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It Has Become a Word to Steal Someone Else’s Woman in Another World.

It Has Become a Word to Steal Someone Else’s Woman in Another World.

이세계에서 남의 여자를 빼앗는 말이 되어버렸다
Native LanguageKorean

When he met God and went to another world, he became a ferocious dark horse!

king of horses. I thought he was the demon king, but he was the demon king who would destroy this world!?

The story of the NTR demon lord who steals other people’s women with vicious maljutsu in a dying world

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  1. RAVENS says:

    The fuck is that a horse!?!

  2. ImpatientReader says:

    Read about 30 chs. NTR at ch. 19.

    The story starts with a man with a twisted mind. How he’s twisted? He thinks that all girls are sluts and would betray any male and only be a slave to the man she likes – because of a certain trauma. He has an extreme level of misogyny. So, one day he meets a homeless man who knows his dissatisfaction and offers to help him.

    That homeless man turns out to be a god who wants to send him to another world(because of reasons). He agrees but doesn’t know that he will be turned into a centaur when he goes to the other world. In the other world, he meets the hero and his childhood friend. And starts stealing that childhood friend. I’m not sure but I think the actions in the other world would be entirely NTL.

    So, where does the NTR come from?
    It’s where he gets his twisted viewpoint of women from. It’s mentioned that he has a trauma for his misogyny. When he was in his old world, after he came home from the military: he found his pure girlfriend(who didn’t want sex before marriage) sucking another guy and acting like a trained bitch(slave) – wearing a collar and everything.

    He saw that scene and ran away. Later, his girlfriend accused him(the MC) of rape, and his father had to pay 50 million won to get the charges dropped. Even though the MC was innocent, people also considered him to be a rapist. And he was so fucked in mind being NTR’ed that he didn’t even think of checking CCTV footage or proving his innocence. His life was entirely ruined. He became a shut-in guy, shutting out the entire world.
    Later on, the guy that his ex-gf was a bitch of was caught by the police along with his ex-gf too.

    I think that’s probably the only place the NTR comes from(though I might be wrong).

    The MC is a horse(centaur) with a huge dick. But apparently, there’s humanization magic in that world that he’s looking for. And he’s considered a god beast or something.

  3. Feng says:

    Impatient reader doing the work of god’s frfr 🙏🙏🙏

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