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The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days 18

The World's Academy Will Perish in 100 Days 18

Chapter 18 – Bathroom (1)

No matter how many names are called, the door does not answer. Was it because his name wasn’t called? Or is it because the key is not inserted?

Everything is still in doubt. We stood dumbfounded in front of it, vaguely imagining what was going on inside. As time goes on, fear only grows and anxiety amplifies.

There was still only one thing Rogeria could do in front of him. Calling her by name. It was my job to pray that Moon would mistake his name and open her crotch.




The number of times I called her name was about to pass five times when I finally heard footsteps from inside. Even though she was so desired, Roselia backed away from her a little. I also took a step back.

Just like that, the door opened and a person’s face crawled out. Of course, it wasn’t Erica.

“…What is it. Rogeria.”


“Are you here to sell yourself?”

Her man who came out of her proved her own identity with a single word. However, Roselia responded proudly without showing any signs of embarrassment on her part.

“No. I came here for the supply ship related work I was talking about before.”

“I don’t know.”

“I don’t know. I told Hayter. But she doesn’t care because Erica will know. Where’s Erica?”


He cast his gaze into the room and gave the most vague answer possible under the circumstances.

“I’m busy right now.”

“He must be busy. It’s always been that way. But I need to see Erica right now.”

“You wouldn’t want to.”

“That’s for me to judge.”


The man let out a laugh at the bold declaration of Roselia. Then she warned in a quiet voice, as if she were the last consideration.

“You won’t look good, Rogeria.”

“I do not care.”

“Well… Actually, it’s none of my business.”

He rudely opened the door and disappeared back into the room. It was a moment she had been waiting for so long, but Roseria could not enter easily. Even though she pretended to be calm on the outside, she seemed to have the same feelings as me.

But she knew very well that she should not reveal her inner feelings. That’s why she deliberately scolded me and kept her cold expression.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you going in?”

“No, just…”

“It won’t be a big deal. Come on, let’s go in quickly. There’s not just one or two things to take care of.”

Her light sigh was mixed at the end of her decorated confidence. Rogeria secretly caught her breath and then she was the first to step inside. I waited until the two men standing next to me entered, then slowly moved on.


I already had regrets. But I couldn’t back down like Rogeria. The two of us were bound with invisible handcuffs last night when she followed Roselia, not him. It was already too late to run away.

Soon, a strange odor mixed with the smell of sweat and fishy iron flowed from the inside of the room. Roselia frowned and called her name once again.



Then, for the first time, a familiar noise was heard as if responding to Roselia’s voice. Contrary to expectations, we could see Erica as soon as we entered the room.

I had hope for the first time. Maybe the new academy life isn’t so bad. For a while, I remembered that dream.

But hope was the flower that withered the fastest in the season of the end.


Hearing Roselia’s voice, Erica quickly met our eyes. There was a definite delight mixed in her characteristic blue eyes.

But she couldn’t say goodbye to the reunion. Because she had her own underwear gagged in her mouth.




Her undergarments were soaked with saliva and were gray. No, maybe it’s not saliva. She doubted it, but she couldn’t possibly imagine it. Either way, she hoped to get out of that vulgarity quickly.

Of course, Erica didn’t have the ability to escape on her own. Her hands and feet were tightly bound somewhere.

Only then did I find out the whereabouts of the mop bag, which was nowhere else. As expected, they were all in this room.

To be more precise, it was under Erica’s leg.



Erica’s ankles were tightly bound to long wooden sticks. It was clear that she would injure her ankle if she moved too recklessly, as she had precisely crossed her Achilles tendon. That’s why she had no choice but to keep her crotch wide open as she was bound to the bar. A lot of bodily fluids had already fallen from the wooden stick, and it was brown instead of its original color.

Besides, Erica was not alone. Beside her stood other wooden poles and other women chained to them, staring at the wall.



“Huh… Sigh…”

The faces of the girls crying in different voices were all pretty and beautiful. Most of them were students who were rumored to be outstanding at the academy. It was a shocking sight to me, who remembered their original appearance.

How many hours have you been standing here? I don’t know exactly, but I can guess it to some extent from the sweat pouring down like rain and the tears shimmering around my eyes. The appearance of the girls being punished for a long time for the crime of being pretty was like cattle trapped in a ranch.

As I was observing them, I suddenly realized that everyone’s eyes were focused on one place. And the fear mixed in those eyes. Naturally, I followed their gaze and turned my eyes toward the dark corner.

There was another girl there. She, too, was tied to her pole and had her underwear in her mouth. But unlike the others, she was not alone.

The moment I realized that fact, I lowered my gaze a little. Above them, the sound of copulations of sloppy beasts resounded vulgarly.


“Ugh… Uh…”

Hehe..Hehe… Heuuuuu…”


The screams of a crushed girl. And the sighs of a well-built man. The sound of them pressing against the skin resounded with a thud. As time passed, sweat clung to each other and the sound grew thicker.

The remnants of the act were revealed in the gaze that I lowered because I didn’t want to see it. When the naked man’s waist pressed heavily against the girl’s white buttocks, her red thighs trembled and forcefully spewed out juices that flowed down the girl’s calves, creating a bruised shadow on the floor. Quite a bit of time had already passed, and a puddle had formed on the floor.

The other girls who watched the scene also twitched their hips whenever the man vigorously shook his waist. In a way, it was natural. Because that will be their future. The instinct that noticed that fact was soaking their bodies with bodily fluid to make it easier for them to accept the man.

Even I instinctively twitched my thighs as I heard the thud. A female instinct stirred in the lower part of my body, which had shrunk involuntarily. Shame and fear rushed out of my head and flowed out in wet sweat.

When everyone’s eyes were on the mating scene, only Erica was looking at us. She looked at Rogeria with a glimmer of hope, even though her body trembled like the other girls. That she might be saved as much as she is. She seemed to be under such an illusion.

Of course, an illusion was just an illusion. Soon, a slow voice crawled out from the deepest part of the dark shadow.

“What…Who’s here?”


“I smell like a woman? Who is it?”

“It’s me.”

Roselia cautiously walked toward the middle. Then, as if trying to keep her composure, she haughtily crossed her arms and opened her mouth.

“Hmm… I guess you’ve become the new owner of the student president’s office. Is that so?”

“It’s Roseria. What did you come for? To get stuck?”

“Don’t say such horrible things in the morning. I’m scared, Duke.”

A slightly hoarse voice came out. This was the tone she used when she flaunted her charms to Erica in her school days. However, the man called Duke was not at all agitated and replied calmly.

“It’s okay, if you’re back, suck me up. Watching it makes me a little bored.”

“Then why did you just watch it? Did you even lose at rock-paper-scissors?”

“I told him to do it. Pick a bitch with a good body and fuck him.”

“Why? Is that what you like?”

“No. I want milk.”


For the first time, Roselia was speechless. She didn’t slyly carry on her words and asked stupidly.

“What does that mean…?”

“I want to drink milk. If I get pregnant, will I have milk?”

“But…You know that the world will end in 200 days, right? No matter how fast the milk comes out…”

“Then we must hurry from now on.”


Roselia shut her mouth completely. Then Duke slowly rose from his seat. I bit her lip involuntarily as her dusky shadow rose as if it were touching the ceiling. But it wasn’t because he felt intimidated by his size.

More than that, I felt a sense of uneasiness from the sight of Rogeria biting her lip like me.

“That…Maybehaha…More than that, Duke. I’m here for the supply ship…”

“Supply ship? What is it?”

“You know why. Gradually the academy is running out of food and needs some necessities, so the Empire decided to send a ship.”

“Ah. You know that. I think Hater was talking about it.”

“Remember? That’s what I came for. There’s equipment in there, so I’ll go inside…”

“But do you need it?”


At the Duke’s imposing question, Roselia stupidly opened her mouth. No, that’s stupid over there. But now that distinction was meaningless.

“There’s not enough food. There’s a lot in the warehouse.”

“But the number of people in the main building has increased.

“What’s the matter? If it’s not there, I’ll live without it.”

“Other necessities are also lacking. You must have a lot of things?”

“I think I just need food.”

“That…And gloves aren’t enough. Won’t you need a lot of condoms?”

“I don’t normally do it.”

“Then you might get an STD…”

“But you’re quite tall.”

At that word, the flow of the conversation suddenly stopped. Duke scanned Roselia up and down in the dark before opening his mouth dryly.



“Give me one stick.”

“Wait a minute…!”

At that moment, her large hand caught her Roselia’s slender wrist. Even though it was only slightly caught, she gasped for breath as if her arm had been broken.

“Wait! Wait a minute Duke!”

“If you move, your ankle will hurt. Stay still.”

“Wait a minute? Huh? Stop kidding!”

“You really should stop moving. Hey, make a seat over there next to Erica.”

Rogeria screamed in her fear, but Duke pretended not to hear. He just casually accepted the stick and took it towards Roseria.

“Please Duke! I… I’ll do something else… Something else!”

“I told you not to move. Oh, should I take off my underwear first?”

“Wait, Duke. You might want something…”

“I’m doing what I want. Be quiet and spread your legs.”

“Yes milk! You can ask the supply ship to bring that too! Milk!”


Then, her hand stopped pulling at her underwear. Rogeria exhaled her breath heavily, but she struggled to keep her calm.

“Yeah…Milk. You can ask for that too. And if you remember anything else, you can ask for it, right?”


“I’m sure there will be more things I want. And there’s no food left except for stored food, so there’s only tasteless things.”

“I heard that.”

“Then let me go… Huh?”


A troubled voice was heard. But that time was by no means long. Duke immediately threw down the rod and let go of his hand.

“That’s right. Then hurry up and do that. Rogeria.”

“Ah… Yes.”

“When you’re done, let me know what you were talking about, okay?”

“Okay. Thanks Duke.”

Roselia thanked her, pulling up her half-naked underwear. Her back was turned so she couldn’t be seen, but her face must have been blushing with her shame.

Still, she walked toward the room behind her with a commanding stride. In the meantime, she cursed inside, but she had no choice but to let go of this aspect. She thought it was good to follow her for the first time.

Of course, the premonition that her future road would be difficult also came to mind at the same time.


I quietly sighed and followed Roselia. The men of Roseria, who had been silent until now, also moved belatedly. With every step I took, my breath quickened without realizing it.

Could it be because of nervousness? I was gagging because I was constantly breathing in excessively. As I barely took one step at a time, I saw the door to the room Roselia entered. Wanting to get in quickly, she immediately put her hand on the doorknob.

“Wait a minute.”

But then her big hand from before caught her on my shoulder. I couldn’t even dare to turn my head, and my shoulders trembled. Above them, Duke’s heartless voice flowed.

“You don’t even have to go in, do you?”

The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days

The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days

100일 뒤에 멸망하는 세계의 아카데미
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The world will end in 100 days.The talents they boasted of are no longer useful in this world.There was no longer any need to bow down to them.


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