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[NTR] the Porter of the Warrior’s Party

[NTR] the Porter of the Warrior’s Party

[NTR] 용사 파티의 짐꾼
Native LanguageKorean

We hired a new porter for our party.

By the way… From that day on, the condition of our party members became strange.

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  1. HybariKyoya says:

    MMM. I’m sorry but could you explain in the synopsis who they do NTR to? Do they do it to the protagonist or does the Protagonist do NTR?

  2. Berals says:

    here there are two MCs, one is the porter, he is the NTL one and the hero is the NTR one. Here we can see two sides, Netori and Netorare. This novel is poison, you should not read it if you are not strong enough 🗿.

  3. NiNi Ruler says:

    Read the description and title of the story.  I’m sure MC is a hero,…NTR is the real deal.

  4. ashy larry says:

    Obviously poison but for those that can get passed that, this is a decent read. It has the hallmarks of a hentai with all the dumb reasons the heroines give themselves to pleasure but the author actually does a good job of explaining why the porter can get away with this and why the heroines allow it (kinda). There will be SPOILERS from this point on so be warned. What I don’t like is that for all the heartache the porter caused, he never really gets retribution. He does lose his will to fuck and his desires but that is nothing compared to what he did. He also pretty much became a demon lord at the end but still he was allowed to live. For all the trash he’s been spewing during the novel, one chapter of him losing everything seems like a token prize by the author. If you think there will be any revenge on the heroines, then sorry to disappoint but they also don’t have any retribution except for their guilt despite the fact they tried to help the demon lord at the end. This isn’t quite as bad but the fact the hero never gets any digs at them feels kinda hollow. Story-wise, it makes sense why the hero was like this but still would have preferred he be angry at least with the porter more. Avoid this if you want to see retribution at the end but if not then I suggest you read because the growth of the hero is better than most other ntr stories I’ve read.

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