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Heroine Attacks Heroine

Heroine Attacks Heroine

히로인이 히로인을 공략함
Native LanguageKorean

Become a heroine who dies in the main character awakening event.

The copyright of this illustration belongs to the author.

This episode is complete! There are some readers who want to edit the early part, so I leave it!

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  1. Weirdo says:

    The Pic moves wtffff

  2. Balanavaha says:

    Is is only yuri?

  3. Pablo says:

    Ya leí bastante de esto pero no sé si dar sipnosis o no jajaja, pa quien no sepa esto es Yuri. El MC Reencarnó en una waifu y pues como le gustan las mujeres simplemente todo aquí es lesbico

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