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I Possessed the Academy Game. 665

I Possessed the Academy Game. 665

Chapter 665 – Chapter 665. Hall of the Moon Moon (5)


The sensation of being sucked into something ran over her body, and Lee Ho-yeon naturally closed her eyes.
It was not a strange sensation.

Betting god.
It was always like this when he called himself.

“… Haaaaa…

The intensity of the light surrounding my eyes gradually decreased.
Hoyeon Lee slowly opened her eyes.

“Long time no see?”

A divine aura that radiates from your voice.
Lee Ho-yeon smiled awkwardly at the man in front of him.

“I will. Long time no see.”

A man covered in gold.
Betting god.
He was standing in front of Lee Ho-yeon.

“I said I’d see you next time, but honestly… I didn’t expect to see you for real.”

The betting god smiled happily and sat down on the chair.
Lee Ho-yeon looked around at the familiar yet awkward scenery.
A messy desk, leftover cola, and a room full of dolls I don’t know where they came from.
Before coming to this world, he was living in his own room.
It was always here when I met him.


Lee Ho-yeon carefully sat down on the chair.

“Hey. It was really cool to mess with your hair at the end and say to die gracefully. Isn’t it?”

“Ah, ahaha.”

“Looking at the reaction, you don’t seem to realize you won the bet yet?”

“That’s right. I’ve been running for this moment, but it’s a strange feeling when the bet is over.”

Even though the betting god was right in front of me, I still couldn’t feel it.
Was it right that I had defeated that monster?
Is this bet really over?
Lee Ho-yeon was still in a daze.

The betting god clenched his fists and smiled at Lee Ho-yeon, who was bleeding.
Well, even the rookie himself didn’t believe it until the very end.
Neither party can believe it.

“It’s different from when I died hundreds of times in the Hyeonmoon Hall. Don’t worry, you can do as you please from now on.”


The god of betting unfolded his divine power.
It was quite different from what the demon king unfolded, but the flow was similar.
Lee Ho-yeon, unknowingly, looked away while analyzing his divine power.
Because it seemed rude.

“Now, if you look at this, you’ll realize it a little bit.”


– [Lee Ho-yeon]

▶ Strength: 79

▶ Stamina: 90

▶ Dexterity: 96

▶ Endurance: 98

▶ Magic attribute: 100

– Inherent Power: Combat Sense

– Skills: Spiral, Cotton Guard, Blood Beat, Arc Conjuration, Macheongung, Eclipse…

– The winner of the bet


The status window that did not appear no matter how many times I called it appeared in front of me again.
It must have been said that the god of this world was possessed by the demon lord and was banned.

“It’s not over yet. I’ll officially end the bet.”

As the betting god unfolded his divine power, familiar words came to mind.

『 The player [Jinho Kim] Was directly invited by the ‘God of Bet’, and the organizer of the bet is the God of ‘Sex Academy’. 』

Jinho Kim.
It was the name he used in the original world before he was possessed by this world.
As I stared blankly at the name, which was now awkward to pronounce, other sentences appeared before my eyes.

『Main Quest Completed. I have confirmed the strategy of all the heroines.』

『Main Quest Completed. It has been confirmed that you survived until the end of the game.』

『Additionally, it was confirmed that a person with high influence and importance in this world was captured.』

Once again, a huge force enveloped Lee Ho-yeon.
It is the power I felt when I first possessed this world.

『The winner of the bet is the player ‘Jinho Kim’.』


Watching the firecrackers exploding from both sides, I thought my senses were bad, but I didn’t bother to bring them out.
Lee Ho-yeon just blankly looked at the letters in front of her eyes and opened her mouth.

“Wow, you really beat this one.”

Unknowingly, she let out a laugh.
He passed the risk of death several times and faced dog-like situations.
He made many mistakes, but with the help of many people, he eventually saved the world.


At that time, the sound of applause returned Lee Ho-yeon’s spirit.

“Sorry to break your sentiment. I’d love to let you enjoy it slowly…But I’m busy too.”

Lee Ho-yeon spoke again to the betting god sitting in her chair.

“Is the god of this world dead?”

“It can’t be. A god isn’t that simple. Ah, it shouldn’t be called a god anymore. All that power is here.”

In the palm of the God of Betting, there was a small orb with concentrated divine power.
It was the divine power that the demon lord, the god of this world, was using.
At first glance, it seemed that the enormous amount of divine power was more than absorbed by the Hall of Hyeonwol.

“From now on, it’s your choice.”

“A choice?”

“This divine power… Is the divine power extracted from the god of this world. The one who lost the bet was exiled to another world. As a god, it is the same as death.”

The god of betting dropped the orb of divine power into Lee Ho-yeon’s palm.
The beads were imperfect, as if they would break if touched, but possessed great power.

“The bet is over, so I have to reward the winner. Do you want to look around?”

I looked around at the words of the betting god, but nothing changed when I looked at the room where Lee Ho-yeon was staying.

“Why are you looking around?”

“I’m not asking you to just look. If you are now, you can see right through, right?”

Hearing those words, naturally, magic power boiled over.

Open eyes, heart.

Lee Ho-yeon’s eyes shone with golden light and saw through the divine power of the betting god.
Then, little by little, the world began to change.

“…Is it like this until now?”

Lee Ho-yeon looked at the thin film surrounding him and the world beyond it.
This space was just an illusion, and Lee Ho-yeon was still standing in the position where he fought against the demon king.

The strange thing is that the world has stopped.
All the people with their eyes wide open were looking at the demon king and himself.
As soon as the demon king died, time stopped.

“Of course. It’s more comfortable for me to go than to call you.”

“Why did time stop outside? It’s never been like this before.”

“Because the god of this world who maintained this world is dead. The world has no choice but to stop.”

“… Yes? No. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. That’s not going to work.”

The reason why I risked my life to fight the demon king was this world and the heroines.
But if this world stops, what he has done so far is no different from garbage.

“Calm down. That’s why I said it’s your choice from now on.”

The betting god raised his hand and pointed at the marble Lee Ho-yeon was holding.

“First of all, if you have that divine power, you can take your existence out of this world without any problems. You’re going back to the original world.”

At the same time, the fan on the computer started running.
Ho-yeon Lee’s favorite sporting event was in full swing on TV, and the cars and people going outside stayed on one side of Ho-yeon Lee’s gaze.
It was the daily life of the world he lived in.

“Since the god of this world is dead, the divine power can no longer be regenerated. However, with the divine power you have, you can make this world work again. Instead, the world will stop repeating itself and other worlds will not be observed.”

This time, I saw the world that was possessed.
The people I love and the people I met in this world spoke to Hoyeon Lee.
This world, which was only a game, was alive and breathing right in front of his eyes.
Lee Ho-yeon felt it several times.

“Lee Ho-yeon. What will you do?”

To put it simply, will you stay in this world or return?
The betting god was asking that.
Lee Ho-yeon laughed and met eyes with the betting god.

“God of bets. Haven’t you been watching me all this time? It was the same in the Hyeonwol Hall. It’s the same now.”

“Of course I was watching. That’s why it jumped out right away.”

“But you’re asking such a useless question.”

“… I thought so, but I asked just in case.”

Shrugging his shoulders, the god of betting turned around without hesitation.
I liked this human, so we talked a little more, but it’s time to go.
According to the laws of the world, gods cannot be in contact with humans for a long time.

“Do as you please. If you understand the power of the god of this world, you will know how to use it right away. You don’t need a final goodbye, right?”

“Oh, wait. Before that, I have something to ask you.”


“Is this body incapable of impregnating women in this world?”


The betting god blinked as if he was taken aback by the sudden question, but it was very important to Lee Ho-yeon.
She herself still did not forget the humiliation she inflicted on Rebecca for her inability to conceive.


Is breeding such an important issue for humans?
After pondering for a moment, the god of betting soon opened his mouth.

“You are a different being, only the same on the outside. Because you are a being forcibly inserted into this world by the god of this world. If you have to explain it, it would be easier to think of it as breathing life into a doll that looks just like a human.”


At those words, Lee Ho-yeon bowed her head.
Aside from the fact that her own masculinity is a problem, she will not be able to grant the wishes of Rebecca and Baek Ah-yeong.

“But if you disconnect from your original world and assimilate into this world… You’ll be able to breed whatever species you want.

“I wanted to hear that. God of bets.”

“Really? You’re funny until the very end.”

The betting god left those words and quietly disappeared.
There’ll be nothing to see anymore
That fact was somehow regrettable.

“Deployment of Macheon Palace.”

Leaving her regret behind, she unfolded the macheongung.
It was to absorb the beads left by the betting god and reactivate this world.
As he said, the next process was easy because he understood the structure of divine power.

“… Tsk.”

I got a headache from the enormous amount of information being sent from the world, but I was able to endure it by relying on my divine power.
As I generously poured the rest of my strength into it, the headache quickly subsided.

And soon, the world started spinning again.


At the same time, the thin film spread by the betting god naturally peeled off.
The smell of damp soil and the wind brushing your cheeks.
It was proof that time in this world had begun to flow.

Hoyeon Lee slowly looked down.
He tore his foot from the head of the demon king he had crushed.

The death of the demon king was certain.
However, the darkness surrounding them was still intact.
Is it because this darkness remains intact even after absorbing divine power?

… I don’t know the details.
Right now I don’t have the power to analyze that kind of thing.

Lee Ho-yeon lifted Liliana from her corner like her princess.

Then, she released her magic power and peeled off the veil of darkness surrounding her.

“Wow, waaaaa! I won! I really won! Nonsense!!”

“Wizard Lee Ho-yeon! Wizard Lee Ho-yeon!”

At the same time as the darkness disappears, countless eyes and great cheers cover Lee Ho-yeon.
Among them, the first to emerge were the heroines.
Since each of them was strong in arms, the other hunters were running fast enough to panic.

“Lee Ho-yeon! You’re fine!”

“Mr. Hoyeon! Mr. Hoyeon!!”

“Honey! Honey! Heh, heh. Sol… I’m going too!”

The hunters who were chasing after them were all impressed.
Would it be a natural reaction to see such a fierce battle?

Seeing the countless people approaching her, Lee Ho-yeon let out a sigh of relief.
In my mind, I want to collapse right now, but my physical condition was better than I thought.
Because he healed her body while absorbing all her divine power.
So it was impossible for her to fall by force.

‘When are you going to fix this again… There will be an interview too. I also have to make an announcement. About Liliana. I also have to talk to the heroines. On the health check, um…’

Hoyeon Lee suddenly looked down at herself.
Lee Ho-yeon, a genius wizard who defeated the demon king and saved the world.
Now, this moment may be a historic moment.

‘… But I’m glad the last picture is good.’

Right now, Lee Ho-yeon has her very awkward face and posture, but even this situation must be picturesque.
She has never been as fortunate to have a good-looking face as she is today.

Possessed With the Academy Game.

Possessed With the Academy Game.

아카데미 야겜에 빙의했다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
If you fail to seduce all the heroines of Yagem, you will die.


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