My Onahole Academy 413

My Onahole Academy 413

Chapter 413 – Happy Serena

“What do you mean, touching the jelly?”
“It means correcting for socialization.”
“…What if it’s not corrected?”

I laid Shirin on her side again and inserted it into my pussy.
See you.

“Ugh, Ngoc…!”

Creak, creak, creak…
The conversation continues while having sex with Shirin.


Sweeping my dick with my pussy like eating snacks…

“There’s nothing that can’t be done. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll have to make it jelly again.”
“Personal excretion and dick stabbing!”

See you!!


When I suddenly fucked her, strength came into my ass and pussy.
Be patient. Hold on~.

“Ah, it’s okay♡ It’s good. It’s delicious. My precious… The precious thing comes out through the hole.”
“Hold on. If you cum, they might not give it back to you?”
“Hi! Hi… Hee… Hee… Hee…”

Shirin sweats twice as much.
While hugging the squishy Maillard Beausieur as if giving a kiss,
Shirin’s pussy, which is having a hard time holding back from cumming with personality jelly, is pounded gently.

Creak, creak, creak… ♡

“Don’t worry. What makes you different from other guys is that you’re a jelly that doesn’t need correction.”
“Hee, hee, hee… Hee… Hee… Hold it in… It’s cold… I have to hold it in… Yes, yes… Hole… I don’t want you to cum through a hole…”
“If I were to compare it, it would be like the jelly of a model tree that works hard…”

I put a lot of pressure on my buttocks and I was trembling.
She massages Shirin’s buttocks tightly with her hands.
My pussy was tightening.

Trying out …
I cum in my pussy again… !

Wow… Wow… Byurrrreut… Wow… !
Shirin’s cum bucket was busy giving more and more force, as it was not the time to worry about her cum.
Fortunately, it looks like he endured it.
I also wanted to see the half-wrapped jelly. It’s a little disappointing.

“Huh… Huh…”

He pulls out his dick and this time inserts it into her ass hole where personality jelly almost came out.
The cock, sticky with the melted pussy juice, passes through her tight ass hole and enters…
Surprisingly, there was no resistance.

I put it on the soft flesh of her buttocks and rub her waist.

“Yes… Yes…”
“Sirin’s holes are tight everywhere and feel good.”
“Personality excrement!”

She, who was hit by a surprise personality excretion prick stabbing, envelops her jelly.
I pushed the cock that was plugged in like a plug into me and flicked the jelly onto my glans.

“Shall we play catch? Jelly catch?”

Jjibob! Jjibob! Jjibob! Jjibob!

“Personality excretion! Personality excretion!”
“Hee… Higeek… It…! Ha, hageuk, it, this? It?”

Shirin turns to jelly and then starts to come back again and again, twitching like she has a bug.
She instinctively tried to run away from me, so I pulled her ass up and inserted my dick into her pussy.
Creak, creak, creak!!

As I pat the cute Shirin’s jelly with my plump glans…
Keep cumming.

Bye… View view view view view… !
Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!!

There was endless catch going on inside Shirin’s large semen bucket.

“Catch ball. Is it good?”
“Ah… Ah ah… Ha… Haa… Her hair… It’s getting weird…”

Funnily enough,
Shirin continues to be tortured with her ass while canceling the excretion of her personality with dog perverted sex…
At one point, instead of running away, Shirin stuck her butt out towards me…
Bubbit bubbit… ♡

He rubs his back and inserts his cock into that wonderful butt hole.
Ah, Sirin’s Maillard hole ♡

Let’s take a look. …
Gently rub your buttocks and cum…
Wow… Wow… Burrrrut… !!

“Huh… Huh… Hmm…”
“Did you see the magic light through your asshole?”
“I didn’t see it… Don’t call me an asshole…”
“You could call it a jelly hole. Then… Didn’t you cum about 30 times?”

Wow. View view view view. Wow… Burrrrut… !

“You stopped the jelly from popping out like Excalibur. I should thank you.”
“…Thank you…”

Massaging Shirin’s breasts.
As I pulled my cock out of her, I saw Shirin, who now had a humiliating load of my cum in both her ass hole and her pussy hole.

“Here. Donut. Eat it with your mouth.”

Without even knowing why I had to take it with my mouth.
Shirin, who has used up almost all of her energy, blanks her brain and follows as I tell her.
She sticks out her tongue and approaches, following the donut taken out of the donut box.

Gently insert the dick into the mouth.

“Should I clean my dick and then eat?”
“…Hubup… Chuup… Chook…”

Shirin sucked my dick just as she was trying to eat her donut.
Watch while holding a donut.
After a while…

While eating, I deliberately watch Sirin from a distance so as not to disturb her.
He ate well, perhaps because he thought it might be the last meal he ate in society.
It eats so hard with that small mouth.

“It’s my first time eating something this sweet…”

Since my brain is full of sugar, it would be nice if you could come up with something.

“Can you remember who gave you the drugs?”

Shirin thought about it for about 5 minutes.
It seems like he’s desperately trying to think of something.

“Red hair…”
“Red hair?”
“I remember the red-haired woman.”
“Did he give you drugs?”
“I don’t know about that…”

Just remembered it?
I saw Shirin sucking on the coffee making a sound like a straw, and gave her my coffee as well.

“What did you do before you were captured by the textbook?”
“I did as I was told… Killing, fighting, torturing… Mainly things like that. Then I was given food. I ate it while giving thanks to the saint…”
“Yes… Saint… I was around the same age at the time… I remember she was really white and beautiful…”

I was watching that with my pussy eyes…

“Chunwon? What kind of person was he to you?”
“A person who had to live up to expectations every time I worked. A person who was like my boss… He was the person who fed me.”

It was truly being raised.
Did Sarah at the orphanage end up like this too? Doing various things in the name of taking care of them.
I’m not in a position to say anything to others, even though they say I’ll take care of them. .

If you were by my side, you wouldn’t be covered in scars.
As if noticing my gaze, Shirin sheepishly stroked the scars on her body with her hand…
It seems like an action to cover up.

It seems like he doesn’t know what to do because his scar is visible.

“It’s okay. It’s pretty.”
“…Tsk…Who cares!?”

Did you hurt your pride?
But, I don’t think I hate it that much…
That’s because we had really good sex. Even if we try to hate each other, we can’t.
Even if I try not to care, I can’t.

It would be too wasteful to just hand it over as a textbook.
I also kept Kushina…


This guy is a slightly different case from Kang Si-eun’s time.
I don’t think we should just look at it as ignorance.

“Tomorrow, I’ll go back to the textbook.”
“…I’m going back to the place where I kept you locked up until now. Are you okay?”

Shirin asked back, as if it was strange to ask such a question.

“It’s scarier outside.”
“It was full of things I didn’t know. Everyone was carrying around strange things… How to work and how to make money… It was overwhelming and unfamiliar.”

I have heard that long-term prisoners are unable to adapt to the changed outside world.

“It’s a lot different than when I was young… Everything…”

For Shirin,
Going back to corrections headquarters for her crime would simply mean going back to the house she had been living in ever since.
There can’t be any anxiety or nervousness there.

“It won’t work either.”
“If I send you to the textbook now, there will be no regrets. Please stay alone with me for the time being.”
“You said you would do that earlier.”
“That was something I tried to convey.”

Shirin said as if something occurred to her.

“Like ‘pay for your sins with your pussy’?”

… He’s a bold guy.

“Okay… There’s no way you can pay for your sins with your pussy. Let’s meet the victim’s family tomorrow and apologize first.”
“Sleep here today and wait until I come back.”

Shirin nodded her head.
I came out after teaching him how to use the shower booth.
Because it is early morning, the surroundings are very quiet.


When I slightly opened the area, Miho, who was resting inside, popped her head out.
A cute girl with huge breasts and peach-colored eyes appears, covering one side of her face with rich black hair.
She has fox eyes that always make her smile like she’s fawning.
Her breasts are barely covered and she is seen wearing only white leggings.

Her pregnant belly was bulging.

“Miho is here, master!”

Miho-chan, an executive in the Onahole area, has come into my fold after tasting my “Taste.”

“Look at the office. You can do that, right? Make sure the guy inside can’t get out.”
“Of course. Master, by the way, I was just looking at you a little while ago…”
“There are people watching you nearby.”
“You didn’t get caught in the sight?”

Miho sighed and took his breath again.
Our Miho regains her appetite as if checking the ingredients of the atmosphere through her mucous membranes.

“These guys know that their master has a clue. They are hiding carefully.”
“Do you want to see this now?”
“If you give them distance, they will be discovered. I will wait for the master to move to another area.”

Is it Hampurunhoe?
Were they the ones who gave drugs to Shirin, who had just finished serving her sentence?

“Shall Miho go fishing?”
“No. It’s enough just to recognize that it exists.”

I held Miho gently so as not to put any pressure on her stomach.

“Haung♡ Master.”

He grabbed Miho’s soft buttocks with both hands and massaged them abundantly.
Great texture.
I immediately kissed Miho, who was waiting for something with her tongue out.


Miho sucks my mouth right away.

“Chul… Churrururup… Chuup… Chuok… Master… Master’s saliva… Massim…”

Put your lips together and clap clap clap.
If Miho had his tail, he would have waggled it with all his might. He latches onto my mouth and sucks on his tip, smiling with half-moon eyes.
This cute guy…

Tsk, tsk.
I also vigorously suck Miho back.
Once Miho starts eating me, she rarely lets me go. I’m absorbed in the love-love tucho while rubbing my soft breasts…
10 minutes…

I was so fed up that I kept sucking and time passed quickly…

“Jju… Jjub… Jjuup…”

Pat pat.
He pats Miho’s butt and makes her fall.

“Ugh… I haven’t eaten the baby’s portion yet.”

If he tries to eat again using the excuse of a baby, I have no choice but to give him one more try.
Miho came into my arms and started acting very funny, drooling on me…

“Jjup… Jjuup… Jjuinnim… Churp… Drink it… Master, it’s so delicious… My brain is melting…”
“You shouldn’t eat too much.”
“Uuuuung. I want to eat more… More choo…”
“It’s the first time in a while that I’ve been praised for doing a good job. You’re feeling better, aren’t you?”

As I suck him again, Miho gently closes his eyes.
Are there pregnant women showing Chuchuro Ahegao?

“Even though you’re pregnant, you still have to stay active and help me. You know what I mean?”
“Of course. Yes… I’m Miho, who works the hardest for my master♡”

Miho would respond well to unexpected situations.
Belstead and Nine are so strong that if the opponent appears suspicious, there is a high possibility that they will be destroyed immediately.
Because Miho knows how to examine the situation before him, she is easy to write.

‘Okay then…’

It’s a little late, but should I go back?
Gravitational waves no longer appeared in some areas of Seoul, which were locked down after the Space Zone incident.
As the analysis came out that it was a safe zone created when the infiltrated area was demolished, buildings were built quickly, and the empty appearance of the past was no longer visible anywhere.
Well, I’m still a little empty, but I feel empty.

This is a rich neighborhood now.
A large gate reminiscent of a castle gate stands tall as if to separate the areas.
This door is for the privileged class. It sounds like you are saying that.

When I drive inside, I see the house I was given as a gift on the hill.
My first gifted building. This is Onahol Mansion.

“Owner Kim Sang-hyuk. Owner Kim Sang-hyuk, DNA was confirmed.”

The AI ​​drone sonar comes out, disables the crime prevention device, and opens the door.
This is where I was with Synth Beze and the kids when we were tracking down the Villain Alliance.

“Currently, there are three residents. They are Yoo Hye-jeong, Stella, and Serena.”
“Okay. Everyone seems to be sleeping, so please be quiet.”
“Silent mode.”

This is our new home.
This is a house that an average person cannot afford even if he or she earns a lifetime or hits the jackpot with coins.
It appears to have been built by a famous designer in the past, but it is said that it became uninhabitable after being locked down due to the ban.
When the owner of the building was taken away and I decided to receive it as a gift, this almost-new mansion that had been stuck in a corner of Geumyeok became our family’s new home.

It’s quite impressive that it’s not a place you can live in just by having a lot of money.
Of course, there are no people hiding underground.


It’s early in the morning, so it’s hard to wake anyone up.
As soon as you enter the house, fresh air surrounds your body. The younger sisters showed affection and said they did not want to leave the family they were so attached to.
I remember getting ready to move as soon as I saw the new house.

As expected, women’s eyes roll when they see a nice house.
Cleaning has become twice as difficult, but the house is clean without a speck of dust.
The sink is as clean as when you first bought it, without any trace of moisture, and the refrigerator is always full of fresh food ingredients.

This is thanks to Hye-jeong and Serena, who work hard to support the family even while pregnant.
Stellar… Honestly, it doesn’t help. As for housework.

“I guess I’ll just take it off.”

I grilled a steak, put it in Chapagetti, and boiled it.
I remember seeing it somewhere, so I ate it extravagantly…


It’s delicious.
Slurp slurp. If you eat Chapagetti like that…


It’s a surprise.
Serena, with her pregnant belly, quietly appears and looks on with her shy face.
The black hair she had grown for nearly a year was starting to go past her shoulder line, making Serena look even more feminine.

“Come on…”
“Sorry. Did I wake you up?”

Serena swallowed her drool and looked at her Chapagetti.
I laugh at that.

“Why? The baby wants to eat?”
“Uh, yes… ♡ Your baby… Said he wanted to eat Chapagetti…”
“Come and sit next to me.”

Blow on it and put it in her mouth.

“Eat. I’ll cook you another one.”

It tastes good too.
It’s rare for Serena to be this greedy.
It seems like the smell of grilling steak caught my eye while I was sleeping.

“Hahu… Hahm…”
“Eat it slowly. I won’t take it from you.”

Serena’s cheeks turned red, as if she was embarrassed by her own greedy behavior.

“…Ah, because the baby wants to eat…”
“Yes, yes.”

I fed Serena her fill.

My Onahole Academy

My Onahole Academy

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