down on the towel again, then reached into my pants and skilfully took off my panties all at once.

My proud object appeared before Rize’s eyes.

“…Really, Bocchan’s stuff is big. Besides, he’s already standing like this…”
“I heard Rize practiced for me… Wouldn’t it be fun?”
“Ever since you became an adult, your use of words has become perverted.”
“Are you disappointed that I became like a pervert?”
“No, no way.”

Rize kindly stroked my glans with his finger.

“No matter how perverted you become, I will follow you… And adore you. No matter what happens to you, I will always be by your side.”
“…? Why is your cock moving, young master?”
“When Rize says something cute, she reacts.”
“…! You often say that you are really cute from your mouth.”
“What if Rize is cute?”
“…Let’s begin.”

Oh, I was shy and avoided it.

Rize removed his fingers from stroking his glans, grabbed my thighs with both hands, and opened his mouth.

At first, he covered his glans with only his lips, not revealing his teeth.

Rize rocked his head back and forth little by little in that state.

The warmth of Rize’s soft lips and warm mouth wrapped around his glans and tickled him.


Rize’s head, which at first moved only the glans back and forth, was swallowing my cock more and more deeply.

Every time Rize’s lips got closer to my stomach, I felt the warmth of Rize’s warm mouth more and more, and Rize’s soft tongue and the flesh in her mouth wrapped around my cock.


“I’m sorry…!”

My glans and Rize’s throat made contact.

Looking down, Rize’s mouth didn’t stick to the root of his cock, and was positioned a little further away.

This is unavoidable because my stuff is so long and thick.
Rather, Rize, who swallowed my large object until it reached her throat in just one day of practice, was amazing.

“Rize, did you swallow it all? Then move on… Rize?”

Rize opened her eyes narrowly and was looking at my cock.

And I knew very well what Rize’s gaze at my cock meant.

Oh, Rize is here now.
Rize has a kindly friendly personality.
To put it simply, it’s a personality that can’t live without losing.

My cute and lovable maid, who had an indomitable spirit that would never do it once she made up her mind to do it, had a will in her eyes that she couldn’t just finish it like this.


“Chew! Ugh! Ugh!”

Rize stretched out her hand that was holding his thigh and hugged my ass, using that power to swallow my cock deeper into her throat.

“Ugh! Lee, Rize! Ugh!”

As she went deeper, Rize’s throat tightened her cock.

The movement that made him tremble as if he was surprised by himself while closely adhering to it brought even greater pleasure to his cock.

Inner pubic hair.
The whole throat, which was sticky and soft unlike vaginal wrinkles.
The throat of the beloved Lize is making the cock happy as if it were becoming a second penis.

And in the end, he swallowed all of my cock and pressed his lips close to each other.

“Huh… Umm… Eup… Ugh…”

Little by little, Rize’s breath flowed out with moaning, tickling the space between her balls and groin.

Rize stood motionless in the state of holding her cock completely.

Even in the meantime, the pressure in my throat that was tightening up was slowly relieving.

It was like it was waiting for my throat to get used to the size of my cock.

Of course, Rize’s deep throat, which didn’t move even during that time, was so good that it seemed like it would explode soon.

When the tightness in the throat remains constant because you are holding back somehow.


Rize slowly pulled his head back.

“Puha… Your cock is really big, it took me a while to get used to.”
“As expected, you didn’t move to get used to it.”
“Wasn’t it frustrating or painful?”
“As Eldraga’s maid. And as the Bocchan’s maid, the arrangement is tolerable enough. But… I think I still need more assistants. Give me a little more time to tame it.”
“Do you tame it?”

What do you mean by that?

“First of all, I got used to the size of the boy. But the act of going back and forth still leaves me uneasy… I will train my throat more to fit the boy’s cock by repeating the act of going back and forth several times.”

Taming your throat to fit my cock….
Rize, where did you learn such dirty words?

“If you can’t stand it, put it in my mouth anytime.”

After that, Rize opened his mouth again and swallowed his cock.


This time, unlike the first time, Rize swallows all the cock softly and quickly.

Rize started to reciprocate in that state.

Repeatedly bringing the lips to the tip of the glans and then swallowing the cock all the way to the back of the throat.


Each time it was repeated, the speed gradually increased, and when it was repeated about 10 times, it was not much different from normal fella.

My lovely maid was also very talented at deepthroat.

Rize… Enfant terrible… !

It wasn’t a joke more than that, but I also had a limit to put up with circumstances.

It is literally on the verge of being cheap.

“Lee, Rize…”
“I’ve waited a long time, Bocchan.”

Before I knew it, Rize removed her mouth from her cock and was looking up at me.

“I’ve completely tamed my throat to match the boy’s cock. Then, from now on, in earnest… Which word do you prefer, the boy, Iramachio or Deep Throat?”
“Then let’s do Iramachio in earnest.”

Declaring that, Rize grabbed my thigh like the first time.


He swallowed his cock in one gulp and shook his head quickly and briefly, focusing on his throat.

Rize’s throat was tight as if the shape of the glans matched.

While her throat tightened her cock, Rize’s tongue moved quickly from side to side and tickled her urethra.

Until now, Rize had somehow endured until she finished taming her throat.

In such a state, there was no way I could endure such a fierce and pleasant Iramachio.

Because there was no reason to be patient in the first place.

“Lee, Rize! It’s going to be cold! I can’t stand it anymore…!”


When I signaled the ejaculation signal, Rize hugged my butt again and pushed the cock as far as she could into her throat.


And I’m literally pew woo woo woo woo! And with the momentum that sound effects were about to come out, Rize squeezed out a large amount of the semen that had been holding back inside.

As much as I had endured, the pleasure of cum was so great that my back trembled.

“Gulp… Gulp… Gulp….”

And Rize swallowed the semen I ejected without coughing or spitting it out.

With each swallow, the tightness in his throat got stronger, making the semen more salty.

It was the real fixation itself.

Rise, who had swallowed a certain amount of semen, slowly pulled his head back as it was, oh oh oh! And sucked his cock.

It felt good enough to feel the sincerity of not leaving even the last drop left in the urethra.

And while Rize slowly pulled his neck back.


Rize opened his eyes wide for a moment, and then slightly accelerated to remove his mouth from his cock.

“Honey… Kkeok! Bocchan, the taste of semen….”

It seems that Rize has finally noticed what I have prepared.

“Whoa, isn’t the taste of semen completely different from what I thought?”
“Yes. The semen tastes like apples. What the hell is this…”
“Didn’t Rize stop drinking semen the other day? That’s all I was going to do after using this. Semen probably doesn’t taste good after all.”

The item I ate yesterday from Houbungkun.
It was a drug that altered the taste of semen.

In my previous life, there was a drug that changed the taste of semen to a pineapple flavor.

So, I thought it would be possible if it was Huboongkun, so I asked for it, but Huboongkun did not disappoint and made a medicine that changed the taste of semen.

This is the first time I’m using it because I haven’t been around the market since I’ve only finished enough safety tests and experiments.

“How is it, Rize? Is it easy to eat?”
“Yes, that’s right. Thank you for being considerate of these things. More than that, did you like my Iramachio?”

Rize is still asking the obvious.

“It was so good that I honestly couldn’t stand it.”
“You’d be fine if you didn’t put up with it.”
“Lizee is training her throat to fit my cock, but that’s not possible. Rather than that, Lize… Let’s do it one more time.”
“Yes, if the Bocchan wants it. And I… Ah, if not…”

Rize opened his mouth wide and pulled the corners of his mouth with his index fingers.

“Do you want the boy to move himself this time? Now that he’s used to it, he can respond to the boy’s teasing on his waist.”

Oh really.
My Rise is real.
Isn’t it the most virtuous and erotic maid in the world?

You can’t stand an offer like that.


I couldn’t stand Rize’s suggestion and went out of control.
I grabbed Rize’s head and immediately shoved my cock into Rize’s mouth.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

아카데미 부잣집 도련님이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I was born as a child of the best conglomerate in the world of Godgame.


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