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The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days 19

The World's Academy Will Perish in 100 Days 19

Chapter 19 – Bathroom (2)

I was short of breath. I just put my hand on my shoulder and the air around me felt like it was pressing down on my neck. The man’s touch, which he hadn’t seen in a long time, was overwhelming enough to make his flesh tremble.


“You don’t even have to go in.”


He had absolutely nothing to refute. But he had to say something. I twitched my lips to answer somehow.

In the meantime, the hand that was on his shoulder slowly climbed up his neck. Unpleasant warmth permeated his hand gently caressing the nape of his neck.

“Now…Wait a minute, Duke.”

That was the first time Baron opened his mouth for me. He recited an excuse-like warning with brittle courage.

“I hope you don’t touch me. He came with us…”


“So…Don’t touch me…”



Every time Duke spoke, Baron’s voice grew smaller and smaller. I didn’t even expect it in the first place, but he ended up lowering his tail much faster than I expected.

“It’s nothing. We’ll… Go and help Roselia.”

“Do as you like.”



I cast a resentful look at the guys passing by me. Of course, that didn’t change anything. Once again, the door to the other side closed, and a cold wind blew under our feet. All that was left by my side was the vulgar noise of thumping and stamping my skin.



Meanwhile, Duke’s hand climbed up to my cheek. I didn’t want to meet his eyes, so I lowered my head and brushed the hair on the side of him as if it were cute. Desire dripped from her greasy hands.

It was like caressing the body of a bashful bride on her first night. I couldn’t bear to vomit, so whenever his hand touched it, only my eyes flinched. Duke smiled and asked if it was fun.

“Was it Lena?”


“You’re fine too.”


“But the body is a bit ambiguous.”

Eyes. Tongue. A vulgar tone ran through my body. Being judged on one’s body at the site of a group orgy literally made me feel like a prostitute.

Of course, it couldn’t be just a simple feeling. His hand was sliding down now. Soon, it seemed that he would grab his swollen breasts under his clothes.

“It’s different from what you see…”


“Usually these guys have something to hide.”

There was a sound of giggling all around. I raised my head slightly to see the men leaning in the corner laughing at their new toys.

None of them were familiar faces. They were people I had never seen before when the academy was functioning normally. To put it a little more harshly, they were nerds who couldn’t even make eye contact with me back then.

Okay. Like lope.

At that moment, something suddenly jumped up. The guys in this room were all losers and worms. At least, they didn’t have the minimum intelligence like Hater, so they would have lived their lives being swayed by others. However, the world has become such a mess, and a lot of luck has piled up, and I came to this place without a second thought.

Some people have tried their best to live confidently. I have been respected and praised by everyone with my own efforts and talent. Those who show off with a natural size are forcing me to behave like this.

“…Stop it.”



It was unacceptable. I can’t stand still I want to teach you etiquette that the world has forgotten.

“What are you saying…”

“Stop it, you bastard.”


Duke’s words did not follow. The next moment, I turned toward him and slapped him on the cheek with all my might.




“Garbage bastard.”

With all his contempt, he spit out the curse once more. The palms he had hit turned red and tingled with heat. And Duke turned his head to the same position I had hit him and shut his mouth.

The body of the guy I encountered was much bigger than I thought. One head above me. No, maybe he was bigger than that. Because of that, he originally intended to hit him on the cheek, but his height didn’t reach him, so he slapped him on the chin. Because he was doing his best, that part was also burning red.

Soon, Duke slowly turned his head toward me. It was also the first face he had ever seen. If he hadn’t had all kinds of luck, he was a loser who wouldn’t have looked me in the eye. He couldn’t help but say one more word when he saw that idiot’s face.

“Do you think I’ll obey you like the other bitches? I’ll never…”


But Duke spat in my face before he could finish his sentence. The thick liquid clung to her lips in an instant.

And before I could fully feel the discomfort, a hard palm slapped my cheek hard.


“…Fuck bitch.”

I fell to the floor before I even realized I had been hit. He had only been hit once, but his skull rang and his nose bleed. In an instant, the floor tiles that came before my eyes swayed here and there, bothering my vision.

But it didn’t end there. Without hesitation, Duke jumped on top of me and immediately raised his hand. And before I could stand up to stop, he ripped out my cheek once again.

“The lower pole…!”


It didn’t even end with one. He continued to punch me in the face without hesitation. Besides, it seemed that he had no intention of controlling his power.

“Wait… Sleep…”

“Get your hands off me.”


“Close your mouth.”


One shot. One shot. Every time a blow was struck, his consciousness blurred and tears flowed out. To be honest, I couldn’t even tell if it was tears or blood.

Gradually, my body was getting weaker. His face was already numb, and the lower part of his body under his buttocks was losing strength little by little. I was even afraid that I might die if I continued like this.

“Hey Duke…”

And it seems that it was not my own fear. A cautious voice came from the observer.

“Defeate moderately. Then die.”

“He hit me first.”

“And his face is all hurt. It seems like he has nothing else to look at.”

“…That’s right.”

Only then did he stop holding his hand. Then he went over my face and put his finger on the swelling.

“Hey. Are you okay?”


Then, when I instinctively flinched, he sneered and laughed. It was a situation worth thinking about. It must be funny that a bitch who was being cheeky became quiet in one shot.

But there was no point in worrying about that. Besides, things weren’t completely over.

“Your face is really pretty. As long as you have a good body, it’s perfect.”


“Hey. Wake up.”

“Wait a minute…!”

He grabbed my arm and forced me to stand up. Of course, he staggered out of strength, but he still tenaciously grabbed me and dragged me along. Then he pulled out a chair in the middle of the room and sat down in front of me.



“It’s fine, but…”

“Hey…If you let me rest for a while…”


It was a high-handed attitude to the point of contempt. But I couldn’t help but follow it. As I struggled to correct my posture, he chuckled and threw out his words.

“Take it off.”


“Take it off. They said I don’t like taking it off. So take it off yourself.”


“If you don’t like it, do it again?”

There was no object, but it was clear what he was talking about. Even so, when I hesitated, another voice came from behind me.

“Hey Duke. Are you okay? He looks like Rogeria’s gang.”

“I know. But what is it?”

“That… Hater didn’t touch Roselia as well. But is it okay?”

“I don’t know. It’ll be fine. But what are you doing? Take it off.”


Ignorance. More than that, it was a word that even felt an antipathy toward intellect. No matter how much I thought about it, there was no savior who would save me from this situation.

Eventually I started unbuttoning the shirt one by one with my own hands. Tears or blood dripped down and wetted my fingers.

Just like that, the single petal that covered my body fluttered and fell. The flies that gulped their saliva burst into exclamation at the sight of it.

“Isn’t that bad?”

“Yeah. It’s fine.”

“It’s because the original bouncing bitches are like that.”

“I got another one.”

The last word was Duke. He got up from his chair and strode toward me.

As a large shadow fell, I lowered my head involuntarily. I wondered if they would pull it up by force, but this time they didn’t seem interested. I just stared at my skin exposed through my clothes.

“You’ll get milk, too.”


“Let’s take a look.”

“I’m sorry…!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he put his hand under his underwear. Then, he violently massaged my fragile breasts. Before the shock of allowing others for the first time had even gone, the intense pain came.

“Ah… It hurts…”

“It hurts. Aren’t you enjoying it?”

“No way…”

As I trembled, he put both of his hands inside his clothes and began to trample the inside in earnest. Even though it was a hard and rough touch, the moist skin accepted him so easily. The fingers dug into his chest naturally clung to each other as if they were originally one body.

Even a faint moan escaped from the back of his throat when he rubbed his nipples. Even though he felt like dying, my body scattered evidence of pleasure at will.

“What? You’re on top? Are you feeling good?”


“Stop bouncing around. It’s getting annoying.”


“Shut up your mouth.”

He suddenly withdrew his hand and grabbed my chin. And then he put his fucking face in this direction. It was as if they were going to kiss each other.

I closed my eyes tightly. It’s fine now, so please, I hoped someone would save me.

But life wasn’t so smooth. All I could do was lower his head a little so his lips touched my nose.

“Don’t mess with it, put your lips to it.”

“Ah… Yup…”

Eventually, their lips met. Another moment in life, the first kiss, was sucked down the dirty sewer. Every time the filthy tongue licked the top of her lips, the stench of contempt wafted out thickly.

It was the worst. To the point where it couldn’t get any worse.

After a while, the door opened on the other side. And Roselia’s voice came out slowly.

“…What are you doing?”


“What are you doing, Duke?”

“You don’t know when you see it. I was having some fun.”

Then he parted his lips and removed his hand from rubbing his chest. As soon as the sweat-soaked hands disappeared, a chill hit his body in an instant. Feeling ashamed of the touch, I hurriedly put on my clothes.

“Anyway, are you done? What did you talk about?”

“I had to hang up quickly because I kept hearing strange noises outside. But I got a confirmation that they would send me a supply ship.

“Oh yeah? No matter how much I touched it, it didn’t work. That’s why I thought it was broken.”

“It’s magic engineering equipment that works with magic. It’s hard to handle unless you’re a normal person.”

“You mean you need me?”

“Thank you for understanding. What were you doing more than that? What did you do to Lena?”

“Oh that.”

Duke turned to me. Then he shrugged his shoulders and replied bluntly.

“He screwed up first.”

“No way.”

“Seriously. Ask yourself. You said you would do it first, didn’t you?”

There was a clear message hidden in the calm expression. I couldn’t answer and just hung my head. Then Roselia quickly came inside her and grabbed her arm.

“Okay. You don’t have to answer. Let’s go for today, Lena.”


“I’ll be back tomorrow, Duke. Until then, don’t touch that equipment and leave it alone. It’s the last thing left in the academy, so it won’t hurt if it’s broken.”

“Oh, I got it. I got it. Come tomorrow.”

Duke waved his hand in annoyance. Then he looked at me again and said.

“I’ll see you tomorrow too.”


“…Let’s go, Lena.”

Roselia took me and hurriedly walked toward the door. At the end of her last look, Erica’s eyes caught on. Suddenly, the turn came right in front of her.

What kind of emotion was hanging in those eyes? Is it a feeling of disappointment? Or is it despair? Unbeknownst to me, one of them stuck in my mind as well. Eventually, I turned away from that gaze and slipped out the door.

It was only after the door closed behind my back that I sighed. After a while, tears fell from the corners of my eyes.



It was only then that I realized that my lower leg was wet. Apparently, he had been incontinent when he was hit by Duke earlier. Something hot belatedly rose from the cold stain. I gripped the hem of my skirt with trembling hands and gritted my teeth.

“You’ve worked hard, Lena.”


“What were you guys doing while things were going like this? You said nothing happened.”

“Ooh…We just…”

When Rogeria rebuked them, the two men hesitated and stuttered. But she couldn’t reprimand them strongly. In a situation like this, even that useless power would be too precious.

“No. I understand. There were only two of us.”


“As expected, we need more people.

When the name came up, I involuntarily flinched and shook her shoulders. There was an unbelievable fear that Lope was watching this from somewhere.



“So there was no other talk on the land side?”

“That is…”

I deliberately asked the question to clear his mind about Lope. Then, Roselia was a little embarrassed, and she answered in a voice without confidence.

“Actually…I couldn’t speak to my father on the phone. So I couldn’t hear the details.”


“It’s okay though. I’ll be able to hear from you tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow too…Should I follow you?”


Rogeria hesitated to answer my question. But this time she couldn’t avoid answering. After thinking about it for a long time, she answered by embellishing her precarious self-confidence.

“You don’t have to.”



The last word followed faintly. Anxiety welled up from that dimness.

The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days

The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days

100일 뒤에 멸망하는 세계의 아카데미
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The world will end in 100 days.The talents they boasted of are no longer useful in this world.There was no longer any need to bow down to them.


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