The Youngest Son of a Japanese Conglomerate.

The Youngest Son of a Japanese Conglomerate.

일본 재벌집 막내아들
Native LanguageKorean

The main character, who was disappointed after watching the original game drama, left a message on the viewer’s bulletin board and woke up to find himself the youngest son of a Japanese conglomerate, different from the original.

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  1. HarukiSensei says:

    Feel free to ask me anything in reply. I’m reading this rn.

  2. min si says:


  3. HarukiSensei says:

    Harem, kinda incest, Ntl and many more. Ask me specific what you don’t expect from this.

  4. CounterPoison says:

    Honestly the plot moving quite slow.

  5. dk says:

    it’s quiet good. pacing in terms of sex is faster than ‘how to ruin romcom’ but slower than a lot of erotic novel. plot / MC / Character development are good.

    9/10 for me. i’m quiet picky about novel. this one is enjoyable for me.

  6. Arlos says:

    Man, the whole cambion things just killed my interest in one go, things were going so well until then, but author decided to cheapen out.

  7. Youto01 says:

    9/10 Good story…
    waiting for update..

  8. Youto01 says:

    Looking for similar story..

  9. Brayan Javier says:


  10. WillBeBlack says:

    How to get more ilustratoon …….

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