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Roughly Another World Tentacle 14

Roughly Another World Tentacle 14

Chapter 14 – Breeding Females (4)

“Huhhhhh…! Stop it…”

Big. It’s a great loaf of bread.
It’s just lying face down, but the erotic smell is full of it♡

“Mr. Praga… Are you okay…?”

I pushed Tia, who was walking weakly.


It’s only that much, so it’s falling apart.
Enjoy the best view of the buttocks of two women rolling around inside of me!

‘This is it!!’

“Praga, Mr…. Haa… Let go… Eh!”

I suppressed the stunned Tia with my tentacles.
The moment when he gasps as if it is difficult to breathe when his whole body is pressed is also very strange.
As it was, the erection cock was inserted into the hole of the defenseless pussy.

See you ♡

“You did…”

All at once, to the cervix… A perverted cock with protruding protrusions is stabbed in!!


Tia’s eyes widened and her pussy climaxed.
I tied Praga’s lower body with tentacles and lifted it up.
In doing so, rather than the bitterness of her weeping,
In front of my eyes, the immaculate jar of honey, revealing pale pink flesh, stood out even more.

Whenever her white and healthy thighs shake, her big hips move lively.
Praga’s tight cunt hole seemed to be waiting for me.

Insert the cock right away!

“Huh huh!?”

Praga’s pussy gets stronger.


Shockingly good!
With two cock tentacles, you can feel the tightening of the pussy of the two most beautiful women in three dimensions!
The pleasure of eating pussy is doubled, no… I can’t express it in simple words like that. The top-notch female pussy creates synergy and blends into the cock!
Bar… I think I’ll buy it right away… !!

Tia, who has fallen short, is suppressed so that she cannot stand up, and the tentacle press is used to forcefully take down her pussy!!
Chew Bob Chew Bob Chew Bob Chew Bob Chew Bob ♡

“Oh…. Jade! Jade! Oh…. Ohhh…!!”

Eat Praga too!
The lower part of the body is tied up, and the inside of the pussy is stirred with a cock.

“Black …. Hmm !! I don’t like it …. I don’t like it … I’m only pregnant.”
“Where… Endure…! Somehow… Don’t cry!”

While Tia was robbed herself, she held Praga’s hand tightly as if trying to cheer her up.
Alas, it is touching.

“Now… Huh… Wrong. Dad, Agnes…!”
“Because I’ll be with you…!!”

With that one word, Tia stopped Praga from crying.
Even if you hold back your tears…
Although there is no change in the situation where the pussy is being pushed so that the bread is shaking.


Tia pursed her lips and let out a hot breath.

“Ah… Ahhi… The cock… Ah… Ah… Thick… The monster’s cock… It’s thick…”

A pussy soaked in aphrodisiac is like a piece of cake, and it climaxes continuously, so it’s impossible to talk about it in a mood.
The climax of the thick pussy penetrates the heart in no time!
Both are awesome

Every time I take down my rusty pussy with an erect cock,
I can’t stand the moment when Fraga’s milk is rubbed on the floor.

“Huh, huh…. Jade… Oh…!”

Duel pussy is dope♡
I’m glad I was born as a Chokkai!

「Praga! Cum in the pussy! Give me another baby!”

“Ah! Ugh! Ahh! Ahh! Ah! Ahhhhh!”

It’s cheap again in the pussy♡
Get both pregnant!

Beaureureureut! Bet! Beautiful! Bet!
Bet! Bet!び!! View.

“Yeah… Whoa…!”

Curiously, when they pack a lot of cum, their expressions suddenly soften.
Regardless of the person’s will, it was an expression that seemed to melt his heart at the violent situation of Chokkai.
Maybe it’s female instinct.

A female’s sense for selecting superior males, etched into the DNA of her distant ancestors thousands of years ago.
As if he was reacting to my thick cum.
Happiness fills Tia and Praga’s eyes♡

“Ah… Ah… Ah…”
“Gang… Gang gan hat….”

After recognizing the reality, after 3-4 seconds, they close their lips again or lower their eyes,
I liked that gap again.

Even though I think it’s the worst
The temperature difference that the heart thinks is the best sex!

Chew Bob Chew Bob Chew Bob Chew Bob ♡


I held Tia tight and poked her cunt hole.
As if he liked the perverted cock with a lot of bumps, his asshole kept widening.

“Oh… Oh oh ♡ jade, oh oh ♡”

Praga is also completely drunk.
Tia, on the other hand, comes to her senses slightly, but gently rolls her eyes as her cock thrusts become denser.

“Ah… Ah hah…, Ah… Ah! Ahn! Ah…!! I don’t like it. I think I’ll fall in love….”

Every time you stab it!
As if your two pussies couldn’t get out of here.
I kiss the womb in a petty perverted way and stamp it.

My bitch!
You are my bitch!

Pregnant sex that lasted all night!
Praga and Tia gasped with her mouth open, not knowing what to do.

“Huh… Hah… Hah…”
“Whoops… Whoops… Whoops…”

The clergy girl with the big cake spread her legs wide open and soaked in the afterglow of a lump of semen soaked in her cunt hole.
Praga fainted while holding Tia’s hand tightly.

[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[The level…… ]
[Pervert 〈 Exposure 〉]
[Metamorphosis 〈 Tooth Tentacle 〉]

The last night’s intense conception sex brought my level to 50.
Aphrodisiacs have been made possible up to 50 times.
It didn’t go higher than that, but it seemed like there was probably a level limit.

In the morning, Young-hee and Brother Borg, who had been on watch, came to report.

“Are there any human traces around?”

“Keek!” “Kiruk!”
“Cheer up.”

Um, good It still seems safe.

「Keep on guard」

It’s been a while since Tia’s party went missing, so it wouldn’t be strange to come out to search.

“I’ll kill you…”

I wondered what he was talking about, and it was the Bess that he had left in the bush yesterday.
He is paralyzed all night, unable to go to the bathroom, and is trembling, tired of urinating.

…… I forgot.

I guess I couldn’t sleep because it was cold.
It seems that he endured with hatred toward me.

“Etch…! Lord, I’m going to give it to you…”

By daylight, Praga and Tia came to their senses.

Come on, roll call.
I lined up the three women and admired them.


Tia and Fraga’s big breasts and plentiful pelvis are truly masterpieces.
In terms of breast size, Praga had a bit more advantage. What did you grow up eating, country girl?
Both hips can’t be superior or inferior.

Tia looked at me with a slightly worried expression, her hands folded in front of her royal mamma barrel, in a slightly prayerful gesture.
The two people I had sex with last night stood relatively calm, but Beth has been fidgeting ever since.
There is also a feeling of discomfort from peeing through the ceiling.

With hostility towards me, it seemed as if he would run at me right now.


I must have caught a cold.
Rather, Praga and Tia, who were naked, had a good complexion.
All thanks to me

〈 The slippery liquid 〉 not only protects the skin, but also keeps the body temperature.
Thanks to you, Tia and Praga spent the night warmly inside me.
Even now, the thinly coated beauty liquid forms an invisible film like tights on the erotic bodies of the two.
It is like being protected from the external environment without knowing it.

“Beth. Are you okay?”

Beth said in a slightly timid voice.

“It’s creepy.”
“You have a fever.”

“I just let you run away.”

Praga looks up.
But it wasn’t as rebellious as yesterday.
Just sigh.

“Mr. Praga. I have some medicine in my bag.”

Praga retrieved her medicine from Tia’s small bag.

“Lie back against a tree, Beth.”
“Tia, are you okay? You… Last night…”
“Yes I’m fine.”

The two who drugged Beth are back.
It looks like you have something to say.


“Can I wash it?”

It would be cold if the protective film was peeled off.

“There is a lake over there.”

Well, it’s better to experience it than talk about it.
The two packed their toiletries and moved to the shore of a nearby lake.

“…How about running away in this gap?”

As soon as they were alone with Tia, Praga said.

“I’m sure they’ll be watching here too.”

I feel good.
After all, is she different from an ordinary country girl?

“Tia-san, have you ever seen a monster like that before?”
“No, I’m seeing it for the first time. I’ve been active as an adventurer of the same class for three years, but…”

Tia and Praga entered the lake and washed themselves slowly.

“If it’s a monster that understands people and makes goblins and orcs follow it… It’s best not to provoke it.”
“Then continue like this…?”

As if imagining a disastrous future, Praga was speechless and downcast.

“I’ll wash your hair.”

Tia meticulously washed Fraga’s brown hair.

“Anes… How are you?”
“Yes, I was worried about her sister.”
“The monster doesn’t seem interested in our lives, so wait for help.”
“Aren’t you afraid of Tia? You might end up becoming the seed of a monster like this.”

Tia’s hand hesitated.

“Being the seed of a dignified male… Is a choice.”
“Yes? What?”

Tia opened her eyes wide, as if surprised by what she said.

“What did I say?”

It’s an interesting change.
Is 〈 Mind Pollution 〉?
It bothered her that she didn’t ask why she didn’t keep her promise.
Tia seems to be having a big change of heart about last night.

Tia (Lv. 21 Church girl with a voluptuous buttocks)
〈 desecrate 〉
[Mind Corruption (1.0)] A disgusting tentacle has taken root deep in the soil.
[Black hair, blue eyes. Mopan boasts a big ass, got it from the forest]

…… 〈 Desecrate 〉?
I can’t imagine what kind of tentacle it is.
The offspring of a tentacle monster and a human bear unusually little resemblance to humans.
For that reason, even her mother does not recognize her as her child.
I’ve never thought about why that happens.

This is because it is common sense in tentacles.
Common sense applies here as well, so it’s clear that the tentacles Tia will give birth to will also resemble me.
Depending on what kind of function the tentacles can perform, the options also expand.



Tia pricked up her ears and looked around.
It seems that my voice is starting to be heard.

“The voice of Mr. Monster?”

She looks very happy.
I am not aware that I am speaking out loud,
The person who receives the tactile sense seems to recognize it as a voice.

“I can hear?”

“Yes, I can hear you…”

Tia’s cheeks turned slightly red.
… Why do you seem to be degrading faster than Praga, who was captured first?

“Come out after you’ve washed everything”

“Ah, yes…!”

Listen well.
Praga followed Tia with a slight disapproval.
When the two washed up and came out of the lakeside, they felt a sense of incongruity and hesitated.
The soles of my feet were scratched, so I was careful with my steps.

‘I guess now.’

How well 〈 slippery liquid 〉 was protecting me.
Tia and Praga are completely naked.
Since you are always wearing clothes, your mind will not be stable if you are exposed to the wind all the time.

“I’ll look for extra clothes.”

Is there anything like that?
I wrapped my tentacles around Tia’s body.


It secretes a slippery liquid with its tentacles to coat the body like oil.
Same with Praga.

Titties are created ♡

“Ah… I’m sorry…”

Praga was also calm.
Now, it seems that both of them have overcome the discomfort of the tentacles touching their bodies.

“Is it better to stay like this?”

It goes without saying

“But it’s embarrassing to be all exposed…”

Then how about this
I brought the incarnation larvae to my tentacles and attached them to my nipples like nipple piercings.



They both looked blank as if they liked the gift.
Oh! I put it on for a long time, but why are you taking it off!

“Just naked, Mr. Tia.”


“Who are you talking to?”
“Beth. Are you okay?”

Tia hurried to Beth’s side.

“I think I’ve gotten a little more comfortable. How about that?”
“We were talking to Mr. Monster.”
“Mr. Monster?”

As if asking if she was serious, Beth looked at Tia with an absurd look.

“Are you crazy?”
“It may be hard to believe, but I really heard the voice. Beth may not hear it yet, but…”
“Tia. Come to your senses! That guy killed Jade! Is it time to flirt with you?”

As for the 〈mind pollution〉 phenomenon, I am also in a position to study.
The woman entangled with me is gradually becoming corrupted.
In the end, wouldn’t the values ​​change little by little?

If the phenomenon also appears differently for each person.
We are a match made in heaven.
Tia seemed to have no animosity toward me.

She rubs the cock against Tia’s ass as a test.
She didn’t even dodge and gave me a loaf of bread.

“I am also heartbroken that Jade died.”
“Really? It seems to me that you don’t even care anymore?”
“… We can’t just throw away the life Jade saved.”

Beth stood up and shouted, clenching her fists.

“Let’s beg for our lives while giving away our liver and gallbladder to that perverted monster!?”
“Were you that kind of guy?”
“What kind of guy was I in Beth’s eyes?”

Uh uh fight
Don’t ring our tia! Write!

“It was a bit frustrating, but I thought he was a crazy guy. We’re human! Does it make sense to lie on our stomachs in front of a monster?”

Beth was just about to rant in excitement, then muttered weakly.

“……We are human beings.”
“Beth. Our lives depend on Mr. Monster.”

Beth is furious at Tia’s words, but she hesitates, unable to find words to refute.


Tia gently caressed my cock sticking out between her firm thighs.

“For those of us who were defeated and captured, we have no choice but to beg for help.”
“That might be so… But rather than a person living pitifully as a monster’s seedling.”
“Beth wouldn’t make it that way.”

Tia smiled softly.

“I’ll keep telling you to let Bessman go.”
“You, what…… Nu, who wants to do that!? Who will save you?”
“I… Am pregnant.”

Beth’s expression hardened.
I would have expected it roughly, but the shock when I actually heard it can’t be expressed in words.

“I can already feel it growing inside my stomach.”
“Tia… It’s not too late now! Let’s get out! Let’s get out of here together!”

Tia didn’t even explain why it couldn’t and just shut her mouth.
Even the fact that I’m listening to everything
To Beth, who cannot hear my voice, it does not reach reality.

Is there anything more futile than an escape plot that everyone can hear?

“I said I wouldn’t make you like that, but I don’t have the power…”

The tentacles of her cock, which gave her power, climbed Tia’s body.
Tia couldn’t resist as her tentacles slid through the barrel of her king Mamma, but she only shrank.

“Next… It might be Beth’s turn…”

Beth vomited in vain.

“Ugh… Ugh!”

Just imagining it makes me happy.
After a while.
The two of them, who had been sitting in a tree and spending time absentmindedly, got up to prepare a meal.

“Are you hungry? I’ll feed you.”

Tia, who went to the simple cellar where her meat was kept – made by Younghee – frowned at her as if she was embarrassed.
The only meat I have now is the trimmed Jade meat.

“…Mr. Monster.”

He seemed to know what he was going to say.

“We can’t eat this…”

Tia said very embarrassed.
Is it my turn to go?

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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