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I Possessed the Academy Game. 666

I Possessed the Academy Game. 666

Chapter 666 – Chapter 666. Epilogue (Complete)

Boom- boom-

Exploding firecrackers and a celebratory performance by world famous bands.
Victoria Academy’s graduation ceremony was an annual event, but this year was unusually large.
In the words of the director, it was to celebrate the proud Victoria Academy’s 60th graduation ceremony, but with the vague number of 60 and an unprecedented scale, people began to speculate.

Of course, there was no need to speculate.
Because this year was the graduation day for world hero and genius wizard Lee Ho-yeon.

“Sometimes I think about that. If it wasn’t for the magician Lee Ho-yeon on the day we defeated the Demonic Cult…! I wonder if our Sangvis Guild could have grown like this! We became friends that transcended our age that day!”


The Iron Blood Guild leader finished his interview in front of reporters and entered the academy.
The successor of the Iron Blood Guild, Kim Young-han, who followed him, opened his mouth with a shy face.

“Father. You’re not that close with Lee Ho-yeon. Why are you selling out Ho-yeon Lee wherever people gather?”

“Young Han, the Iron Blood Guild is yours. If you and Lee Ho-yeon are friends, then I can say that I am also friends with Lee Ho-yeon. And not once, but twice. All the people who were with us in the subjugation of the demon king that day are friends.”


Kim Young-han swept her blonde hair and walked ahead of her father.
The fierce battle with the devil on the day the demon king attacked Korea is still engraved in his heart. So I understand that feeling, but… Now was not the time to care about his father’s drinking bowl.
She herself had to participate in the 60th Victoria Academy Graduation Ceremony.

“Hey… He’s already graduated. It’s a strange feeling. He was just a kid when he first learned magic from me…”

“Ah, are you saying that the president of the Arthur Society is the teacher of the wizard Hoyeon Lee? He was known as the wizard Imsol until now?!”

“Well… That kid in Imsol learned magic from me. I also taught Lee Ho-yeon, so it’s not wrong. Heh heh.”


Arthur, president of the wizarding society, smiled benevolently and waved his hand at the camera.

“Today, I came to see my students. Wizard Lee Ho-yeon and Im Sol are among the wizards I raised…”

At that time, a silver-haired woman spoke up from behind Arthur.

“… Mister, what are you doing?”

“So, Sol! When will you be here… Ah, ahaha. We’ll end the interview here. I’ve been waiting for you. Come on, let’s go in. Sol.”

That buck that buck
Arthur hurriedly finished the interview and walked in front of her, while Im Sol followed Arthur as he walked awkwardly with a smile on his face.
Perhaps this man has grown old, but he seems hungry for honor these days.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been to the academy. Sol. You can guide us. Since we have some time left, shall we go to your lab after a while?”

“My lab is out of stuff, so there’s nothing to see.”

“… What? Are you thinking of quitting your professorship? Ah, if you’re going to join the wizarding society, I’ll make a place for you! Anyway, my next successor is either you or him.”

“Well? … It seems that someone else’s will is more important than mine.”

Arthur, who was walking in front of her, turned her head and looked behind her at Im Sol’s answer.
And she blinked her eyes at Imsol, who was blushing as if embarrassed.

“Huh… Genius wizard Im Sol has a girlish face like this. Sol. You’re old too… Eup.”

“You’re still in your twenties, what are you talking about? Mister. Are you really crazy?”

“Eup. Eup…”

Im Sol frowned at her, and at the same time, intangible magic enveloped Arthur’s body.
Her magic, which had developed ridiculously over the years, could never be destroyed with Arthur’s skills.
Arthur twisted her body as a sign of apology, but that did not loosen her restraints.

[Ah. Ah. We will deliver it to our guests. The graduation ceremony will begin soon. Distinguished guests participating in the graduation ceremony are invited to gather at the Victoria Auditorium. Thank you.]

“Let’s go, mister.”

“Eup… Eup…”

After Imsol and Arthur entered the academy, a man who tried to talk to Imsol about her appeared belatedly.

“Hmm, it seems difficult to talk to Professor Imsol.”

The tall blond man tapped his smart watch and checked his surroundings.

“I’m sure Alice and Irene were here… Wasn’t it the back door, not the front door?”

It was my beloved daughter’s graduation ceremony, so I came with a lot of strength.
I was thinking of talking to Mage Imsol, who is famous for her beauty, but… Listening to the conversation, she thought it would be difficult.

“Sorry. Is this the right way to go to the graduation ceremony? It’s confusing because there are so many people.”

Just then, a beautiful voice came from behind Isaac.
Isaac turned his head in the direction of the sweet voice and involuntarily opened his eyes wide.

Deep eyes that make you fall in love just by looking at them, shoulder-length black hair and pale pink lips.
It was enough to believe that it was a sculpture with a strangely colored face.


“You don’t know?”

“Ah, no. Miss. We can go over there for the graduation ceremony… But if you’ll excuse me, would it be all right if I escort you? You’re going to the same place as me.”

The woman in front of me seemed to be bewitched by something.
Since it was her first time seeing such an attractive woman, Isaac unconsciously gave her his hand.

“Whoa… He’s such a fun person. But today is the day I see my daughter after a long time. Thank you for giving me directions.”


In the next moment, Isaac missed her.

“… I missed the look?”

Even on a sunny day, Isaac was giving her all of her attention.
Few people would be able to escape in that state…

“Are you hunting again without getting tired of it? You’re a really mean person.”

“Angela? We meet in a place like this.”

Isaac quickly turned his attention to the appearance of the new beauty.
He is the guild leader of the Angela Guild, which has recently followed closely behind the Iris Guild.

“Don’t think that all girls will like you.”

“Angela. I don’t know what you’re talking about. They’re not hunting, they’re waiting for you. Shall we go in together?”

“It’s true. He’s a foolish person.”

Angela went inside the academy with Isaac.
There were numerous guests and tourists inside. Seeing that the number of faces he knows increases each time he enters, you can think that all the hunters who are famous in the world have come.
Because today is the day the hero graduates. Of the allied forces that fought the devil that day, all survivors must have come.

“I heard that the chairman of the board will announce great news at this graduation ceremony, you know that, right?”

“It must have been the Iris Guild who delivered the news to Angela’s Guild?”

“I’m not asking that. What is the news about? Of course it’s about Wizard Lee Ho-yeon, right? Now you can’t even give an excuse that you’re a cadet. The world is interested in what kind of move Mage Lee Ho-yeon will take after graduating.”

“Ah, Lee Ho-yeon…”

Angela felt an uneasy spirit in her Isaac, who was stretching her tongue.
Why is this person suddenly like this?

“Huh? Isn’t wizard Lee Ho-yeon and the Iris Guild famously friendly? What’s going on?”

“A friendly relationship… Yes, but it only makes me hate it because of the inevitable reality that is gradually approaching.”


I don’t know what you mean, but this guy has always been weird so you can ignore it.

“Wow, wow… Isn’t that the saintess over there?”

“It’s really pretty. You don’t do much medical treatment these days, but you came to the graduation ceremony.”

Then, a groaning sound was heard.
Angela and Isaac nodded as they saw two beauties walking from the other side.

“To think that the sub-guild leader of the Iron Blood Guild and the saintess are walking together.

Seeing Min Ye-ji and Baek A-young in neat suits, Isaac immediately turned around.
It’s unfortunate that I can’t have a conversation with such beauties.

“I can see the deputy guild leader Iris in front of me?”

“… I meant to talk to Honey, not the two of them.”

Isaac turned around and smiled brightly at his beloved wife.
The eyes of the daughters behind him were frightening, but they were used to them.
Isaac joined her family, and Angela also reached out to her own mates.
After the other distinguished guests went to their seats, the Victoria Academy graduation ceremony began.

“We’ll start the graduation ceremony now.”

The person who came up to the podium and opened her mouth was a blonde-haired woman.
Originally, the academy’s advisor was in charge of the graduation ceremony, but today, as it is an important position, she, as the chairman of the board, has been in charge of the progress from the beginning.

“Hello. I am Surin Moon, the president of Victoria Academy. First of all, I would like to thank the alumni, parents and distinguished guests who came to attend today’s graduation ceremony.”

As soon as she graduated, she became the chairman of the board, and Moon Soo-rin captivated the public so much that she couldn’t believe that not long ago she was a cadet.
Moon Soo-rin, who quickly overcame her useless ostentatious ostentation, finally called her long-awaited name.

“Cadet Lee Ho-yeon, representative of the graduation ceremony.”


Lee Ho-yeon, who had been waiting below, slowly climbed onto the podium.
As their eyes met, the two smiled softly.

‘Because my sister is really cute too.’

It was difficult to have so many people she knew come and say hello, but it was cute and thankful that she held it so big that it was her own graduation ceremony.

“Cadet Lee Ho-yeon completed the education course at Victoria Academy with excellent grades and contributed to society as a cadet…”

Lee Ho-yeon smiled lightly and focused on Moon Su-rin’s speech.
After her speech, Moon Soo-rin turned off her amplification magic and spoke quietly to Ho-yeon Lee.

“Congratulations on graduating. Hoyeonah.”

“Thank you. Sister.”

Raising the corner of her mouth, Moonsoo Rin turned on her voice amplification magic again.


For a moment, a chilling sensation ran through her body.
I know because I’ve seen it for a long time.
Moon Soo Rin was her eyes as if she was determined to do something.

“There is no need for a congratulatory message from the president as good people have told us many things before. Instead, I have news to convey as the president of Victoria Academy.”

Lee Ho-yeon, who was standing in front of the podium, blinked his eyes.
Isn’t this something I usually have to do when I go down?

I was about to step down from the podium, but telekinesis grabbed me.


“I, Moon Soo-rin, the director of Victoria Academy, and the magician Lee Ho-yeon here have promised each other a future. So, from now on, magician Lee Ho-yeon will serve as an honorary professor at Victoria Academy.”


Lee Ho-yeon opened her eyes wide at the sudden declaration.
No, what are you talking about all of a sudden.

“That, is that true! Chairman!”

“Sorceress Lee Ho-yeon belongs to the academy! No, she promised a future ahead of that…?!”


In response to Moon Su-rin’s bombshell declaration, reporters quickly wrote breaking news.
And Alice, who was sitting in her seat, sighed.

“Somehow, they gathered reporters saying they were announcing important news… I thought I would do that. Sister? Let’s explode.”

“Don’t worry, Elise. I’ve already detonated it.”

Before Moon Soo-rin’s bombshell remarks hit the media, breaking news broke through the power of the Iris Guild, which is holding the world’s media.
The article said that Lee Ho-yeon was meeting Alice and her on the premise of marriage.

“Ellis. Shall we stop other breaking news?”

“… Leave it alone. We just need to take the main.”

“Yeah. I think that would be nice too. But you have affection.”

“It’s not affection… Tsk. Anyway, just leave it alone!”

If they wanted to, they could have made their relationship with Lee Ho-yeon a fait accompli, but Alice and Irene did not.
That day, she fought alongside the demons… It’s manners to have a minimum competition.

Koo Goo Goong-!

At that time, Victoria Auditorium, where the graduation ceremony was being held, trembled greatly.
And slowly, the ceiling of the building began to open.

“What, what, what… What is it?! Sol. Did you do that?!”

“Be quiet, mister.”

Arthur couldn’t hide his bewilderment as he saw Im Sol radiating magical powers next to him.
Of course, being surprised didn’t change anything.

“Professor! The magic is ready…!”

“I will deploy the magic circle!”

Lucy and Rumi, who were next to them, added their magical powers, and the blue magical power floating in the sky moved delicately to create huge letters.

[Congratulations on the marriage of Wizard Lee Ho-yeon and Im Sol. – All members of the World Wizarding Society -]

– Lucy♡Lee Hoyeon♡Rumi –

Lucy and Rumi’s magical sparks also slipped into Imsol’s magic.
Those who participated in the graduation ceremony stared blankly at the blue magic and flames that appeared in the sky.
So sudden things kept popping up that reporters were confused about what to report.

“What is this…”

And Lee Ho-yeon, who was standing on the podium, blinked her eyes and watched the situation unfold in front of her.
This is 5 minutes before shit, no, it’s just shit.

“Ugh, ugh! Honey…! No. I can’t just fall in…!”

And Baek A-young, who appeared out of nowhere, was suddenly hugged.
Lee Ho-yeon took her away and closed her eyes tightly.

“Nurses teacher, no saintess…! You can’t do this! It’s the graduation ceremony right now!”

“Surin! Where are you doing this!”

Seeing Moon Soo-rin and Baek Ah-young fighting made my head hurt even more.
The image of the world’s hero, which he had built up while wandering around the world until he graduated from defeating the demon king, was blown away in just five minutes.

“Hoyeon doesn’t come home often these days, though… I don’t think she will come back any more.”

“I see. When did Lee Ho-yeon do that to grow up? She should grow up like me.”

“That’s the charm of a baby’s father. But it’s better to organize things quickly.”

“That’s not what I call charm. Rebecca-sama.”

Liliana, Rebecca, and Scarlett, who had come for Nam Da-eun and Lee Ho-yeon’s graduation ceremony, were also looking this way.
… Was it wrong to attend the graduation ceremony?

“Cadet Lee Ho-yeon! Please state her position!”

“Is it true that you’re dating a lot of girls at the same time?!”

Reporters gathered under the podium pushed Lee Ho-yeon with her microphone.
Certainly, it was more reasonable to ask Lee Ho-yeon than to ask more than 10 women.

“… Ha.”

Numerous eyes are looking at you.
Okay. I thought that one day this time would come.
He didn’t think it was now, but in the end he only has one thing to say.

“I will do my best to take full responsibility.”


Possessed With the Academy Game.

Possessed With the Academy Game.

아카데미 야겜에 빙의했다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
If you fail to seduce all the heroines of Yagem, you will die.


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