The Youngest Son of a Japanese Conglomerate. 272

The Youngest Son of a Japanese Conglomerate. 272

Chapter 272 – Episode 32. Seryu Military Company Picnic.

After signing with Lara Sinclair, she decided to keep in touch and even me, Yu-kyung Han, Chieri Mimata, and Eve went out and had lunch. Eve seemed very excited, as if it was her first time going outside. Seeing people passing by and looking at buildings with curious expressions made me feel like someone living in the countryside had come to Tokyo.

Of course, I’ve seen Eve a lot on CCTV footage, but it felt like this was my first time seeing her in person.

“Is this your first time going outside?”
“The assembly was done at the Tokyo branch. And since I got the Android idea from Ryuta, I was waiting to show it to Ryuta first, hehe.”

Han Yu-kyung seemed a little confused by her Eve’s attitude. She said Eve thought she was an Ai android, but she was a beautiful woman with an attractive appearance and a nice body. When Eve treated me kindly, she looked like she was wondering if she should be jealous of this or not.

“Yugyeong, aren’t you a celebrity or something? Of all the people I’ve seen, I think she’s one of the top three looks…”
“Oh, it’s not that bad.”

Han Yu-kyung’s confusion quickly disappeared due to her flattery, not Chieri Mimata’s flattery. Since both of them could speak each other’s language, the atmosphere gradually became more friendly and they were chatting.

We went to a stylish restaurant famous for couples’ dates and had lunch. No matter how human she was, Eve couldn’t eat food, so it was nice that I could even eat Eve’s food.

“We have implemented the sense of taste, but we have not yet been able to develop the digestive system.”
“Well, it’s good when you taste it, but it won’t be very good if it starts to spoil in your mouth or body.”

I nodded at Eve’s words. Indeed, it seemed difficult to even eat food.

“It’s about TG Tech.”

After everyone had finished eating, I told my co-workers, Eve, Han Yu-kyung, and her secretary, Mimatachieri, about my dispatch to St. Francis Girls’ Academy.

In particular, Eve was asked to never sell information to others. She has a function to buy and sell information on the black market app, so you have to be careful.

“I will not sell my partner’s information.”

After hearing that, I continued talking.

“I will be working at a place called St. Francis Girls’ Academy for about six months, so I don’t think I will be able to actively participate in the management of TG Tech.”
“Well, I definitely won’t be able to concentrate for six months.”

Han Yu-kyung nodded her head and agreed to what I said.

“You can just text or call me, right?”
“That’s okay, but we can’t meet like today, and I have a mission, so I can’t deal with sudden events.”

I shook my head and answered Eve’s words. Of course, most things can be done by phone or text, but I couldn’t stay away all the time, and if I met Han Yu-kyung or Mimata Chieri openly, there was a chance that my identity would be revealed, so I told them in advance.

“Then, if there is an important decision to make, I will follow Yukyung’s judgment.”

I delegated decisions while I was away to Han Yu-kyung, who had the largest stake along with me. Han Yu-kyung nodded with a sly expression on her face, as if asking me to just leave it up to her to decide.

“Then, since we’re gathered today, shall we go somewhere like a cafe and decide on something important before your junior goes to that girls’ academy?”

At Chieri Mimata’s suggestion, we sat down and talked about business.

“I think we should start with the bodyguard pet first.”

We need to start producing bodyguard pets, which have been receiving explosive orders since the disaster that occurred in LA. We had been advertising it since we were at an auction house in New York, so we had to start production slowly.

“Then, for now, we will make the pet business at the factory in Tokyo that Amsang owns.”

In this case, since everything from production to delivery was done undercover, a significant portion of the profits from the pet business had to be surrendered to Eve. There’s nothing I can do because it’s urgent.

“We also need to create a catalog. Dogs and cats are the basics, but in the Middle East, they order large pets like lions.”
“Let’s discuss and decide on a catalog.”

No matter how many orders came in, there were only about 340. If you listen to what Eve said, you can make 10 bodyguard pets a day because it is not mass-produced. If you create a catalog and standardize it to a certain extent, you can produce more.

“The catalog will take a few days because I have to do market research… Next…”

We continued to talk about future business. Since they were all talented people, the business story progressed smoothly.

In the evening, the conversation ended and the two of us, except Han Yu-kyung and myself, went back and we had a date that we had never planned to have. After enjoying an evening date in Tokyo, they went back to the hotel and had sex with Han Yu-kyung until the morning of the day she returned to Korea.



As expected, Yu-kyung Han came to me with tears in her eyes, as if she was sad about breaking up. She definitely had some affection for Han Yu-kyung because she didn’t see him often.

“I’m going to Korea too, so don’t be too sad.”
“Yes… !”

Anyway, I had to go to Korea at least once this year because of several events taking place there. At my words, Han Yu-kyung forced a smile and nodded her head with her big, tear-filled eyes.

“I’ll go now.”
“Yeah, bye. “Don’t do anything too risky.”
“Yongtae, don’t do anything dangerous!”

Actually, I had more accidents than Han Yu-kyung. It would be a huge problem if the future work of St. Francis Girls’ Academy was also affected.

Han Yu-kyung looked behind her several times and waved her hand at me. I also waved at her hand until her image of Han Yu-kyung disappeared and then got into the car parked in her parking lot. But strangely, Chieri Mimata was sitting in the passenger seat.


Mimatachieri showed me her phone with a slightly disgusted expression on her face. Mimata Chieri’s phone showed a screen of the sex that Han Yu-kyung and I had had from last night to this morning.

How did you take the video? Suddenly, I thought of Chieri Mimata, who was behind us at the Tokyo branch yesterday. When we left the hotel, they must have gone in and installed a hidden camera. The hidden camera seemed to be an ultra-small hidden camera that had previously been purchased at a black market in New York.

“Seup, are you a senior?”
“Please scold me because I did something wrong, junior♥”

I just left for the hotel. I really need to give Chieri Mimata a big scolding today.


After sending Han Yu-kyung away, my daily life became even busier. I was already busy studying for my job as a Korean language teacher, but research and decisions about the business added to my workload, so I was having a very busy day.

I was in the middle of studying when a line came. Who is it? I realized it was a line sent by Azuma Sawayanagi.

Azuma Sawayanagi: Investor~! You didn’t forget about the Seryutai picnic three days later, right?

Ah! Come to think of it, I decided to go to the valley with the Seryutai members… Perhaps because I was busy, I completely forgot about it.

Tyra Ryuta: Of course, what can I prepare?

I calmly sent the line as if I hadn’t forgotten my promise. Even if I had to prepare something, I could prepare it because I still had three days.

Azuma Sawayanagi: Investors just need to prepare themselves~!! We’ll do all the preparation!

No matter how much preparation I didn’t need, since I was an investor, I thought it would be enough to buy the highest quality wagyu and have a barbecue. Since Seryutai would prepare everything else, it seemed like there wasn’t anything to prepare.

Tyra Ryuta: Okay. I’ll just take the body with me.
Azuma Sawayanagi: Yes♥ I’ll be looking forward to it, investor!

I didn’t know what to expect, but I said see you later and ended the line. Azuma Sawayanagi seemed to want to chat a little more on the line, but I was busy. Since I had this picnic scheduled for the weekend, I had to work even harder.

After finishing the line with Azuma Sawayanagi, I started studying again, but not long after, this time the phone rang.

“Hey, what is it?”

I got a little annoyed and picked up the phone again. When I looked at my phone screen, Rinka Fujigasaki’s name appeared. What’s going on in America? I got a call.


-Kyahaha! Master Lee will arrive in Japan in the morning in three days, so his disciples must wait!

It was a standby order that came out of nowhere. In 3 days… It’s the day of the picnic. If this happens, it’s a bit awkward because our schedules overlap.

“I’m going to a picnic for the company I’m investing in in three days?”

-Then it’s better! You can pick me up from the airport and go to the picnic with me. It’s nice to meet people at the company you’re investing in!

Why are you trying to see people like a zoo? . Once Rinka Fujigasaki made this decision, she couldn’t change it, so I had no choice but to nod her head.

“All right. “Please tell me the exact arrival time.”

-Probably 7 o’clock? We’ll find out exactly and send it to you on line, so just wait!

A line came straight from Rinka Fujigasaki, who hung up the phone.

Rinka-tan: It’s 7:40! Come to Haneda!

It was Rinka Fujigasaki who had her own pace more than anyone else. It really felt like there were no normal people around me, including Danzo Taira, Chieri Mimata, and Rinka Fujigasaki.

The Youngest Son of a Japanese Conglomerate.

The Youngest Son of a Japanese Conglomerate.

일본 재벌집 막내아들
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The main character, who was disappointed after watching the original game drama, left a message on the viewer's bulletin board and woke up to find himself the youngest son of a Japanese conglomerate, different from the original.


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