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Hypnotist’s Saint Conquest

Hypnotist’s Saint Conquest

최면술사의 성녀정복기
Native LanguageKorean

Can you fall in love with the person you hypnotize?
If it falls, is it really love?
If you hypnotized the enemies of your parents and siblings.
And if you are in love.
What should I do?

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  1. Myaha says:

    Author asking philosophical questions on synopsis hahaha

  2. Myaha says:

    Ex-girlfriend heroine: “How dare you hypnotized me for wanting me after I struggled to wait for you and doing nothing to help you despite I have the power and position to help you for hundred years! How dare you also happily got helped by your first ex-girlfriend when no one, not even me, helped you!”

    MC: “Why you did nothing to help me when I’m working under your father to rise my position to marry you only for your father to kicked me down repeatedly so I can never reach the necessary position to marry you! Of course I’m happy someone helped me after nobody, not even you, helped me to get back on my feet to marry you!”

    A princess who did nothing to help and only want to wait for her prince charming to come to her side despite knowing the abuse her prince charming got by her father.

  3. Myaha says:

    Other than that one annoying princess, it’s a solid 9/10.

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