Possessed With the Academy Game.

Possessed With the Academy Game.

아카데미 야겜에 빙의했다.
Native LanguageKorean

If you fail to seduce all the heroines of Yagem, you will die.

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  1. Inori Novel says:

    This is good, please always up this novel

  2. Alexis Mejia says:

    more chapters, please

  3. Udien says:

    Please update

    1. SerenePanda says:

      I only update series requested in discord.

  4. kevin says:

    excuse me but it seem like in novelpia there are something like after story,may i know that will you translate it or not?

  5. dk says:

    i enjoy it at first. (9.5/10) each harem members have their own charm and character. good pacing. not too slow or too fast.

    but when the harem grew (around ch.300-400) MC kept worrying the same thing again and again. it’s quiet frustrating. i frowned upon his action a lot. i mean just man up and say it dude. i understand that author wanna put in some idea about harem but his execution killing the fun a lot. (from 9.5/10 to 4/10)

    the mood is annoying as well. it’s go up and down too much. i mean if the story gonna serious just keep the serious vibe. don’t put ‘chill’ in between. end the arc first bro. i feel the urgent of situation when reading but MC is like ‘hell nah we have time i’m gonna go fuck my girl’. he became pushover after his harem grow.

    and author change perspective quiet a lot. and keeps telling the same dialogue. just once in a while is fine. but he did it too much.

    first half 9.5/10
    second half 4/10

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