My Onahole Academy 414

My Onahole Academy 414

Chapter 414 – (#74) How to Endure Your Pregnancy Your Sister’s Pussy

The next morning.
5 days until the new semester at Etsol Academy.
In other words, today is Wednesday.


After my sisters and Hyejeong became pregnant, is there anything that has changed in our family? …
Pussy duty is gone.

“Stella~~ Wake up!”
“Just 5 more minutes…”

When I went to her sister’s room and pulled back her blanket, Stella moaned like a vampire dying when the sunlight hits her.


It’s like sunlight or the lighting in the room.

“I’m definitely going to go today, so you want me to wake you up? I heard your pregnancy leave is over?”

Etsol Academy is a good school. There is even pregnancy leave.
I am the older brother who came to wake up my younger sister at the end of her pregnancy leave, and at the same time, I am the older brother who got her younger sister pregnant.
I was just about to become slightly dizzy that something like this was actually happening in Korea.

I realized this when I saw Stella lying down facing me, pouting her lips.
It’s a signal asking you to do “That.”

Instead of missing the pussy duty,

… The cock was on duty.
My dick was already fully erect when I entered my sister’s room, so all I had to do was pull down my pants.
I climbed up onto the bed and placed my cock in Stella’s mouth.


Stella is still closing her eyes.
I lick it with my tongue, as if I am testing my brother’s dick today to see what it is like.

“You worked yesterday, brother.”
“…I took a shower, how did you know?”
“Rather, that’s how I got it. Because the smell of your brother’s dick is weak… Chuuup… Don’t look down on her younger sister~.”

Is that something that should not be looked down upon?
I can’t believe you can smell my dick so accurately…
Admiring her sister’s attention to detail, she sinks her dick deep into it. Stella used her tongue to lay a silk path for my cock.

Stella swirling it around with her tongue and putting it in her mouth.
Even though it is so thick that it puts a strain on her chin, he deftly slides it down her throat, making himself her sister Oh Alone.

“Okay. Do you want me to write it?”


“Phew, she was a cute little sister who came to take care of me a year ago.”

Pat pat.
Stella pats her pregnant belly as if to see this.
Yes, yes.

“Now I have to come and offer my cock on my own, right?”

My older brother’s form was crazy as he put his dick in his pregnant sister’s mouth in the morning.
Now, dog perversion is accepted without much resistance.

Sigh. Sigh.
My little sister with pretty blonde hair and red eyes. Her hair is down, giving off an innocent feel.
You’re all grown up now… Stellar…
Intense fellatio from Stella, who is one year older.
I rotate her tongue while sucking my dick to the point where her cheeks are dimpled. There is no point in holding back since the mouth has already thoroughly figured out my dick’s weaknesses.
If there was a field called “Little Sister’s Mouth and Pussy,” She could definitely have become a prestigious scholar.

“Jjuup. Jjuup. Jook…”
“Is your dick that delicious? Almost every day I come home, I take it in my mouth and suck it…”
“Tsk tsk~~♡♡”

Stella clings to her lips,
Even if I stuff it in my mouth like an onahole, it works amazingly well.
Even if I stab her with a strong force, she tightens my throat…

It’s amazing that we have so much experience…
What on earth is my sister’s fucking hole? … !!

“Jjung… Jjuup… Jjuup… Jjuup… Haljjung… The smell of the dick is not enough…”
“You can’t make a pregnant woman suck an unclean dick.”
“Zuup… Zuup… But…”
“Use it. But that’s not it.”

Pampered Stella dips his cock down her throat.
Even when I grab her by her blonde hair and stab her rather aggressively, Stella accepts it with a crunching sound.

“Knock… Knock… Knock…”

When I look at her face with a little worry, her eyes are slightly raised as if she was born for this.
It’s a big deal because Onahole is treated well. Our blonde sister.
Tsk. Tsk. Chuuup…

“Jjook… Jjook…”
“What happens if you suck a dick enough?”

Stella, unable to speak her words, instead made a V with her fingers.
Until now, both Serena and Stella were on pregnancy leave as their bellies grew, but
As the number of days of attendance seems to be running low ahead of the new semester, it is time to go to school.
You could say that you could just relax with unlimited privileges like the student council president, and I also recommended that.

Serena and Stella politely declined. Unlike her other girlfriends, her family got pregnant,
This is because the conclusion was drawn that it does not seem like she is receiving VVIP treatment like other girlfriends.

“Now that I see it, you decided to stay at home because you liked sucking my dick, right?”
“Zuuup! Chuuup. Chuuup.”
“Don’t get angry with my mouth. Oh, okay… I’ll put the glans in.”
“Kkeuk… Kkuk…♡ Kkuk♡ Kkuk, tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk fork tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk fork tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk”

Of course, checkups are being done at the Academy Hospital.
The female doctor over there is also from the academy, and she treated me once when I was defeated in an exchange match by her.
What I want to say is,
We are already a privileged group, no matter what anyone says. I have no intention of saying no to that.

Serena and Stella are still young and haven’t been able to adapt. She is already treated as a privileged class.
They are none other than my family, so of course it is.
They just don’t feel it yet.

Hyejeong also sometimes plays with her kids, Hestia and Sumire, in her VVIP room.

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.”
“Slowly, the old morning semen is cumming on my balls. Stella?”

I thrust out Stella’s waist and poured thick semen into her mouth and pussy, which was being sucked.
Burrrr! Burrrr! Damn!!

“Yes… Yes!!”

Wow… Byururururururu…
Ah, it keeps coming… Because of Stella’s serious mouth stance, my dick is so hard that I can’t stop cumming.


Stella seemed like she couldn’t even wait for the dick to pulsate and cum pouring out.
Suction my dick and suck out my semen. Looking at this, Stella also has blonde hair and is a Korean who grew up eating kimchi.

“Uh huh, wait a minute… I’m cumming…”

Wow… Wow… Byurururururut… Byururururut…
For my pregnant sister who won’t wake up unless she eats my semen in the morning.
Thick semen is poured into your mouth.

Wow. Wow…
It was an incredible pleasure that sent shivers down to the roots of my balls.
Even after you’ve finished cumming, it’s a younger sister’s mouth that tightens its lips around the dick and begs for more semen.
As her ejaculatory muscles contracted to their limits, her vision became dizzy.

When we had just met, he would shake his waist and ‘squeeze’ me. If you had sex with that feeling,
As my younger sisters’ sex skills reached max level through me, I was ‘squeezed.’ These days, I get that feeling.

“Tsk… Your dick is still healthy… Side…”
“If you suck any more, you’ll be late.”
“Okay. I’ll get up.”

It’s amazing.
I patted Stella’s butt.
Stella said as if she was catching me leaving the door.

“I like my new house… I really like it.”
“How many times have you said that already?”
“…Hehe, I love you.”

… Because she is my younger sister and wife.
A good home is essential… All. There are times when I feel a little dizzy at the fact that I have to own a house like this to have a harem.
The pussy I ate on site yesterday was also delicious.
He is thoroughly enjoying the life of the S-class dog pervert hero Onahole Man.

She said earlier that she didn’t know that her sister was privileged.
I think that kind of common people’s sensibility is valuable.

If everything had been given to me from birth, a house like this would be boring.
It’s a huge joy for our family.

My sisters and Hyejeong until I possessed them.
Her mother was living abroad to pay for her younger sisters’ tuition and earn a living.
It was reaching its limit and Stella was in danger of having to leave school and become a hunter. If any family member had been hurt, we would have had to sell our house and our standard of living would have gone down drastically.

Even more so because Stella was able to fully envision such a future.
I feel like I am overflowing with gratitude towards my brother.

“Ah, Seobang… Uhm. Sanghyuk. Are you awake?”

I met Hyejeong in the larger kitchen.
I hug Hyejeong, who came out wearing an apron and pregnant belly.
Our hot sexy platinum-blond stepmom Hyejeong… !!

Suck it up!!

“Mmmm… Churup… Churup…”
“Call me Seobang.”

It’s amazing that you can even cook with a boat like this.
I kneaded Hyejeong’s buttocks and mixed her tongue.

“Did you come on duty…? I wish I could do it too…”

I had forgotten that everyone’s cock was on duty.

“It’s dangerous if you pick up a knife when you’re pregnant.”
“You did it recklessly when you weren’t having a baby?”
“…Then, let’s do it a little bit.”

I would be grateful if I could use Hyejeong’s sexy hole.
My dick was so tired from earlier that I couldn’t stand it.
A pregnant woman’s naked apron, the visual is violent… Hyejeong brushed her hair back.
The shiny armpits that are revealed in each movement are also violently obscene.

“You can’t believe I took off my pregnant stepmom… Sanghyuk, you’re a pervert.”
“You took it off yourself.”

I grab and massage Hyejeong’s Wang Mamma Tong, which has become one cup larger in size.

“Is it okay for a mother with two daughters to behave like this?”
“Now. Turn around.”

Happy cock duty time.
Catch Hyejeong’s royal butt. From anyone’s perspective, I’m not in the position to cook, but it’s okay.
It will take twice as long for her younger sisters to prepare too…

I gave Hyejeong her favorite spanking.
Let’s take a look. …
Actually, I like it too.

“Yes… Yes…!”

Hyejeong eats her pussy from the morning.
I was no longer surprised by that fact.
But the feeling may be even greater than before. The pear that Hyejeong carefully held was the result of the seeds I had sown.
Hyejeong… She is pregnant…

We had a lot of vulgar sex with her and she got pregnant…
Hyejeong dyed her ears red.

I jerked with only half of my dick.
Creak, creak, creak…

“Yes… Yes… Tsk… Ah…Ah.”
“You can’t move, right?”
“Ha. Huh… When I wasn’t pregnant… I could cook too…”
“Stay still. Concentrate on your pussy.”
“Ah… Ah… Sir, your cock… Yes… It’s thick and hard…”

I feel like I’m sorry now that I’m missing out on praising the cock.
Hyejeong squeezed her pussy and stuck her butt out behind her.
Oh my.

Sweeping the dick with Hyejeong’s pregnant pussy… !
Let’s take a look. …
She gradually became unable to be satisfied, so she began to insert her dick deeper little by little.

“Yes… Ngoc! Ok! Ok… Ok… Clothes…!!”

It’s chewy…
I can’t hold back anymore and I hold her waist close.
See you!!


Fix it and wait a moment.
We mix by patting and rubbing against Hyejeong’s big butt.
After a while, Stella came down.

She averts her eyes as if she is unimpressed as she watches her mother having sex with her pregnant belly.

“Yes, yes… Yes… Take a shower and eat…”
“Is Serena in the shower?”
“There won’t be any?”

I didn’t hear anything.
Come to think of it, Serena, who always wakes up on her own, ends up being late.
Stella entered the shower room first, and Serena came down.

At this point, she was fucking Serena’s mom, Hyejeong.
Creak, creak, creak!

“Oh… Oh ho… Ok… Ok… Serena, are you awake? Yes… Ngoc… Good… Good cock, no, good morning…”
“Good morning…Mom…”

Serena coming down the stairs.
She keeps massaging her porcelain face… What is it?

“What’s the matter?”
“I think I’m swollen because I ate a midnight snack… Hmm, oppa…”
“Haha. Of course it’s natural since you even stole my night snack.”

Oh my. Hyejeong’s pussy tightens as if begging for attention.
Don’t be jealous of your daughter. This pussy!
Creak, creak, creak!!


Ptsut tsut tsk!!
As Hye-Jeong’s pregnant pussy is tasted deliciously, she continues her story with Serena.

“Come here. Let me see if it’s swollen.”
“You shouldn’t make fun of me for being weird…?”

Hyejeong looks at Serena as she slides the cock into her pussy.
Serena clutched her stomach and looked up at me with a nervous expression.

“It’s a little strange.”
“W-It’s swollen as expected…?”
“It’s strange because you’re so pretty.”

Serena’s disdainful gaze… This is precious… !

“No, if it had been the old Serena, even if she had been treated like this, her brother would have blushed as well…”
“…I’m worried that my brother will do that to his girlfriend.”

Sharp direct remarks.
As Stella cast infinite foolishness,
These days, Serena seems to have inherited a bit of Stella’s harsh words from her old days.
It’s an interesting position change. Still, Serena is still Serena.

“Pussy… Eh… Hmph…!”


“Cum in my pussy…!”
“What’s the point of cumming in your pussy in front of your daughter? You have to be self-respecting, Hyejeong.”
“Ah… Aang… But…”

Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk… !!
I swept Hyejeong’s horny pussy with my magnificent cock.

“Mom! This is about to ride.”
“Ah… Aang… I’m sorry… Hmm. Sir, I squeezed your dick…”
“I really can’t survive! You can’t continue leaving your brother in front of the fire.”

Even though she apologized to Serena, her back didn’t stop.
Hyejeong persistently fucks her pussy…
Ejaculate with your back tight…

Burrrr! Byurrrrut! Byurrrr!!
Serena is busy taking over the cooking process that Hyejeong had been neglecting.
Wow… Wow… Byurururu… Wow…


Wow… Wow… Byurururut…

“Oh, ho…♡”

I’m squeezed by Hyejeong’s vulgar pussy that likes to be pummeled… !!
No matter how much strength she exerts on her cock, she feels like she wants to ejaculate more and more, so she squeezes it helplessly.
Ha, this pleasant feeling of exhaustion…
Tensions ease, and everything feels somehow good.

There is no such thing as a drug pussy…
He happily sticks out his dick as if he is lightly drunk and enjoys getting his pussy squeezed.
Hyejeong gently shook her big buttocks and rubbed them against my body.

My Onahole Academy

My Onahole Academy

나의 오나홀 아카데미
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a vulgar erotic game.


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