The Youngest Son of a Japanese Conglomerate. 270

The Youngest Son of a Japanese Conglomerate. 270

Chapter 270 – Episode 31. Ai Android VS Ai Android

When Han Yu-gyeong became the owner of White Bear, she was able to check White Bear’s abilities through the glasses at the ruins, and White Bear had quite good abilities.

White Bear had skills such as high-speed movement, star roar, and photon bomb. This is my first time hearing about Star Roar, but it has a cool-sounding name, so it might be useful. In addition, she has good basic physical abilities, so she seems to be useful in hand-to-hand combat. One thing that is disappointing is that it is difficult to perform a sneak attack using the shadows like Nero, but you can do this by asking Nero to do it.

The good news though was that since White Bear was a calf-sized puppy, it was a bit burdensome to keep taking her around, but when she was canceled, she returned to her original dimension. She also seemed quite useful since she could be summoned again at any time.

Nero seemed to be dissatisfied with his new rival and kept circling around White Bear, throwing punches, but White Bear thought he was just playing around and fought with Nero excitedly. Apparently, Nero, the shadow leopard, was of the sneak attack type, so his physical abilities seemed to be no match for the white bear. In the end, their play(?) Ended with Nero hiding in Han Yu-kyung’s shadow.

In this case, Han Yu-kyung’s battle position seemed to be decided. It was a style of having summoned beasts stand up in a battle line and support them from behind with magic and throwing techniques. Two summons are still not enough for the front line, but as the level increases, you will be able to supply one or two more.

Or, you could make something like a summoning circle through crafting. Because I remember some coordinates… Of course, if I remember well, it is the best summoned beast in the game, so it would be ridiculously difficult to find the materials to make a summoning circle. If you prepare, you can make it.

“The white bear is leaving for now.”
“Kkiiing, kkiing~!”

When I tried to unsummon the white bear before going to the Tokyo branch, it was a white bear clinging to Han Yu-gyeong, cackling, but since I had a scheduled time, I couldn’t play with it any longer, so I had no choice but to cancel the summoning. No matter how cute it is, something can’t be helped.

When Han Yu-kyung canceled the summoning of White Bear, White Bear turned into particles of her light and scattered and disappeared. Nero, who was watching the scene from afar, yawned with satisfaction and disappeared into Han Yu-gyeong’s shadow.

“Shall we go now?”

We left the hotel to meet with Eve and officials from Energy-Link Industrial Company. The Tokyo branch was a remodeled underground shelter that had been abandoned after being used in the early days of World War III, but now the company had purchased the site and built a building above the entrance to camouflage it.

Most of the buildings erected above the entrance were used as corporate offices, and the first floor was used as a convenience store. However, if you go into a small office called Higashiyama Trading in a corner of the first floor, there is an entrance to the dark room.

We calmly entered the crowded office of Higashiyama Trading and authenticated with the black tablet on one wall using an online app, and the wall opened and an elevator came out.

Because it was an underground shelter, I had to take the elevator down for a long time. When the elevator door opened, the interior was pretty neatly decorated and Eve was immediately there to welcome us. Hmm? Something seems different…

“Welcome~! Everyone!!”
“Eve! Oh, what are you dressed like?”

As soon as Han Yu-kyung saw Eve, she was scolding her. Her Eve was wearing a tight white mini dress that showed off her cleavage. It’s a bit excessive because it’s a slightly see-through material. Anyway, Eve is a hologram with no substance, so she can change her outfit as much as she wants, so because of Han Yu-kyung’s protest, Eve will change her clothes.

“Ahaha! “I’m sorry, but I’m already wearing it, but I can’t change it.”

Are you normally uncomfortable? Eve changes her clothes in a second, but today she refused Han Yu-kyung’s protest. It’s a little strange, isn’t it? I felt something off earlier, but when I looked closely, I saw that Eve was different from usual.

There was no angel ring always spinning above Eve’s head. I asked Eve about that ring before, and she said it was a holographic drone that moves and shoots holograms so that it can move as a hologram. So…

“Eve, no way…”

When I looked at Eve and said, “No way,” Eve slightly tilted her head to the right and smiled. Yes. The reason I felt out of place was not because there was no holographic drone.

Eve was showing signs of popularity that a hologram could not express.

“Would you like to shake hands, Ryuta?”

Eve smiled broadly and held out her hand to me. I also held out my hand. Since I held out my hand instead of using the abyss as I had done up to this point, if Eve were a hologram, my hand would grab the air.


Eve held my hand tightly. Also… It wasn’t a hologram. I don’t know how she did it, but Eve created a body that was truly indistinguishable from that of a human.

“You were surprised, right?”

When Han Yu-kyung, who was watching from the side, was surprised, Eve slightly stuck out her tongue and said.

What surprised Han Yu-kyung was that the development and production of androids (artificial intelligence robots with human appearance) were banned and stopped due to many restrictions placed on artificial intelligence during World War III.
Currently, only robots that perform designated tasks without artificial intelligence are being produced. Of course, companies may be making Android in the dark, but they won’t be able to make an Android as good as the Eve I see right now.

I think it was because I was shaking hands in a holographic state, surrounded by an abyss, that it caused this butterfly effect. Obviously, Eve was always a hologram in the game…

“Did you make a body?”
“Yes! Eve can go anywhere now!”

I’m very excited. No matter how you look at it, it looks like a human. Neither their appearance nor their communication were similar to that of an artificially intelligent android.

“Oh, that’s really amazing… “He seems like a real person.”

Han Yu-kyung seemed to have forgotten that she was upset about Eve’s outfit. She walked closer to Eve and started touching Eve’s skin.

“Ahaha! “It tickles, Han Yu-kyung!”

Feeling tickled by Han Yu-kyung’s touch means that you are embodying her senses… She seemed to have great technical skills as she dominated shady commerce.

Han Yu-kyung touched Eve’s body for a long time, and she seemed to have forgotten that I was there, so she touched Eve’s large breasts. Her Han Yu-kyung’s fingers entered her Eve’s skin and entered. Just by looking at that, it definitely looked like S-class breasts that felt nice to the touch.

“Wow… “Her breasts are super soft too.”
“Hey, Han Yu-kyung? “Is Mr. Ryuta still watching?”

Han Yu-kyung was startled by Eve’s words and took her hand away from touching her breast. I was really curious as she was so absorbed in touching her breasts that she forgot my presence.

“Ah, but what about Mimata-senpai?”
“It’s not yet the appointed time, so I guess he’s coming?”

I changed the subject to Chieri Mimata for the awkward Han Yu-kyung. She was thinking of getting help from Mimatachieri, who knows more about these contracts than I do, so she called Mimatachieri as well, but she didn’t seem to have arrived yet.

“Hmm! “It looks like Mr. Chieri has just entered the Higashiyama trading office.”

Eve said she had received a call from the office above. As soon as Chieri Mimata mentioned her name, it seemed like she had arrived at the building.

Han Yu-kyung seemed a little nervous. Since she is meeting Chieri Mimata, a beautiful woman and my secretary, Han Yu-kyung must also feel uncomfortable as she is a woman.

When I told her about Chieri Mimata, Han Yu-kyung seemed a little uncomfortable, but she said that she had no choice because she was the secretary assigned to her by her grandfather, and that she could not fire her because she was someone I trusted, so even if we couldn’t get along with her, Han Yu-kyung didn’t want to have a bad relationship with her. I will say so.


The elevator opened and Chieri Mimata with medium-orange hair came out.

“Junior, Eve! Hello~!”

Chieri Mimata first greeted me and Eve. Chieri Mimata walked closer to Yu-kyung Han and began to examine her Yu-kyung Han. She then opened her mouth.

“Wow! It’s really pretty! “How does someone look like this?”
“Oh, hello?”
“Yes! My name is Chieri Mimata, and I am her junior’s secretary! As expected, you are as beautiful as the person your junior is dating! “You have great skin too!”

Han Yu-kyung was unable to come to her senses due to the bombardment of compliments from Mimata Chieri.

Unlike Aris and the other women who knew that I was in a relationship with another woman, Han Yu-kyung didn’t know yet, so she told Mimatachieri to be careful with her words and actions in advance, but Mimatachieri kept praising Han Yu-kyung for her. It seemed like they were using a strategy to completely distract me.

“But why does Mimata call Yongtae, or rather Ryuta, her junior?”
“Oh actually, that’s…”

Han Yu-kyung also seemed to not dislike Chieri Mimata, who treated her warmly, and soon they started talking to each other.

It was good for the two of us to become friends, but work came first, so I stepped forward.

“We’ll talk about that later, but first we have to negotiate with the officials of Energy-Link Industrial Company, so let’s talk about how much money we will pay and how much we will have to give up if the officials of Energy-Link Industrial Company ask for shares. “

In fact, there was still over an hour left until the appointment with Energy-Link Industrial Company. We first met to decide on what terms the contract would be signed.

Illustrations not included in Eve

Black suits you too!

It all suits you, Eve haha

The Youngest Son of a Japanese Conglomerate.

The Youngest Son of a Japanese Conglomerate.

일본 재벌집 막내아들
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The main character, who was disappointed after watching the original game drama, left a message on the viewer's bulletin board and woke up to find himself the youngest son of a Japanese conglomerate, different from the original.


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