My Onahole Academy 415

My Onahole Academy 415

Chapter 415 – (#74) How to Endure Your Pregnancy Your Sister’s Pussy (2)

“I slowly pull it out…”

See you…
The pussy was so tight that pulling it out was a big task.
He catches Hye-jeong as she is about to go back to cooking.

“Serena does the cooking.”

After making Hyejeong open her legs like a bitch in front of her daughter,
He grabs her plump thighs and inserts them back into her pussy.
Tsk bob tsk tsk tsk tsk bob tsk tsk bob!!

“Yes, yes!! Serena, I’m sorry… Mom… Hooooot… I’m getting fucked…!”

Creak, creak, creak!!

“Ah, Mom. I said you shouldn’t add this much sugar.”
“Well, I wanted to eat something sweet… Yes… Yes… Sorry…”
“Even if you use it, the sweetener is better… Um, okay. Mom, can you please check the seasoning?”
“Uh, uhm… Ohhhhh…!!”

While listening to the conversation between her mother and daughter, she bumps her waist like an animal.
Ah, Hye-jeong’s oh-ho-ga-oh-oh-oh-ga-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ga-oh-oh-oh-ga-o-oh-go-o-go-o-go-o-oh-gao-o-o-gaoo-o-o-o-o1oo-oguoguoof hguguo hgu beeno beena h… Been been has been said to be great…
Hyejeong’s hot, sexy, white-blonde pussy is thoroughly shaved from the morning and she shakes her waist.
Tsk tsk tsk. Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

What kind of perverted sex is this… !!
Let’s take a look. …
Plump stars that only I can see are falling from the sky.

“Jade! Jade! Jade…! Jade… Jade!!”
“I’m having serious sex with Hyejeong’s pussy from the morning…!”
“Hung, deep… It’s so deep… Ang… Ang… Ang…!”

Ah, Hyejeong is the same as henna… Rather, it descends down the plump cervix,
I feel like I’m telling her to hit me with her glans.
It gets so hot that you can feel the scorching heat in your pussy. Slightly widen the gap between her waist,
While Serena is cooking, Hyejeong spreads her legs like a bitch next to her and shoves his dick into her pussy hole.

Cock duty, ultimately, is for me.

“Hmph, hum… Yes… Yes… Yes…!”

Hyejeong’s face is red, struggling as she clutches her pregnant belly and gives her pussy a hard squeeze.
Creak, creak, creak ♡♡
Was it too deep?
While adjusting slightly and deeply, the dog perverted sex continues.

“Oh♡ ohho, oh oh oh ok♡ clothes♡ sir. Ah. Ah. I’ll see you before school, thank you♡”
“Hyejeong is cumming in her pussy…!”

Chubby Bob Chubby Bob Chubby Bob… !

“Mom. This. Please check my liver…”

See you!
Burrrr! Burrrr! Byurrrrut! Byurrrr!!

“Ohhh…!! Pussy, thick lump of semen in the pussy, it’s delicious…♡”
“Not to the vagina. To the soup!”
“Ah… Ah… I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Mom… Oh… Oh oh oh oh… I’m getting cum right now…”

Just put it on your back and rub it.

“I’ll look after it for you.”
“There is a separate side dish just for you. Because you like spicy food.”
“I want to check Serena’s liver.”

Serena falls into my arms.
I made eye contact with her as I sucked on Serena’s mouth. He stares blankly at Serena’s pretty face and her mysterious purple eyes, mixing them with her tongue.

Burrrr! Damn! Damn! Viewuuut.
The cock is having an affair with Hyejeong’s pussy.
No, are you cheating on Serena’s mouth?
Just enjoy it all mixed together.

It’s the best because the dick sucks…
Wow… Viewuuut…

After Hyejeong carefully cummed in her pussy,

“Leave it to Hyejeong and come this way…”
“Oh, brother… I have to go to school today too…”
“She learned something called the ‘happy baby position.’ Isabella says it’s great for mothers.”
“W-what is it…Happy baby pose…?”

He takes Serena to the couch, puts her in happy baby position and fucks her pussy.
Serena, who was grabbed by her brother and turned over without knowing what was going on, climaxed as soon as he dipped her into her pussy.

『Onahole Warming』… !!
Inserted deep into Serena’s superconducting pussy!
See you!!


I can’t start the morning without seeing Serena’s pussy climax pace… !!
Hye-jeong’s cheeky tightening of Serena’s pussy. The tangle of flesh from her enormous ass holds her cock firmly in place, seeping its slippery juices with every stroke.
Serena said, calming down for a moment.

“Yeah… Ngoc… Didn’t you always… Do it…?”
“I haven’t been very good lately. Can I pound Serena’s pregnant pussy?”
“Oh, come on… The baby got startled…”
“I’ll make you happy!”

Insert while controlling the depth. Still, Serena’s pussy climaxed violently, and she let out all her breath.

“Serena! Serena…!!”

Trying out … Trying out …

“Ugh… Nggyuuuuu…”
“Serena, who has become more sensitive, also likes it…!”
“Ooh, because someone in my family has to do that… Ngh, ah, ah… Bye, I’m not that sensitive… Hooooot…”
“I’ll let my brother release it into her pussy!”

The more I look at Serena’s pregnant belly, the more joy I feel.
He got pregnant for me.

“Serena! Serena got pregnant for me…!”


“Ok! Ok…! Ugh… Ugh… Is that… When did we talk about it…? Ungh, unung. Because I’ll get pregnant again… ♡ Because I’ll keep receiving the seeds that my brother spreads♡”

I can’t stand it anymore!
Sliding her dick in and stuffing it deep inside her pussy.
As he reached the end of her vagina, Serena tightened her pussy, just as she had secretly hoped.

“Hmph♡ Hmph woowoo ♡ It’s tight, the uterus. The uterus has become plump because of the baby♡ It’s tight when you rub it with the glans♡”

Serena… To protect Serena’s baby, he moves his glans gently as if kissing the plump cervix.
Raise her waist slightly, slightly…
It hits my pussy like a thief walking.

Serena collapsed from such a gentle prick.
Serena’s thighs are trembling and her pussy is making a fountain show.
She covers her pussy with her hands, feeling embarrassed and doesn’t know what to do.

“Huh, heungit, angdae, angdae… Angdae aae… Brother, don’t look at her sister’s pussy… Hoot… Pat, pat, don’t look at her declaring surrender…”
“Show me more.”

Pull out her dick halfway and stroke the glans with her pussy again in short intervals.

“Ang… Aang… Haan… Given… I like it… Oppa’s dick… Feels good…”
“Good… I feel good. Good, good… I like it…”

Serena melting.
I wanted to see more of this. She put her waist back on Serena’s pussy and started teasing her.
Tsk tsk… Tsk tsk tsk…


Serena’s happy baby pose is so devastating…
Subtly, she rubs her body weight against her pussy…

“Oh… Ohhh… Oppa… It’s deep… Swirling the pussy… It’s so sexy… If you do that… The mother’s pussy will climax…”
“Your pussy will climax…!”

Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!

“Yes… Ngoc!!”
“The baby will be happy too.”

Come on…
Serena is feeling the strain from the pressure of her womb, so he kisses her forehead as he stirs her pussy.
Gently shake her waist…
I give her a pat so that she can comfortably leave her pussy to her brother and be happy.

Pat my pussy…
Tsk… Charge… Tsk…

“Yes… Yes… Oppa… Ang… Ah…”
“Cum in Serena’s pregnant pussy…”

Tsk tsk tsk tsk…
If you are passionate about mating while patting Serena’s thick pussy flesh,
Stella comes out of the shower room.

“Onii-sama, I’m even more on fire now that we’re going to school.”
“I need to fill up my semen before going to school…!”

Byurrrreut… Burrrrut… Burrrrut… !!

“Heung ohot…!!”

Semen is violently poured into Serena’s pussy.
Wow… Byurururururu! Byurururu!
Serena curled her lips and exhaled happily, then gasped.

“Ha, haggeuuuuut.”

Her eyes were rolled back, and her mouth was smiling brightly.
I insert my dick to its limit and keep cumming.
Wow… Viewuuuuut… Wow… !

“Stella. My brother…”
“Oppa… He’s cumming inside me…”
“I’ll know when I see it… It’ll be good, right?”
“Yes… Joa… Ah… Oppa… Please cum more… Please release your dick into Serena’s pussy…”

Serena’s bright smile politely begged me to cum…
The ejaculatory muscles are greatly stimulated.
Burrrr! Look… View… Wow… View view view view… !!
It’s squeezing…

Serena’s younger sister’s pregnant pussy!
Ugh… !!
Wow… Wow…


The afterglow is amazing…
He rolls his eyes and kisses Serena’s pussy, who smiles brightly while rubbing his back.

“Oppa… Thank you…”
“Yes, thank you…”

They confirm their love for each other by kissing each other’s lips.
As I was clasping hands with Serena, Stella came up to me.

“Dick on duty. Take out your dick.”
“Watch what you say to your brother?”
“Is the guy on duty talking back?”

Pull the dick out of the pussy.
Stella, who was playing, flinched when she saw the majesty of my cock with her own eyes.

“Come on.”
“Come on, you’re wrong! Onii-sama!”

There is a limit to how pregnant a pregnant woman can run away.
He grabs her right from behind and strangles her with her arms!

“Anggeuk… How can you be strangling your pregnant sister…”
“Don’t be so pushy, come here. I’ll give you the pussy you want.”
“Serena, help me… My pregnant pussy was raped by my brother…”
“I’ll take a shower~. Fighting, brother!”

Serena Supports My Rape

“Huh…Don’t go~!”
“That’s what you wanted.”

I sit on a chair at the dining table with Stella.
I made Stella sit on my dick while inserting it into her pussy.
Come on…
Her soft ass goes down, taking the cock deep inside her pussy.

With this, the pregnant pussies of three members of my family today,
Everyone got to taste it with their dicks… A deep emotion comes over me.

“Hmph… Hmph…”
“How did you feel about being raped?”
“Joa… Pussy rape Joa…”

Stella must have liked the position in my arms,
He rubbed his butt on top of me.

“Shall we eat together like this?”
“Yeah… Every time you get cocky, it hits my womb… You deserve that.”

Stella opened her legs.
Comfortable everyday sex…
Stella was in front of her, so she wasn’t in a good position to eat, but she was glad Stella fed her every bite.
On the other hand, I also feed Stella…

Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Whenever possible, Stella took pictures of her buttocks and rotated her waist as if stamping her.
I stayed in Stella’s vagina like that…
I cum without warning.



At that moment when I was secretly spanked without my family noticing,
Stella looks back at me and smiles.
The red eyes shone brightly.

Crazy. Crazy.
Stella rubs her ass mercilessly against my cumming cock.

“Oppa… Are you feeling good?”

Come on.
I hug Stella and continue making her cum…
Wow… Wow… Wow…

She was cumming, and her eyes became dizzy when she saw her pregnant sister in school uniform gathered at her front door.
Ah, sex…
I’ve definitely lived to see this future.

“The front door is spacious, so there’s no need to go out all the time anymore.”

Stella looked around her and said a word.

“That’s right. It’s spacious enough for the three of us.”

I kissed Hyejeong and looked back at them to see them off.

“What about panties?”

Exposing panties while wearing school uniform while pregnant is…
Perhaps because he was a little too embarrassed, no one took the first step.

“Can I come by?”
“Brother… If someone else had done that, they would have killed me. Really.”
“If someone else does that, you can kill him. No… If you knock him out, I will take care of it.”
“With Oppa’s jelly punch?”

Stella pretends to throw a punch.
Now my sisters know it well…

“Brother, I am… Purple…”

Serena swooshed…
This time it only shows a little bit. My shame increased so much that I became uncontrollably excited.
Showing pregnant sister’s panties… !!

“Wow. Serena. Don’t you wear that?”
“Tsk…! What are you talking about? Stella. It doesn’t fit. It fits perfectly…”
“I can’t believe a pregnant woman would wear such tight underwear just to excite her brother at the front door…”
“Serena. Then let’s take a picture. We need to make this moment last forever!”

I picked up my phone.

“Oh, brother… Uh, mom is watching too… Are you crazy enough to take pictures of your little sister’s panties?”
“Why? Let Sanghyuk take the picture.”
“Even mom…”
“Is it okay for all three of us to get together at this point?”

Click. Click.
I took pictures of three people called Panchi while they were pregnant.
Hyejeong participates in the campaign by lowering her hot pants slightly.

Serena is sexy purple.
Stella is red + black.
He said something to Serena and she said she was wearing competition underwear too.
As for Hyejeong, her pattern is bright black…

‘Umm. Excellent…’

Because of the vacation, we all go to school together these days and we don’t often do group dances.
Our family’s comprehensive gift set for the first time in a while.

It was a morning that enriched my heart…

My Onahole Academy

My Onahole Academy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a vulgar erotic game.


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