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Roughly Another World Tentacle 16

Roughly Another World Tentacle 16

Chapter 16 – Breeding Females (6)

“Ah, ah…. If you struggle in the womb, no way….

It crawls out of Tia’s pussy again.
I don’t have a place to stick to anymore, but that’s okay.
Because I have a mom friend who has a big loaf of bread.

Modoc was able to leap to a high position by curling his four tentacles like springs.
Leap and cover Praga’s face!


“Take care of them too, Praga.”

“Eup! Woo-boop!”

“You got it? Then I’ll put it in”

“~~~ Uhhhhh! Ehhh!”

It’s time to test the function of blasphemy.
As you might expect from their starfish-like bodies, these had another hidden tentacle.
Small penis head.
It extended out from the center, and even though it was small, it was as long and thick as a human cock.

Capture Praga’s face with four tentacles,
Piston by pushing CHINPO!
Use Praga’s throat as an ona hole.

“Whoop! Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop.”

There is no right of refusal.
Praga soon accepted.
Tia was already in the same situation by her side.

“Ubub, jade, jade, billion, kkum.”

Oh, sleep feels good.
The fact that all tentacles are connected through the sense of touch, that is,
It means that the more they give birth, the more my body expands.

I like sticking cocks up Fraga and Tia’s throats… !

Countless blasphemies cling to the bodies of mothers and mothers’ friends like younger siblings.
That alone wasn’t enough, so I took out my cock and rubbed it.
What happens to the prey captured by the tentacle monster,

You can tell by looking at the two people who are covered in all kinds of flesh and are losing consciousness.
Jingjing jjing jjing jjing!

“Oops… Jade! Jade! Oh… Op!”
“Geul! Extreme, Ghul…!”

Beautiful! Bet! Buh… !
As soon as they were born, they wrapped them in the mouths of Tia and Praga.
Bhut. Bet! Beautiful! Bet!

“Whoa… Uh… Woof…”
“Um…. Um…. Um…!”

[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]

As if the tentacles were part of my body, I could absorb nutrients.
Now, growth is slow with only Tia and Praga…….

My current level is 68.
The magnification of the aphrodisiac is 68 times.
Compared to when he was first born, he has truly terrifying specs.


Where is bass?
It seems that he ran away.
Aiming for the time when I was obsessed with Tia and Fraga’s body.

‘I thought I’d throw away my colleagues coolly.’

Captured Tia seems to think that there is no chance now.
I was expecting this situation from the beginning.
I just left it out of order.

He couldn’t get very far because he was always given a paralyzing solution that made it difficult to move.
You can call Younghee-jo and catch him, but…….
Shall I use 〈 Desecration 〉?

I’m curious about the performance of these.
Desecration can be used as a much more active weapon than incarnation.
Just look at the power to leap forward.


Tia and Praga continued to fuck,
After the two of them had just finished ejaculating, they selected four insults whose weight class was called.
And quickly crosses the night forest.

With its four tentacles, it was able to move quickly as if rolling on a wheel.

“Quickly… We have to get away…”

A limping Bess was already in sight.
You should be pregnant too, where are you going!


This was the second time he had landed on a woman’s ass, so he landed exactly on Beth’s toe.
Lesser evil
It adheres closely with its four tentacles.

“Ugh, what!”

Beth is startled and stretches her hand behind her, but it doesn’t fall.
〈 Slippery Liquid〉 Secretion!
While tightening her butt with four tentacles, the tentacles of the cock in the middle of her body are quietly inserted into her pants.

“That perverted monster…!”


The three Modocs who arrived late jumped at Beth.
The goal is mouth!


Five. Amazing concentration.
Beth showed off a cool high kick that surprised me when I saw it.
Great, look at how flexible it is.
It hurts a bit, but it’s okay. Because the body hurts much less than being hit.

“Huff! Ha!”

To think that he could move that much while the paralysis hadn’t fully healed yet.
My body has definitely been trained.
I think it would be nice to see a female martial artist with a strong body♡
Beth defends his body by kicking off the desecration with a kick, but the situation does not change.

“There is no end… I have to run away…!”

It’s great to see your mouth!
Aim for the pleasant upper hole and jump!
Beth didn’t want to touch it, so she continued kicking away his tentacles.

I can’t.
A pussy that keeps running away, this is how it should be done!
〈 Desecrate 〉’s functions have all been identified.
Discharge her digestive juices with a mouth of profanity clinging to her ass!

Melts clothes and underwear.
It could be seen that she has already succeeded in exposing her pussy while Beth sweats and fights.
Aiming for the time to kick off the blasphemous jump that wants to occupy the pussy in her mouth….

Insert into the pussy!

See you!


A cute scream mingled with spirit echoes through the forest.
Oh clothes.
Beth’s athletic pussy is fucking tight… !!
I think my cock will fall out!

“My clothes melted, when…!”

Ah ah Tighten your pussy. I think it’s already cold.
Beth hurriedly lowered her leg and hit her thigh! She was even more fantastic by increasing the vaginal pressure with her attached.
Inside the tight pussy, the tentacles of the cock are wrapped around the narrow, moist vaginal walls.

“This, Mr. Lee…!”

A curse came out of Beth’s mouth.
When she found out that her bottom was missing and she was getting her pussy eaten by a mini monster,
Was she just mad? I probably just wanted to sit down and cry.
But Beth’s crisis is not over yet.

Pussy climax 68 times hentai material,
Because she can spew even with profanity.
It’s only a matter of time before the pussy starts to feel ridiculous.

Let’s try……. Let’s try… ♡
Curl her legs tight and stir in her tight pussy.
It wasn’t the main body, so I didn’t have the strength to stir the pussy forcibly, but it was still delicious.
Maximize this situation very much now.

How much fun would it be if you could also enjoy the first look of a female fighter with blushing cheeks?
Jump! Jump!
Infinite Jump Gandat!


Beth gritted her teeth,
Now, instead of spreading his legs, he resists by slashing the tentacles with his hands.
Then one got stuck on his arm and threw it away.
It goes directly to her breasts and melts her upper clothes as well.
Secretion of digestive juices!

Haha… Ha…!”

Let’s try…. Let’s try….
Meanwhile, he continues to eat the nervous Beth’s pussy.

Beth moved his leg to escape.
A cock is stabbed into Beth’s runaway pussy in real time.
Chew, Chew, Chew.

Where! Run away! Yes!?
Fuck in the womb, fuck.
It’s such a dire situation. Even in a life-threatening situation, it is 68 times stronger than it is hard to refuse.
Beth’s cunt began to climax against her will.

“Hak…. Heuuuuu…!!”

Beth, with her back straight and her toes up, tightens her pussy.
Taking advantage of the gap between his thighs, he thrusts his pussy wildly.
Let’s be happy ♡

“Ah… Stop it…!”

Ah, the dynastic pussy is shit….
As if the tentacles were wrapped around her firm thighs and would never fall off,
While firmly fixed, he sticks out his cock tentacles and clashes with them.
Squeak squeak, squeak squeak.

“Ah, ah, ah…. Haeuk…. Küu!”

Blasphemy Attack!
Beth swings his arm away, but his speed slows down.

“Get off, get off…!”

Jump without stopping
She still can’t give up her hope that she can escape, though she takes one step at a time.
Her cunt gets even stronger.

“~~~~! Here, like Jade or Tia… I can’t retire…!”

Oh clothes. Power comes into her pussy.
Ah. If it’s that tight… Might be cheaper….
A view, a view, a view…. Beautiful! Bet! Bet!

Cums in Beth’s pussy.
Beth, at the same time, jerked her asshole and climaxed.

“Ha, ugh…!”

Did you think that you shouldn’t be concerned about the following?
Beth vigorously kicked the insult that jumped out.
Uh huh Do you get scolded for a high kick?

Cling deep and shove her pussy!
Chew bob cheeb bob cheeb bob ♡


Beth patted the profanity on her cunt with her hand.

“떨어져, 이, 이 개새끼야!”

Are you a baby Tia?
Seeing the sweat beading on her forehead, it must have been quite difficult for her to put up with “Pussy joayoot”.
68 times. 68 times.
20 or 30 times might have been enough, but to be honest, it was fun to bury the uncontrollable pleasure in the female body and watch the reaction.
Ah, 68 times is not enough for that.

After all, if it is not about 3,000 times.
If that was the case, I wouldn’t have been able to hold on for even a moment and collapsed.
Under her single-mindedness to live, Beth is walking with her superhuman patience.

A dick poke in her defenseless pussy every time she kicks… !
Let’s go, let’s go!

“Huh, huh!!”

Every time Beth spread her legs, she paid the price of a pussy pop.
But if you tighten her thighs, that’s fine with your dick.
Perhaps because she was always frowning, Beth’s face, which began to melt away with the climax of her steamy pussy, felt much more lovely.

‘Aren’t you walking now?’

She rather spread her legs slightly.
What does that mean?
Chew bob cheeb bob cheeb bob ♡

“Uh…. Uhhh…. Yeah…. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah…!”

As if succumbing to pussy climax, Beth became immobilized.
I’m going to mark my pussy so that I can’t run away again♡

Beautiful! Bet! Bet! Beautiful!
Beth realized that she was getting fucked for no reason, and her shoulders trembled.
And… Jump!
The sight of profanity clinging to the defenseless body of Bess meant the defeat of the female.


Bess, who has grown up with Balladang.
As a defeated beast bares its belly and trembles,
He persistently stabbed Beth’s pussy, which had no way to resist.
Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

“Ah…. Ahhh…. Oops…. Ugh…!!”

Beth muttered, embarrassed as she covered her mouth with her arm.

“Never… I never feel good…”

The bitch who gave off the feeling that she was using a bit of strength for a woman like her.
I’m so self-absorbed that I’m giving you all the holes called holes.

‘The ass hole goes too.’

Clings to Beth’s ass.
Both holes are pricked at the same time with two insults.

“Hak…. Hak…. Uuuuu!! That’s…. I don’t know…!”

The blasphemy on the chest stretches out the tentacles, wraps around the ankles and pulls them so that they can’t resist.
Then, the loaf of bread was exposed, shining brightly in the moonlight.
The cock is inserted as if the pussy hole and the butt hole are stamped down!


“Oh ho ♡”

A healthy dynastic sticks to the bread, breeding press… !
That’s it!

“Hak, Hak, Aw, Oh, Jade. My body is strange…. Ah…. Ah… Certainly, strange. Something like this…!”

Chap-Chap-Chap-Chap, Buchubuchubuchu♡


Be sure to join Beth’s pussy.
Is it good for falling down on the dirt floor and being patted on the pussy unilaterally?

“Yeah…. Yea uh…. Uh…!! It’s gone….”

Chew Bob Chew Bob Chew Bob Chew Bob!

“Huh ♡”

Beth threw her head back and flinched.
Alternately stick to the pussy hole and the butt hole and insert it.
A tight sportswoman’s pussy, damn it… !

I’m squeezed… !

Bet! Beautiful! Bet!び!!
He also packed a lot on her ass.

“It’s dangerous. It’s dangerous…. If we go on like this…. Throw it out like Tia…!”

Beth rolled her eyes and murmured.
It would be nice to be like Tia.
That’s what the wise mother of the future is.

In the very distant future.


Covering Beth’s face in her remaining profanity, he thrusts his cock down her throat.


As he thrust her cock down Beth’s throat, she was bewildered.
The tight pussy and ass hole are stabbed at the same time.
Clap clatter clatter clatter!

“~ Guk, Guk, Eup, oh, ugh, ugh. Ugh!”

Desecration in the center fixes the bass so that it cannot move,
The role of pulling the leg.
Her ass bulged up, and all she had to do was stick a cock in the unprotected hole.



Chop chop chop chop. Buzzbuzzbuzzbuzz.

“Uuuuu increasenuuuuu!”

Twisting her back is not allowed.
All of Beth’s holes became my ona holes.
Poke freely

Beautiful! Bet! Bet!
When it’s cold, it’s deeply wrapped.
I stayed up all night watching Beth’s gasping reaction after receiving all the twisted heat into her pussy.

In the morning, she returned to her feet with the profane net all over her body.

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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