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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 2

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 2

Chapter 2 – 2. Be Sure to Pave the Way!

Rouvelt Eldra.

Slightly wavy blonde hair.
Ruby-like red eyes.
And if the extras around you see it, it’s aaaaagh! It’s Rouvelt! Outstanding appearance that cheers!

Rouvelt Eldra, the only son and heir to the world’s greatest conglomerate, has all the elements of a rich boy in common creations!

That’s me!

Except for not being able to have sex until I’m 20, I’m capable of anything.

And for the best academy life I want until I turn 20.
As a bonus, he made a plan to save the world.

There is no one to interfere with the progress using Eldraga’s wealth.

My parents, Rufus Eldra and Grace Eldra, are just oh my~ Our Roovelt is doing a variety of things~ Mom and Dad, if you need help, feel free to ask~

It’s the attitude that you can do anything!

A heroine of the Eldra faction who is cute every day.
I’ll explain the plans and efforts that I’m working on from now on as I build up feelings for Rize and Ellie.

That first one.

It is to improve my own fighting skills.
Blaze Blood.
In short, the academy that appears in BlackBlood is called the Hunter Academy.

It is a nurturing school that raises heroes who prevent the monsters in the dungeon from coming out by defeating the monsters and monsters that appear in various dungeons.

Due to the setting, young minors cannot be hired, so the age of admission is from adults.

Of course, only those who have been ‘awakened’ and have their magical powers awakened are the only ones who can enter.

By the way, it is said that awakening shows signs before reaching the age of 20, and if you do not awaken even after reaching the age of 20, there is no hope.

It is said that there are many genetic influences on this awakening.

An academy whose purpose is to become a great hunter who must enter anyway.

And from that academy, you have to enter the dungeon and defeat the final boss at the end.

Developing skills from a young age is very important.

Fortunately, this body is full of talent, so I was able to improve my skills by receiving tutoring from famous hunters from all over the world.

Even if you can improve your skills, the process of training is still difficult, but this is all for living the life you want, so you can endure it as much as you like.


That’s just a preliminary preparation to get my hands on the heroines I’ll pick up and capture more easily.

Because he boasts a 100% achievement rate, he is well aware of the heroines’ settings and backgrounds.

Among them, there were heroines that I could intervene in from a young age.

For example.

Yagitsune Kagura is a representative example.

Yagi Tsune Kagura is a Miko character who runs a shrine with her mother who is left alone.

By the way, he has a very nice body.

Her background, known through the event, was as follows.
The trigger was that he wanted to enter the academy, become a hunter, and help the management of a slightly precarious gentleman.

In other words.

It’s a matter of money.

I think this is a bit of a risky gentleman’s management.
In the past, it further drove the still better gentleman’s business condition.

The pressure of the surrounding businesses and shopping malls without being caught.
They spread various bad rumors and sometimes bought them so that the people of Yagitsune Shrine did not know about them.

It made the management of Yagitsune Shrine, which had been passed down from her ancestors maintained by her mother and daughter, very jeopardized.

Yagitsune Shrine, driven to the point where the shrine would be completely ruined if lightly inflicted more blows.

The moment you get to that stage.
I visited the shrine myself.

17 at the time.

It was a time when various paving stones had been completed and the advance attack of the heroes was being carried out in earnest.

Pretending to be a casual visitor without knowing anything, I stopped at the shrine and looked around.

A gentleman who looks clean at first glance because he is doing his best to keep it clean.
However, money to hire people is not enough, and only Yagitsu’s mother and daughter remain at the shrine.

If you look closely, the small facilities inside the shrine are aging, and people have stopped walking, giving off a very lonely atmosphere.

As tight as it was, while her daughter, Yagitsune Kagura, was at school, the owner, Yagitsune Ayame, was cleaning the shrine herself and saw me coming.

“Ah! Oh, welcome.”

Why don’t you hurriedly move to the fortune-telling lottery and try to draw a fortune-telling? It was to the point of desperately soliciting guests.

I did it, but it was so pitiful that I felt a little sorry.

But at the same time, when I saw Ayame Yagitsune, who was pathetic and desperate in her own way, I also thought that it was very good to execute the plan.


It was because Yagitsune Ayame, the mother of Yagitsune Kagura, also had her outstanding beauty.
Yagitsune Ayame was so beautiful that if she had a taste for a married woman, she would be considered better than Yagitsune Kagura.

The top is white and the bottom is red.
The large breasts and convex pelvis were clearly evident even through the shrine maiden’s uniform.
While I don’t think of it as a middle-aged woman who lost her husband early and raised her daughter alone.
Just like her daughter, she has beautiful dark purple straight hair and eyes.

I thought she was pretty even when she briefly appeared as a stand-up artist in BlackBlood.
In this way, when she saw the real thing, she showed off her mature and rich charm.

Originally, she had planned to seduce Rize, Ellie, and the heroines of BL.
The moment I saw Yagi Tsune Ayame, I thought that she would go after the girl she liked without putting any restrictions.

[Sexual acts with others are possible after reaching the age of 20.]

Haa, really, if it weren’t for this message window, I’d go straight to work and do it right away with the sultry Yagitsune Ayame.

“Then I’ll pick one.”
“I’ll be 5000 meni.”

… The price doesn’t really matter. Isn’t it 10 times worse than other gentlemen?

Even if it’s good that I pushed it that much.

“Bee, is it expensive? Then 4000… No 3000 meni…”

In the game, he was obviously a soft and calm character, but I felt very sorry for him.

Ah, I’m so glad I was born as a wealthy Rouvelt.
She became despondent and immediately gave 5000 meni and pulled her fortune right away.

Her fortune was disastrous.

Ayame Yagitsune, who suddenly came out of my fortune and glanced at her beside her, was startled.

“Ah! Bar, rope! If you tie it to a rope, all bad fortune will be warded off!”
“Thank you for good information.”

I tied a piece of fortune-telling paper to a rope and started working on it.

First, after drawing a fortune, they lightly put a coin in the shrine’s collection box, rang a bell, and pretended to make a wish.

Ayame Yagitsune, who watched quietly from the side, explained how old and good this shrine is after I finished praying.

“Yagitsune Shrine is a very effective shrine that has been passed down from generation to generation since hundreds of years ago. Many hunters often come to our shrine to receive Yorugitsune-sama’s protection.”

Yorugitsune is the name of the fox deity worshiped at Yagitsune Shrine.

Even in the game, if you pray at this shrine, you will receive a temporary magic power buff.

[The protection of Yorugitsune has been granted. Magic power increases by 0.1% for 24 hours.]

The message window says this, so it must be effective.

… But is the buff related to the gentleman’s success?
Originally, it was 10% stronger.

I nodded at Ayame Yagitsune’s explanation. Oh, such a historian. “It’s amazing,” He added with a choo-imsae.

So, Ayame Yagitsune got even more excited and continued to explain.

Maybe people were hungry because there weren’t too many customers recently.
While explaining her, the appearance of being weakly excited further increased the desolation.

“I heard your explanation. He seems like a very old and good gentleman.”
“Yes! Yagitsune-sama is really! He’s a really good gentleman. There aren’t a lot of people lately, but that’s for sure! It’s only for a while. If possible, please let me hear from you again! And please recommend it to your relatives and acquaintances… Recommend it… It’s really effective. There is…!”

Ayame Yagitsune earnestly asks for it while wearing a pod.
I realized anew that when the economy is at risk to the limit, even such a supple and cozy character can become so pitiful and earnest.

And this is where the real work begins.

“Are you Goddess?”
“Yes? Ah, yes. I am the shrine maiden of Yagitsune Shrine and in charge of the shrine.”
“If it’s okay, I’d like to talk to you. Is that okay?”
“Counseling? Yes, yes! Anything I can do.”

I liked it and felt desperate to increase the number of guests even by one.

After entering the house inside the shrine, I made a proposal to Ayame Yagitsune.

“Hu, sponsorship?”


That is the suggestion that I would like to personally support and help this Yagitsune Shrine.

Ayame Yagitsune heard my suggestion and gave a cryptic reaction.

Well, of course
Suddenly, a child who doesn’t even look like an adult appears and says he’s investing, and everyone doubts it.

“After listening to Shinju-nim’s explanation, I was able to feel how wonderful this shrine is. I feel that prayers are really effective. Oh, my introduction is late.”

He got up from his seat, bowed gracefully, and introduced himself with a so-called gentlemanly greeting.

“My name is Rouvelt Eldra.”
“Eh, Eldra? The world’s greatest conglomerate… The Eldra family…!”

The name of the world’s greatest conglomerate, the Eldra family, is so famous that even a 3-year-old child knows it.

“Yes. The Eldra family.”
“Uh, why did the Eldra family have our gentleman…”
“The reason is as I just said. When I judge Yagitsune Shrine with my own eyes. Because I felt that he was a gentleman well worth investing in.”

Why hesitate when you can eat a bowl of rice bowls with a shady shaman and daughter with just enough money to maintain a gentleman’s business?

“You’ll find it hard to believe when it comes to words. I’ll show you the proof right now.”
“Zu, evidence?”

I took my cell phone out of my pocket and made a call.


[Yes, Bocchan.]

“From now on, I will support Yagitsune Shrine. First of all, the facilities inside the shrine are quite old, so send maintenance workers right away.”

[All right.]

After hanging up the phone, I sent a charming rich boy’s smile to Ayame Yagitsune, who was still staring blankly at me.

“Please wait for a moment.”

I’ll show you the power of chaebol that you can’t get out of once you taste it.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

아카데미 부잣집 도련님이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I was born as a child of the best conglomerate in the world of Godgame.


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