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Roughly Another World Tentacle 15

Roughly Another World Tentacle 15

Chapter 15 – Breeding Females (5)

Taking care of the health of the nursery is also a chok-gae task.
During sex, females expend so much energy that they quickly become debilitated if not fed.

Tentacle Monster (Lv.50) Goddess’s Artificial Life Form
〈 Slippery Liquid〉 A slippery liquid that is always secreted. It doesn’t dry well and is slippery. Pollution factor 0.1
└[Digestive fluid] Digestive juice from a tentacle monster. Acidity can be adjusted.
└ [Aphrodisiac (50 times)] Amplifies sexual feelings in females. It also has the effect of relieving pain. Pollution factor 0.6
└[Paralytic Liquid] Temporarily disables movement. Pollution factor 0.1
└ [Nutrition Solution] Secrete addictive nutrient solution. Perfect for female palate. Pollution factor 0.3
〈 Sense of touch 〉 Cognitive ability to detect magic waves through skin, can easily grasp surrounding objects
〈 Primal Tentacle〉 Basic Tentacle. Simple without features. It is used to restrain or strike an opponent.
└[Tender] A tentacle with soft bumps at the tip
└[Split Mouth] A tentacle whose mouth splits into two sides. It is suitable for feeding secretions or sucking milk, and it grows tentacles with wrinkled projections inside like a tongue.
└[Penis Head] Tentacles for feeding females. Very sensitive
└[Exposure] A tentacle with a double structure that is divided into an inner layer and an outer layer.
└[Tooth] A tentacle with teeth. It is very strong and has a strong grip.
〈 texture 〉
└[Protrusion] Numerous protrusions that accentuate the surface of the tentacle.

Let’s try a nutrient solution that is said to be perfect for female tastes.
I pulled out a new tentacle, Exposure.
Exposure is a double-structured tentacle with an outer skin covering the inner skin, resembling a whaling cock.
The internal mucous membrane can be shaped to my liking, but now it is changed to a size that is good for two women to fill their mouths with, just like a baby bottle nipple.

Tia flinched when I held the exposure in front of her face.
The inside of the exposure is the part with the highest body temperature, so it’s not scalding, but it’s quite hot.
The monster’s red mucous membranes grotesquely wriggling, as if smoke was rising.

I secreted a nutrient solution at that end.
Dark yellow liquid drips.


“This one?”

Both of them have an expression of disapproval.
Beth was looking at us with a strange expression, not knowing the situation at all.
Does it smell bad?

Still have to eat You haven’t eaten anything since yesterday, have you?

Terrifying to say, a sound came from Tia’s stomach.

“I will enjoy this food?”

Yum, and
Tia put my exposure in her mouth.
Seeing that, Beth turns her back and retches.
But once Tia tasted it, she eagerly sucked in my extract with her slightly relaxed eyes.

“Jjong…. Jjong…♡ What is this? It’s delicious…. My cheeks melt….”

Looks like a baby

“Eat Praga too”

Praga, who was also at a distance, saw the sight and plucked up the courage to bite her whaling cock into her mouth.
Not as much as Tia, but she’s gotten a lot familiar with Praga too.

“Put on the side…”

Feeding the two women, I’m the quicker one.
The nutrient fluid dripping from my cock seemed so delicious.
Praga and Tia sucked away with their lips pressed against the steaming mucous membrane.

“Zhung… Zzong…”
“Side. Side…”

Looks delicious
Now it sucks without hesitation.
Even cleaning every nook and cranny with your tongue.

I also gently shake the uncut cock and entangle it with my tongue like a deep kiss.
The outer skin covered their lips, and the two women stuck out and sucked on the glans covered in my foreskin with complete intoxication.
I know it’s a taste that makes you give up even maintaining the minimum dignity.

They drooped their philtrum like a bee with a stick in their mouth and greedily coveted my mucous glans.
Chubu boo boop. Chubu Boop.

“Joook… Jjook… Whoa… It’s delicious… It’s delicious… More please… More… More…”

Praga didn’t say anything, but she was already tongue-in-cheek.
You might have thought that you couldn’t see it because it was covered in an outer shell, but I can see it all.
It was very vulgar to see her ass pulled back and her body forward, mouth-feeding on my cock.

‘How much can I give you?’

It’s been about 5 minutes and I’m still eating.
It looks like I’m going to be spoiled, so should I take it off soon?

“I’m sorry…”

They both look at my phimosis cock wistfully.
Indeed. I mean it’s so sweet
It’s weird to see him sticking out his tongue as if he’s regretful.

“It’s crazy…”

Beth groaned, tearing at her hair.

“Can you give this to Beth too? Mr. Monster.”
“Ouch, what are you talking about!”
“It’s delicious. It’s an addictive taste.”
“I’d rather starve to death than eat that!”
“It’s better than the cheesecake from Central Street in Constella.”

Is this so delicious?
I don’t feel the taste when I eat it. There seems to be a special component that interacts with the female body.
There is something that can be compared to sweets loaded with sugar.


「Pragga, was it delicious?」

“…I do not know.”

It’s delicious, but the atmosphere that I don’t want to admit that it’s delicious is full.
Feeling grumpy for no reason, I put Exposure back into Praga’s mouth.

“Eup…. Jjoong…. Chubub…. Jjoooook…. Side….”

“Is it delicious?”

“Mah… It’s delicious. Trying something like this… For the first time.”

「The Juice of My Love」

I thought I would spit it out, but Praga eagerly accepts it and eats it.

“Ah, me too…!”

Tia clings.
This is a different feeling.
On one of my uncut cocks, two girls marking their lips and turning their tongues.
Rice is delicious.

“Zhung…. Zhung…! Jjook…. Side!”
“Side….Side….Little step….”

Beth just looked at them suspiciously, wondering if the two of them had gone crazy.
After a while, the Borg brothers and the orcs returned from guarding the surroundings.

“Did you find anything?”

What I did was mainly two things.
Exploring surrounding boundaries and human traces.
The boundaries were perfect. The three of them take turns sleeping and watching.

When the sun rises, look around and report whether there are any traces of people.

“Chwireuk! Chwik!”

Um, nothing?
I didn’t understand his keek chwik, but I could understand it by looking at the pitch and gestures.
I’m already talking to the human bitches I fuck
It was just funny because I couldn’t communicate well with the monsters.

Everything is like a trigger specialized for human females.


As if they didn’t want to show their naked bodies, Tia and Praga hid behind my body and peeked out their heads.
What you do is cute
Orcs and goblins are also quite threatening creatures to women.
I wrapped my tentacles around them and reassured them.


“It’s okay in front of me”

Tia’s cheeks turned red.

“Now make me a meal.”

“I’ll do my best, Mr. Monster.”

「Pragga will help too」

Reluctantly, he pushes the hesitant Praga back.
Soon, the two mother plates with strong bread crumbs prepare the rice by gently shaking the milk.
The ingredient is jade meat.

After completing the search, Younghee and Joe’s other mission is to find food.
While the women grill the meat and set the table, Yeonghee-jo hunts animals outside and gathers edible fruits.


Younghee-jo seemed very happy.
It has to be because it is a table prepared by pretty women.
Tia seemed a little proud.

“There are a lot.”

You’re so pretty, Tia.
The best makeup for a woman’s face must be a smile.
Although Praga was watching her strange behavior with a puzzled expression.
This is not brainwashing.

A female exposed to hentai material from a tentacle monster,
It’s just a process of forming the right values…….

I analyzed myself.

“I brought you some meat, Beth.”
“It’s a bit of venison left over. I’ll eat something.”

Perhaps thinking that meat is better than my juice, Beth receives the prize.
You might have to starve, but you’re blessed to be able to eat tenderly cooked meat.
After preparing meals for the family, Tia carefully came to visit me.

“Monster… I’ve prepared everything.”

“Great job”

“As a reward, can’t you give me a little more of that…?”

Praga is holding back with vain pride,
Tia has already come to ask me for nutrient solution.
She’s the kind of bitch who’s always been right up close to me shaking her ass.

“I… I will work hard for Mr. Monster…”

I pulled out my smelly whaling cock again, the exposurer.
Tia clings right up.

“Uh-huh, wait.”

I slip my whaling cock back and let Tia follow.

“Ah, ah. Ai…”

Tia stuck out her tongue and followed her on my cock.

“Let me eat… Let me eat.”

「Here it is」

How delicious it is, how effective it is.
Praga is also watching this side with her mouth watering.
Hot, did you think you should have raised it with food?

It secretes a lot of nutrient fluid.
Looking at it like this, the thick yellow liquid resembles the yellow intestine of snow crab.
Does Tia feel the rich savory taste of this liquid?

“Keep your head down and eat”


I deliberately lowered my whaling cock.
Tia hesitates slightly.

「Be polite」

The hesitation did not last long.
Tia is learning Mopan’s attitude faster than anyone else.
At my instruction to duck down and eat, she immediately ducked her body.
Her ass pulled back, her cunt exposed in a huddled position…….

Suck delicious liquid from my uncut cock.

“Put… Poke… Poke…”

Tia’s cheeks turned red.
I was a bit hesitant, but the cum juice given as a reward was so delicious,
She pulls her ass back and sticks her tongue out, licking my cock.

“Little lap lap lap… Churuloop…. Jjook….”

Like a bee sucking honey, it sticks out its lips like a tube.
It’s as natural as if I instinctively learned how to relate to my exposure.
I covered her lips with her skin on her phimosis cock and pressed it closely, then let her suck to her heart’s content.

“Hook…. Huh…. Whoo…. Whoo…!”

The pleasure that a delicious meal brings is immense.
In particular, how delicious is the nutrient solution secreted from my body, like a drug substance?
I could tell from the look in her eyes that it was an unimaginable happiness for a female.

I’ve never seen Tiana Fraga’s pussy so greedy after teasing her pussy like that.
Surprisingly, in front of the nutrient solution that stimulates the sense of taste, both were easily captured.

“Cheer up… Squeeze… Drink… Drink… Ugh… Churup…. Squeeze…”

Tia flirting while gently shaking her big butt.
With her split mouth, she presses the king mamma tube and her pussy closely, and sucks anything that can be sucked from her body this way too.
A perfect hentai mechanism that will make even the National Tentacle Association shed tears and admire!

“Chubu Boop…. Choo Ook…. Side…. Side….”

Tia throws away her pride and enjoys chuchu time waving her bread.
Younghee and the Borg brothers are enjoying the meal they prepared for them a long time ago,
So was Beth.

Only Praga, left lonely and alone, is watching her jealously.
Come shake the bread too, Praga.
I pull out one more Exposure, drop it towards Praga, and shake it gently.

Come on, this.
Delicious food here.


Praga swallowed her saliva and closed her eyes tightly.
She turns her head away at first and looks away.

At this point, I’m also curious about the taste. Seeing how hard it is to endure that much, I’m sure it’s not at the level of tteokbokki eaten as a late-night snack.
They say the biggest desire of a woman is appetite.
This nutrient solution seems to surely meet the needs of such females.

“I’m not going to eat?”

As I was about to remove the tentacles, Praga came running.
Soon, Fraga also bent down to bite the whaling cock set too low for my vulgar intentions.

“Jjwup! Jjuup…. Churururu….”

Both of them had a pleasant meal time with their pretty lips eaten by the exposure and their eyes wide open.

While I entrusted my subordinates with vigilance for several days.
Seeds were constantly sprayed into Praga and Tia’s pussy.
Both of them were happy waving their easy delivery big bang.

Giving birth is imminent.
The tentacle monster’s growth was so rapid that it was already struggling to get out of her mother’s womb.
Tia and Praga suffered from the struggles of such selfish children with their arms and legs held captive by me.

“Oh…. Oh ho…♡”
“Give birth to a monster-san’s baby… You’ll be disqualified as a human♡”

Praga gave birth to incarnation with a pussy that became 50 times more sensitive and climaxed nonstop.
The same goes for Tia, who is now nearing her first childbirth.
As Modok tries to get out of her narrow pussy with his body, he exclaims as he squirts her love juice.

“Heuuuuu00uuuuu006Come out…!”

“Coming soon. Cheer up”

Cheer me up
Things like octopus legs began to creep out of Tia’s cunt hole.
As can be expected from the much larger swollen belly, it is a tentacle monster different from the flesh.

“Oh… Jade… Oh oh ok…!”

Just seeing the tentacles crawling out of her pussy, I thought Tia would be half-mad.
It seemed that she was already ready to become her mother in her heart.

“Cheer up, yes, yes, baby… Cheer up…! From the mother’s cunt… Uhmm… It’s born.”

The blasphemers struggle.
Stirring her womb and cunt, Tia tilted her head back and winced.

“Ohhhhh… The baby of a monster, born with a lot of human cunts…!”
“Stop it now♡ You guys should stop being born now♡”

Praga was covered in incarnation, and her breasts and body were already sucking.
I not only help them give birth, but also directly control the tentacles with my tactile senses.
I feel a bit strange.

It was because I felt like I was being born into Tia’s pussy.

“Yeah…. Ugh…!! Ah…. Ah, ah…. Feeling… Joa…♡”

Desecration was a tentacle in the form of a starfish.
It is the size of a human head and has cotton-like tentacles with four suckers.
It was very suitable for clinging to a woman’s body, and as soon as it crawled out of her cunt, it clung to Tia’s thighs, belly, and breasts.

“Huhhhhh can can be.. Are. The babies are already doing filial piety in the womb…♡”

Like a tentacle monster that thinks and reacts only with muscles without a brain,
What you have to do when you touch a female’s body is almost automated.

“I’m leaving again”

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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