My Onahole Academy

My Onahole Academy

나의 오나홀 아카데미
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I possessed a vulgar erotic game.

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  1. Arthur says:


  2. RINRIN says:

    In terms of the plot itself, this novel only revolves around 2 topics, segs and segs. Yes, that’s all there is in this novel. the novel is a slow paced one, but in my opinion the storytelling is very good and makes it interesting. There are a lot of female characters chosen by MC himself, I don’t want to spoilers you but there are 7 MC girlfriends (official ones) and there are several girls who have had segs with MC (even the mother of the heroin has segs with MC). for mtl quality is it good? yes, the mtl quality is good and quite readable, so you don’t need to worry about it.

    short synopsis : the mc was summoned to a game world made by one of the goddesses because of the mc’s account comment on the game made by the goddess, but when he was called the mc explained that he had never commented or played the game, and it turned out that the one who played and commented on the game is mc’s friend, this mc’s friend borrowed mc’s account because his account was banned. Mc asked to go back but the goddess cried and apologizing because she couldn’t return the mc to his original world, the mc gave up because he felt sorry for the goddess, this goddess then gave many epic buffs to the mc for a good life he will take in the game world, the goddess kinda cute, good, and pervert(at first, the mc wanted to live a pure love life, but because of the nature of the game, the sexyness of the character, and the strange buff that the goddess gave, the mc eventually eat/segs all the beautiful characters in the game, milf included)


  3. RINRIN says:

    Pls update 🗣🔥

  4. Myaha says:

    Great! 10/10

    I regretted not reading this earlier. Hope it will get updated more frequently

  5. RINRIN says:

    I dont know if the mtl quality is droping or the author writing style is changing but chapter 200 above just feel different, well i will keep reading it tho, its just to hot ngl ngl

  6. Ninja says:

    Growth your str when you use a gun….. thats sound stupid…. hmmm…. its not like he use a bow

  7. Leo says:

    Aku pengen jadi MCnya

  8. Anom says:

    Try to shoot desert eagle with one hand, it will fly to your face

  9. Myaha says:

    Moarr! This is great

  10. ImpatientReader says:

    Somewhere in the late 100s things start to go bad.
    He starts impregnating the women.
    The problem with it?
    a) It loses all value b) it takes pregnancy too lightly c) it loses the emotional/sexual/immorality aspect of it.

    Things actually started to get bad in the early or mid-100s.
    The author went full sex. There’s no story or anything.
    And whenever he wants to have sex with a certain woman, the woman just drops everything and has sex. It’s fucking bland.
    There’s no chase, there’s no drive.

    It just became another pointless novel that you would drop once you’re tired of the sex scenes.

  11. smutsmith says:

    Chapter 415
    Still has not raped loli goddess, which is basically all I’m reading this for now
    Love the gradual descent of the MC from refusing to rape every girl in sight to having his morals slowly broken down to the point where he at least asks permission before violently raping girls

  12. Npc says:

    One of best novel ever please more

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