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Roughly Another World Tentacle 17

Roughly Another World Tentacle 17

Chapter 17 – Naked Dogeja of Submission

In the morning she was back on her feet with the profane net all over her body.

Haha….Lee….Ha….Stop….Stop putting it in….”

As I muttered and protested, I walked away,
Praga and Tia are preparing a meal, and their eyes meet.

“Beth! Where have you been?”

Beth turned away from Tia as if she was embarrassed.

“Tia was worried.”

Squeak squeak squeak ♡

“Huh, Ho-Ot…”

The two naturally treated Beth, who was being robbed of her pussy in real time.

“Ah… Wait… I went for a walk.”

Beth thought it was a poor excuse even though she said it herself, so she couldn’t lift her head.
Tia said with a smile.

“It’s a pussy walk♡ Thank you for taking care of our children.”
“Eh? Huh? Bo, what?”
“Look. Take a walk.”

Beth nodded, averting her eyes.

“Uh, yeah. That’s right. Pussy walk..Haha…”
“I like it better this way.”

Tia demonstrated her in front of Beth.
Spread her legs out to the side, and roll her arms back to reveal her armpits.
She looks at Beth with a look that seems to be trying to copy her.


Beth stopped thinking of her and followed her.
Let’s play let’s play.
Naturally, I was very excited, and I started whipping Beth’s spread-legged cunt.
How can you bear this!

“Oh… Oh ho clothes!!”
“How about it? Can you put it deep?”
“Ah… Ahhh… I’m going to go see it. I’m going to go see it again!”

Beth rolled her eyes as she climaxed.

“Ok, ohhh. Run… I won’t run away again…! Forgive me, forgive me♡”
“I heard you went for a walk. Did you run away after all?”

Tia puts her hand on her side and looks sternly at Beth.
Beth was already distracted with her head tilted back and pchut pchut, climax juice.

Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock!!

“Because I didn’t know, because I didn’t know how to tighten my pussy like this… I didn’t know how to tighten my pussy like this!”
“You need to reflect on yourself while getting your pussy cummed, Beth.”
“I’ll reflect on it. Please wrap it around my pussy… Please wrap it around my pussy for reflection♡”

I heard you well, Beth’s sincerity♡
She holds her body close to her asshole and pussy, and pours her steamy semen while squeezing into her womb… !!

Beautiful! Bet! Bet! Bhut. Beaurrrr… !

“Ah… Ah hey hey…!”

Beaureureus. Bet! Bet!び!!
Ah… The price is cheap on the pussy… !!
Steamy, stinky semen fills Beth’s womb.
Beth stuck out her tongue and couldn’t get out of it, immersed in the intense aftertaste, with a stern expression.

“Oh ok… Huh…”

After a while.
I had three females in front of me that I bred.
Wang Mamma Tong Country Maiden, Praga.
The bread-and-butter priest… Tia.
Beth, a female martial artist with a ponytail, boasts a strong body and straight abs.

All three naked.
Just looking at her makes her heart very rich.
Except for Beth, the two seemed to have no objection to exposing their nipples in front of me.
Tia straightens her back and highlights her breasts, as if appealing to be looked at.
Standing posture is also awesome.

In celebration of breeding all the females, I ran some interesting experiments.
The experiment started with a trivial question.
What would happen if a tentacle with fertility, like Modok, had sex with another parent?
Wouldn’t it give birth to the same tentacles?

I just got Beth pregnant, so I decided to see the results in a few days.

“Yeah, oh oh oh…♡ Me and… A lot of babies…!”
“Cheer up, Beth! There are still three left!”

Bess gave birth to blasphemy.
Desecration was a tentacle monster that spawned Tia.
Another anomaly is revealed upon conception by Beth.

“Are they different colors?”

Tia lifted up the blasphemy Beth had struggled to bear.
Some, like me, were born with rough, gray skin.
Some of them were born with purple bodies, as if they were poisonous to anyone.

〈 Variant 〉 , it can be assumed that a rare individual is born from the second generation when mated with a female other than the mother.
Of the many insults that Bess gave birth to, only two of them fell into this category.
The probability of a rare object being born is low.

If you borrow the womb of another mother plant, tentacles that only that mother plant can produce cannot be produced.
This means that you can get a rare object.
I still don’t know the difference from the original. It’s the same thing that connects with the sense of touch…….

First of all, let’s say it’s a white mother’s poison and a mother’s mother’s poison.
I connected with the two insults and clung to Tia and Praga’s breasts.

“I’m sorry…”

To drink their milk.
Pragga and Tia also held out her breasts and remained calm, as if they were accustomed to breastfeeding her monster offspring.

[Nutrition +6]
[Nutrition +8]

Chump chump. Tasty.

A tactile monster that is not connected with the sense of touch has no intellect, so it moves only by instinct.
I even repeat the last instruction I gave.
Desecration is the first battle-type tentacle you get.

I used the sturdy Yo˘ng-hu˘i as a punching bag to closely check how the tentacles were manipulated.
The most operable is 〈 direct connection 〉.
This can be seen as me possessing a tentacle monster.

I was in this state when I had sex with Beth,
Do this when breastfeeding. Because I want to taste it.
When possessed by blasphemy, you can also feel the senses.

I can move better and perform complex missions, but the direct connection has the disadvantage that the more the number increases, the more complicated it is to make my head explode.

Next is 〈 directive 〉.
Direct commands are given through tactile senses to repeat specific actions.
Commands that are too complex cannot be executed. I think it’s a bit worse than giving a command to a clever dog.

For example, it carries out simple commands such as “Bite the arm,” “Stick to the leg,” And “Do the piston movement.”
「Catch the long-haired girl who runs away」「Respond when the opponent makes a specific action」「Wait 30 minutes before attacking」
It is characterized by being unable to execute complex commands that require the same situation judgment.

The last is 〈 Neglect 〉, which leaves everything to the tentacle’s autonomous action.
It can also be called 〈 standby 〉.

It can be said that they are not paying attention at all, but most tentacles are in a neglected state.
He doesn’t actively try to fuck a woman if I don’t give him a signal, but he’s passive because he goes into sleep mode.

Like Yukhwa, the tentacle monster that moves with a simple principle such as “It works when you step on it” Functions even when left unattended.
Even if insulted, the muscles react and only procrastinate.

“Good work, Younghee.”


Experiments have shown that desecration is responsive to commands to attach to something.
This is probably an instinct.
Blasphemy also shows amazing performances in situations where it can fully demonstrate its function, like Yukhwa.
It clings and pushes the cock…….

That’s what spits out highly acidic digestive juices.

“I’ve prepared dinner, so come back.”

This is the rice prepared by Tia and Praga.
Before giving birth to insults, Beth also helped, but the other two stopped Beth saying she needed to rest.
Postpartum care is important, yes.


I felt like we were making eye contact now.
Although there is no such thing as snow.
There were many times when Beth turned her head shyly.
It’s a refreshing reaction that I couldn’t even think of when I first met.
There is no sign of escaping now.

There are differences in the way all three take it, but they seem to be getting used to the tentacle monster and themselves living in the forest.

I became tolerant of the loveliness of these three,
It also gave me some free time.
Then, the three of them talked, washed, went to the bathroom, gathered and organized necessary items, etc., And the traces of people living here also increased one by one.

‘Still, I can’t help but lack of daily necessities.’

It doesn’t matter because I’m a monster.
It might be better to gradually expand the area.
It is natural for a male to envision a happy future with big, pretty females.

Females can’t imagine.
That I’m seriously drawing out our future.

Yes… ?
I think Tia smiled at me.
Tia is the only one who gives me such a bewitching smile.

It’s like giving out your favorite tea.

Just as each person has a different personality, not all depravity has the same aspect.
Tia is very dedicated.
Whoever it was among the human men, the man who monopolized her love must have been very happy.
Maybe it was a joke of fate, but that made me not even human.

“We’ll attack the village soon”

“My family will grow.”

Tia suits me quite well.
The other two did not look good.

“Attack… What are you going to do?”

Beth asked.

「Kill ​​all but some」

Some of them are human beings who are worthy of use on the basis of stimuli.
In short, she is a pretty female.
Even low-ranking females are worth keeping alive as trophies. Anyway, because the hole is attached.

However, it kills all the rest.
Everything is important
If even one person survives and conveys the horrors of the village in detail, the level of human retaliation will change.
You have to prepare thoroughly.


Beth bit her lip disapprovingly.
Crazy I’m out of my mind. That kind of thing doesn’t mean much to a monster.

“You guys should have more babies from now on.”

“Me, Tia, and even Praga… Are you saying they’re going to be a baby factory for you?”


“No such thing!”

Beth shouted as if she couldn’t stand it.
And she strides towards me.

“And if something goes wrong and you die…! What should I do then!”

Were you worried about me?

“So you have to give birth a lot.”

He comforts Beth by touching her breasts.
Cute guy. Whenever she reveals her true intentions, her cheeks turn red.

“It’s natural to give birth to a lot♡ The important thing is that you don’t get hurt. You fool.”

I never thought Beth would be so passionate.
I also like females who show their true colors in times of crisis.
Chuchu with the split mouse.

“Um…. Haum…. Churup…. I… I’ll focus on raising the four-legged ones.”

It’s a tempting proposition.
There are quite a few profanities, but they have different levels of growth, so I want to raise them to adulthood.
If Beth intensively becomes a cockhouse of blasphemy, the problem will be solved.


“Let’s go, boys.”

The insults who were sunbathing jumped and clung to Beth’s body.
Praga, who watched the scene for a moment, spoke her words.

“……Let Agnes go.”


“He’s only twelve now.”
“Mr. Praga!”

Thinking that I might kill Praga in my rage, Tia stops me.
But Praga did not stop.

“I know you have a compassionate heart. Even when you first let me go…!”

I know.

“Do you remember what happened to me after that?”

“But you’re not just a monster!”

Praga clenched his fists and made his body tremble.

“You have a heart that understands the pain of others… You don’t!!”

I wrapped my tentacles around Praga’s neck.

“Ugh! Ughhhhh…. Ghhh…!!”

Bumbling Praga.
If you give it strength like this, it’s easy to break a person’s neck bone.
However, I spoke only after suppressing Praga’s breath with exquisite power control.

“Why should I try to save your family?”

“Ugh…. Guk…! Kkeuk…!”
“God, Mr. Monster…”

「Lovely like Tia, even though she didn’t serve me」


Tia’s cheeks turned red.
Why are you shy
I’m in a serious mood.

“Aren’t you just a victim possessed by a vicious monster? Then stay like that”

I let her go once.
Praga immediately fell to her knees and hit her head on the ground.

“I’m sorry!”

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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