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Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 323

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 323

Chapter 323 – Side Story 27. Finale! Group Marriage Pregnancy Sex!

He laid Kagura down and called for the next turn.

“I am like this!”

Chisaki lay on his stomach and stuck out his ass.

“This position feels best when I’m with you! Make me stronger!”

What Chisaki wanted was to be violently stabbed in a junior position.

Since Chisaki has performed junior position several times, she did not just lie face down.

Chisagi’s height is in a posture where his hips are pushed back and his waist is lowered intentionally.

This is a modified posture that allows the uterus to be pierced by the dick at an angle that is more comfortable.

Chisaki’s pale buttocks covered in a pure white dress and Chisaki’s pink pussy dripping with love juice came into view.

Right Now.

This is the pussy of my lovely wife begging me to impregnate her.

He grabbed Chisaki’s waist and immediately pushed his dick in violently, hitting Chisaki’s cervix.


“Oh oh oh oh ♡”

Chisaki’s vulgar moans, which I had heard several times over the years, made my ears happy.

“Ahhhhh♡ I’ve tasted Chuinnim’s dick for the first time in a month♡ It’s the best♡”
“It’s the best feeling because I get to taste Chisaki’s pussy too. Especially today…”
Hehe, isn’t this the day to get all of us pregnant, including me? But will you be able to do it?”
“What are you talking about?”

Chisaki turned his head and looked at me out of the corner of his eye.

“So, there are so many people? No matter how much Chuin-nim’s semen is, isn’t it so diluted that the chances of pregnancy are low?”
Haha, Chisaki.”

Even at times like this, he wants to provoke me and give me a taste of intense play.

It’s really cute.


He tightened his grip on Chisaki’s waist to force the pistoning force in advance.


Perhaps because she felt the force applied to her waist, Chisaki let out a shallow laugh that seemed to indicate her anticipation.

He plunged his dick into her pussy with enough force to live up to Chisaki’s expectations.

Phew! Phew! Phew! Phew! Phew!

“Huh gook♡ Ok♡ Oh oh Ok♡ Awesome♡ Chuinnim’s cock♡ Ok♡ Heh♡ Pleasure is rushing through the womb♡ hehe♡ A cock that makes my head go crazy♡”

Every time I drove my dick into her cervix, Chisaki’s pussy was filled with joy and showed me its intense tightness.

Chisaki’s intense pussy tightening, as if she was lusting after the cock like an animal and being absorbed in pleasure, was giving me more intense pleasure than I had experienced in a long time.

“It’s nice that Chisaki’s pussy is still tight.”
“I love it too♡ I also like it because your dick is so big♡ OMG♡ Ohhhhh♡ I love it because it reaches all the way to the tip of my vagina and crushes my uterus♡ I love the taste and the smell too♡ Even if I’m pregnant! Even if I’m pregnant, I want to keep tasting Chuin’s cock♡ “

Chisaki was already thinking about sex after pregnancy.

“You can’t play rough when you’re pregnant, but… I’ll let you taste my cock with my mouth and nose.”
“Heheuuuuuct every new meme)

After shaking her hips non-stop for about 5 minutes, I changed her position to a position that Chisaki would like even more.

He reaches out to her bed and snatches both of Chisaki’s arms, which are supporting her body, and pulls them.

Chisaki’s upper body was angled further upward, naturally causing more of the cock to press against her uterus.

“Hig uh ♡ This posture ♡ ♡ ♡ Ugh ♡ I like it ♡

As expected, Chisaki seemed to feel more in this position and barked like a dog, as if it had become a habit now.

As if the switch had been turned on by the increased pleasure, I could clearly feel the sensation of Chisaki’s cervix sucking the glans every time we hit each other.

And Chisaki’s turn also sped up even more when time ran out.

Squat! Squat! Squat! Squat!

“I like it, I like it, I like it♡ I like your dick♡ I like your cock♡”
“What do you think about getting pregnant with a cock you like so much, Chisaki?”
“It’s the best♡ Zuin, I love having a baby♡ I want to have a baby just like you♡ I will give birth and play with you every day!”
“I’m really looking forward to that!”



He throbbed Chisaki’s cervix as if he was pressing it with his dick, and he vomited out semen.

Chisaki, who would have been fine before, must have felt the pleasure of vaginal discharge for the first time in a month, but she started to tremble and fell into a state of blurred consciousness.

Then I took out her dick and left it where it would rest.


She called Yume, who was next.

“I, I… Do it in this position, Rubel♡ Do it like this, Rubelt, without lying down.”

Yume’s pose was similar to Ayame’s.

A pose in which you lie on your side and then lift one leg.

But what was different was that Yume was holding her legs up all the way.

The posture was similar to the I-shaped balance posture we did when we first did it.

As if my thoughts were not wrong, Yume said with her face blushing.

“I thought I shouldn’t get out of bed… I’m in this position. Is Rubelt okay?”
“As long as I can do it with Yume, she’s fine in any position.”

To prevent Yume’s legs from going down halfway, I also grabbed Yume’s thighs and then immediately inserted them into Yume.


“Haaaaa♡ Ahhhhh♡”

Yume’s vagina greeted my cock with considerable force from the beginning, perhaps because her posture was not only flexible but also required strength to maintain.

“Ruvelt’s cock♡ Ah♡ Today, I’m finally pregnant with Rubelt’s child… It’s like a dream♡”

Yume began to like me from the day she went to the same high school and her magical power was awakened.
An image of Yume looking at me with a fresh feeling appeared in her mind.

And now, Yume was smiling happily as if her childhood friend, the heroine, had finally become the main character.

Yume’s smile always made my dick hot.

“I love you, Yume. I will make sure you get pregnant with my child today.”
“Yes, Rubelt♡ Give me a baby too♡ I want to make a love decision with…Ruvelt♡”

She shook her hips while sharing her gaze with Yume.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

“Huh ♡ Yes ♡ Ugh ♡ Rubelt ♡ Rubelt ♡ I love you ♡ I love it! Baby-making sex with Rubelt ♡ Confirmed pregnancy sex ♡ I love it ♡”

Compared to her first words, Yume also naturally spewed out words that made men cringe.

Of course, only when you have sex with me.

I really liked the fact that Yume, who usually seemed innocent with a kind and bright smile, would only say such dirty things when she was having sex with me.

Every time she shakes her waist, Yume not only lets out her erotic moans, but Yume’s big breasts bounce and shake, so she lowers her body a little more and extends one of her arms, which was holding her thighs, to Yume’s breasts. Caught.

Yume’s breasts, giving me her soft and gentle grip, brought me happiness from her hands.

“Huh♡ Ah♡ Rubelt♡”
“Yume’s breasts are still soft and nice.”
“Touch whatever you want, my breasts are Roosevelt’s♡”
“Just breasts?”
“The breasts… The mouth… The vagina… And the anus are all Rubelt’s♡”

I really loved Yume, who gave me all the answers I wanted.

I proved the love I felt for Yume by shaking my waist even faster.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

“Huh♡ Ugh♡ aaaaa♡ Rubelt♡ It’s intense…Haha♡ Aang♡ Rubelt♡”

The more I kissed my uterus with my cock, the more sticky I heard Yume’s voice, the more my sense of ejaculation increased.

When the gauge is full, she uses her patience to stop her ejaculation and her time with Yume comes to an end.


Thick semen was spit out inside Yume.


Only after I ejaculated did Yume relax her hands and her legs went down.

When Yume’s turn is over and she is about to move.

“We’ll move Yume.”
“Master, please start your next turn.”

Ellie and Rize, who had recovered, took Yume with them, so I thanked them for their consideration and called for the next turn.


“Yes♡ Please lie down, Mr. Rubelt. I will move.”

What Maria wanted was a riding position.

As I lay down, Maria, who was on top of me, pressing her cock and her pussy into close contact, put her hands together and said,

“As Yume said… It really feels like a dream. She is in the glorious position of being able to marry Rubel-sama like this and have Rubel-sama’s child right now.”
“Maria is my bride, so it’s natural.”
“Ah♡ It feels unrealistic that I have become Rubelt’s bride, but I am so happy now that it feels real. Rubelt♡ I will gratefully receive Rubelt’s baby in my womb.”

Zrruuuuu… And Maria slowly lowered her waist and inserted my dick into her pussy.

“Ah, ah ah ♡ ah ah ♡ Mr. Rubelt’s cock is still so manly even though he has already ejaculated 6 times ♡ Please make him feel better with my service ♡”

First of all, Maria did not just rock her waist up and down, but made circles with her waist while keeping it in close contact with her cervix, allowing her cock to taste all over her pussy.

“Uuuuu was was me of me
“It’s very delicious, Maria. It’s even better when I receive it while looking at the beautiful Maria in her wedding attire.”
“Ahh. Thank you. I will work harder♡”

Maria placed her hands on my stomach, holding her balance and rotating her hips even faster.

“Huh! Yes♡ Oh yes♡ It’s such a great honor to have your thick cock stirring the inside of my pussy that I’ve been longing for so much♡ Thank you♡ Mr. Rubel♡ Mr. Cock♡ Aang♡ For tasting Maria’s pussy♡ For giving Maria the opportunity to become pregnant Thank you♡”

Maria’s grateful pussy spin on the top.

Maria’s large breasts did not move violently, but showed heavy movement simply by turning her waist.
Maria was satisfying not only the pleasure felt by her cock, but also visual satisfaction.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I was born as a child of the best conglomerate in the world of Godgame.


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