Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 324

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy 324

Chapter 324 – Side Story 28. Finale! Group Marriage Pregnancy Sex!

Maria in her prime gyrating her hips and serving her cock.

But I know Maria won’t stop with that.

That’s because what Maria feels and likes the most when she rides is the moment when her cock violently hits her womb.

“Ha, ha ha♡ Mr. Rubelt♡”

And as I expected, Maria did her back spin for about 3 minutes and then she started shaking her ass in earnest and pistoning her ass.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

“Huh! Yes♡ Aang♡ Rubel-sama♡ Rubel-sama♡ I really dreamed of it! The day when I can truly place Rubel-sama’s baby in my womb♡ I have really looked forward to a day like today when I will become pregnant with Rubel-sama’s child. ♡”

Every time she vigorously shook her hips up and down, Maria’s large breasts also swayed up and down, giving a feeling of heavy weight.

“Me too, Maria. I’ve been looking forward to getting you pregnant, everyone, just like today.”

“Ahh♡ Mr. Rubel♡ I’m so happy! Mr. Rubelt felt the same way too♡ Ah! Ahhhhh♡ Mr. Rubelt! My chest! Please touch my chest! Strongly touch my chest♡”

At Maria’s request, she stretched out her hands and grabbed and massaged Maria’s large breasts.

She ranks first or second among my wives. With voluptuous breasts, Maria boasts such softness that you’ll have your hand sucked just by squeezing her.

She receives Maria’s wedding dress service while clutching Maria’s breasts.

As time passed, Maria’s voice became more filled with happiness and pleasure, and when I squeezed her breasts strongly, she smiled as if she were ecstatic.

When I first saw her, Maria gave off the air of a pious busty nun.

However, the beginning of her first experience was towards lewd Maria, who seduced me by taking off her nun’s clothes and showing off her very sexy underwear.


I shot out semen filled with my love.


The moment she ejaculated, Maria also climaxed loudly and reflexively lifted her head.

Maria, who was in an ecstatic dazed state, was moved again with the help of Ellie and Lise, and the next person was called.

“Oh… Huh?”

She was next in line and she was going to call Aika.


“We are together… Please do it♡”

Aika was waiting for me with Anastasia lying on top of her.

Aika and Anastasia had their first experience with me on the same day.

So, I guess that means I want to do it with you today as well.

I felt a little moved by that.

During their first year at the Academy, they still worked separately, but from their second year onwards, Aika and Anastasia were revived as Twin Stars and began working as a unit.

And now, the scene of two people who were once separated trying to get along so well and receive my love resonated in my heart.

“Okay. Then I’ll start with Anastasia at the top.”


I grabbed Anastasia’s nice ass and immediately plunged my dick into it.


“Huh♡ Ah, ahhh♡ Rubelt’s dick is finally here after a long time…♡”

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

“Haha♡ Yes♡ Ahhhhh♡ I like it♡ I like it so much, Mr. Rubelt♡”

“Asha, you look so happy. Isn’t that right? It’s my first time tasting Rubelt’s cock in a month. That’s as happy as today… On your wedding day♡”

“That’s right, Aika♡ Ah! I’m so happy! It’s been a while since I had sex with Mr. Rubelt… I can’t believe I can have it on such a happy day♡”

In response to Aika’s words, Anastasia’s pussy wriggled with joy at the invasion of my cock.

Anastasia has numerous male fans and some female fans with her cool beauty concept.

However, Anastasia is one of those wives who will have my child who only shows a lovey-dovey appearance in front of me, not a cool beauty.

After 3 minutes of intense pistoning into Anastasia, he immediately took his cock out of her and plunged his cock into Aika’s cunt with exact precision.


“Haah Ah -ah ♡ Rubelt ♡ If you put it so suddenly … Ah, ah ♡ I went away ♡ I just went to the cock of Rubelt ♡ ♡”

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

“Hehe♡ Yes♡ aaaaa♡ Asha is right♡ It feels good♡ It’s been a while since I tasted Mr. Rubel’s big dick♡ Hehe♡ Yes♡ Uhhhhh♡”

Haha, it’s been a while since I’ve seen Aika’s face. It’s not the face an idol should have, Aika.”

“That♡ Aang♡ That was the same for Asha too! Hehe♡ Yes♡ aaaaang♡”

“I don’t see this face anywhere?”

“That’s the same for me too, Aang♡!”

“Yeah, you two only show those faces when you’re with me, right?”

Next, I fucked Aika’s pussy for about 3 minutes, with 4 minutes remaining.

I picked up the pace even more and showed off the most important techniques during 3P sex.

That’s a high-speed, vertical, continuous piston.

I quickly plugged my dick into Aika and Anastasia’s pussy alternately.

Squat! Squat! Squat! Squat! Squat!

“Ha -eung ♡ 앙 ♡ 으 ♡ ♡ Rubelt’s simultaneous snack ♡ It’s amazing ♡ This is only like this ♡

“The fast-moving dick♡ hgguhhh♡ Asha and my pussy are being stabbed quickly in turns♡ huh♡ huhhh♡ It’s like there are two Rubelts♡”

For the remaining four minutes, I maintained the up and down continuous piston motion and listened to Aika and Anastasia’s moans.

The voices of the two people who had captured the hearts of countless people while working as idols were now, thanks to my cock, emitting moans that only I could monopolize among men.

“Aika, Anastasia, you are both pregnant with my child!”

“Yes♡ I’m pregnant! Rubelt’s baby♡ I’m pregnant with Rubelt’s baby♡”

“I will become pregnant♡ with my beloved Rubelt’s baby♡ for sure♡”

As I listened to the two people swear, I plunged my dick into their wombs and emitted semen.

First, once in Anastasia’s pussy.



Next, he fucked Aika’s pussy and ejaculated continuously.



Both of them drooped with dazed expressions as they experienced intense sex with me for the first time in a long time.

“Come here, Anastasia, Aika.”

“I don’t want to disturb the next person. I’ll move it.”

This time, Kagura and Ayame, who had recovered, carried the two people.

Next was the folk tale.

“Is it my turn next?”

“That’s right, it’s Seolhwa.”

“I… I’ll do it in this position.”

Seolhwa blushed slightly and then laid down on her bed and lowered her upper body.

Then he lifted his buttocks up high and spread his legs wide.

That was the so-called Jack-O Challenge.

“Seolhwa, that posture…”

“Eh, I heard you did it in this position with Ellie before! And Ellie… I heard that you really liked it, so I want to try it too. If possible, it’s better to do it in the position you like.”

At first she was hostile to me and saw me as her rival and tried to win me over, but now Seolhwa has become a lovely woman who despite her own shame acts like this for me.

“Thank you, I’m glad it’s so sexy.”

“Tsk…♡ Hey, leave out the dirty words.”

Seolhwa was writhing in her pussy, feeling embarrassed or happy about what I said.

She couldn’t keep her lovely new bride’s pussy waiting, so she grabbed Seolhwa’s thighs and plunged her cock into her.


“Hagguh…♡ Ugh♡ Oh ot♡”

Seolhwa especially likes to be strong, so she used her strength right from the beginning and rammed her cock into Seolhwa’s womb.

Phew! Phew! Phew! Phew! Phew!

“Haaaaa♡ ah♡ uuuuuw♡ Okay♡ Ah, this cock♡ Really… Foul♡ Wow♡ Ah! Ouuuuuw♡”

“What do you think, Seolhwa? Do you like my cock?”

“Are you saying that? Ugh♡ Of course it’s obvious that it’s good ♡ It’s the dick of a man I like so much that I even marry him. It’s a dick ♡ Oh ♡ Ugh ♡”

Although she spoke a little harshly, Seolhwa did not spare a word in saying that she loved me.

“She had so boldly declared at first that she would win me.”

“Noisy… They say that in the end, the one who likes loses♡ Because I already like you… Because I love you, it’s like losing♡ In the first place, I could lose as much as I want if it were you…♡”

“If you think about it that way, since I love Seolhwa too, wouldn’t it be a draw if we lost together?”

“Ugh♡ No♡ If you say that now♡ I’ll feel it more♡”

“Then should I say more? We’re married, right? I love you, Seolhwa.”

“Haaak♡ Ugh♡ Ugh♡”

She pistoned hard until she ejaculated and whispered her love to Seolhwa.

Seolhwa climaxed easily every time he pounded her womb hard, but when he whispered his love to her, he climaxed even faster.



View! View!

When I ejaculated with a whisper of her love, she became a fountain of water.

“Ah, ah ♡ It’s really a foul ♡ Wow…♡”

Even though she was shaking, Seolhwa maintained her posture without breaking down.

“Come on~ Snowflake is over here~”

“Now, wait a minute. If I just went and touched it now… Hehe! Chi, Chisaki!”

Chisaki, who recovered, took Seolhwa with her.

There are now 3 people left.

I called the name of my wife, who was next in line.


“I’m ready, Rubel♡”

Jura was lying on her bed, opening her wet pussy, waiting for me.

“Pour as much love on me as you want♡”

What Jura wanted, like Kagura, was a seeding press.

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

Became a Rich Boy at the Academy

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