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Roughly Another World Tentacle 13

Roughly Another World Tentacle 13

Chapter 13 – Breeding Females (3)

I can’t stand this.
The penis head, full of aphrodisiac, passed over Praga’s head and headed for Tia.

Tia saw it and tucked her ass in, but
As if to greet her with countless tentacles, I wrapped around Tia’s waist and her body and pulled her hips.

“Kyaa, ah…”

Insert into the pussy
The sensitive cock is squeezed into Tia’s cunt hole.
Kook, kook.
Tia’s cheeks grew hot as she tried to enlarge her hole with her strength.

15 times more sensitive pussy… Went in… !
Cuckoo, Cuckoo….

“Ah, ah…”

Don’t avoid shaking her hips!
I put more effort into my full erection.
Insert into the pussy!!

See you!


15 times the prince enters the pussy♡
It was hard to believe that my cock could go into such a small hole, but
Thanks to the aphrodisiac that permeated them, sex was established smoothly.
I feel Tia’s rusty pussy all over my cock.


I’m sick… ! I think it’s cheap just by putting it in.
His posture is also strangely immoral.
Just for Tia sticking out her ass and positioning her as if she were going to have sex with me.

You haven’t fallen to that level yet, isn’t the service so good!

Like the woman who fed me with this big ass.

“Huh…. Uh…. Laugh…!”

He continued to push his cock out and press against Tia’s uterus.
Soaked in aphrodisiac, Tia’s cunt continued to squeeze my cock even though it was only inserted.
She murmured as her shoulders trembled.

“Too big….”

Hearing Tia’s raunchy voice, it hardens even more.
The level goes up a lot too.
Just by tasting Tia’s pussy… Happy….
After feeling the afterglow for a while, Tia spoke.

“Chi, because I gave you my virgin pussy… Please let Praga-san go too…”

Yes, yes
I’ll do whatever you want. Now is.
With my senses of touch, let’s clear away the larvae that covered Praga’s body,
Tia sticks her butt out even more.

Oh oh ♡
Did you know you’re having irreversible sex, Tia?
Giving me a pretty pussy to save two people.
Tightly wrap her arms around her tentacles and pull her behind you!


Tia’s breasts sway, showing off their erotic weight.
Just before her sex started, Tia muttered through tears.

“Jade… Beth… I’m sorry.”

I thrust Tia’s cunt furiously.
Let’s be happy Let’s be happy!!

Tia, immersed in her anguish, freaks out and squeezes her hard cunt into her cunt.

“Hak, ah, ah, evil! Kyaa, kyaat!”

Don’t be heartbroken, I’ll make you happy!
With the tentacles wrapped around her, she squeezes Tia’s big breasts and pricks her pussy!

“Huh, huh, huh! Huh! Huh!”

Every time he thrusts his cock into her cunt, the juices splatter.
15 times. 15 times!
Tia did some tricks, twisting her back gently to feel as little as possible of my cock prick.
There’s no way.
It is squeezed up to the womb with a prince.

“Heh, heck, stop… Gentle… Ah… Ah… No, no…!”

[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]

Tia’s cunt squeezes my cock tightly.
It also spreads experience points, but a pussy that feels so good.
I can’t lose either.

[Transformation 〈 projection 〉]

If it’s a tentacle monster, you can change the texture of the tentacles.
It is possible now!

On the surface of the tentacle, projections that give a pleasant accent grow.
It was a perversion created by the desire to make Tia’s pussy feel better.
And… !

Let’s be happy ♡
While concentrating all of their tactile senses on one female, they persistently stimulate their erogenous zones.
The cervix, which has been sensitive with the aphrodisiac, is also tapped continuously.

“Clothes, oh…!”

Let’s go, let’s go!
Oops! Give in to the tempting cock!
Tia’s pussy climax does not stop. If you look at the feedback, even if it continues for 4-5 seconds, your brain will be at its peak, like it will turn white.
It was easily passing 10 seconds, 20 seconds, and 1 minute thanks to my aphrodisiac.
The pussy caught in the densely connected climax is stabbed with an erection cock!

See you!

“Ho… Hoohot♡”

Is it okay for a woman to say that?
The defenseless 15-fold pussy continues to be stabbed with a cock.

“Jade! Oh… Clothes…!!”

I think I liked the lumpy tentacle cock quite a bit.
It’s a spectacle to squirt juice in the pussy.
Clap clatter clatter clatter!

“I’m not sure… Ah, ah.”

Serious pussy climax face of a pretty female♡
Tia struggled with her blue eyes open and her tongue sticking out.

I squeezed Tia’s body and thrust hard into her cunt.
Chew Bob Chew Bob Chew Bob… !!

“Yeah, yeah, uh…!”

Put it in your pussy, Tia!
Tia’s cunt tightened tightly as if she instinctively sensed my ejaculation signal.

Get pregnant!

She sticks out her ass and prepares to sow her seeds while thrusting her irresponsible dick into her.
Chew-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-p… !

“What should I do, given me… Ah… Ah! Jade… Jade, I’m sorry♡”

Come on, cum on Tia’s pussy… !!

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Beaureureureut! Beautiful! Bet!び!!
Semen, thick like jelly, occupies Tia’s uterus in an instant.
My stinky, steamy cum is wrapped around Tia’s pretty pussy… !

Bet! Bet! Beautiful!び!!

“Huh…. Yes… Ngyuu….”

Tia, stunned, pushed her hips out even more, intoxicated with the satisfaction of her female nature.
Bet! Beautiful! Bet! Bet!
Thanks to her, her ejaculation doesn’t stop.
This shameful pussy is about to scrape the floor and rip it off… !

Bet! Bum bum!!

[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[Aphrodisiac concentration – 25 times]

I immediately thrust her split mouse into Tia’s mouth.

“Gulp, gulp, gulp…”

25 times.
Although Tia had already packed her semen enough to conceive for sure,
Mating does not stop.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!
I clamped tight to Tia’s sturdy piece of bread, and thrust into her defenseless cunt.
Then, even after being stabbed several times, her pussy, which could not stand it, was so wet that she flinched and climaxed infinitely.

“Ho…. Hooh clothes♡ I don’t rent, I don’t rent…! Something like this… I don’t know…!”

Fall down. Fall down pussy!
He squeezed his cock into Tia’s tight cunt hole, plentifully squeezing his mama’s ass.


It is different from when the aphrodisiac is 3 times the maximum.
Pragga, who had been absent-minded, also woke up whenheheard Tia’s voice and raised his head slightly.
It’s not normal sex for anyone to see.

Tia, who was covered in my tentacles, was subjected to harsh intercourse with her tender pussy.

Chew Bob Chew Bob Chew Bob Chew Bob!

“Jade! Oh…Jade!!

Tia’s stout loaf catches her so she can’t escape,
I put strength into the tentacles of the cock and insert it into the uterus.
A kiss on the uterus♡

“Huh, huh… Pregnant… Get it done.”

Tia squeezed her mama barrel, she couldn’t help it.

“Sadly, ah, ah…! Pussy, pussy is going to come out… Heuuuuu…!”

It’s because you tighten it up like that!

“I’m going again, I’m going again ♡”

You don’t have any intention of hiding your pussy now, do you?
Tia stuck out her tongue and gasped.
Squeak, squeak, squeak!

“Oh…. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh…. Ugh…. My body and pussy are weird♡”

It’s cheap again in the pussy!!
Beautiful! Bet! Beautiful ♡

“Yeah… Whoa…”

Tia let out a sigh of joy and accomplishment as if she had done it, and her body trembled.
Strong ejaculation that satisfies female instincts from the root.
I wrap it up a lot, and fill the womb, which is waiting for the seed of a handsome man, with my steamed semen.

Buh…. Buh…… Beaureureureut! Beautiful!


While Tia is drowning in the afterglow of pussy climax,
I let off another cock tentacle and approached Praga.

“Let Agnes… Go see her father.”
“You promised.”

I bent my supple body into a virtuoso, opened my mouth forward, and cleared the way for Praga to leave.
Praga blinked her eyes rapidly, alternating between the scenery outside and her panting Tia.

“Can I really go?”

I stayed still
Praga hurriedly started running.
Even though she was barefoot, as if she didn’t know that she was sick, she removed the caterpillars from her body,
Run away, run far away

“Dad! Agnes…!”

Seeking her hope, her crying her,
I grabbed it by the tentacles again.
Whirly Rick!


「Pussy is perfect」


This is the best scream of the day.
I, who summoned her back into her bowels,
Just like that inertia, the cock was thrust into the hole of her pussy.
See you.


“Praga’s scandalous runaway pussy is like a dog”

Tie Praga in the air in an M shape, and insert her pussy hole in an irresistible position!
Squeak, squeak, squeak!

“Daddy uhhh! I’m going to… Kill you. Your damned, bastards…!”

It felt like everything I had accumulated until now exploded.

“Mom shouldn’t have said that!”

“Not my children!!”

“Don’t talk like that, listen carefully. Mama, mama, can’t you hear me?”

Praga’s complexion turned pale.
At her stillness, I smiled.



Praga burst into her weeping.
It must have been an unbearable torture for a weak-minded rural woman.
Her crying face while getting her pussy eaten is too erotic.

“Ah… Uh… Uh… Uhhh!”

To make Praga feel the new aphrodisiac.
He secreted profusely with his cock, absorbed it into her mucous membranes, and strangled her as if pulling her from behind.

If you are sad, let’s overcome it with a sense of crisis and sex.
When you’re strangled, you usually don’t think about anything.

“Kkeuuuuu can possible!”

Slightly loosening the strength of the tentacles supporting the weight, naturally making them sleepy and then supporting them… Exquisitely repeated!
He vigorously lifts his tight pussy.
Squeak, squeak, squeak!

I was so sad until now
Her reddened face because she likes her pussy is mixed with a sense of fear, so a funny expression comes out.

Chibob, Chibob, Chibob, Chibob.

“Ugh! Ugh… Black! Ugh! Ugh!”

Praga’s runaway pussy will do this!
I can’t run away again!
Jingjing jjing jjing jjing!

“Huh…. Heuuuuu…!”

While squeezing Praga’s heartache.
She fucks hard, spraying her fair share of creamy jizz all over Praga’s cunt.
The look in Praga’s eyes as she strangled her helplessly in her cum was a masterpiece.


No, Praga is not strong enough to hold such a great resentment in her body.
Resignation. Praga’s defense mechanism is resignation….

So if you give her a little hope, she becomes unseemly.
Bumping and shaking her legs.

Like she believes she can go out there even now.

Chew bob cheeb bob cheeb bob ♡
By meticulously poking her pussy, she deprives me of such hope,

Praga watches her pussy climax.
Praga forced to climax while opening her ass hole.

“Ugh…. Geup…!”

When placed on her floor, her larvae crawl up her body.

“You… Are not my children…”

Powerless voice.
Praga struggles to get up, remove her larvae, and walk forward again.
I again dragged Praga by the tentacles and put her on the floor.

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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