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The Adventures of Magical Princess Makina

The Adventures of Magical Princess Makina

Native LanguageJapanese

A princess loses her kingdom and is cursed with a magic spell that gives her one of those famous womb tattoos that makes her constantly horny. While journeying with her childhood friend to bring back their kingdom, she has various, well, adventures behind his back.

This is the Web-Novel. The Light Novel has been picked up and translated already.

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  1. viole says:

    NTR warning.

  2. SerenePanda says:

    Not NTR, I removed that Tag. NTR is POV
    NTR – Getting Stolen from MC
    NTL – MC stealing from another character
    NTS – MC Enjoying woman fucking another man with consent

    So I made it a Corruption and Adultery Tag, because that’s what it is.

    Do Not ask me to add NTR, because MC is not having her man stolen from her. SMH

  3. Icarus says:

    Because it is from the pov of fl

  4. sense-san says:

    No. Viole is correct. By Japanese definition, this story has Netorare elements as the term also covers adultery. By definition, Netorare is a theme where a character engages in a relationship whether sexual or not to another character while they still have a relationship or affection with another.

    This story has that because the childhood friend is the Netorare element.

    Its also unfair to judge it using Korean tags when this is a japanese story.

    Now lets dig deeper. NTL in JP is Netori which means the main viewpoint character steals one partner from a couple. The couple doesnt even need to break up as even with just one partner, cheating with the Main Viewpoint character, its considered Netori.

    Then there is Netorase. This is essentially when the viewpoint character is rendered helpless with the cheating that they begin to enjoy the feeling of being cheated on. This also extends to the reader so its really a form of masochism.

    There is also BSS which a character loves another but didnt admit it so the character had a relationship with someone else. Essentially an unrequited love.

    1. SerenePanda says:

      I’m Just simply keeping it simple regardless of Origin of Content.
      NTR – Gets stolen from Main Character
      NTL – MC Steals from another character
      NTS – MC/Other Character enjoys watching the person they are in relationship mixing with another person.
      Adultery – MC Cheats on the person they are in relationship with.

      If I were to Include NTR in all these branches of NTR (because, honestly, no matter how it’s put, all this is simply NTR) it would be a hassle to find the needle.

  5. sense-san says:

    I understand. I just want to defend the fact that I know this story is defninetly Netorare as I read it from Nocturne and that childhood friend is added in the story definitely to allow the feeling of Netorare to the readera.

    Doesnt mean your tags arent wrong so pardon me for my long rambling earlier.

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