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The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days 17

The World's Academy Will Perish in 100 Days 17

Chapter 17 – Girl Sleeping in the Well (3)


Above the chewed and swallowed swear words, a sharp line was pierced. It sounded like he was scolding me for my poor attitude.

“Because it’s morning.”


“I can’t help it. I’ll go in.”


Childish scuffles always ended like this. It hadn’t changed much from before. The door opens, a cold wind blows in, and I pull up the blanket. The only difference was that the person who entered let out an annoyed sigh.



“Lena. I don’t have time to be lazy like this.”

“…Only five minutes. Can’t we?”

“Do you think it will?”

Habitually trying to be childish, her voice was firm. It was the first time this had happened, so her shoulders flinched and trembled involuntarily. When I was confined in the annex building, no one dared to treat me this way, and there was someone who kindly woke me up before my destruction.

But now I was in the main building of the academy and someone had gone somewhere. I was the only one who lost if I stupidly denied reality anymore. In the end, what came out of my mouth was a powerless declaration of surrender.

“Okay. I’ll get up.”

“Quickly. Lena.”


Fuck you. The urging attitude, the pathetic voice. My position of not being able to rebel against it is even more fucked up.

As I embraced hatred and straightened my heavy back, I saw Roseria standing by the door. Even in this situation, her face is elegant like an aristocrat. It’s a world apart from me, who just woke up and her hair is messy and her eyes are swollen.

It must be makeup. Trembling awkwardly.

Until yesterday, I was just grateful, but at least I don’t feel that way now. The immediate morning sunlight is more irritating than the uncertain promise of survival.

Of course, I never intended to tee off. So I stood up from my seat as obediently as possible.

“Good morning, Rogeria.”

“It’s a pretty shameless answer for being procrastinating. But I rather like it. Was the bed okay?”

“Yes. Thanks.”

While answering, I glanced at my futon. Musty beds in cramped staff sleeping quarters. It was hard to say good things with empty words.

But in this situation, it was no better than a high-end hotel room. Besides, I can use it alone. Just a week ago, I had to go to sleep to the noise of some idiots secretly masturbating.

Roselia also nodded her head in satisfaction, as if she really accepted my thanks. Then, in a slightly overbearing voice, she offered a command-like suggestion.

“That’s good. Then why don’t you wash up quickly? There will be a bathroom in the back. Everything you need will be there.”

“I thought I would have time to wash up. I thought I couldn’t afford it.”

“Actually, I don’t have time to spare. But it’s much better to be a little procrastinating than to go around in such a messy way. If you don’t go around neatly, you might be misunderstood.”

“What misunderstanding?”

“You’ll find out soon anyway. Should I listen to it now?”

Hearing that, I had some expectations, so I kept my mouth shut. Then Roselia smiled and nodded her head.

“Don’t worry too much. As long as you stay by my side, there will be no problem.

“Okay. I’ll leave soon.”

“Oh, and when you leave, you clean up your room and come out. Each of these things affects your dignity? So be careful.”


“Then I’ll wait outside.”


Soon, the door closed and a lonely shadow drifted through the gap. Without saying a word, I lowered my gaze and looked at the floor of the room. Rolling dust and rubbish. And the messy futons caught my eyes one after another.

After seeing those things in my eyes, the elements of the situation filled my head. A dirty room that no one cleans anymore. A high-ranking aristocrat who proudly issues orders from above. The academy’s environment where you can’t walk around alone.

And I was placed in a position of complete eul.

Each bite left a bitter aftertaste and raked it down my throat.


As he reflected on his situation, a sharp pain spread from his lips. It seems that I was biting my lip without even realizing it. The bad habits that I used to do in my adolescence were only now recurring.

When I remembered that fact, I almost fell into depression again. But I braced myself by slapping both cheeks.


What he said was a refutation of his own thoughts. Still, I belonged to the really better axis in the academy right now. There are also rooms where you can sleep alone. There are people who protect you. It is not a position that can be touched carelessly.

Besides, I was chosen. As one of the few talented people who can survive this destruction.

When I remembered that fact, I felt a little relieved. Okay. I’ll stay alive. I will go to the land of the elves and survive to the end.

Unlike you.

I didn’t even know who the listener of the last word was. No, I know, but I quickly denied it. Shaking off my remaining thoughts, I entered the bathroom. The touch of cold water tickled the tips of his toes.

“…You washed up pretty quickly and came out. Good work Lena.”

“Thank you.”

“And you look pretty today. It makes me a little jealous.”

As soon as I left the room, compliments poured in. But there was no feeling of sincerity. Only the smell of carrots used to train the stallion wafts faintly.

However, the two men standing next to Roseria gave a slightly different look. There was no hypocrisy in his gaze as he licked my body from head to toe. Rather, it felt like I could tell what he was thinking just by looking into his eyes.

That made it all the more unpleasant. I moved closer to Roselia, shaking off their gaze.

“There are only two. Yesterday there were three.”

“Well, there is no need to carry a lot of kids unnecessarily.

“Huh? Uh…Uh. Of course.”

“As expected, you’re reliable. Thank you.”

Roselia smiled and kissed the cheek of the tall man standing next to her. Even with simple skinship, he made an ecstatic expression, and the other man standing next to him looked at Roseria with a puppy-like face waiting for food. Just from that one scene, it seemed like you could tell at once how she coaxed them.

After all, no matter how noble you are, you have to sell your body in this situation. The vulgar speculation naturally led to cynicism.

“So? Where are you taking me, Roselia? Do you have a destination?”

“What can you know by telling me? If I have to tell you, it’s the student president’s office.”

“Why are you there? You want to go see Erica?”

“Rather than that, there’s a device that can communicate with the mainland. I originally planned to go early in the morning, but it’s a little late. Maybe something annoying will happen.”

“…Sorry. I should have been quicker.”

“If you’re sorry, follow me quickly. Don’t procrastinate anymore.”

This time, instead of encouragement, reprimands poured in. It was a very crude way of speaking to be carrot and stick. I don’t know if Roger Ria was even aware of that, but she started moving towards her hallway with haughty steps. After that, the scenery of the academy, which was greeted in two months, began to be revealed.

At first glance, it seemed that not much had changed. Even tightly closed classrooms. Corridors dirty with saliva and bodily fluids. Even the blood-stained windows. It was the same as when I ran away from here. The academy, where only the bad guys were left without anyone to clean it up, was slowly decaying.

However, no matter where I looked around the hallway, I couldn’t see the figures of the people who made the academy like this. In a way, it was natural. Last night was intense for everyone, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he was still asleep. In fact, snoring could be heard from all over the closed classroom.

And when all those who fell asleep wake up like that, then the hellish scenery will begin. Rogeria’s words about hurrying probably meant that.

Anyway, where are all the people who were caught? A question arose, but was quickly erased. Anyway, it had nothing to do with me now. Rather than that, I threw a question in a quiet voice to think constructively.

“Where is the student president’s office, Rogeria?”

“All we have to do is go up one level from here. But why do you ask such a thing? You seem to be impatient now?”

“I just want to get there quickly.”

“Well…Don’t worry. It won’t take long. For now, just walk quietly.”


I nodded obediently. As she said, it was enough for him to remain quiet for now. Because the academy’s malice hasn’t awakened yet.

But that didn’t mean everyone was asleep.

“Miss Lena!!!”


Just as I was feeling relieved, a hand came out of the bathroom next to me and grabbed my ankle. I was startled and tried to scream, but managed to cover my mouth.

Soon, in the crumbly darkness, a messed up girl showed her face. I couldn’t tell who it was because her hair was disheveled like a ghost, but I could clearly see the cigarette burn marks all over her body.

It was as if worms had eaten her whole body. It was easy to see what had happened to her without using much imagination. The girl met her eyes and opened her lips slowly.

And she started laughing like a madman.



“It’s Lena… Pretty Lena… Really pretty Lena…”


“Ms. Lena, would you like to come in for a second? Ehehe… Heh… Our numbers don’t match, Ms. Lena, come in for a moment. Yes?”

A hint of madness could be seen in the weakly opened eyes. Her face was wet with a dream, as if she was drunk with something. The girl giggled so meaninglessly that she brought out a story I could understand for the first time.

“There are four of us, but we have six cocks. Too many. If only Lena comes, the number will be right. Uhehe… It’s really perfect. Then we can rest. Only Lena can come.”

“…Leave this.”

“We need Lena too. I saw all the masturbation in the corner at that time. Lena has a lot of water, so people will like it. Really, it’s perfect if only Lena comes. Really…”

“Ha… Fuck.”

Then, in the depths of the bathroom, harsh curse words were scattered. And again a hand came out and grabbed the girl’s hair.

“It really bothers me. How many times has this been?”

“Aheh.Hehe…I found someone. Now one person doesn’t have to wash two. It fits perfectly.”

“Fuck it. Even if that bitch comes, there are five of us. There are six of us. One doesn’t fit.”

“No, but that’s right…I counted on my fingers…One, two, three, four, five…Six…”

The girl looked at her hand and folded her invisible sixth finger. Then he looked up at us with a puzzled expression. A faint smell of gas wafted from her lips.

The man seemed annoyed by her appearance and threw her hair into her. Soon, her flesh hit the floor and she heard the sound of something breaking. But what followed was laughter, not screaming.


“What the fuck are you looking at? Fuck me?”


“…Ah, what is it? Was it Roselia?”

He looked at me with a stern face, then suddenly cast his gaze toward Roselia. Then he spat on the floor and spat.

“Go away. If you have nothing to do.”

“I’m about to do that anyway. Let’s go, Lena.”


I followed her behind, keeping my expression as calm as possible. The man looked at us and then she crawled back into the darkness. After walking for a while, Roselia quietly opened her mouth.

“I was in a hurry because this might happen.”

“Sorry. I’ll wake up early from now on.”

“I hope you do. Over there is the student president’s office.”

Looking up at her words, a large plaque with the Student President’s Office written on it caught her eye. It seemed like there were some graffiti on it, but I didn’t catch my eyes until now. Sweat was coldly evaporating in the shape of handprints from the ankles that had been caught earlier.

“Is anyone there yet? I hope so. Baron? Can you open the door for me?”

“Okay, I get it.”

At Roselia’s words, a man named Baron dutifully approached the door. But no matter how much he pulled the handle, the door wouldn’t open.

“Uh…It looks like it’s locked. Should I force it open?”

“No. Erika will be inside anyway. She must be still sleeping.”

This time, Roselia approached the door. Then she shouted inwardly with her characteristic high-pitched voice.

“Erika? It’s me Roselia. She wonder if she’s still sleeping?”


“Open the door, Erica. Is it me?”


“Ha… Oh. Why are you sleeping so much?”

As she grumbled, I looked around her impatiently. Somehow it didn’t feel right. It felt like my chest was tightening for no reason.

Suddenly, something piled up on one side of the hallway caught my eye. At first, I thought it was just trash, but when I looked closer, it was a bit strange to be in a place like this.

“A mop…?”

“What? Are you doing that to me now?”

“No… There’s a pile of them over there. Isn’t that a mop?”


Rogeria, who had been irritated by her as if a thief was stepping on her feet, finally turned her gaze and looked in the direction I pointed at her. There was a pile of mop there, as I said.

To be precise, the mops with only her head remaining.

Dozens of mop piled up all had a body part. It looked as if someone had broken it to use only the handle. I couldn’t figure out what the heck they were going to be used for.

But I had some idea where it was now. Roselia must have thought the same thing, so she turned her eyes to the same place as me. Soon, our eyes were fixed on the door of the student president’s office.

Only then did I notice the graffiti on the nameplate in the student president’s office. A few letters were erased from the existing nameplate and only one more stroke was drawn, but it was enough to amplify anxiety.

[ Restroom]

“…Erika. Open the door.”

Once again, Rogeria’s voice pierced toward the door. There was now a tinge of uneasiness in it.

“Erika. Is it me?”



The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days

The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days

100일 뒤에 멸망하는 세계의 아카데미
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The world will end in 100 days.The talents they boasted of are no longer useful in this world.There was no longer any need to bow down to them.


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