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The Youngest Son of a Japanese Conglomerate. 271

The Youngest Son of a Japanese Conglomerate. 271

Chapter 271 – Episode 31. Ai Android VS Ai Android

“We haven’t talked about it in advance, so I don’t know what they’ll ask for.”

Chieri Mimata looked at us and opened her mouth. When she first contacted me to say she was taking over Energy-Link Industrial Company, she did not say much and just set a date and place to meet, so I had no idea what Energy-Link Industrial Company officials wanted.

“Then why don’t we just think about the Maginot Line of how much money or equity we can afford?”

We all nodded when Han Yu-kyung said that if we don’t know the other person’s conditions, we should decide in advance what conditions we can give.

Chieri Mimata and Eve had researched the price at which a company the size of Energy-Link Industrial Company would have been traded, so we were able to easily set the maximum amount of money we would pay.

When we decided on the price, Eve closed her eyes for a moment, opened them, and opened her mouth.

“I guess you came. “I just got on the elevator.”

I looked at the time and it was 11 o’clock, exactly when I was supposed to meet with the person in charge. I am a person who is strict with time. Soon the elevator door opened and one person got out. She was a woman wearing a tight black bodysuit and a motorcycle helmet with what looked like horns.

I could tell their gender because they were wearing tight bodysuits that provocatively exposed their bodies. She was a woman with a solid body and big breasts, and she seemed to be in quite a good shape.

“Hello, my name is Tyra Ryuta and I am the co-CEO of TG-Tech Industries.”
“This is Han Yu-kyung, co-representative of TG-Tech Industries.”
“I’m Eve, the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of TG-Tech Industries!”

We each introduced ourselves and said hello. Her Helmet Bodysuit Girl still hadn’t taken off her helmet. Something’s a little strange… ?

“I am Lala Sinclair, the daughter of Caiden Sinclair, founder of Energy-Link Industrial Company.”

This is where a familiar name comes up, but the Lara Sinclair in front of me right now is a person I don’t know, but Kayden Sinclair, the founder of Energy-Link Industrial Company, was called a dead genius psycho in the game.

Before he died, he released steel wolves like those seen in New York all over the world to cause damage to those around him, and so many of them were released that they ended up wandering around as regular field mobs in the game.

However, Kaiden Sinclair, who did that, was already dead, and Lara Sinclair was someone I had never seen before, so I had no idea what kind of person she was. Seeing as she doesn’t even take off her helmet in front of us, it doesn’t seem like she’s an ordinary person…

Lara Sinclair shook hands with me in turn and then with Yu-kyung Han. And finally, as she shook Eve’s hand, she felt both of them startle.

“You are?”

The two took a step back, took a fighting stance, then approached again and began close combat. Surprisingly, both of them had great martial arts skills and exchanged a few hits in an instant, but Eve and Lara Sinclair were unable to hurt each other.

Because they were both strong, they didn’t seem to be shocked even if they were hit with fists or feet. The two, who had been fighting for a while, took a few steps back at the same time.

What, what is happening all of a sudden? Eve was facing Lara Sinclair and aiming her fists at each other. The ceiling of the dark Tokyo branch splits and her machine gun comes out and takes aim at Lara Sinclair, who then points her finger at Eve.

Lara Sinclair’s fingertips were open and pointed at Eve like the muzzle of her gun. If things continue like this, no matter how large the Tokyo branch is, the surrounding area will be a mess due to bullets. Even if I was okay with the regeneration, there was a chance that Han Yu-kyung and Mimata Chieri would get hurt, so I slowly stepped forward and opened my mouth, covering them.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but why don’t we talk first? If this continues, we will have no choice but to take Eve’s side.”

When I looked at Lara Sinclair and spoke, Lara Sinclair nodded her head and opened her mouth.

“Positive. She was confused when suddenly she met an android.”
“I also thought someone had set a trap because the person we were dealing with was an android.”
“Me too.”

Ah, so Lara Sinclair was an android. Listening to what the two said, I don’t know why, but it seemed like the androids didn’t get along well.

“We didn’t set a trap. “I’m just calling it because I really want to buy the company to take advantage of Energy-Link Industrial Company’s technology.”

When Han Yu-kyung said that we did not set a trap, Lara Sinclair looked at her Han Yu-kyung’s face for a long time. And she nodded.

“…Facial recognition result True. “The fact that there are no traps is judged to be a fact, not a lie.”

Is it possible to detect lies using facial recognition? Isn’t it great? Clearly, what Han Yu-kyung said is true, so it would be strange to judge it as false.

“That’s right. “I didn’t know you were an android.”
“I get it. “Let’s start with the purpose of coming here.”

After listening to Eve’s words, Lara Sinclair nodded her head and sat down at the table for her contract. We all sat in our seats.

“First of all, I want to say something. Lara Sinclair is a creation of the Energy-Link Industrial Company, but even if she were to take over, she would not have any ownership over Lara Sinclair. “Lara Sinclair exists as Lara Sinclair and has no intention of becoming anyone’s property.”

It seemed like he was saying that even if he sold Energy-Link Industrial Company to us, he had no intention of selling his rights. In short, it seemed like they wanted to separate Lara Sinclair from Energy-Link Industrial Company.

“Surely… “So you’re an android without a master?”
“I will have no comment on that point.”

At Eve’s words, Lara Sinclair closed her mouth as if she would not say anything more. An android without an owner… I wonder if what Eve said is true.

“First, let’s listen to that side and separate all rights to ‘Lara Sinclair’ from Energy-Link Industrial Company.”
“Positive. Good night. “Then tell me the conditions for purchasing Energy-Link Industrial Company.”

Negotiations with Lara Sinclair began without any compromises. Perhaps because it is an AI Android that is clearly excellent at calculations, the request was close to the Maginot Line that we had set in advance. He was able to purchase Energy-Link Industrial Company for $10 million on the condition that he acquire a 5 percent stake in TG Tech.

Originally, you would have to pay a lot more money to buy a company with technology comparable to Energy-Link Industrial Company, but Energy-Link Industrial Company was not that famous yet. It was famous in the game, so I looked into it and bought it, but since Kaiden Sinclair’s death, there has been almost no activity, so it doesn’t have much value in the market.

He also made a personal deal with Eve, and they both negotiated to exchange the technology to create an android body, as if they had gotten to know each other after fighting.

Lara Sinclair seemed to want a technique for Eve’s natural face and skin feel, and Eve wanted a technique for Lara Sinclair’s natural body movement.

Now that I think about it, I feel like something felt different when I shook hands with Lara Sinclair. During the battle, Lara Sinclair seemed to be a little faster.

“Now that the contract has been finalized, can I ask you something? “Why are the androids so wary of each other like before?”
“Did you know that the production of Androids by private companies has been greatly restricted?”
“Yes, during World War III, it was so severe that each country imposed significant restrictions.”

During World War III, AI was created solely for the purpose of murder, resulting in numerous war crimes committed at the end of the war.

Afterwards, each country decided to ban the production of war AI and androids and destroy the war AI and androids they currently have under the Ujjain Treaty concluded in the Ujjain region of leader.

In addition, new research was restricted to academic purposes only, and a treaty was signed to ban the production of androids by private companies.

“Nevertheless, governments and companies around the world did not stop secretly creating Android. In the past, there was open source, so a lot of things were shared, but as time goes by, operating systems and systems have changed a lot for each company and country, so it feels like Android is different from each other.

And in most cases, at the programming stage, if you encounter another android, there is a command to destroy and capture it, so when androids meet each other, a battle occurs.”

Oh, I see. This happens because the environment for creating Android has become closed. In the case of capture orders, since you don’t know what the other person is making, you probably want to capture it and find out.

“Seeing as the two of you stopped fighting, it seems like commands such as destruction and capture were not programmed?”
“I’m an Ai created before World War III, so I don’t have such an order.”
“My father, Kaiden Sinclair, gave me a lot of autonomy, so he didn’t put in any obsessive code that required me to destroy and capture androids.”

I see. It’s both a coincidence and a good thing. If even one person had been programmed with the code to capture after destruction, they would have fought to the end.

“We will meet a lot in the future, so let’s contact each other often.”

After the transaction was over and the small talk was over, I shook hands with Lara Sinclair. Lara Sinclair gave us the title of technical advisor in exchange for a 5 percent stake in our TG Tech, so she’ll have lots of contacts.

“First of all, if you don’t know anything about Energy-Link Industrial Company’s technology, please contact us.”

At the same time we signed, Lara Sinclair sent us all of the Energy-Link Industrial Company research, excluding her own material, so we had to look through that first.

“Are you going back to America now?”
“Negative. Anyway, the place I was in was sold to you, so I plan to stay in Japan for a while. “I have a lot of money, so I could build a small laboratory.”

It felt like I had brought a troublemaker to Japan for no reason, but I was glad that the transaction went well.

Lara Sinclair

The face will be revealed in the next appearance haha.

The Youngest Son of a Japanese Conglomerate.

The Youngest Son of a Japanese Conglomerate.

일본 재벌집 막내아들
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The main character, who was disappointed after watching the original game drama, left a message on the viewer's bulletin board and woke up to find himself the youngest son of a Japanese conglomerate, different from the original.


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