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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 19

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 19

Chapter 19 – 19.Improve Quickly!


Rize’s throat, which she felt as she stabbed herself, felt a different pleasure than when Rize did it on her own.

If what Rize was doing was sucking the cock while her throat was adapting gently, this time it didn’t go her own way, so it reacted violently and the sucking feeling was strong.

Whatever it is.

Rize’s throat was the best.

Originally, I was just going to leave it to Rize.
I had no intention of hitting it like this.
But when she says it’s OK to fuck her wide open, she has no choice but to fuck her.

His waist trembled just by squeezing his glans and barely driving the bar into the still fixation in his throat.

But as a man.
And as Rize’s owner, I can’t pack it already.

It’s still overflowing with energy, but it’s a matter of pride to show the appearance of giving it up randomly.

I stroked Rize’s head that I was holding.

“Ah… I really like it, Lize. Lize’s throat… It’s really the best… Ugh!”

“Hmm, uhm… Little bitch….”

Were you happy with the compliment?
With the cock stuck in his throat, Rize moved his tongue and licked it.

It was the urethral licking that he showed when he did Iramachio himself.

And Rize twitched and deliberately moved his head.

As she swallowed the cock deeper in her throat, it was as if Rize’s intention was being conveyed, asking her to move the way I wanted.

“I’ll move, Lize. If it’s painful or you can’t stand it, hit me on the thigh.”

Rize stroked his thigh and answered instead.

And in order to respond to Rize’s consideration, she shook his hips to her heart’s content.


Chew! Chew! Chew! Chew! Chew! Every time he shook his back, a loud sound of water mixed with saliva came from between Rize’s mouth and cock.

Rize’s throat didn’t show much surprise or violent reaction even when he poked his cock hard, and it still clung to the cock with a pleasant tightness.

Besides, the more she shook her hips, the tighter Rize’s throat got, as if she got used to it.

“Chuuuuuwuuuuu could possible possible!”

Rize, who must have gotten used to the Iramachio I move myself, was showing off her cock licking technique while sucking her cock with her cheeks drawn back.

My maid is too erotic.
I love my exclusive maid!

The soft tongue cushion gently supports the bottom of the cock, and the heat in the warm mouth as you lick it becomes even hotter.
Due to the heat, sticky saliva sticks to the penis, adding to the pleasure.

“Rize! Rize! Rize! Ugh! Rize!”

I shook my waist violently while shouting the name of Rize, who was so lovable, loyal, and lewd.


After enjoying Rize’s throat and mouth to the fullest for about 7 minutes, he poured out his semen.

Intense ejaculation with no difference from the first ejaculation.
The corners of your mouth go up at the thrill of a large amount of semen pouring out at once.

However, if there was anything different from the first time, I didn’t stay right after the cum, and I quickly pulled my back back and vomited out all the remaining semen while putting only the glans in Rize’s mouth.

When the semen was finished, he pulled the cock out of Rize’s mouth.

“Rize, it was really… Good.”

I looked down at Rize while praising.


Rize looked up at me and her mouth was open.
Rize’s mouth was filled with thick white semen.

The image of me leaving a lot of traces in the woman’s mouth was so hot.

And this time, Rize began to do things that exceeded my expectations.

Rize, who showed me enough of the semen in her mouth, closed her mouth.

“Lee, Rize!”

She chewed the semen in her mouth as if chewing it, then gulped it down, then opened her mouth again to show that she drank it all.

“How is it, Bocchan? Did you finish drinking?”
“Uh, yes. I drank it all.”
“It’s a relief, and it’s really easy to pass down the throat, probably because it tastes like apples. Thank you so much for your consideration.”
“What, what. More than that, Rize. What I did earlier…”
“When I was practicing Iramachio. Anna told me that men would absolutely love it if I did this.”

Anna… !
What the hell are you teaching Rize!
So good!
I’ll give it to you later as a bonus!

-Ahhhhh! Bocchan, the best!

Anna’s delight in the future passed through her mind.

Rize got up from her seat.

“Then let’s go back, young master. After this, in the mansion…”
“Yes, Bocchan.”
“I originally wanted to just go back, too? But… Because of what you showed me earlier, I can’t stand the mansion. Is this Rize’s fault?”

Cum chewing and gulp, then enduring and leaving?
At least I can’t

“That’s… Unexpected.”

It was Rize, who put her right hand on her cheek and made a pose saying that she was in trouble, but I could tell.
Rize is looking this way with eyes of anticipation.

If you think about it, Rize was so cute that she went out of her way, and all the positions she’d done so far were normal.

The so-called love-love sex where you hold Rize by the waist or hold her hands in your pods.

But it’s outdoors, so you can’t lie down.

Then… I have no choice but to do it with Rize in a new position!

“Rize, touch the tree and stick your ass out.”
“It’s a problem that I stimulated the young master’s sexual desire too much. I understand.”

As if it couldn’t be helped, Rize put her hand on a nearby tree and pushed his butt.

“Please do as much as you like, Bocchan. I’m always welcome if you want.”
“You really only want me, Rize?

I lifted my skirt while talking.

The white and beautiful curves of Rize’s hips and the garter belt attached to her stockings made the beast called sexual desire very happy.

But what made me happy more than anything.
It was that the center of Rize’s white underwear was slightly stained.

I ran my finger across the stain.

“Lizee is stained. Didn’t Lizee want it?”

Rize’s ears turned slightly red.

“You’re asking something obvious, boy. The thing of the boy whom I longed for… I swallowed the cock and finally swallowed the semen. I kept looking at the boy who was delighted to see it.”

Although Rize was embarrassed, she spoke confidently.

“It’s natural to be happy. The joy of the boy I long for is my joy. And… I also imagined how good it would be to swallow the boy’s stuff with my pussy, not my mouth, while I was doing eramachio. So… This is how it turned out.”

Without excuses.
Without even looking around.

He is Rize who tells what he thinks as it is.

I was asking to slightly tease Rize, but I was the one who took a bigger hit.

Rize is so lovely and cute that it hurts her heart.

“Rize, her underwear will get dirty.”
“It’s okay. You can change after returning to the mansion.”

Rize’s panties were pushed aside.
Rize’s pink flower-like pussy flesh, which was moist enough to slightly stain her, was exposed.

I couldn’t stand it even a little bit by looking at her, so I immediately pressed her cock, pushed her waist forward, and inserted it all at once.



Rize’s strange moaning that can be heard while the cock enters.
When I touched her cervix directly, I let out a louder moan.

Insertion of the dorsal position different from the normal position.

The structure of the pussy changed up and down, and even though it was the same pussy, different pleasures rushed into the cock.

“Rize, are you okay?”
“It’s okay… It’s okay! I changed my posture. The young master’s cock was so soft…! Ehh! I can feel it.”
“I also feel good about Rize’s pussy after tasting it. And if you do it backwards…”

He grabbed Rize’s ass, which was coveted in front of her eyes.

“Because I can touch Rize’s butt like this.”

Rise’s hips are moderately fleshy, and when pressed with a finger, curves form.

It was so nice to see the shape change into a hand in the flesh of the elastic and soft buttocks that I felt in my hand.

“Huh! Ehhhhh…! I’m glad you liked it. Then come on… Move as you want.”
“Yes. Lize. Ah, but… I wish Lize could cheer me up with some more words…”
“I’d be very happy if Rize seduced her as erotically as possible.”
“Really, the young master…”

Rize slightly twisted his waist and looked back at me.

“Bocchan… Fuu, please move the young master’s cock quickly. I can’t live without the young master’s cock anymore… Please fuck the pussy of the young maid exclusively for the young master… Plenty of cum from the young master. Please wrap it up in my naughty baby’s room and fill it up.”

Rize spoke words of seduction that would excite me the most.

Really… !
Rize is the best!


The best detonator of Lizée’s temptation exploded, and she shook her waist with plenty of her heart and sexual desire toward Rize that she felt fiercely.

Sizzling! Sizzling! Sizzling! Sizzling! And every time I shake my waist vigorously, pang pang pang pang pang! The sound of Rize and my hips clashing echoed through the jungle.

“Haaaaa! Aaaaa! Okay! Aaaaa! Aaaaa!”
“Then let’s not love each other! Lize! Ugh! I love you so much! I love you! I love you, Lize! You’re my only maid who will be by my side forever!”
“Aaaaang! Yes! I…! I’m always by your side! Uuuuu!

In the jungle where only the two of them are left, an intense love affair continues while shouting out their love for each other.

No matter how violently she moved, Rize’s inner pussy meat did not come off her cock and clung to her, expressing her affection.



Wow wow wow!


The last time I left the dungeon with Rize was after I had beaten Rize three times.

“…I have to be careful not to spill out of my pants until I get back.”

Until Rize returned to the mansion, she wore her underwear without disposing of it, with the semen contained in her womb.

Even when returning to the entrance.
Even when sitting next to me in the car.

Fortunately, no semen came out.

“I couldn’t spill the semen of my beloved young master, so I put strength into my pussy to prevent it as much as possible.”

Rize returned to his mansion and whispered those words into my ear.

Eventually, after returning to the mansion, I spent time injecting fresh semen into Rize’s erotic nursery.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

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