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I Possessed the Academy Game. 664

I Possessed the Academy Game. 664

Chapter 664 – Chapter 664. Hall of the Moon (4)


Lee Ho-yeon’s mana burst out and pushed away the demon king’s divine power.
In the best condition, the sense of battle has become sharper.


Lee Ho-yeon’s mana that overturned the sky reached the demon king’s divine power.
No, it was more than that.

So far, the realm of God has not been allowed to Lee Ho-yeon.
However, the god of this world first released the restrictions, and Lee Ho-yeon was able to step into the realm of the god.
That is to say, the reverse analysis is also possible.

Lee Ho-yeon analyzed the god’s magical power through numerous battles, and the divine power was no longer a threat to Lee Ho-yeon.

“Dae, what is your true identity…”

The demon king’s voice trembled with anxiety.
The momentum emitted by the person in front of him was unusual.
It was so strong that even he, who had been observing this world all his life, could not understand.


It is an incomprehensible phenomenon no matter how you think about it.
The magic that makes you fall into illusion, and that human who must have died countless times from that magic.
It was all something that shouldn’t have happened.

‘How many times have you fallen for illusions? Dozens of times? No, maybe hundreds of times?’

Considering the power that the 8th human shows, you should think that it is more than hundreds of times, but the human spirit is not hard enough to undergo death hundreds of times.
There’s no way I could keep my sanity like that if I had actually suffered that many deaths.
But how is that person still burning his fighting spirit?

‘Where did the flow of this world go wrong? For sure… Clearly I was not wrong.’

Possessing the body of the demon lord, the last episode, the attack of the demon lord, was quickly brought forward.
As he thought, humans on Earth could not resist the monsters of Hell.
It was only natural that it had been a quick raid for several years.

It was a little twisted by the 8th human, but in the end, he was also destined to die to himself.
It was like that until a little while ago.

“If anyone sees it, they’ll know the fight is over.”

After recovering her body, Lee Ho-yeon magically lifted Liliana and moved her to her corner.
After her Liliana fell, the demon king hadn’t even looked at her, but she didn’t forget to put several layers of barriers on her Morni rune just in case.

That buck that buck

Lee Ho-yeon moved slowly.
The divine power near the demon trembled with every step he took.


The Demon King felt fear when he saw Lee Ho-yeon.
Even if he didn’t want to admit that he was being oppressed by a being that was nothing more than a bug, he had to admit it.


Soon, Lee Ho-yeon’s full magical power took over the space.

‘This darkness… I think I can unlock it now.’

With the Hall of Hyeonwol, the analysis of divine power has already been completed.
However, the moment this darkness is removed, there is a possibility that the devil’s gaze will return.

‘There’s no need to give it a chance.’

The Demon King considers the people of this world to be his creations. In the first place, people other than Lee Ho-yeon did not care at all.
That’s probably why he was so surprised by Liliana’s appearance.
If this darkness is dismantled and the demon king aims at the heroines, this fight will become meaningless.


A black sun rose in front of Lee Ho-yeon’s eyes.
She was different from the Eclipse, which was made by forcing mana.
Accepting his divine power, Eclipse burned with the momentum to burn everything.


Hoyeon Lee floated the arc, feeling curious about her unabated magical power.

Dozens of magic spheres floated overhead.
They all drew the magic circle of Eclipse.
Dozens of black suns filled the dark space and pressed the demon lord.


The demon king raised his spiritual power and narrowed his eyes.
No matter how strong the 8th human’s momentum is, his body is still human after all.

Humans are weak.
If you break the body, nothing can be done.
Even the magic that shows false images when the moon rises will not be able to use it at will since he noticed its existence.

However, I didn’t like his appearance.
The 8th human was feeling uneasy throughout the battle.
Even at the moment when the succubus appeared and threatened him, he remained alert and wary of everything.
That’s why he must have been able to react quickly when he used his divine power.

But now it is different.
The guy was watching this side with a relaxed attitude.
The demon king could not stand that gaze.

Cad de de de de deuk-

“…I’ll tear you to death. The eighth human.”

The magic that filled the space was threatening and destructive.
Even the demon lord would not be able to survive if he was hit directly by that magic.

‘Is it a six-shot charge again?’

Lee Ho-yeon leisurely focused her magic on her eyes.

He himself never had a chance.
I forcibly led a life that could be ruined if I twisted it even once.
That’s why he couldn’t win a fight with such an advantage.


Golden eyes began to foretell the future.


It reads everything in the body of the demon king who hit the ground.
The demon king, who had dug into the gap between the eclipses, swung the devil’s blades from both of his arms.

‘It’s obvious.’

It was a charge he had experienced more than a hundred times in the Hall of Hyeonmoon.
There was no way Lee Ho-yeon could not block it.

“It’s awesome…!”

Lee Ho-yeon leisurely received the demon king’s blade stamped over his head with the barrier of the rune.
In order to receive powerful physical force, he overlapped the rune’s barrier 12 times. It was an accurate calculation based on experience and efficient magic linkage.
At the same time as the brakes were applied to the demon king’s body, the magic stem rising from the floor grabbed the demon king’s whole body.

Lee Ho-yeon immediately changed the composition of the rune’s barrier.
She transmitted the physical force that exploded from the demon king to the demon king’s entire body.

“Oops…! Keu, keuaaaaagh!”

Blood gushed out from the demon king’s whole body.
She burst out of the restraints with a burst of divine power, but the shock had already been received.

“I know you won’t die like this.”

The demon king’s huge body has surprisingly many weaknesses.
Although it is hard, it can be penetrated easily.


While maintaining the black sun that filled the space, he created a bolt of darkness in his right hand. I did not forget to mix Rune Tracer with the characteristics of lightning.
The darkness in the lightning rushed furiously at its master, and Lee Ho-yeon followed suit.

“Do you think this trick will work…!”

The demon king covered his body with divine power and stepped back.
I thought I could block that kind of lightning well enough.

However, the lightning aimed at the inside of the demon king’s body.
Lee Ho-yeon’s lightning penetrated the wounds all over her body, and even her divine powers could not block the small cracks.

“Kaha, ah, aaaaagh!”

The demon king screamed in pain and opened his eyes.
The lightnings were swept away by the divine power bursting from within, but the wounds were already accumulating all over the body.

‘This nonsense!’

It felt like a momentary open space.
The guy knows himself too well.
Not only the perfect response, but also the attack aimed at the weak point was too sharp.

“… Shit!!”

The demon king concentrated his divine energy on his entire body.
The magic power of the 8th human who absorbed his divine power was close to infinite.

Black sun.

The demon king thought that he had to drop those monsters that took up space somehow.
That was the top priority.


The thoughts didn’t last long.
The 8th human, who narrowed the distance before he knew it, swung his magic blade.
It wasn’t a difficult reaction speed, but the devil’s perfect response was shrinking.

The more he attacks, the more unfavorable the situation becomes.
I couldn’t even properly defend myself with that thought.

The divine power surrounding the Demon King began to gradually wear off.
It was something that could never happen.
Because the divine power possessed by the god of this world was infinite.

However, the speed at which Lee Ho-yeon’s magic put pressure on him was faster than his divine power being replenished.
If you avoid the magic blade flying from the left, a typhoon will come from the right.

A black sun appeared where he was trying to escape, and darkness penetrated the demon king’s body outside his field of vision.

Dozens of spells rushing in from all directions were threatening.
All of those magics were supported by future foresight, so they couldn’t be avoided.

Little by little, magic penetrated the demon king’s body.
The demon king was desperately looking for a place to escape from the constant attack.


But at that moment, a burning pain hit his right arm.
His right arm was blown off by the magical blade wielded by the 8th human.

“Keuuuuugh! Yes, you bastard…!”

An ominous energy consumed the demon king’s body.
His right arm grew quickly, but the fact that he had such a big wound was a problem.

The person in front of me still looked relaxed.
In an instant, the situation was reversed.

How dare you humiliate me like this.
The Demon King raised his divine power and bit his lip.
He probably knows most of the fighting techniques that are accustomed to the body of the demon lord.

So he surrenders to his instincts.
He concentrated his divine power on his body and surrendered himself to the battle instincts in the body of the demon king.


The demon king’s body disappeared from sight.
The demon lord moving rapidly in space was definitely a threat.

“It’s quick, but it’s too obvious.”

Lee Ho-yeon’s future foreknowledge accepts information from all visible elements.
The demon king’s movements were too monotonous.
It was to the extent that he didn’t need the experience he had gained in the Hyeonwol Hall.


Lee Ho-yeon did not take her eyes off the demon king who was charging at him.
He was not rushing in a straight line, but he was stepping on the empty space as much as possible, but he could not escape Lee Ho-yeon’s foreknowledge of the future.


The perfectly restored mana circuit began to swell.
His body was meticulously covered with a barrier of runes that concentrated and unfolded mana.


Accelerated the inside of the rune’s barrier.
The body of the demon king approaching with a burst of divine power seemed slow.
The demon lord was pouring divine energy from his whole body, but there was a weak spot among them.

Even if he possesses the spirit of the god of this world, his body eventually belongs to the demon king.
The place where the devil’s magical power rests most deeply is his heart.
This is where Lee Ho-yeon’s Rune Tracer tried to dig in time and time again.

‘It’s definitely more magical than other places.’

The rune tracer that dug into the wound tore up the path to the heart, and the demon king’s magic had to fill it naturally.
That’s why the front and the chest were empty.

Even while accelerating the accident, the demon lord was moving.
It was a plan to come close to me in a hand-to-hand combat and pretend to shoot my head, then suddenly release my divine power to tear Lee Ho-yeon’s body apart.

Lee Ho-yeon blew his magical power into the barrier of runes that covered his body.

Quadd deuk-

The spiral that appeared from the right hand ate away the darkness filling the space and amplified its power.
At the same time, Lee Ho-yeon also stepped forward.

The eclipse, which filled this space, gathers at Lee Ho-yeon and narrows the demon king’s route.
The Demon King showed incredible speed and avoided the black sun, but Lee Ho-yeon did not hesitate.
The divine power he exudes has already reached Lee Ho-yeon.


The hot black sun approached the demon king menacingly.
The demon king saw Lee Ho-yeon approaching and secretly released his divine power that had been condensed in his chest.
If you hide your intentions any longer, you may be harmed yourself.
However, the bursting divine power was swept away in vain without being able to properly destroy the barrier of the rune.


His golden eyes followed the demon king to the end.
Lee Ho-yeon, who approached while accelerating through space, reached the Demon King in an instant.

The demon king realized the energy of his death.

The demon king, who reacted belatedly, tried to defend himself by wielding his hand randomly, but that didn’t work either.
Lee Ho-yeon, who naturally ducked and avoided the demon king’s hand, struck a spiral containing his divine power near the empty heart.


In an instant, tremendous magic power penetrated the demon lord’s body.
Lee Ho-yeon’s magical power penetrated his heart in an instant, and at the same time, the demon king’s eyes widened.

There was no great pain, but the feeling that life stopped working was vividly felt.
He tried to grab the neck of the 8th human who came right in front of him, but his body wouldn’t move.

“It can’t be like this. It can’t be like this…”

The god of this world possessed by the demon king’s body participated in the bet and became a part of this world.
Even after forcibly opening her divine power, the fact that she became a part of this world did not change.
He himself is defeated



The huge demon king’s body fell to the floor.
Naturally, the vision was reversed. Powerlessness enveloped the body.

“Why, why did I lose…”

I thought it was entertainment.
It was actually pretty fun to kidnap a being from a higher dimension and throw it into your world.
He himself was a god He thought it was only natural to see the people who had ripped this world die.

Why did this happen?

“Die well. Bastard.”

The demon king’s thoughts did not last long.
Lee Ho-yeon trampled on the head of the demon king, who had eyes that enlightened the world.

‘These bastards did this only when it was time to search.’


“… Ha.”

With a sigh coming from the depths of your chest.


The tension in his body was released and he sat down involuntarily.

At las.
This game is over.

[You have cleared the main quest.]


Lee Ho-yeon’s eyes were filled with light.

Possessed With the Academy Game.

Possessed With the Academy Game.

아카데미 야겜에 빙의했다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
If you fail to seduce all the heroines of Yagem, you will die.


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